Thursday, February 23, 2006

I won again

I just won 2 tickets to the Fort Minor concert! And honey, getting thru was pretty freaking easy too !
Ok, lemme recap how it all happened, I was in the car with iezma and ji'a. I was sitting quietly at the back while the 2 of them were busy chatting about....who knows, i wasnt paying attention, i was busy listening to Nana repeating Saya Minat Fort Minor on ERA. I figured wht else could it be if it's not a cue to call, so I started dialing, and sure enough, after 5 tries I got thru...just like that.
That friendly Nana asked some questions, me answered like i've known her for sounding friendly enough to fool iezma who was walking beside me into thinking i was on the phone with an old friend...and that's pretty much it! Easy peasy, no fooling myself singing beside the longkang like when i so badly wanted to see hoobastank live....and to think that I've spent probably close to RM5 sms-ing Hitz to win the tickets all this while, was I crazy cheapskate or what? I should've listened to ERA more often .
Thanks to Ji'a and her car that I was forced to listen to ERA (read it sarcastically...hehehe), but then again, thanks to that, I am now going to Fort Minor concert! WoooHooo!!!!

And because I got free tickets, I am now a Fort Minor fan - for now. Gotta start studying their songs now!! ....Mannnn, is life great or what ?

Untergang, Der

Yikes, February is coming to an end, and I got only one entry. Better add another one.....

Last nite, my bro and i went to watch Downfall. It's basically about the final days of Hitler. It's a pretty good film. The acting is superb, the graphics are so horrific, but me not being a fan of war films, I honestly dont really know how to rate it. Nonetheless, I really gotta say tht the guy playing Hitler played it so well I almost sympathized with his character. Not because of his delusional beliefs tht he could win the war when they are clearly losing it, but because he is potrayed as this old, frail but highly-spirited and charismatic OLD man that could easily pass as your grandfather.The rest of the casts are GOOD as well.

And one thing i think is great about Downfall is that the characters protrayed actually existed, and at the end they actually include a short info on what happened to those involved after the war. This provides a stronger connection to reality, unlike some other movies about trying to find a guy named ryan or the brotherhood of nobodies formed at a time when everybody else is dying .

Memorable scenes:

  • When Frau Goebbels kills her children, all 6/7 of them simply because she believes a world without National Socialism is worse than death..

  • When an injured man suddenly sticks a gun in his mouth and fires it. Terkejut siout ! It was so sudden and so fast and so horrific my jaw dropped so low i could feel permanent wrinkles forming at the sides of my mouth

  • The wedding of Eva and Hitler, macam lawak daaaa...
  • Monday, February 06, 2006

    okla, i'll accept the tag...

    As much as I tried to avoid/ignore being tagged, I simply cant say no when my roommate innocently asked for my permission to tag here goes..

    2) What is the total number of books you own?
    Gosh, who in the world would actually keep track of how many books they own, unless of course, they're some obsessive-compulsive freaks who hv nothing better to do.

    2) What is the last book you bought?
    This is a tough one...hmmmm

    3) What is the last book you read?
    That's easy, How to Talk to Anyone by Leil Lowndes I read it last week at Kinokuniya. I read it again yesterday also at Kinokuniya.

    4) What are you currently reading?
    Errrrr...nothing, just some boring journal papers.

    5) What are the 5 books that mean a lot to you?
    1. Dark rivers of the heart by Dean Koontz, read it, you'll love it. It's dark, twisted, gets my heart pounding like Javanese gamelan every time i read it.
    2. Dangerous To Know by Barbara Bradford Taylor. A novel which, while I wouldn't say GREAT, it reiterates wht we have known all along and that is, sex out of wedlock doesnt pay, and i find tht amusing but in an impressed kinda way considering that the author is a full-fledged romance writer (minah ni tersober sebentar kot time dia tulih buku ni)
    3. Reader's Digest Mysteries of the Unexplained - The only book besides the countless Doraemon comics tht i had on the shelf next to the toilet. An easy read and super interesting for me who for do not believe tht America made it to the moon in 1969.
    4. Family Health (severals volumes) - kinda like an encyclopedia but for illnesses and diseases and everything tht's natural about human bodies, does it count? My dad bought the set for our family. I referred to it everytime i thot something weird was happening to my body. Covers practically everything, from human growth to baby delivery to heart disease and everything else, complete with graphics, very educational. Showed it to all of my friends whom i brought home, we all learned a lot from it
    5. Tempted to include books from Crichton and Brown, love 'em, love 'em a lot, but they're getting too overrated, so i'm leaving them out. Wanna put in Al-Quran-ul-Karim, but i dont read Arabic, and my practices come from wht i learned and read over the years from tok-tok guru and other books, which indirectly also come from the kitab, I dont know, tht 5th slot, well, it's for every other book tht I love but can't quite put in as no. 5.

    7) What book(s) do you wish to buy next?
    Being super-poor, I've been trying to get/find a cheap/second-hand The Gun Seller by Hugh Laurie for quite some time now. I wanna buy one (which is soooo not me) so that I can read it at my own comfort at home.

    7) What book(s) have you owned for so long but never read them?
    Dune - tedious
    The Nothing That Is : A Natural History of Zero - tried to read it a few times, tak paham, tp gatal beli
    Teen Terminators - Now tht, I've owned for nearly 20 years, got it thru a lucky draw, but never bothered to read it cause, like...come on, even the title sounds crazy cheesy
    and a few tak ingat

    8) Who are you going to pass this stick to (3 persons) and why?
    Mary Ann
    Eddie Ramonez

    9) Your books collection in one picture: