Wednesday, November 24, 2004

tired of tires

Watched the incredibles last monday with farid and is ...hilarious! highly recommended!
Went to visit sazly yesterday. arrived around 1140, thought the visiting hour was from 1130, so we waited and waited and waited...suddenly, ina looked past my shoulders and went, "eh, apa ko buat kat sini?". turned and saw sazly walking around with a blank expression on his face ...apparently farid had given him a call, telling him tht we were already downstairs, waiting for the door to open..and feeling sorry for us, he came down so tht we can meet, and thus, saving us from all the trouble of spending hours just so we can get him to sign those forms.
after meeting sazly, we went to klcc, had lunch and instead of going back to the faculty with them, i told them tht i got some stuff to buy and then, i'd go home, take the car and drive to the faculty on my own. but once i got home, i got lazy, and watched dvd..hehehe, and later ripley's believe or not, and alias, and scrubs, and miss match, and urband legends explained, and finally the apprentice before going to bed...
This morning, had another problem with my tire, but this time, it's a different kinda tore up on its own while i was driving down to the the faculty...really got me all freaked out coz i could actually feel tht feeling of metallic unsteadiness while driving the car, kinda like being on a train except tht mine wasnt a smooth ride...anyway, come to think of it, maybe i should be least, it didnt burst while i was on the road...

Just a while ago, again i asked is and farid to help out with the tires...thanks guys...

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Just when i thought i was gonna spend the rest of the day watching DVD, Farid called, asking me if i'd still wanna go to sal's house. i said of course, if only they'd come and pick me up and later help me chg the tires. Ok, they said, off we went. Oh, btw, thanks sal and sazly, and good luck with the operations.
When sending me back, it was already quite late, think it was already around 9pm, but Is and Farid still helped me with the tires, thanks guys...i greatly appreciate it !! i never could've done it without u, korg la kawan aku donia akhirat!!
After they left, i went to citibank and afterwards, to mobil to pump air into my tire only to realize tht the tiny tube thingy was covered by tht round plastic plate. So having left with no choice, i tried to pull out tht plate thingy, but no matter how hard i pulled, it wouldnt come off and yet there were already ppl waiting to use the pump. Frustrated, i got back into the car and went next-door, to caltex...there i parked at a clear area and again tried to take off the plate thing. Finally, i succeeded, changed its bearing and tried to kick it back on. however, no matter how hard i kicked it in, it wouldnt go in nicely...then suddenly heard somebody shouting at me, saw the gas attendant calling me, asking me if there was anything he can do to help. yup, i said i drove closer to the pump. there, told him about the plate, he gave it 2 kicks, and tht's all it took-just 2 kicks from him...i kicked like mad and yet, nothing much happened...grrrrr...
Ayway, he pumped my tire for me and i went in to buy some strepsils..the other guy at the counter told me tht they saw me kicking and they thought i was mengamok and was initially afraid to call-out to u get some idea just how crazy i must've seemed to them. so i just smiled, paid for the strepsil, the guy noticed my t-shirt and asked, "convent bukit nenas?", me went, "taklah, covent kedah"...and he went, "ooo ya, kereta k"...before i left, he wished me, "selamat hari raya", to which i replied, "selamat hari raya", he continued, "jalan baik-baik", i just said "ya", then he added, "balik umah, ingat kunci pintu", and it got me thinking, what??, but i just replied, for no apparent reason, "ya, tuan".......and drove home.


Am watching Ong-Bak again. Already watched it last night, but was so amazed at wht i saw tht i just hv to watch it again 2day (another reason is because i'm stuck at home..). Man..tht tony jaa guy is amazing, he jumps, he slides, he kicks, he elbows (with the back of his elbow...who could've thought tht tht was even possible) so beautifully tht u'd think they did it with special effects...but nooo, it was all done by the man himself with no, as TIME magazine puts it, "special effects, wirework or apparent concern for Jaa's life and limb". Dont expect much in terms of storyline or even acting from this film, but, it was simply mind-blowing! i never wouldn've thought the stunts tht ting did, the main character played by tony jaa, was even real, ...really, they just seem so outta this beautiful and neat and sharp and watching him do all those muay thai (thai martial arts) moves is like a breath of fresh air from the all those chinese kungfu diet tht i was brought up on. Dont get me wrong, i love seeing jet li in action (me think he's wayyy better than jackie chan), but i just think we need something new and different, and ong-bak truly delivers. even jet li agrees with me (read tht he and Brett Ratner (dir of rush hour) are now new admirers of this jaa guy).

Throughout the whole film, i had to keep reminding myself to close my mouth, because there r just so many spectacular jaw-dropping stunt scenes tht I never knew was even humanly possible , seriously, he seems like a superhuman...i'd say, u just add some special effect, make him fly and easily, he can even pass for a superman.

Go and watch it, u too i bet would be amazed at how he leaps over (cars, people, tables), through (loops of barbed wires) and slides under, practically everything. in one scene, he hops over 5-6 villians' heads to get across, crazy ! in another, he jumps over sharp objects..erks, and one tht left me scrambling to the front of the tv was when he makes tht killer blow to the head of the bad guy with his knee and totally shatters the guy's! and get this, the bad guy is riding his motorbike at the time! and also there is another scene when he takes out a packet of herb from his belt (he keeps his valuables in there - in this film, he's a country think in real life pun, he's a country boy) and for a while there i thought tht was a woman's tummy, so smooth and shapely tht....urghh, never mind... i'm just waiting for it to be released in the US in february, and after tht, i wouldnt be surprised if even the scientific community is gonna take notice and re-study the actual potential of the human body..dont believe me? watch ong-bak, and u'll get wht i mean.....

:: initially, had some reservation abt watching it too, but now i hv to agree with other reviewers- weak storyline, lousy acting but great action-stunts...word of warning: review might be a bit biased considering tht i am currently extremely bored....

Taken from TIME Asia Magazine
Monday, Oct. 18, 2004

When Tony Jaa's film producer met him for the first time, she thought he was "ugly" and "couldn't act." His image consultant now says Jaa is "uncool" and is urging him to get a new haircut. His English teacher despairs that two years of lessons have yielded little more than a rudimentary grasp of the language. Listen to his minders long enough, and you may start doubting the buzz that Jaa is Southeast Asia's long-overdue answer to Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan.

Until you see Jaa in action. In a cavernous room on the third floor of a stunt training center in Bangkok, Jaa bobs on the mat like a gymnast lining up a run to the vaulting horse. At the end of the room, a crew member holds aloft a cushion that stands in for a human head. Jaa hurtles down the runway, launches himself like a missile, flips in midair and brings his right foot crashing down on the cushion. The kick sends the cushion—and the unfortunate guy holding it—flying across the room. Jaa lands on his feet and smiles.

In Ong Bak: Muay Thai Warrior, the stunt man-turned-actor leaps across boiling oil, ballets above an array of tuk tuks and beats up anyone foolish enough to challenge him. The insane inventiveness of the stunts—done without special effects, wirework or apparent concern for Jaa's life and limb—has turned into box-office gold in Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and even France, where the film found a fan and international distributor in action auteur Luc Besson.

Besson recut the film and secured a U.S. distribution deal with Magnolia Pictures. Expectations are high that Ong Bak and Jaa will break big in North America when the movie is released in February. Jaa, whose real name is Phanom Yeeram, grew up in Thailand's rural northeast, a region most notable for its poverty and, in the early 1980s, the occasional mortar round fired across the Cambodian border by the Khmer Rouge. "Some days we'd be sitting down to dinner and the mortars would explode in the village, blowing out our windows and doors," Jaa says. He escaped these grim realities by viewing the films of Chan and Lee on outdoor screens at temple fairs. "It was powerful for me to watch," he says. "What they did was so beautiful, so heroic. I wanted to do it, too." Jaa practiced in his father's rice paddy or, when bathing the family's elephants, by somersaulting off their backs into the river. "I practiced," he says, "until I could do the move exactly as I had seen the masters do it."

At 15, Jaa sought out the Thai stunt coordinator and low-budget action director Panna Ritthikrai, who took him on as a protégé. He went to a gymnastics college and soon found work as a stunt man in local and international films, including 1997's Mortal Kombat 2. Then he and Ritthikrai started devising their own stunts inspired by muay boran, a more elegant and traditional form of Thai boxing that resembles kung fu. Jaa traveled the countryside talking to the few remaining old masters of muay boran, rediscovering more than 100 long-abandoned moves. Ritthikrai and Jaa filmed the actor's best stunts and showed them to Bangkok director Prachya Pinkaew. The filmmaker was dazzled but had problems getting backing for a film with Jaa in the lead role. "Thai audiences are not used to seeing people from the northeast in the lead," says Sita Vosbein, managing director of Pinkaew's production house, Baa Ram Ewe. "They think people with dark skin are uneducated and ugly. They are always cast as bad guys." When the film was a hit, Jaa felt accepted at last. "I have never been so proud," he says. "I've been fighting discrimination since I was very young. For people to appreciate the beauty of the ancient art of boxing, instead of focusing on what I look like or where I come from, was what I had always dreamed."

Now Jaa is so busy filming his second movie, Tom Yum Goong, in Thailand and Australia, that he has no time to improve his wardrobe, his hairstyle or his English. "Bruce Lee couldn't speak Thai," Jaa says. "And I loved him, anyway."

Friday, November 19, 2004

The Manhattan Fish Market

"come baby, do the locomotion, i know you na-na-na, if you give it a chance now, come baby, do the locomotion". Am watching the channel V videoscope on kylie minogue....seeing just how much she has changed over the years...hmm...i really dont see much difference, except for the hairstyle and the fashion sense, everything else is pretty much the same, no wait...the bunny teeth are no longer there, oh ok...they've been leveled now....and tht's it...

anyway, this morning i went to settle the summon ticket...found out tht running over a red light is one of the 9 offences tht are fined at the maximum. besides tht, the list also includes accident-related offences, cutting queues, driving in the emergency lanes etc. looking at tht list, i simply cant think of any other offences....except maybe guys, next time u're on the road, be careful.....

Had lunch at The Manhattan Fish Market. Ordered the Baked Pacific Dory wth Butter Plum Sauce. Had no idea wht kinda fish dory is, kept seeing the image of dolphin while waiting for my order to arrive. Aaahhhh....i never knew tht tht place is tht good. I've been avoiding tht restaurant for as long as i can remember because i expected it to be somewht like Fish n Chips, and i went there 2day because i did not hv a better choice....and now i am glad tht i did. the fish, while juicy, was baked to perfection and the sauce was simply delicious...GOTTA go there again soon!!

-- tire --

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Back to KL

We're driving back to KL. Despite the initial plan of leaving before the sun was up, as usual, we left the house pretty late which was around 11am, but knowing me, tht was totally not a my sister puts it, "biasa la dia, ikut suka hati dia la".

Right after leaving the house, went to a workshop to get my punctured tire fixed. Then, instead of heading to the highway, we made a short detour (really short coz the school is within walking distance from our house) to our old school...kinda got the idea to do tht after realizing tht i was wearing my sister's old t-shirt, she had it when she was in standard 5...i was only in std 1 then, but it still fits me perfectly.
The school is no longer a school. The building is still there, however, some of the classes have been turned into a bazaar where they sell goods made in china . Our old canteen houses a mini food court. The counter where we dealt with the clerks is a 'restoran nasi kandar'. The old pavilion now holds chinese stalls, we could see the Guiness posters all over it..and my form 1 class, my form 1 class is now a boutique named Butik G-Glamour !!! G-Glamour, can u imagine tht?? Gosh, could u at least get a better name for it!! *sniff sniff* How our hearts cried silently in agony over the desecration of a place we once held very close to our hearts...It is true the its location made it an obstruction to the progress of our little Alor Setar, but to simply sell the spaces off like tht to ppl who dont see the value of it is pure stupidity!!! Tht school building has a longgg history, dont u know it, razak??!! It was the oldest english school for girls in this town...used to be a convent, then turned into a hospital during the 2nd world war, and later into a school (or was it the other way 'round??)...The building itself screams antique, the least u could do is perserve it, or maybe make it a requirement for ppl who wanna buy to keep it in its original condition and not to tear it down as they please...
The school was once the best school in Alor Setar, my mom was a teacher there. However, even as a teacher, she still couldnt pull some strings to get my sister and me into the school and we still had register according to the rules, which meant getting somebody to queue up. I still remember my parents driving our maid to the school with a pillow the night prior to the registration day....My neighbor told me tht they also did the same and her dad got the comedian, Maidin to register for her....and tht was how tough it was to get into tht school... and now, the school is just..nothing, and 20 years from now, it might not even be there anymore...sure, they can say st nicholas convent still exists, yeah, it does, but the new st nicholas convent is just another square-ish block building, just like any other school in malaysia...but with a crazy disciplinary problem tht is
already out of control...not like the old us with iron-clad rules and super-strict principal and headmistresses...gosh, how i hated those women, thinking about them makes me wanna strangle them. yeah, i can say tht now, but back then, i almost crapped everytime tht i had to see the principal, Miss Mak . Those other girls sure had the luxury of not hving to face her as often as i had to, me had no choice, i headed the st john ambulance in our school and she was the principal, hence, everything had to go thru her...but come to think of it, i'm pretty sure it was due to the strictness of those women tht we became a prestigious i guess i really owe u a big thank you....Wonder where she is now, wouldnt be surprised if she is no longer around, tht woman was pretty old when i left the school.
My sister and i walked from room to room, quietly cursing at the ppl occupying our old classrooms. Also went to tht old haunted, the toilets are still as dirty as we remember them, and to think tht i occassionally hid there to eat during class hours was just.."wht was i thinking???" We visited the lab, got me feeling guilty again about some of the apparatus tht i stole and still keep somewhere at home.. Also went to the surau, reminds me of the nazar i made tht i still havent paid. u see, in 1993, we organized the annual camping at our school, and me being the only muslim on the committee held the surau key...but somehow, i lost it on the 2nd day, and tht got me really really scared bcoz the ustazah was initially reluctant to give it to me. so, out of ideas, i left it all to God, and bernazar tht if i find it, i'll fast for a week..and obviously, since i mentioned tht i still hvent paid the nazar.... u can pretty much figure out tht it was found at last..on the next day no less!! We also went into the st john ambulance sick bay, i used to hold the key to the room, and we sometimes went there to escape the classes tht we hated.....ahhhh...sweet sweet memories....some sucked, but really, if they suck, there's no point bringing them up...
Anyway, we left before fully covering the whole school area because we suddenly remembered tht we forgot to roll up the back window....but i'd surely be going there again and my next mission is to find some old pictures of the school and take new pictures of the exact locations for comparisons.

Looking at the school got me thinking about my past, my old primary and secondary schools are now gone, PPP is no longer PPP.. ....and my old school/college/uni records probably no longer exist...i am jane doe!!

Anyway, after leaving the school, we made another detour to the star parade. Me wanted to find the bihun sup and my sister was craving for this one assam laksa there. We had the laksa first, then went up one floor looking for the bihun sup, only to find it closed, due to aidilfitri, i guess. So we had BBQ chicken rice and one lebanese sambusa. i gotta say the sambusa was nice, it would be nicer it only it was warmer, but the one we had was cold, and hence it was in liat we tought, maybe we should buy some, make it to go and eat it in the car. Ok, i followed my sis, she asked the husband, it's a husband-n-wife business i think, for 3 pieces and to also heat them up a little. As the lebanese husband was about to put them in the microwave oven, suddenly the wife interrupted with a straight bored-looking face, "tu baru je goreng"..So he packed them up straight and gave it to my we were walking down the stairs, i asked my sis as to why she didnt fight for it..we sure knew darned well tht it was keras ketung!! sejuk pulak tu...and she made a sad face and went, "tak sampai hati aaaa dgn org2 tua"..Tua?? Tht woman doesnt even look 33!! Think she didnt hv the guts, but didnt wanna admit it...but tht's ok...So i took the plastic bag from her, and told her tht tht woman was gonna get it from me!! so we climbed back stairs and along the way, i mentally prepared a speech, i was gonna give her a piece of my mind should she refuse to heat it up for us..Mannn...u got an oven there, use it la...u, u lazy-dont-know-how-to-run-a-business woman!! not tht i know how, but it's a common understanding tht if customer asks, just do it!! Grrrrr there, ordered her to heat up the sambusas..and luckily (for her) she did as she was told, darn, there goes my speech....still not satisfied, i prepared another one, while the oven the running, i stared at her and swore tht if she did not smile at all during tht 1 and a half minute tht our sambusas were in the oven, i was gonna tell her to put on a nice face to the customers...tht bored look was so nauseating for me....but again, as though she could read my mind, turned to the husband, said something and plan was again gagal!! Never mind, till next time then..but my sis told me tht usually it is just the husband, and tht tht was her first time seeing tht woman there, me think she is a full-time civil servant, was there helping the husband during the holidays....and i'm very sure of tht, u could always tell a civil servant when u see one....Talking about this reminds me of one particular habit tht so many waiters in malay reataurants and stalls have...when asked for their recommendation, like i always ask, "Apa yg sedap?"..i always get, "Semua sedap". ARGHHH!!!!! Tht response will surely get a longgg endless lecture from me. Ergh, dont u even learn?? Please la...recommend something, if u're not sure, lie..we customers are too lazy to think..we only want the BEST easiest option. If we happen to hate it, apologize, and tell us tht u'd recommend something else the next we come...tht way, u'd get us coming back..eeeeeeesh...

Anyway, after tht only tht we started heading for the highway...about 15 minutes into the highway, i felt like the car was a bit wobbly..told my sis about it, she didnt feel it..ok, we drove on..then suddenly, a passenger in this one red kancil waved frantically at us, obviously trying to tell us we pulled over, checked the car, everything looked normal, and as we were getting back into the car, saw the red kancil pulled over about 300 meters ahead of us. Got kinda scared, so we just sped away despite seeing them waving like mad as we were passing them...u gotta be careful, u this day and age, u just cant trust anybody u see on the streets. But after 3-5 cars waving, signaling something tht we couldnt decipher. i told my sis to look up for anybody who noticed the problem and try to extract the actual problem with the car. Ok, she said..fortunately, one proton passed by, and they were passing, the whole family waved, and my sis kinda like asked them why by turning her palms upwards up in the air...and we got just the answer tht we've been expecting all along. they made a circle sign and pointed to the right front tire..the tire tht i had fixed earlier tht morning.....darn. So i slowed down and kept at less than 80 all the way back... hehehe, come to think of it, those 2 guys who first alerted us were really honestly wanted to help and we simply brushed them off like a couple of stupid arrogant bitches..erkss.. i'm sure they must've thought tht we must've been a bunch of stupid paranoid women who were absolutely clueless when it comes to car...and u know wht, u're probably right, we are!! today, the car still wobbles, i still hvent gotten it fixed. i dont know whre to go, the workshops are all closed...darn..maybe i should just chg it with the spare tire..yeah, maybe tht's wht i'll do....alright, come monday, gonna get farid and lan to help out again ....

Took this at one of the R n R's along the PLUS highway. Just have to put it in, think they look cute!
Phewww....this must be the longest entry ever. If u succeed in getting to this point...bravo to you...if not...i can swear at u, and u still wouldnt know.....nahhh, just kidding...seriously, i really wouldnt care at all..... btw, maaf zahir batin and selamat hari raya!!!

Monday, November 16, 2004

Thanks for coming !!!

Today, a couple of friends came over for a visit in conjunction with the Eid celebration. One group (Sad, Azrey (?), Erni and Nasibah) came all the way from Kulim, Shafik and Mat Spen came from Pokok Sena (after paying a visit to another friend's house), Pokcik came from home, and another guy, also from home-works with Sad and lives quite near to my place, so Sad just gave him a call and asked him to join us... and surprise surprise, when Shafik arrived, he immediately recognized tht guy. Apparently, they went to the same tuition center when they were both in Standard 6, so tht visit was kinda like a Jejak Kekasih session for them. Had a good time laughing and catching up on each other. Found out tht Azrey made it to the US (he was a MARA engineering student, no wonder)....i never really noticed him before, and tht Sad's friend knows Khaironi, Ayu and Amir - they did CASE together. Sad also brought lots of home-grown rambutans tht we all shared. Btw, thanks Sad, my family loves the rambutans, said something about them being 'lekang', wht does tht suppose to mean?...Anyways, guys, these are the pictures i took on tht day...feast yr eyes on them 'coz next yr, u might no longer look the same.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Selamat Hari Raya !!!!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri everyone!!!
I'm pretty sure nobody'd be reading this, but heck, it's my blog and things tht i record today might actually worth something to me in the future . Started the day early...darn!! i just remembered like 2 seconds ago tht i forgot to niat mandi sunat raya...rugi rugi rugi!! anyways, met a couple of old friends at the surau this morning..chased after one of them (we used to be quite close)..and before i could wish her selamat hari raya, she looked at me and went, "ni apa hal tua-tua baru nak pakai braces ni?"..hehehe, and without thinking, automatically i mumbled something about realizing my dreams (huh?), also greeted 4-5 makciks tht i'm familiar with, a few tht i normally smile at (these are the ones tht i dont know what to call them by) and one tht while bersalam-salaman with me, asked, "ni anak.....", erm, i pointed to my mom and said, "aaa, yang tu...hehehe", did tht instead of telling her my mom's name because i dont think she would know who my mom is, my mom's face might be familiar to her, but the name...hmmm, dont think my mom is all tht popular in our neighborhood .

Later, in the morning, my sister's boyfriend came to the house. today is only my second time meeting him. nice guy...ok, enough about him, if i let my mind wander free...i could spawn a whole new topic out of him...or more like out of me...

Well, tht's all i did the whole morning, other than tht, i studied the astro guide, something tht i've been doing since the first day i arrived home and trying to memorize the times tht i hv to be in front of the tv, an improvement i'd say. i used to highlight or circle the shows tht i had to watch, which i think was perfect to define someone who has NO LIFE!!

Let's see...wht else. oh, in the afternoon, my younger sister, my brother and i drove back to our kampung in perlis to visit our aunts. my kampung can be boasted as a real kampung, complete with a paddy field, tons of trees...with fruits, rubber trees and little pond at the back of the house. there used to be cows as well back when my uncle was still alive. but their crap....erghh.....but come to think of it, it wasnt actually tht bad 'coz they only ate grass, so it had some kind of...... sense of freshness to it, but wht i could not stand was tht we had to be extra careful when playing in the field in front of the house, because there could be booby traps hidden among the grasses, traps left by the cows, if it was still fresh and u step on it, better forget about your slippers, digging it out would be no small feat..... anyway, we first went to meet our dear Chu, her osteoporosis is really getting worse each time i see her..i really wish there's something i could do. offered to get her a walking stick, she doesnt want it, says tht she doesnt need it yet, but would tell me the instant she changes her mind, i really hope tht she would, 'coz deep down, i kinda think tht she doesnt wanna bother me, although it really is not a problem for me at all... Later, we brought Chu to Wa's house. Wa, i think is the widow of my dad's late stepbrother. Dad has a small family, one older sister and an older stepbrother who passed away several years ago. Tht night, I can still remember being woken by my mom and told to change clothes asap as 'something' had happened. It was one the few rare moments tht i saw my dad shed some tears...sad sad night it was. Anyways, there we met a whole bunch of relatives tht i simply no longer recognize, and some tht i know only by their faces, so i just put on a nice happy smiling face the whole time i was there...gosh, going back without the parents can be tough because u hv to represent them and answer questions tht they normally handle..but thankfully, my brother did most of the talking although he ocassionally said certain things tht he really shouldnt. but it was certainly great and sometimes shocking at seeing how much ppl hv changed over the years, i mean physically la...especially the kids...oh well, i guess tht is something tht we should expect especially when we only meet once every few years.....