Monday, December 19, 2005

Thanks to Sukan Wanita,

I managed to get involved in the Perdana Global Peace Forum. I attended the forum feeling a bit superficial, like the whole idea of the forum was rather pretentious. Heck, this is Malaysia, the land where peace is only skin-deep. So rather than trying to immerse myself with the whole peace-thingy, i chased after the speakers and the MC to reach my own selfish objective.

With the MC, on the first day of the forum. Oh, the lady is Wan Zaleha Radzi, she almost became Dewi Remaja in 1986, if anyone still remembers, i didnt, but roommate apparently still does. throughout the whole forum, she pretty much hanged out with us, and kinda ocassionally exchanged notes with us thinking we were the secretariats and knew the forum inside out (which we didnt), and sat together with us during dinner (heck, i guess we were the only familiar faces there), how could she say no when we wanted to pose with her...

I LOOK FAT! How on earth did i manage to make meself look freakin' fat?!! Btw, ladies and gentlemen, in the middle of the photo is Chandra Muzaffar.

OK, i admit the whole idea of the forum was a bit too ambitious, it felt cheesy even, as cheesy as Wah Idris' composition of forum's theme song. Yuck, why Wah Idris, his moments had passed, heavily synthesized songs are out (along with the rockers of the 80s), his electric guitar goreng action was so out of place especially when it was SO obvious the music was on minus one . Well, maybe i shouldnt complain so much, maybe he's the only musician who feels strongly about world peace, or maybe he's cheap.

Anyways, all in all, the whole thing was OK, and after the forum, I'm a changed person (u wont see it on the surface, though), and i dont think it's too ambitious anymore after they made it clear that the objective is not to revolutionize anything, but rather, it's to open our eyes to wht's happening, and the reality of war, and the harshness of the truth, and to get us to somehow, in our own small ways possible, do something postitive in light of the suffering of the war victims. Yup, there were tons of Bush-bashing, I'm not gonnna go into that, after all, he is an idiot and a murder-addict, and it's a known fact.

My only regret was tht they didnt really cover anything on the sufferings in other parts on the world such Rwanda, Zimbabwe (the president Mugabe was there and supposed to present a speech on the 2nd day, but on the 1st day, one the speakers mentioned something about Zimbabwe, when mugabe's slot came, he didnt speak at all, merajuk kot..i dunno), Uganda etc. Nonetheless, the war in Middle East is real, civilians are being killed on a daily basis. People in the 20th century are more barbaric than in the past where the fights were fought only by soldiers.

I feel strongly about this issue, but i wont say it out loud for fear of sounding too Miss World-ish.. I wanna volunteer to help, but honestly i dunno how, and honestly, i'm too afraid of going to Iraq and mati katak. I know I will never get to directly lend a helping hand. Hence, this is my contribution, from today onwards, I will stop drinking Coke, I will also stop ordering McD (shouldnt be too difficult since they didnt response to the complaint i lodged 2/3 weeks ago) and everything else American (and contributes to israel, that is), unless I get it for free, and since it's gonna be almost impossible if i were to give up everything in every aspects, I'm gonna start with what I consume. And if u see me breaking my own resolution, please, feel free to smack me in the head.

The people behind these websites were the speakers at the forum:
The female journalist who was once captured by the Taliban
These guys pursue to uncover the truth

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I was on TV again last nite

In the last couple of days, I attended the ASEAN Financial Summit in Shangri-la Hotel. Why? For fun, my sister got me 2 seats worth more than RM1400 each, so brought Nit along since she's still studying (unemployed) and has all the time in the world to waste.

Overall, it was pretty tiring, the only good thing about it was probably the food and Tony Fernandes. Yup, u read that right. He gave such an interesting and funny speech that I was wide AWAKE at 830am . Good thing they put him first that morning.

He talked about ASEAN branding. How they've made AirAsia into a brand ASEANs recognize and how they turn it into a success from a company tht was $20mil in debt after they bought it for RM1 just a few year back.

He also talked about the obstacles they faced and the creative ways they handled it. One story I find funny was when he told us the story about the Thai pilots. You see, in Thailand, the pilots refused to share the same bus with the cabin crew as they were kinda a bit stuck up. In Malaysia, it was the other way 'round, Malaysian pilots will never get on the bus if the cabin crew weren't in it. So to settle this matter, since they couldnt afford to provide separate buses, they sent 20 Malaysian pilots to Thailand, and brought back 10 pilots from Thailand so they can learn our ways here. The strategy worked and in the process, they played matchmaker to 4 couples. That was cute.

Another story was when they wanted to build their own hangar. They consulted the constructer/builder (i dunno wht to call these ppl), and was quoted $2 mil(i think) which was obviously TOO much. So Tony got in touch with the guy who built his house, and asked if he'd be interested to get into the aviation industry. The guy said yes, built the hanger which cost them only half a million, and today they are busy building hangars for airports around the world.

Ok, one more story. Miss Thailand 2005 is an AirAsia pilot, did u know tht? I read about her being a pilot some time ago, i just didnt know which airline, now i know. Apparently, she'd always wanted to be one, but then she also wanted to enter the beauty pageant. She asked the CEO for his permission, he was cool with it as long as she'd allow them to use her pictures should she win. Guess wht, she won, and they can now proudly say tht only with AirAsia, can Miss Thailand get u literally laaa....

Anyways, enough about Tony Fernandes, more about ME! After his session, there was a break. Nit asked, wanna take pictures with him, and i was like, Hah, u read my mind! Let's go!!

However, he was extremely popular with the media so we waited, and waited and waited. I went to the toilet and back, and he was still surrounded by them. session was gonna start soon. Anyways, we decided to still wait for him, and while doing so, we started strategizing on how to approach him. Nit suggested, "Hi Dato', we're you fans".. Yuck, too groupie-ish . Done tht with the hoobastanks, needless to say, they totally ignored us. I suggested tht instead of waiting at the entrance, maybe we should wait a bit further from the entrance and when he got out, we would walk calmly to him. Tht'd be more subtle, and konon more professional la than to pounce on him like a bunch of star-struck gorillas. Hey, I did exactly that with Tony Kanal and Tom Dumont of No Doubt several years ago in KLCC, worked beautifully (that is if u ignore my out-of-nowhere stammering)- that's their autographs on the left, btw. So we did just that, plus some some uncontrollable gedik action and this is the result.

Not too bad, eh? It also helped tht he was approachable, he wasnt too overdressed like most conservative bizmen. A strategy he practises so tht people dont get too intimidated by him. Nonetheless, I didnt manage to get into my normal unnatural pose which i believe maximizes photogenicity (if there's even such a word), maybe some other time. A few boroi middle-aged bizmen laughed and kinda made fun of us, well, i'm sorry u dont share our enthusiasm, shuddup je la.

Well, that was how my weekend was spent. As for the summit? Nah...u dont wanna know about it

By the way, I was on the news last nite for like a split second, and just like the last time (which was 7-8 yrs ago), it was also jawa who saw it... eeeshhh, i should watch more news .

Thursday, December 08, 2005


U want an update? How 'bout this one.

This morning I was out early, went to JPN to get my myKAD made, then the bank, then renewed my license and finally to the Medical Center.
There, I complained about my bloated tummy, the doctor checked it, confirmed it was nothing, probably just gas and constipation which means u know wht...prescribed some tablets for the gas and a box eno-like gel tht's supposed to be diluted in water.Fine!

While waiting for my number to be called, i noticed tht the pharmacist was kinda cute. So I stared and stared and staredddddd..... and i think he noticed. Then my number was called, by HIM, yahooooooo!!

Being naturally shy and all, I just went about collecting my medicine quitely and as quickly as possible. But he asked some trivial questions like where i work and stuff (which he could easily find in the form i passed to him), so I answered politely, trying my best to appear matter-of-fact when in fact i really wanted to put my roommate flirting tips into practice. Ok, maybe I should've been more assertive and flirt like there's no tomorrow, but it was just NOT possible, especially when this is also the guy who seconds ago told me to "ambil ubat ni 3 kali sehari untuk angin, yang ni pulak untuk sembelit"....malu maluuuuu....