Friday, March 31, 2006

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i hvent written in a while, and frankly, i'm just too lazy too write (again)....nonetheless, tht does not mean tht i've stopped reading....just to share with all of u the blogs (only the blogs, the rest are ebays and i read every-single-day...

  • I sure, i'm a fan - but it's the way he writes tht got me...
  • another example of fine writing, imho
  • pipot, ren of hardones
  • provides my daily dosage of comic relief
  • something tht i could really RELATE to

    Occasionally, i also read

  • simply because he's beautiful, but whaddaya know, he writes too....
  • 'coz he used to be funny
  • again, it's the funny factor

  • Saturday, March 25, 2006

    This is sooo funny!!

    Japanese are so cute like tht.

    Thanks Ann! and oh, thanks YouTube too!

    Friday, March 10, 2006


    Met Krich today, although I knew he was coming, I totally forgot about finding him once I was at the symposium. Talk about enthralled by the speeches, huh? But really, it was interesting. They actually managed to keep it rather light-hearted and fun, and the Japanese speakers, mannnnnn, as usual, they always amaze me with their hilarious jokes while keeping a straight face.

    But anyway, it was great meeting Krich again, heck, it is always fun meeting good old friends that you know are great people. You get to see them change and grow as a person, except tht he looks and even talks exactly the way (minus the scary red-eye from the Codefest). Come to think of it, I really consider myself lucky where the CICC training was concerned. Why? Because we had a fun crazy and relatively young (-at-heart) group of individuals of various (developing- janji free je, trus Malaysia ngaku developing, sooo typical of Malaysians) countries from different backgrounds and ideologies who were always up for new and weird places to visit and theme parks to challenge (as if-not me, not me, me no coward). Damn, I miss Japan.

    Thursday, March 02, 2006

    Bom yeoreum gaeul gyeoul geurigo bom

    Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter...and Spring

    Watched another film last night. This time, it was a Korean film.

    Such a beautiful film, like literally...It's basically about the lives around a tiny temple in the middle of the lake. About how things always repeat itself...
    We came in late, at tht time it was summer, the boy raised by the old is already a young man, with raging hormon, easily tempted by lust.

    Following summer, it was autumm, the boy decides to go after the girl and leaves the temple...and here's copy-pasted summary:

    " and then turns into a jealous man, who eventually commits murder in his thirties (Autumn) and then in his middle ages (Winter) tries to wash away the deeds of his former years. When Spring returns, the Buddhist monk appears again. It appears as though everything is a repetition, but the end is another beginning in which something has been added, and this cycle is an open cycle. The life portrayed in this film is simultaneously a closed and open file. "

    Wht do i think about the film : There are moments tht are funny (like when the young man in all his naivete tries to hit on the girl-ye la, tht is his first time getting in close contact with a girl), there are moments tht just break your heart (especially when the old monk had to let go of the kid, sedihnya!). There's hardly any dialog, so u dont hv to bother so much about keeping track of the subtitles. But the settings is beautiful, EXTREMELY beautiful, there's no denying that...aramak, now, i gotta go to korea la pulak........

    Fort Minor

    I guess it goes without saying that i went to the concert....alone!..hahahaha, whaddayaknow, out of the 365 days, mary had to fall sick tht night...cehs, and i sms-ed so many of my old friends(giler pathetic), but none could make it, so i just went ahead alone.
    This time, apparently, tickets were easy to get, i won 2. While hanging out at the parking lot, wasting my time away (konon nak fashionaly late la), came 2 guys and 1 akak (kot)offering me their tickets. their reason,"ada ticket tapi malas nak pegi". me being polite, "eh, tak pe la, dah ada tiket ni, tgh tunggu kawan" (tipu la tu). Had i accepted it, ada lg la extra tickets.

    The concert:
    It was great ! Much better than Linkin Park's, that's for sure. I dont know, probably because, the venue's smaller, the sound system was better, so we were closer to the stage, making it easier for the guys to interact with the audience...thumbs up for tht personal touch .
    As for the whole show, well, it started out with 'remember the name'. then came some songs tht i didnt really know, but i moved to them anyway. Then, things got kinda mellow...but suddenly, there's 'petrified', and from then on, i managed to keep my heart rate at the optimum level...which was my target of the day as i skipped swimming to go see the concert.

    The best parts of the show, i gotta say was when the guy with then violin played some usher, 50 cent and other chart-toppers with his violin. That was like..WOW! The time when Shinoda did some (kononla, i dont know for sure) impromptu rap, and with us providing the beat, now tht was cool too...Then there was this one time, when he asked the audience if we were like real hip hop fans, I just stood like, buat bodo... then he continued, asking us if we were fans all the way from the days of snoop dog, suddenly against my will, my hand shot up, then he continued again, all the way back to 'license to ill by the beasties boys?', again my hand went up, wey, wht was i doing??? giler terasa tua, then he went on again, 'a tribe called quest?' errr, kinda heard of them...but not sure regained control of myself, and just stood there waiting for the next song..

    The whole show was obviously shinoda's...but the rest of the guys, they were pretty good too. these guy, i think bring in good clean fun (although the audience filled the blanks that they bleeped out) tht ppl of all ages can enjoy. They got kids as young as 7/8 to men as old as the one in the picture, bopping to their music. and i really do mean men as old as 50++, i could swear there was this tall white man with thinning grey hair, clad in red collared t-shirt tucked into a long white slacks bopping his head from start to end, and how do i know this? he was there beside me....gile cool..

    Moral of the day: i realized tht i dont need nobody to hv fun, in fact, i felt like i was solo travelling all over again. after all, i'd always get separated from them during the concerts anyway. My only regret was tht the ticket tu dah kira membazir je la...nasib baik free.