Saturday, April 29, 2006

Zahid Higher Education Report

Ok, i know nobody is gonna be interested in this post, except roommate, but heck, i'm gonna post it anyways, or else, i will forget about it...

Zahid Higher Education Report is finally out today, a few days earlier than promised. tok pa seems to be doing pretty ok so he reads blogs and replies emails , something tht not too many ministers do, i bet.

anyway, talking about the are few things tht i sooooo really want to happen, and like, happen now!

  • "fewer undergraduate students but more postgraduate students to study abroad" - ok, i probably wouldnt agree to this 10 yrs ago, but now tht i understand better. YES, it makes perfect sense. at bachelor's level, students dont know shit, all they know is to parrrrrrrrrrty , after all, to do a degree is like being forced to go to school..... but postgraduate studies, now tht is something ppl do only if they want to, and if they decide to go with it, most of the time it's for real, no more parties as the yeah, implement it, and do it quick!
    lagi satu, dah kata tarak fund, why only focus on uk, uk, australia? whts wrong with india, taiwan, singapore, or even can definitely send more ppl there with the same amount of money, and the exposure they'll get, priceless! reserve the expensive ones for those who really deserve it (they need some merit system to do this). there are many other cheaper countries that can offer better expertise than malaysia, this, they NEED to acknowledge... we already have enough jaguh kampungs. plus, by doing this, u get to push the good ones further.. the queueing system we hv now lets everyone in, yes, even tht guy in the corner who is not really interested in doing research but do it just to avoid getting fired. heck, i'm tired of ppl bragging about their collection of arcopal when they can hardly speak a complete sentence in english and have very little publications to their name .

  • "no new licenses for ipts until the existing ones are assessed" - should've done tht a longgggggggg time ago

  • "annual review of leaders based on KPI" - leaders? do they mean deans and dept heads as well? well, if they dont, re-define leaders. everybody, especially leaders (and not just on the low-life coolies like wht's happening right now) should reviewed annually, no exemptions... as for me, i want a leader who is approachable (pls no more I-AM-THE-BOSS-YOU-SHADDAP), open-minded, active in research (so tht he can inspire), willing to listen, charismatic. basically, an all-rounder la, a superman/woman.... someone who can shake things up and (slowly) make a change.

  • "transparent appointments of VCs" - and if it means submitting to a fair (in attitude, tht is) foreign VC, i willingly do so for the greater good of malaysian universities

  • "multi-tiered conditions for scholarships" - whatever, as long as the deserving ones get it, and make sure those reponsible filter out the weeds, penat tau deal dgn budak2 yg MEMANG malas nak belajar, like maybe i should just fail them so that they can go out there and find their own potential faster, rather than waste their time in a place where they're as good as brain-dead

  • "compulsary cultural studies" - ok, i got mixed feelings about this. culture <-> history. unless they straighten out our history education, nobody is really gonna passionately study it. i know our country's history is probably not as glorious as depicted in the text book. but if tht's the reality, i am willing to accept it, all i want is the TRUTH. if hang tuah really is a chinese, tht's ok. and if Maharaja Lela was a chieftain involved with slave trade, that is also ok...why deny the past if it really happened....covering up the truth only catalyzes suspicions, and we need to get past it and MOVE ON. ok, i'm going out of topic, but yeah, if we are transparent, it'll be easier to open up and love our own malaysian (as oppose to just malay or chinese or indian) culture.

  • "The use of English as a medium of instruction in all professional and maths and science-based courses" - wht r they waiting for???? start it cold-turkey with the 1st yr students, sure they'll terkejut, but at least, they wont go crazy when the lecturers start using english when they're nearing the final year. it can be done, it has happened...successfully, and i've seen it

  • ....and i got another one, as far as teaching and research are concerned. the mgmt needs to get personal, understand their subordinates' interests, and help them find ways the to achieve it (again, merit system required). some lecturers may not be good at reseach, but they can be excellent teachers, and vice versa...hence, not everybody should be subjected to the same rules, we need to check and balance to succeed in both areas, and trust me, it's nearly impossible to be an all-rounder.... (which is why when u've found one, dont lose him/her to another country )

    .... ok, one more, one more, ISO, dont like it, think it's ridiculous, another typical practice tht kills creativity and dampens productivity. guidelines, yeah, iron-clad rules tht dont make sense, please la.... if we're a factory, of course, it's necessary, but we arent one, or are we??? oh wait, i forgot, we churn out graduates, oh we are a factory, after all.....

    -- any mistakes, logical/grammatical/spelling, sorry in advance, it was written partly out of repressed anger, and i'm just too tired to chk it. btw, feel free to disagree..

    Saturday, April 15, 2006

    - his rocket came, too bad it didn't land in malaysia -

    first time i heard it, i thought the first few notes kinda sounds like paula abdul's "straight up". But right after it ended, i realized tht it is so much better, and i just GOT to get his i just cant stop listening to it.

    This guy's talent just blows me away. After the first album, I was afraid he might be another one (album, 'coz he had more than 1 hit song)-hit-wonder, but I guess when you have IT, you just have IT.

    Why do i think he's good? Because he makes me listen to the lyrics (which are often very funny and witty), rather than just the music like i normally do (notwithstanding, his music's pretty good too)....which is kinda ironic coz i usually listen to a song because of the music and i listen without even bothering to find out wht it is all about....

    Hmmmmmmm.....missed him when he was in japan, didnt even know he was in s'pore a couple weeks ago, i wonder if he would come to malaysia.....i heard he's much much better when he performs live....

    Here's something for all of you otakus out there.

    ‘little Napoleons’

    For the record, i'm not exactly pro-abdullah, nor am i against him.
    But somehow i find it funny that he notices, but more importantly, i applaud him for commenting about the peculiar behavior of certain govt authorities which is downright i have personally experienced.

    "No need to show how powerful you are by delaying (approval) and holding on to the file. We do not want little Napoleons to show their power and delay things,” he said, adding that there was always a small group that caused problems for everyone.

    “We do not want a few to cause so many problems for so many people,” he said when addressing the Ministry of Finance staff during a monthly gathering here yesterday. "

    Hmmmmm.....i wonder why they like to do tht so much, to give the illusion that they're too busy?

    Full article

    Tuesday, April 11, 2006

    what would you do if you're hit on by someone half your age?

    a. Flirt along
    b. Run screaming down the street
    c. Ignore him

    okla, not exactly half my age, but close, i think...and my choice was apparently c.
    Anyway, in case someone starts accusing me of being perasan, I asssure you i wasnt. How was that?

    Well, I was alone, and there they were, clad in GSC uniforms, and all 3 of us were there, waiting for the elevator in Midvalley. Suddenly from the corner of my eye, i thought i saw one of them staring. Hmmmm, tht cant be possible. So i took a glimpse at him, and dang it, he really was looking at me, all smiling and friendly-looking while ignoring his friend who was talking to him. Under normal circumstances, i would've smiled back, but this time i was pretty cautious, knowing i'd hv to take the elevator with them....hey, it was isolated and with all the rape, murder cases happening everyday in malaysia, u JUST GOT to be careful all the time.

    So i put on a brave front and went in the elevator with them, then more staring, aramak, tersipu-sipunya aku. Then right before i left them, i could hear the tall, lanky, cute-in-an-under-age-kinda-way one say "hiiiiiii" to me..... and i swear i almost ran screaming...

    Man, that was a weird one. But i gotta say i did feel flattered, a lil' sick, but mostly . These sort of things have been happening far too often, from the super-cute starbucks boy to the pump-attendant who used to call me at nights, from the JJ-laksa boy and now tht GSC kid, and the one thing they have in common, they're KIDS and i dont wanna be branded a pedophile! OKla, maybe not a pedophile, but surely i'd be branded something if i went along with them.

    now i really gotta start acting/dressing/behaving my age.

    Friday, April 07, 2006

    Ann, hope this'd make your day!

    Thanks for consistently coming here every single day even when I'm too lazy to blog. Hope that lil' eye-candy I got up there will cheer you up today...(u really gotta give it to her, tht mama-madonna sure can spot a good one, huh? click here for more)

    -- if you dream of shaking your hips like shakira, i dream of breakdancing like cloud, too bad, i'm too stiff, too old to start, too lazy to practise, and eventually, will gradually vanish, tata........ --

    Wednesday, April 05, 2006

    The feeling is mutual

    Hehehe, The Star really has a way with words la. Looking at the title and the picture, mannnn, you just can't imagine my surprise....Anyways, here is the full story (which really isnt tht big of a deal after all)...

    "LANGKAWI: He was one of the most dynamic leaders from Asia. The other is an international superstar from Asia.

    When former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Bollywood hunk Shah Rukh Khan met yesterday, they expressed mutual admiration for each other.

    Shah Rukh Khan, who was on the island for the shooting of Don – a remake of the 1978 hit movie which starred Bollywood heavyweight Amitabh Bachchan, took a break from filming to entertain Dr Mahathir who visited the set at the exclusive Four Seasons Resort in the morning.

    Also in the welcoming committee were the movie’s producer Ritesh and lead actress Priyanka Chopra.

    SHARED ADMIRATION: Dr Mahathir giving Shah Rukh Khan a hug during his visit to the filming set of ‘Don’ in Langkawi on Tuesday.
    The actor lauded the statesman as a great leader in the world, and added that Dr Mahathir was his idol, which prompted the former premier to return the compliment, saying that Shah Rukh Khan “is my idol”.

    Shah Rukh Khan said he had listened to Dr Mahathir’s speeches.

    “I like the way he speaks. He is very sharp,” he added. “Dr Mahathir is the spokesman for Islam. He made very clear what Islam stands for.”

    Shah Rukh Khan said he found Langkawi beautiful, and when his family visits Malaysia next month he would definitely bring them to the island.

    The actor said 90% of Don would be shot in Malaysia, mainly in the Klang Valley.

    Dr Mahathir, who is the Langkawi Development Authority advisor, was there for the Langkawi Development Dialogue 2006. "

    Tuesday, April 04, 2006

    Artiste caught for alleged adultery with lecturer’s wife

    A LOCAL artiste was caught for alleged zina (adultery) with a lecturer's wife at the latter's apartment in Seri Kembangan on Saturday, reported China Press.

    The artiste, in his 30s, who had acted in numerous local television series, was caught naked in the bedroom with the woman when the lecturer broke into the room with the help of three policemen.

    The lecturer, 38, was said to have lodged a police report earlier after suspecting his wife was involved in an illicit affair, an offence under the syariah law.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....this has got to be the funniest story today - got me laughing like a mad cow! Crazy! Have these ppl no respect for family institution?! Ish ish ish....if it's khalwat, it is probably still tolerable, but this is zina...

    i feel sorry for the husband, maybe he's the boring type, too busy with work, research etc. but surely there a way to solve tht, or maaaaybe, the wife was syok by the the fact tht she was having an affair with an artiste. And the artiste pon, hey, do it with your own kind la, hehehehe....even funnier is the fact tht it is around the upm....ukm....uniten area.....ish ish ish, donia donia....

    btw, this is the link