Tuesday, February 27, 2007

i MADE IT!!!!

to the Muse concert in Kuala Lumpur on the 25th of February and it was freaking AWESOME!!!

Just when I thought I was gonna lose hope on finding a ticket for Nit, a good samaritan in a form of an old chat friend that I hardly knew offered to sell a pair of them at retail price to me! At retail, baby! Hahahahahaha, was I the happiest girl that night or what??? The morning of the concert I had 3 tickets in my hands, that's more than I needed.

And that's when I realized that I am surrounded by good people , I just didnt realize just how lucky I was, and still am. Thanks dude, I'd never forget it!

Anyways, we got there about half an hour before 8pm, and had to wait for about an hour before it started.

Our tix were the free seating ones, but we were free standing the whole time. Despite being harassed by the perverted old fat turban-wearing man who stood close behind me , everything else was great (you're so lucky, Nit, protected by a bunch of fanatic Indon Muse fans). It would've been better had I gotten the chance to be in the actual free standing area, but what I had was great enough. We has a relatively good line of sight, and the sound was just perfect.

The show itself was amazing, Matt Bellamy was amazingly good with his instruments, and I'm talking about his guitars and his piano and of course his crazy voice. I get goosebumps just thinking about it. Of course, I've listened to and seen Knights of Cydonia before the concerts and thought that "hey, this is a studio album, bet you must've manipulated the sound of yr voice a lil", but listening to him going falsetto-mad during the opening of the show was, "Wowwww, how the hell did he do that??" . I mean I'm a girl, and even I dont think my voice can go that high, heck, I dont think even Justin Timberlake can (Justin who?) .

But I think the one song that got me going mental was Plug In Baby. Upon them playing the opening riffs, I suddenly found myself shouting and jumping like a monkey, and thinking, "hmmm, jumping like this is fun" and I kept going despite being at the most "unhappening" location in the stadium, but I DIDNT CARE! I love the song and nobody was gonna stop me from acting like an idiot .

And it was about then that I realised the pervert started inching away from me. Perhaps my jumping, and kicking and elbowing and stepping on his foot got too much out of control, he must've thought it was too dangerous to be around me. Whaddaya know, it's actually good sometimes to be lil' crazy! :D And so I kept going until the end of show, slowing down only when I got kinda tired.

Overall, it was an electrifying show, I really wish they would come again, and when they do, I'd buy the tickets the first day they sell them!

Oh, you must be wondering what happened to that extra ticket? Well, I sold it to a Chinese guy just less than 3 hours before the show. He found my ad online and we completed the transaction at Citibank 45 minutes later. Before he contacted me, a Malay guy called to buy it only to cancel it 5 hours before the 8pm. Although I was furious, I kept my cool and I told him it was ok. That was probably the wrong thing to do 'coz he called a few times just minutes before the show, asking me if I had arrived, apologizing for not buying the ticket etc etc. And during the last call he made to me, he went straight to the point, and said, "Saya nak berkenalan dengan awak". Erghhhhhh, how dare he?! After canceling the purchase of the ticket! Hey, this guy was just some kid looking for some sexytime (cant help it, I love Borat, hehehehe), I can easily tell that, so I, of course said maybe not! Although if I were with Mary and wasnt in a car driven by Nit's dad, I might've actually say, "Sure!".....hehehehe . Therefore, it was a good thing I was with Nit, 'coz I am normally more well-behaved around her and she keeps me sane most of the time, although ocassionally she does go along with my crazy ideas, especially when we're both desperate, like when trying to get the tickets.......hehehehe.

Here are some pictures from the concerts stolen from the net (courtesy of Tired.Unhappy and pbc06). I was too scared to bring my own camera, and could only take crappy pictures as you can see above.

How I wish they would come again soon ! I cant even remember when I last attended a concert this good!

-after the concert. Thanks Tie -

- thank you so much Riz, for putting up with my being so moody and angry in the last couple of weeks. I couldnt help it, but I made it to the event, so I'm so much better now -

- and this shall be the last entry of the muse blog-series you'll have to endure, at least until I got another reason to do so, sorry to bore you with my obsession, but hey, you can always skip it if you wanted to -

Saturday, February 24, 2007

I got IT!!!!!

You know what they say about perseverance? It pays, dammit, it freaking PAYS!!
Just hours ago I was imagining myself locking myself up, watching all available episodes of heroes on tomorrow nite to distract myself from the frustration of not being able to make it to the Muse concert.

And yet, at 12pm today, I got one....for FREE!!!!! Yoooohooooooooo!!

And that was after exhausting all other strategies I had planned. I was thinking that if I failed this one, then it's a no-go for me. But desperation has its way in getting you to brainstorm your brains out, doesnt it? Hehehehe.

Sure, it was pathethic, I mean, there I was standing beside the girl handling the ticket collection at Astro, waiting....'cos you know, if some weren't collected, who knows maybe I can beg to buy them from her. But she was adamant that there will be none left, and besides her friends were already queuing up for the ones uncollected. And despite being intimidated by her fierceness, I told her I've tried so many things, heck, I was supposed to be on training at that particular time, and yet there I was, in Astro, pulling a crazy and risky disappearing act. And so, if she didnt mind, I'd like to stay, just in case I could get a ticket.

So I just stood beside her like an idiot. The clock was ticking, another 7 minutes left, and still 9 people havent come to collect their winning tix (9 x 4 tickets = that 36 tickets, were these ppl crazy or what??? They shouldn't've won in the first place!). At one time, a guy came for the tix, I asked him if he was gonna use up all the tickets, he said he only needed 3, and I was like, "errrrrr, tak nak derma kat saya ke?" Stupid, pathetic, you name it, I was it. But he just ignored me, damn.

And then just slightly before 12pm, the girl suddenly said to me that she could only give me 1 tix, and I asked if I could have 2. Noooooooo, she said, it's a ticket or nothing. Okla, okla, okla, anythingla, I'm desperate maaaaa, no time to be picky. So she gave me one.....Gosh, you have no idea how that felt. It wasnt even 12pm, and to suddenly being told that u were about to be given 1 ticket after ALL THAT HARD WORK, I just couldnt ask for more. I thanked her like crazy, and out of the blue I even said "God bless you". Whaddaya know, the garang girl was an angel after all . I suppose if you're sincere and you fight like crazy, it will shine through and people will actually open up to you.

Thank you so much, Astro girl! and again God bless you!

-now I just need to find another tix for nita, and the evil lady in Galaxy that chased us away the other day was nice to me the second time I went there yesterday. Of course I was less pushy, and somehow softened my voice up a lil', and she actually looked for an extra tix in the office, but alas, there were none, siouttt betul la-

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Who would you give your Muse tickets to?

Why? Because malaysian research communities will be at a loss of contributions from one useless contributor until the 25th of Feb, unless of course I get a ticket before then.

Plus, I'm a huge fan since the Absolution album who had done everything within her capacity to get the tickets but to no avail . Among my efforts.

  • Tried buying them from galaxy (the organizer) hotline - checked
  • Tried buying them from ticket access - checked
  • Tried (and still trying) to win them on hitz.fm - checked
  • Tried forcing my student whom I know is Muse fan to call hitz.fm for me - checked
  • And the all-time most pathetic effort occured yesterday when Nit and I went to the Galaxy office to try to buy the tickets there. Okay, the word "buy" is an understatement. What we did was, initially we asked, then we lied, then we begged. But all we got was a big "NO", they are all sold out! Arrghhhhhh! - checked
  • Searched online for days for people who would want to sell their tickets, and I've been doing this all week, and and I can say with conviction that I've been completely unproductive all week as this is all I do and am still doing. Arghhhhhh! checked checked checked!!!!!
  • What else can I do????????

    I'm running out of strategies. Calling hitz alone will not guarantee a ticket, why cant they just sell the tickets to us???? Bidding on ebay is an option, but one that we cant afford! We are still a bunch of poor students. Mind you, my designation is just for show, no real monetary value attached to it. I'm poor, poor, poor, but I still want the tickets at their normal prices.

    Hoping the said student call hitz for me. Heh, dream on. He may be a fan, but he probably doesnt care about seeing them live. Even after I told them that winners get 4 tickets, he still wasnt convinced, and instead asked me to give him 1 if I win it, duh. The nerve..... and then he saw our guitars and told me he occassionally jams with Iqmal and Khairy, and asked me jam with them. Heh, haram aku main macam bangang. But that besides the point of this post.

    My point here is if you know of anyone who wants to sell the tickets, please please please inform me immediately. I can probably afford a little price markup, and I will probably write a longggggggggggg review on it, and I will enjoy the concert tremendously, and if you cant make it, just listening/reading my review will make you feel grateful that you chose me as the buyer!
  • Monday, February 05, 2007

    i need tickets to the Muse Concert in Kuala Lumpur

    if you have them and for whatever reason, cant make it to the concert,
    please please pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee contact me at:

    6012-266 9891 / sumpit at gmail dot com

    rather than letting them go to waste, wouldn't it be better if you sell them to me..... pleaseeeee