Saturday, January 27, 2007

i dont want what women want

"there are more good-looking women than good-looking men in malaysia" - Lim Seng Hoe. Nope, Lim aint some yoda-psychic freak, he was an old colleague from 6 years ago, and i gotta say he was pretty damn right on that one.

so when i watched "what women want" on 8tv for the first time 2 nites ago, i was stumped. I mean, like, how the heck did they manage to find that many good-looking guys in malaysia. Ok, maybe there were just 6, no wait, maybe 5, but that is a LOT, given that there were probably more when the show started.

I have heard of the show, but totally wasnt interested to watch it at all, cosidering that 8tv did a lousy job with Love Perhaps, plus I'm not too crazy of malaysian reality shows. But this one, it was sooo funny it got me laughing like a mad cow . Gosh, some of them are so hmmmmm, how shall i put it.... s(issy)oft that it gets me thinking, "how can they say that those are what women want?". But then again, on a positive note, maybe that is a reflection of sensitivity, so oklaaa... But one thing that really irked me was when they could not decide on who to eliminate, so they keep all in for next week, i mean, what kind of a reality show is that??? Very very typical malaysian, similar things have happened with Malaysian idol, AF (remember Mawi), and i bet many others that i did not bother to watch!

Anyways, guess the more, the merrier , and I'm watching it again next week.... hahahaha.

Btw, talking about looks, chk this out. Only in China would they say Gong Li's face is too long and "Zhao Wei's eyes are really beautiful. So you always worry if her contact lens will fall out of her eyes" (what kinda oxymoron is tht?). Weird weird China, but then again,what else is new ?

Friday, January 12, 2007

wht the fuck is wrong with blogspot????