Sunday, May 29, 2005

me? a photographer? hah!....i wish...

Attended a basic photography class today...damn, despite my height, i felt sooooooooo small. nonetheless, i learnt a lot abt wht my camera can actually do and i'm falling in love with it all over again...muah muah , think i'd probably put the auction plan on hold, and play a lot more with it (and besides, considering my current financial situation, cant afford a new camera anyways!)....

met lots of photography enthusiasts, me just an everyday snapshooter trying to improve my shots, but like i've mentioned, i learnt a lot....but wht sucked the most was tht i found myself confused by the terms, by the time i can make out their meanings, they were already on to the next subject come on, i need time to register spot metering, aperture priority, white balance etc etc in my brain... i hv heard of them, even read them in the manual, but when it's hands-on time, heck, i dont even know how to (effectively) set them...oh welll, more practice then, i suppose. but t'was a good experience, so much so tht it was worth missing my sister's kenduri and playing with my cute nieces . also found out tht one of the participants will be appearing on 'mencari jodoh', eh, or is it, 'mencari cinta'...or something...sounds a lot like a reality show, u bet your ass i'd be watching it , hehehehe, i'm wondering......will it be anything like 4 love or money minus the making-out scenes, hmmmmmm??


chk out the pics i took, darn bad! they're not even amateurish, they're just plain...nauseating. but i'm taking one baby step at a time...hopefully, by august, with more practice, i can take some real memorable pictures.

i'm actually in a pretty good mood right now, last nite, i couldnt turn my laptop on, thought it had gone bust, and i had to fake a cool facade the whole day today, now back at the faculty, for some unknow reasons, when i turned it on, it seems to be working just fine....alhamdullillah.....cant imagine wht i'd do if it indeed doesnt wanna work, if it's indeed a goner, then i'm a goner, bye bye, sayonara, i'm outta here...... (so the lesson here today folks, if u want me out of this s***hole, destroy my laptop, but i beg u, please dont la.....)

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

SAH! Aku kucing penarik pelanggan!
Ann and i have always known that we attract customers. And today again, it happened. From just a couple of Turkish guys, a chinese family, then an indian, then a harley-riding turkish with a nazi-type helmet came to tht restaurant right after the lady took my order. In case you're interested, the restaurant i went to was this obscure-looking turkish restaurant. cant remember the name tho', but it's somewhere along jln tar. no wait, i remember looking up for the signboard, saw the word 'deon' (?), thought the restaurant name was deon, then saw an Tamil movie poster above it, read it again...oooo, Odeon (stupid, how could i've missed the O )...ooooookay, guess the restaurant doesnt hv a name yet. but if u like to try it out, it occupies the old place where Tazaa used to be....hey, what happened to Tazaa? i love their spring chickens...anyways, going back to tht turkish place, the ppl working there are all turkish except for this one indon-looking lady who speaks like she's Puteri seriously, she does! weird accent she has....
overall, the piksha, (tht's how she pronouced it) was ok, thin-crusted, no cheese, very simple, but the lemon really adds the zingggg to it, guess tht's probably how they eat it...piksha turkey la (ala p ramlee in laksamana doremi) and oh, it's cheap... also had the ice-cream (also from turkey), hate it, too sweet, but the texture's nice, liat mcm yogurt ice-cream. think next time, i'll try the kebabs...hopefully by then, they'd hv a menu and a name...

-- just love these type of no frills, cheap-but-serve-good-food restaurants. reminds me of this old sushi bar tht i frequented in japan. love the place, nobody spoke engrish there, me, spoke no japanese. but i still managed to enjoy myself amongst those old sake-drinking japanese men, come to think of it, the place was full of mostly old ppl, the cook, eh sushi-maker was old and the cashier lady was also very old...went there alone all the time except this one time when i took my myanmar friend there for dinner, she never had sushi b4, and was excited to try it out. got her all my favorites, and she didnt even finish any of it, chisss, some she even spit out....errrrghhh, nyesal belanja...

Friday, May 13, 2005

crimson room

try this out

fun with the F

-- thanks wa, for effortlessLY distracting me from ....errrr, hmm...well, for giving me something to do 2day, thanks! --
u'd never guess what i did yesterday.
and stood both my supervisor and co-supervisor up for half an hour.... and what was I doing at the time, i was in bed!! Hahahahahaha.... Well this is wht happened actually, the day b4 yesterday, my roommate was gonna go down to see my supervisor, so i told her to ask my supervisor to set a date for an appt. when she came up, she told me the my sp was busy as she had a presentation to prepare for the following day (or that was wht she thot she heard). Later, i called up my sp, and she sounded buzy and talked so fast like a bullet-train, and as i knew tht 'she' had persentation to concentrate on and when i caught the word 'presentation', i was like 'yeah, yeah, yeah', thinking i knew wht it was all abt. the next morning, as usual, i woke up late, and b4 i left for office, turned on my cellphone, got her voice tht went, "[name censored], where r u, we are waiting for you at the seminar room!" . Ok, what is this? i thot...oh well, maybe she wanted me to watch her present. went to the office, tried to contact her, managed to talk to her finally late in the afternoon, and it was then tht i found out tht it was MY presentation she was referring to, DAMN!. (my co-sp was so convinced tht i was still in bed even told my sp tht it was time for her to "get ready to protect your student", my co-sp has been constantly on my tail lately after he saw me coming in late (like after-lunch late) last monday, darn)...
I immediately msged my roommate, told her wht happened, totally forgot tht she was the one who relayed the mesg, which i accepted blindly, and even more blindly when i spoke to my sp on the phone later tht day... and finally, last nite, we spent almost an hour scheming on how to explain to my co-sp.
Right now, i just got back from meeting him. had a longgggggggg lecture tht u can bet i've heard thousands of times before, so i'm pretty immuned to it .... and by my standard (which is extremeeeeeeeeely low), it went quite ok, think it was because my roommate was there to partly take the blame, but she left b4 the lecture series start la, obviously, duh....
now i'm off to prepare for the presentation, ciao ...................

Monday, May 09, 2005

now u know y ***** sucks

the following article was taken from here

Universiti Putra V-C asked to resign
Hamidah Atan

Universiti Putra Malaysia vice-chancellor Professor Datuk Dr Muhamad Zohadie Bardie has been asked to resign by the university’s board of directors. Archive Since 1991 The board is said to have reached the decision during an emergency meeting on Wednesday. The consensus was that Dr Muhamad Zohadie had soured the relationship between UPM and the Higher Education Ministry by sending a memorandum to the ministry, objecting to the transfer of the Aerospace Engineering programme from UPM to Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. The directive for the transfer was issued by Higher Education Minister Datuk Dr Shafie Salleh. Sources said that the board was unhappy with a poem read by Dr Muhamad Zohadie at a function in UPM recently. Tan Sri Dr Zainul Ariff Hussain chaired the UPM’s board of directors meeting. A source said UPM lecturers were demoralised with what was happening at the university. The lecturers were also unhappy that Dr Zainul had interfered in the running of the university. Another source said, "Dr Zainul should have remained neutral. His predecessor never interfered in the university’s administration and as a professional, he left it solely to the V-C to run it." Dr Muhamad Zohadie could not be reached for comments. A doctorate holder in agriculture engineering from Cornell University, he was appointed to his present post on April 2001. The crisis between UPM’s administration and the ministry is believed to have started following the appointments of UPM vice-chancelor (development) Professor Dr Nik Mustapha Raja Abdullah and another V-C (Students’ Affairs) Associate Professor Dr Azali Mohamed.

Just when I was getting comfortable with my longgggggggg hiatus (which could've been permanent i.e; stop blogging), a shocking news which could cause a change in UPM's policy (again???!!!) emerges...WTF??!!!