Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Can't you tell we need some time alone??

Was called by my supervisor, so i went down to see her.
Before we even began our discussion, one of her foreign students came in, sat himself down, asked her if she was free (hello? cant u see me sitting there?) for a short meeting.
My SV turned to me an said, "Is that ok with you?"
"ok", and sat there quietly.
Then he asked to hv the discussion some other time if my SV and i were in the middle of something, but promised that he only needed 5 minutes of her time.
Ok, again my SV asked me, "Just 5 minutes, ok et?"
"ok", looked away and sat there quietly.
But the foreign student remained silent....hmmmm, that was weird...for that moment, it was all kinda awkward.
Then my SV turned to me, "Erm, I think he needs to speak to me alone".............oooooooooooooooo, cakapla u wanted me out of the room...i thot u just needed me to pretend to be invisible....dang, i felt stupid.