Saturday, October 30, 2004

anything for a bowl of bihun sup

aahhhhhhhhhh.......finally my 3-day craving is now satisfied. For the past 3 nights, i'd been salivating over the thought of eating the 'bihun sup' at one of the stalls in kg baru ...hmm, yummy. last nite, i also went there on my way back, at around 1215 am, but the place was packed, plus there was no place to park, and so, i went home (if my mom had known tht i was out alone looking for food at this hour, i'd be dead ).... but tonite, i just had to go, otherwise, i'd go crazy....

Thursday, October 28, 2004

let's talk about malaysia

last night, for the 3rd nite in a row, red 104.9 was playing the same song while i was driving home from work..and i dont go home at precisely the same time every nite...but i still got the same song on the radio, guess it must be getting a lot of request..anyway, the song was "bunga-bunga cinta" by i dunno who.. ok, i bet everyone knows who the original singer is..i mean, who can avoid the song, it was all over the country about a year ago. but the version tht i heard was a bit different, they kinda jazzed it up a lil' bit, probably got a different person to sing it, and it sounds pretty ok.... hehehe..i dont know, sometimes i find myself liking a cover version of a song a lot more than the original song even when the original one does really really well on the charts. has anybody heard of 'dick brave and the backbeats'?..well, those guys play some pretty mean 60-ish versions of those wildly popular songs like complicated, black or white and get the party started, and those versions really work for me, i really like 'em..

hmmm....talking about a malay song gets me thinking about lan and his obsession with pretty ugly. he really likes them. i wouldnt blame him.. their songs are pretty ok, but wht really irks me about them is the way the vocalist sings,'s good tht he sings differently from most ppl, but to copy that feeling of detachment exactly the way john mccrea (of cake) does is just unoriginal...

watched 'berlari ke langit' last night...imho (penting ni, i'm no film critic), the film has a very weak premise, the narration is poorly structured...and it falls short of the sad sentimental bond of brotherhood of 'kami' that it probably tries to emulate...dunno la, but i just dont like it...but if u like fasha sandha without caring too much about the logic of her character, okla, watch it la...and as for the award it wins for Best Cinematography at the 49th Asia-Pacific Film Festival, i think it was given out of pity...certain scenes are ok, but to me, not enough to win an award, but then again, maybe the rest of the nominees are a lot more a comment at about how malaysian cinematography lacks guys thinks tht our cinematographers shoot scenes just because they look nice/cute/beautiful, and tht's exactly why it lacks emotions, they just shoot it without any actual purpose in relation to the story...and i couldnt agree more!!

read a comment somewhere about 'sepet' being screened in singapore not long ago...tht just pisses me off...come on, tht's a malaysian film, and it still hasnt been screened here...darn..guess tht's wht happens when it's an indie film, has to go under extreme scrutiny... i really love yasmin ahmad's work. i'm sure a lot of other ppl do too. read tht harith iskandar and ida nerina even worked on sepet for free..but then again, who doesnt wanna work with her. i would too, for free!! u can see how she adds the sense of realism in all her commercials and how relevant they are to us, average malaysians and how she plays with our emotions without having to resort to big-budget CGIs....and yet, we still love 'em.

that reminds me of a film i watched months ago at the national art gallery. i was broke at tht time of the month, but i needed some entertainment, so i went to this free screening of bukak api, malaikat di jendela and one other documentary about the cruelty of the pol pot's regime in cambodia, cant recall the title tho....felt kinda alone (but then again, i was alone...) and outta place, most of the ppl there, were of the artsy type, or at least appear to be, dunno la, if they were just pretending to be, wearing those weird white blouses with pashmina over their neck...but heck, i didnt care about that at all, as i've said earlier, i was there for free entertainment...anyway, the first film was bukak api..about a bunch of tranvestites living in chow kit..and they actually used real sex workers working in chow kit for the roles in the film....woooo, i was actually very surprised to find it being screened out in the open like tht...but then again, it was not for commercial purpose, so i guess it was ok. anyway, wht shocked (in an impressed kinda way) me the most was how realistic it is, it contains scenes u would never could find in other malaysian films, not counting home videos how one tranvestites admires his/her friend's breasts and actually utters lines like, "eeee, cantiknye tetek ko, aku pon nak tetek cam tu gak" ... or how 2 men kiss each other passionately all over the chest and neck area and a lot more that was kinda shocking to watch in a hall with other malaysians, if alone at home, of course, it's just like...duh, hehehe...but anyway, the film is a real eye-opener of the harsh reality of our society tht most of us are sheltered from..this film is apparently targeted at heightening the HIV/AIDS awareness amongst the sex-worker community and was also supported by the area’s brothel owners and gangsters apart from NGO activists and film students, so tht kinda clears things up instead of making the producer look like he was trying to champion the soft-porn industry in, if u get a chance to watch it, try not to miss's pretty old, made in 2000, so i dont know how much longer they will keep screening it freely like tht. plus, the producer couldnt (more like, could never) get a license for distributions from the authority, so we just have to rely on screenings like this je la. anyway, after the show, the producer, julian Jayaseela opened the floor for discussion, and apparently, they have even screened it at jawi, or was it jakim, or jais, i can remember, and the response was encouraging...which was surprising even to the production team...ok, enough of was a documentary...dont remember much from tht..was so unmemorable to me tht i felt like i had an amnesia throughtout the 15-min duration of the film..

and lastly 'malaikat di jendela'... which was narrated by the dead son of the main character of the film which was played beautifully by ning...although i still think ning is probably too pretty for the role...overall, the story flows effortlessly and seamlessly from one scene to another and the cinematography is just superb!! i watched and thought, wow, but where's the twist? she has outside marriage intercourse, and so wht?...apparently, there's an underlying message tht it was trying to convey and being a straight-forward, taking-things-as-they-are and shallow-minded person that i am...i missed the BIG key important point of the film....that i'm not gonna tell here, me dont wanna spoil the fun for all those who havent watched it....hehehe, tht was how blur i was, if it wasnt for the after-the-film discussion, i probably wouldn't have known it...

Monday, October 25, 2004

- a good samaritan -

arggghhhhh....lost everything i've typed. ok, relax, take a deep breath and try to re-type everything that i've lost.

Anyway, farid, syukor and myself just got back from dinner the moment i started blogging earlier tonite. Went to a restaurant owned by farid's friend, hence, didnt have any problem in making seats reservation. By the way, thanks syukor.

hhhmmmmmm....nothing much happened today, things kinda moved very very swiftly. i got to the office pretty late, very late actually..and before i knew it, it was already time for berbukak posa. i didnt manage to do much, didnt produce anything useful...except maybe sending the exam papers to PPL and, chat which certainly does not qualify as productive at all...hehehe....but considering that i had a very tiring day yesterday, i'd like to believe tht today's unproductivity is totally acceptable

yesterday, i drove for 6 hours straight, stopping only for toilet break once, or twice...i cant quite remember. but wht i do remember was this young, pretty, sexy malay girl smoking out in the open right outside her car with her boyfriend...well, guess she must've been a musafir too, just like me...grrrrrr... kok kalu ye pung, sembunyi-sembunyi la skit

also saw this one man lying by the roadside, seemed rather lifeless, his motorbike was in the middle of the road, think he must've crashed into the divider. REEEEAAALLLLYYYYY wanted to help, but because he was on the other side of the road, i went out the nearest exit, came back in but as i was getting near to him, he was already able to sit up and talking to some guys around him. so i just continued driving.....actually, i did have some reservation abt helping him out, wht if he was just pretending to be dead, and if i did try to help, he pounced upon me and robbed me, or worse, raped or killed me...yikesss ...but i suppose, if the situation really calls for it, i would try my best to help, after all, i have pledged to help the needy ...hehehe, i was a st john ambulance sergeant...hehe...a long time ago...however, if the man is dead, i'd probably be reluctant to have him in my car..unless of course it's somebody tht i know.... tht might sound a bit cruel, but get this, if it's a hit-and-run case and the police are involved, and although you're just trying to be a good samaritan, but because he's dead....then u might be answerable to his death which of course sounds very unfair...of course, if he didnt die in your car, in the end, u'd definitely be acquitted, but the trouble tht u have to go in these kinda situations, i think the best thing to do is to call the ambulance.......anyway, if u're here and didnt understand wht u've read...dont bother trying to understand it...even to me, the whole paragraph sounds gibberish...better end my entry here tonight before it gets a lot more illogical....good nite.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

first day of invigilation - baddddd!!! although, as far as procedures are concerned, everything went fine, everything else was just erghh.. i was soooo sleepy, i felt like throwing up, but cannot la since i was fasting....Anyways, all tht tiredness and sleepiness must've been the leftover from yesterday's exhaustion + the lack of sleep from last nite..crazy..i was mostly mobile during the first paper (830-1030am) and the first hour of the second paper. but after realizing that i nodded off every few minutes at different locations within the classroom even when standing up, i figured tht that was just ridiculous, so i went to sit at the back of the room (most of the students have completed the paper by then, me think they probably couldnt answer it, hence the early exit), placed a paper in front of me, and went to sleep while pretending to be reading tht piece of paper which i think was the attendance sheet.... i just hope tht ustaz didnt notice wht i was doing..although i suspiciously think he probably did..i mean, come on.. how long can a person stare at a piece of paper anyway? unless of course it's a journal paper, then maybe 10 minutes a page might make sense.. but then again, i dont think a person who is reading would slowwwwwly lean to the right and immediately sit upright again repeatedly like i did...hmmmm....whatever it is, i was ashamed of my own behavior this morning..... or was i? bet others have done it too countless times...oh well, better go to bed early tonight and force myself to sleep...good night!

Saturday, October 16, 2004

whose liver is this ???

it's so great to be back home again. the pace of life is slower, u can practically feel it. even i am tempted to drive slower to keep up with it....the difference used to be more apparent back in those days when i was still working in kl...everytime i was back in my hometime, i felt as though things were moving in slow-mo.
I arrived home pretty early at around 4.40pm, considering that i stopped by at non's house to drop her off, and i also took a short nap (a 2-hour 'nap', short? yeah, right!) there. Gosh, her kid brother has grown so tall i almost confused him with his slightly older brother. Great kid he is...

Anyway, today i got a chance to break the fast with my family again, minus my sister who is still struggling with her exams usual my kid brother left dad at the store early to catch his favorite jap's show, also bought some food from the ramadhan bazaar. dad came home, bought some more. my sister got home from penang, again more food...hehehe, i was the only who didnt buy anything..too tired to stop anywhere after 6 hours of driving...

well, everything went on well, suddenly, while having our meal, somebody commented on one of the lauk, abt how oily it was, it was basically 3-4 pieces of liver with some (very little actually) gravy covered in a 5-inch thick oil...yuck...without asking, my sister started accusing and complaining to my brother, "berminyaknya..apsal, dik mat (my youngest brother) beli hati ni".

brother : tak beli pon
sister : Abis tu, sapa yang beli?
dad : Bukan ayah yang beli
sister : Bukan kak long
me : et langsung tak pegi

instantly , all of us went like...erks...

sister : Abih tu, camna bule ada kat sini? Tadi masa kak long amik, dia ada skali dgn ayam yg dik mat beli..
brother : yg jual ayam tu ada ayam je, kalu ada hati pon, dia goreng gak macam ayam tu
sister : ntah2 waktu beli ayam tu, ada org lain punya hati, dik mat main serkup je..
brother : dik sorg2 je time tu...
dad : takpela..kira rezeki je laa.....
sister : ye la...macam buy 3 pieces of chicken, and u get a bowl of oil for free..

and in the end, nobody touched the liver, except my brother..okla, i did too, but i didnt finish it, wayyyy too oily and too tough.........arghhh..nobody really knew how it got there, but all fingers were pointed at my brother, and knowing just how clueless and 'blur' he is, i dare bet tht somebody didnt get to have his liver today, and all thanks to my beloved brother.....apala punya budak..

Thursday, October 14, 2004


Was just reading iso's and kc's blogs. erks, both were talking abt last nite's incident...erks..takpe aaa, jom boikot ramai2, lepas ni jgn pegi dah mcm kita penah buat skali dulu...

last nite, Erzam made a call to me on skype. He was in lab, and thus was too embarassed to speak to me..duh, then why did u call me in the first place...(fyi, erzam is currently doing his MSc in the UK). But me, not knowing why the line on the other end was too quiet, shouted like mad into the mic. And later, farid told me that erzam complained to him about that...hehehe...
There, i've mentioned your name in my blog just as you 'demanded', tht oughtta make you happy when u read it...and earned me a place to stay in the uk when i go for a visit..kekeke..

Now, waiting for farid and is..we're planning to go to the mines. farid needs a new pair of glasses tht will make him look younger and more hip.... dont worry, with me around, i'll get u the best deal u could get....really love all these makeover stuff, kinda done something similar with some old friends from college. now trying to achieve something similar with the guys here,...(dah tarak keje sgt la tu, nak buat camna, dah hobi), am always willing to help, provided tht they're willing to get some bucks ready la......there's this one person here i've been eyeing, realllyyyy, like reaallyyyyyyyyyyyyy wanna get something done to him (makeover gak lee)...too bad he seems a lil' too afraid of me or maybe just not interested in these kinda things, oh well, am certainly far from perfect and not tht interested in chging myself too much, but if i could just do a lil' makeover thingy to others, that'll just make my day (for days... literally) ....

Tomorrow is the first day of ramadhan..gosh, i'm gonna need to wake up early for sahur, need all the strength i could gather to wake up early...need to go to bed early tonight then.....

Monday, October 11, 2004

Nothing much happened, except tht i've been extremely unproductive today...

Hmmm...watched Bourne Supremacy though..excellent film.. i never knew Matt Damon can act so well in action films, dunno why, maybe because i like good will hunting so much tht to me, matt damon is synonymous with will hunting, but to my surprise (since i didnt watch bourne identity) he actually makes a very good convincing jason bourne in this film...and that's about it...
and oh..erks, farid and i asked is to buy nasi ayam for us... a small accident happened in is' room, and in trying to save our chicken rice, he drowned his mobile in the pool of air tebu tht accumulated in his knapsack...erks again... sorry ...

there u go, wa...nothing much, but i blogged anyway just so u have something to read.. oh, btw, welcome to my blog...hehehe

Sunday, October 10, 2004

- 2 days recap -

Went to meet Non yesterday...went to 1 Utama just to hang out with her before she goes back to penang. Had a good time just talkin'..about the past, the present, the future...mannnn...i'm gonna miss her. There are not tht many ppl tht i know who provides creative answers (which most of the time dont bear much truth..and yet i believe them) so convincingly like she does... like the time i asked her the purpose of having tht fancy wheel thingy tht malaysians lovingly call 'sport rim'(betul ke aku eja ni?)...and she told me tht they hv no purpose at all, it's just for show-offs..and for years, i believed it until one day i commented to a friend tht tht thing is useless and i got a "WHATT???" with a u-dont-know-anything-abt-cars-do-u-? look on his face . Yesterday, again, got so many weird answers...but i'm not gonna talk abt them here..too personal and too weird, but i'm not taking them word-for-word..learned my lesson all too well. i just enjoy hearing them from her. Had late lunch at Robert Harris's cafe which apparently is the largest homegrown cafe franchise in NZ. The food was just ok and with that, i dont think it's gonna do well in malaysia...but we'll see.

This morning, i went to my roomie's house to attend her engagement ceremony...wahhh, i was so honored, even felt kinda special as i was among the very few friends tht were invited . In fact, when she told me tht she was getting engaged and asked me to keep it a secret, i was so giddy with excitement tht i pranced around farid, chanting "I know something that u dont know", but mind u, tht only happens with things tht i know ppl will eventually know, just tht...knowing it before everyone else is just...i dont know how to describe the feeling, but i think u know how tht feels like.
Arrived in serdang before 10am only to realize tht the ceremony will only start at around 11am. Darn....had i known, i wouldnt've woken up so early..hehehe...but anyways, went to the faculty instead and at 1015am, went to meet up with mas and shira before entering the house together....
My roommie looked cute as ever, and rather calm and relaxed which was so not typical of her... but one thing's for sure, her personal life is gonna get much easier as there's gonna be no more "disturbances" after this (well, that's slowly dissipating anyway)....

The night that I got stuck

Got a picture from a friend recently, of an incident that happened on the 5th this month. Accidentally hit a ball into a friend's room and he wasnt around at the time. Was challenged to get the ball back by the friend whom i was chatting with at tht time. Did it just to prove tht wht he can do, i can do it too. But once up there, didnt know how to get down on the other side...and had to meekly...."errrrrr......tolong" after much turning and tossing and scratching my a cat that climbs up a tree and needs the firemen's help to get down. However, since i managed to get up, now half of my point is proven, just need to learn how to prove the other half.

Lastly, to the owner of the partition wall tht i violated, i'm sorry, to the person who helped me down, thank you, to the person who took the picture, beware, the day will come when i too will snap a picture of you in your most embarassing moment..mhuahaha ....and to farid who came in the middle of the commotion, sorry la dude, u had to wait for dinner...i couldnt get down fast enough, wht to do....

Friday, October 08, 2004

Olympian Nite..

Ooooo...just got back from the Hotel body is sore all over, my stomach is full, and i'm pretty darn tired too. But lemme just get the experience out on paper..oops i mean, net before i forget..
Let's see, got ready pretty late, at around 615pm even when i knew tht my supervisor would be here to pick me and lan up at 630pm. Then went to pick up angah and irna, the captain and vice-captain of malaysia's women team. Arrived there just on time, met with Puan Sri, the president, a very nice pretty not-so-young lady in pink.
All 5 of us had a table to ourselves (minus the puan sri), and later the assistant secretary of my supervisor arrived with her daughter (i think). Gosh, the lady is sooo funny. She's pretty old, maybe abt 50 something and she loved to pick on lan as lan was the only guy at the table and the quietest and shyest there. Kept calling lan her boyfriend, and the whole time, she would get the waiter to give the best piece of chicken or fish or whatever to her 'boyfriend'....

Anyways, the nite started out pretty slow...but gosh, lan was sooo excited, and making jokes endlessly, even my supervisor was surprised. For me, it was normal la, this guy has his moments of instability..hehehe... but for my supervisor, it was her first time and she was so darned pleasantly surprised..especially when he offered to take the photos at the stage, amongst the countless journalists with huge slr cameras and multi-pocketed vests...a courageous act on his part considering tht he took forever to get me the fork and spoon from the waiter (segan + malu punya pasal) - i intentionally forced him to just to see if he had the balls to ask...okla, kira ada la tu at last..kekeke..

The food was ok, in fact i think it was good although lan seemed to think tht garnish-broccoli-leaves-like thingy tasted like grass, yup it was for garnishing, but only lan got it plus the red radish 'flower', thanks to his 'girlfriend'.
Oh, and the result was...the Olympian of the Year award goes to Josiah Ng...managed to get a photo with him..kinda..(chk out the photo). Also got another with tht Bryan kid (the diver) thanks to angah who asked him to pose with us since we were like a bunch of jakuns who were just to eager to snap photos of famous ppl, but only from afar...*malu* .

and oooh, we also got a souvenir, a nice cute coke u go, another jakun act by yours truly..again for the 94th time tonite..

What the nite
was all about
A gentleman
in action
Intruder alert!!Finally,
a decent photo..

okla, tht's all for's already 2.29am, time for me to go cruisin' the streets...good nite y'all.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Another formal function......yikes

Nothing much happened today....played table tennis with the same bunch of ppl. Oh, lan, being the nice person tht he is, also helped me with getting the technique right (i hope) after everybody had left. Thanks, lan. i think i've improved a lil' bit. i just hope i dont mess it up again. i have a high tendency to forget the way to play it the following day.

Anyways, met my supervisor right after the game. Erks, i was soooo unprepared for any discussion, thank God, she didnt come to my room to discuss, instead, she asked me to meet her tomorrow..phew. she also asked me if i got any plans on friday nite, and i was like...oh no, not another discussion...but still i wasnt very sure, so i tried to ask for a confirmation, a discussion, or is it something else? but she insisted on a yes or no answer. okla, okla, couldnt dodge it anymore, free la. why? she wanted to take me to the malam olympiad dinner (?). apparently tht is like the biggest night (in malaysian sports) where they honour sportmen/women who have done malaysia proud (i think)...actually, i dont know wht it is all about, i'll try to find out more abt it...but the mention of the word dinner really got to me, dinner = formal..yikes .

I remember the last dinner i attended was the promuda dinner, went there with mary. we didnt know anybody, went there just to break our daily routine and to have free food at a 5-star hotel (...hehehe, cheapskates). tht was also kinda embarassing, requirement was lounge suit, we didnt even know what a lounge suit was, so we wore baju kebaya, me, a dark-colored one, mary, a bright orange kebaya that i lent to her. We got there, almost everybody, male or female was in black office suit and having mary in orange by my side, i bet she lit up so brightly tht almost everybody noticed us...malu siout...oh, did i mention tht we were so socially-handicapped tht after a while of talking, we'd go into absolute silence, thinking of the next topic to chat up with the person next to us...erghhh, me think me didnt do too bad, but mary...hahaha, i could hear her talk about animals like 90% of the time...and 50% of it was about her hamsters....she did admit to me she didnt know wht else to talk abt....funny.

anyways, coming back to my supervisor's invitation, i also asked her if she could take lan along because, knowing that she's a vip there, i'm sure there'll be lots of ppl wanting to talk to her, and then wht am i gonna do? she was totally cool about tht, but how were we gonna get lan to go, that's gonna be a real challenge. so far, he has managed to dodge so many invitations by my supervisor, this time, there's no way i'm gonna let him get away with i called him up, asked him to come to my room and i asked my supervisor to ask's pretty much the conversation that happened just now:

supervisor (SP) : lan free malam jumaat?
lan : hah? malam, sampai lewat-lewat malam? (putting an innocent face, thinking it's gonna be a discussion)
sp : a'ah, lewat malam
lan : a'ah, bule la, nanti saya cakap kat mak saya (excuses - hoping to be released asap...duh, u think i didnt know )
me : alaa...main pingpong sampai tgh malam, bule pulak..hehehe (sebok je)
sp: ok, bagus, saya nak bawak lan dgn et pegi dinner kat berjaya hotel.........................
lan : urp.. (telan air liur - padan muka, too late to say no this time)

hehehe, thanks to her maneuver, he is now going. i knew he was thinking tht he got called up to my room for a discussion, tht was why he took a while to get here..(because he needed to gather all the docs etc) and when he was here, it was all just discussions tht he had in his head, and how to run away from it... but guess, this time u were wrong dude...... mhuahahahahaha

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Need to break the habit..

Missed the Powerman Malaysia this morning...darn!. Woke up at exactly 630am, when in fact i was supposed to report for duty in Putrajaya at 630am.... immediately called up the lady, told her tht i got some problems and couldnt make it, and all she said to me was, "Thanks for telling me in the morning" (sarcastically). i did however tell her tht i think i'd be able to make it by 8 (just to be on the safe side), but nope, she said, tht's just too late...Argghhh, i felt like punching myself in the face when she said tht to me...

I really wanted to go, i wanna be inspired. i'm not sure if it'd b fun, but those strong powermen and women will surely inspire me to be a healthier person..(as if!). Plus, i can make new friends, that'll be fun, or maybe meet some friends. for this powerman thingy, i can already think of one person who'd definitely be there.... The last time i volunteered, i actually met an old schoolmate, gosh, i just recognized the face, not the name or from where. We actually had the following conversation while she was doing the obstacles during the mud run.

the girl : "You're from convent, right"
Me :"A'ah, no wonder you look familiar. Which class were you in?"
the girl : "Science 2.."
Me : "Oh, i was next door, science 1"
the girl : "I know"

Erks...she still remembers tht much detail from 10 years ago.... wow, and we were not like friends or anything like tht. i cant even recall ever talking to her then....well, i suppose i'm just bad at names and faces...but anyways, just because we were schoolmates, everytime she passed my station during the mud run (they had to make a few rounds through the obstacles), i'd clapped and cheered like mad, nak cover malu la konon....

Coming back to the powerman thingy, the truth is, i'm not too thrilled to go considering tht i have to wake up so early (i am sooo not an early-riser) to stand in the hot blazing sun, but it's my inability to wake up on time and breaking the promise i made to her that are killing me ... Wht was wrong?....must've been my mobile's alarm clock, blame it on my mobile phone, but it did go off...hmmm, i guess i am just too immuned to its sound...oh well, there will always be another powerman malaysia, i can try to volunteer, if only i can get tht lady to forget my name....