Tuesday, March 29, 2005

mooooooo laaaaaaah

i won again, 3 consecutive rounds, but cashed out immediately after tht (quite a chicken, arent i?)...no more adrenalin rush for me, it has gotten too much, i aint taking anymore risks, cant afford to lose... . to those who happened to be listening, but wasnt sure tht tht "ita" was me, well, it was me alright, shazmin Ika (the dj) got my name wrong and i let her .. it was one way to hide myself from the next dj tht was taking over (non) the contest...you see, i tried playing yesterday and non was the dj in-charge, and i lost miserably, it'd be kinda embarassing if he finds out tht the 'et' who tried yesterday tried again today...

guys, thanks for your words of encouragement..psstt..if u need some tips on how to win it, u know who to call

btw, the songs were...
1st round - time after time : cindy lauper
1st round - all that i need : boyzone ---> didnt hv to go to the 3rd song, i was already the winner
2nd round - everytime u go away : both of us got it wrong, we fought over the title, he said my answer was wrong, but didnt provide the title himself, duhh, as for the artist, he answered paul mccartney, i said hall and oates, well, both of us were wrong.. ..the answer was paul young (who?)
2nd round - mambo 5 : lou bega (i initially said 'mambo 85', wht was i thinking?? )
2nd round - could i hv this kiss forever : enrique iglesias & whitney houston
3rd round - hold on : wilson philips
3rd round - love is a wonderful thing : michael bolton ----> again, no 3rd song, i was already the winner

-- must've gotten u guys thinking tht i'm a real 80s baby..hahaha, well, to win some cash, i can be... --

-- me on a lookout for the next radio contest tht offers cash prizessss --


it happened again....

another earthquake.........in sumatera.. 300 are confirmed dead, although the number is expected to go higher.......speechless.......

Friday, March 18, 2005

malaysia: a hub for B-grade celebs??

last nite a friend told me tht he saw clay aiken at bukit bintang today, cant confirm tht..another friend told me tht carmen electra spontaneously auctioned off the dress (refer to picture) she was wearing last nite at the F1 gala, and get this, it fetched RM11,000!!! tht, i can confirm...apparently, she is not the only celeb who's in town this week. Jackie Chan, Black Eyed Peas, Back Street Boys, Boyz II Men, Bai Ling, Diana Krall and even David Blaine are here. Some of them are here for the Force of Nature concert, while the rest, probably were paid to meriahkan the F1 thingy... also heard tht paula abdul and tyra banks might also be coming...cant confirm tht too...
another friend is asking if i'm going to the concert, am not tht interested to go...seems like tht it's gonna be full of a bunch of has-beens...with the exception of bep and the asian singers...seems to me like bep will be the main dish, while the rest, side dishes (?)
Then, another friend asked if i'm interested in the simple plan concertss...erkssss no way...simple plan is for confused kids....i'm way too mature for tht...(unless i win a free ticket to the concert... no wait, i take tht back, but if i did, i might consider auctioning it at lelong.com)

Thursday, March 17, 2005


** NEW UPDATE on Pizza Hut **
Dear all pizza lovers,

I found out from the link on the left that 76 new Pizza Hut outlets will be opened in Malaysia over the next three years.. no more pizza huts, pleaseeeeee, i've had enough of their mengarut satay/rendang/tomyam pizza!!...more pizza san francisco, pleaseeee.....

went to pizza san francisco in bangi today...and all i can say is tht they hv some of the best pizzas i hv ever tasted in malaysia...seriously. try it, once u've hd it, others would taste like uncooked dough from 2 days ago...unlike pizza hut's or shakey's pizzas, theirs are all thin-crusted (tht's how pizza should be--for me, at least), their tomato sauce tastes like fresh tomatoes and best of all, they're extremely generous with their cheese.
There, we had the Posilipo pizza (kinda like a seafood pizza) and the San Francisco Special, and honey, it truly was magical...it had cheese on top of it and in it and ahhhhh....it was just heaven .
and oh, did i mention about the ambience aspect of it...it was nothing like wht i would expect from a pizza place..Go, go, experience it for yourself..Plus, they also got a large selection of pasta, currently, the one in bangi gives out a 50% discount for the 2nd pasta tht u order..and no, i dont get paid for promoting them, i just love spreading my interest/love/ideas around..tht's just my nature

btw, dont forget to watch the kumars on star world every saturday nite, they're just HILARIOUS.... was a bit apprehensive abt confessing my obsession with them.. but a guy friend's confession of his obsession with outback jack (he's prefectly straight, just probably loves looking at the girls) encourages me to tell the world tht THE KUMARS host the BEST TALK SHOW on EARTH!!!!! -- and no, i dont get paid to do this either..

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I'll be just fine
Pretending I'm not - positive
I'm far from lonely
And it's all that I've got - negative

So deep that it didn't even bleed and catch me
So deep that I didn't even scream fuck me

~ emo me ~