Saturday, August 28, 2004

I can't sleep

It's so hot tonite. I can't sleep. My body is soooo weak and it's aching all over but I still can't force myself to go sleep. Even after waking up at 5am this morning for that Setia X-challenge thingy (I volunteered to be a marshall for the event) and having a full day, I still can't close my eyes. Helppppp....I need to go to sleep, but my mind keeps rambling on about things that I may need to write in my blog tomorrow; thus, to get them out of my head, I am blogging now. Let me see, what was it that's making me soo tired. I stood under the hot blazing sun for almost 4 hours straight and almost fainted out of hunger. Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but I was REALLY that hungy. And the worst part was that lunch arrived so late that I had to miss it because I got a bigger thing to attend after that. That was really really sad for me considering that my fellow volunteers had McD for lunch and I'm a huge McD junkie .

Nonetheless, because I didn't wait for lunch. I managed to arrive at exactly 230pm (as promised) at KLCC. Even earlier than Nona, although she kept reminding me to be there much much earlier, despite getting lost in Meru on my way back and going thru the crazy unpredictable traffic on the Federal Highway that wasn't suppose to happen, for goodness' sakes, it's Sunday, folks, stay at home with your kids, and breaking every speed limit there is on Malaysian highways (as far as I'm concerned, we have only one - 110km/hr). I got home later than I expected, and did everything (everything as in shower-a big must!!!, zuhur, choosing outfits and accessories and a lil' dab of makeup (foundations, eyeliners, eyeshadows, blushers), lil' my ass!! ) required in 20 minutes, no bad eh?

But we made good, the show only started at around 310pm. So I got a lil' time to catch my breath. Got a lil' lost around the Philharmonic Hall, but when we found it, it was certainly a very pleasant surprise. Because it's a balcony seat, they've got this nice lil' room attached to the balcony and you have to go thru 2 those thick fire-proof doors (kinda, I think it's to block the sound from escaping thru the doors- this is just my logic's at work). The moment we got there, there was this one nice couple (local girl with a caucasian guy) eating Burger King. Got into one of those I-don't-know-shit-about-classical-music-but-I'm-pretending-to-know-a-bit-about-it conversations. But finally, I surrendered and told them that that was our first time and we kinda got the tickets for free. Aaahhh, honesty releases you from all guilt. Although, I still think that maybe I should've stuck with the fib, because immediately after that, the guy told us that he'd be playing in that show, damn. I felt like a total cheapskate.

All in all, my review would be; first half (some guy's piece - can't remember his name, but from the booklet, I learned that he totally prohibited his wife to get involved in music after they got married although she was more successful and creative than him - good thing he died early, if he were living in this age, she'd divorce him and he'd be Tom Cruise, and Chopin's piece) was an absolute drag, nonetheless Yundi Li's performance was amazing. But the second half, Tchaikovsky's pieces and Allahyarham's P Ramlee's song were extremely good. At times, I even got the goosebumps all over my arms...weird...and I never liked classical music before. It must be the feeling of hearing it live in a hall so exquisite as the MPH.

Anyways, I got home quite early, even thought of going to bed after taking a bath. But then, there the Saturday Night Live and Drew Barrymore was the host,and hence, I had to watch it. It's not that I like her so much, it's just that the new Drew is sweet and is finally acting her age (although she still has that falling-in-and-out-of-love-faster-than-you-can-spell-marriage problem to sort out). But she really is sweet. I suppose if you get started on all the wild things early in your life, in her case, it's the drug, wild sex, nudity etc etc, and manage to sober up, you will turn out fine, sometimes even better than most people. Just make sure you get out of it before it's late, me think ending up like River Phoenix is really NOT cool.

I hate Mash - I think that's his name, but I'm gonna save that for later. Now, I'm hungry and sleepy, great combination, huh? Hmmm, think I'm gonna make some instant noodles and then go to sleep. Good night.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Gum stuck in my braces

I forgot that I'm not supposed to chew gum. Arrghhh, how am I gonna get this thing off my braces. There are small pieces still stuck underneath it, around it, on it (it's gum, it sticks to anything)...mannnnn, this sucks. But anyways, I've given the rest of the gum to my roommate, now I don't feel so obligated to finish it off.

Again, I just got back from dinner and now feeling lazy to do anything. Oh, thanks Syukor, you're my saviour!!! If it weren't for you, my supervisor or myself (most probably it's gonna be her because she just wouldn't let me do anything for her no matter how hard I insist on doing it) might've had to walk for nearly a kilometer to the nearest gas station. You see, my supervisor's car died out of the lack of gas in the middle of road, ok, not exactly in the middle, more like close to the curb and about 2 meters from the traffic light. Although it wasn't really a pleasant things considering that we were so damn hungry, we were kinda glad that of all places, it happened there. And also that Syukor was at home. Otherwise, there's no way I'm coming back to the office to blog tonite...

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Can't wait for Sunday

I got that Setia X-challenge volunteer thingy and the matinee show at the Petronas Philharmonic Hall on Sunday..oooh, I'm so excited. What makes me more excited is that we're getting the balcony seat, wahhhh. But right now, I am also quite excited as I'm beginning to see the direction of my research a lot clearer. What I need to do is to write down the logic of the simulation. Only then, can I start coding.

But I need a few minutes to relax. Just got back from dinner with my supervisor. Told her about the demise of Ann's dad and just how speechless I was when I spoke to her on the phone. But at least I had the guts to give her a call. When my ex-roommate's husband died in an accident last October after being married for about a month and a half, I was totally totally speechless. The first few times that I called her, her brother or sister would pick it up. Ok fine. But after a few more calls and not being able to directly speak to her, the more uncomfortable it got and finally I chickened out and stopped calling. When I checked with my other ex-roommate, she was also having the same problem. It sounds weird that we're among the last persons to talk to her considering that we're probably the closest friends she has. But I suppose when something like this happens, because you care so much for the person, you just get all tongue-tied, afraid that you might say the wrong thing and hurt her feelings. In the end, my friend, who apparently had more guts than I did sent her an SMS. Now, everything is ok again, and this Sunday we're going to KLCC together, woohoo.

I'm still in the office, tonite I gotta stay back late so that I could win the bid on this one CF card that I've been eyeing on I'm gonna wait until a few seconds before the auction closes and post my bid (with the slightest increase I could afford). I hope I'll win it.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Pissed off

I am so fucking MAD!!!! Saw this one person today, how dare he asked me to 'contribute' some money to some boy who just got married. And what's more, I don't even remember being invited to the wedding.... If this is how things go, how can you expect the 'contribution' to be sincere. And besides, it's my money, don't tell me how to spend it!!! Fuck you!! You unethical mother-fucker!!!

Friday, August 20, 2004

Still awake...

This is crazy. It's 2 am, and I'm still reading. What am I reading? I have no idea.. My eyes scan from line to line, but my brain registers nothing.
After swimming a few laps earlier today, I'm really tired, but I really gotta find something useful tonight. My supervisor is here reading and tinkering with the codes with me, I really don't wanna disappoint her.

Anyways, got some good news. We made a discovery with the simulation that's been bugging us for quite a while. That was nice. Also, Nona got some extra tickets to some show at the Philaharmonic Theater at KLCC and she wants me to go with her. Yipeee!!! I've always wanted to check out the place, but never had the chance (and the money) to do so. This would be my chance. But on the downside, Mary and I won't be going to that Mercy volunteer training tomorrow, no wait, it's today. Well, whatever......better get back to my reading.


Man...I really should've started this blog thing at the beginning of this year. This year has been grrreat and I never recorded any of those experiences down. Let me see, what would I have written down had I started this on the 1st of January 2004:

1. Jan - Feb 04: Definitely my OSS training in Japan. Ahhh...I don't think I could ever go there again and enjoy myself as much as I did then.

2. Mar 04: Woohooo...Incubus concert. That was great for Nit, but just ok for me and besides, I'm not really a fan. But I ordered their "Live in Malaysia 2004" bootleg cd anyway - that's my way of contributing to the Make Yourself foundation. I love making meaningful contributions whenever I can

"This show will always stand out in my mind as one of the more unique concerts we've played. I can't even remember a show that I've been to that offered such rarities on an experiential level. The audience was one of the more animated that we had ever seen and proved to be so until the last note of our set. I'll never forget seeing all the girls in the crowd with their veils over their heads and dancing as hard as their Chuck Taylors would allow! It was a cultural paradox at it's finest! We'll never forget Malaysia! Thanks."

-Brandon Boyd (Incubus)

3. 1st May 04: I started swimming regularly. Well, that may not be anything much right now. But I hope, soon I'd have enough guts to take up surfing -- got a friend who talks philosophically about it, like how it teaches you to appreciate nature etc etc. To me, surfing and accidentally breaking the corals and appreciating natures sound more like an oxymoron. But we'll see....

4. May 04: Black Eyed Peas concert. That was fun. Got Mary to go with us. So there were the 3 of us, instead of the usual me and my permanent-concert-going-companion Nit. Nit went for umrah earlier that month, and to the concert a few days after she returned....hmmmmm....

5. Jul 04: Volunteered for AXN-challenge. That was my way of contributing to society. Great experience, made lots of friends, saw lots of actions. Hope to become a participant someday, as for now, I'm just a wannabe.

6. Aug 04: Woooohoooo...another concert, this time it's Hoobastank and this time I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Despite the ill singer and sad turnout that night, I still think they put up an awesome performance. The same goes for Disagree and Vespertine. Screamed my lungs out and banged my head so hard, I had to stop every 2 songs to regain self-control. After the show, Nit and I did some silly groupie act, we followed the band to their vans (found the band's itinerary for their malaysian tour, so we knew what vehicle to look for), and jumping and screaming and snapping pictures along the way. These are some of the photos I took that night.

Guess that's all I can remember. But I swear I would've had a lot more to write if only I started blogging early this year (last year kinda sucked, so who cares what happened then). Now, I just hope all the excitement and adventure don't stop today, or I'd be forced to stop blogging.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Enter the blogworld

......hmmm, after much hesitation. I am now jumping onto the bandwagon in my quest to own a blog. I just hope this time it'll last longer than 2 months....hehehe. Good luck to me. I'm really gonna need that.