Thursday, March 29, 2007


For weeks, I've been craving for vegetarian food, you know, the make-believe meat type. The ones that look like meat but actually made of flour of soy. Well, today, I came across a restaurant cum gallery that serves just that. So I went in, all excited by the fact that the food is all vege and halal (duh, vegetarian what??). So here they are:

Btw, the food are also reasonably priced, and the deco is real neat. Despite it also being a gallery, I couldn't really find any artworks, but then again, maybe I didnt know where to look.

I had, cant remember what the thing's called. But it is supposed to be some sort of a extremely spicy octopus meat....sort of, with rice. I hadnt had these sort of food for so long that I've almost forgotten just how tasteless they really are. As for its taste and spiciness, it was just ok. But do take note that I had only 1 dish, the rest could probably be better. And hence I intend to go there again in the near future .

Update : I had sweet and sour fish with rice a couple of days ago. That was nice. If u wanna try it, the "fish" did taste a bit like fish, but be prepared for the soya aftertaste.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Was it fun?..........hell no!

i mean, like come onnnn, waking up at 5.30 in the morning is no walk in the park. Plus, I have never seriously run my whole entire life and the last time I was the fittest was probably 10 years ago when I scaled Mount Tahan. And despite my height and leanness, I was never the athlete and I can never understand rules and regulations of any game to save my life.

And yet, I decided to register for KLIM and dragged Lin and KA with me. Hahahahaha, blame it on Jawa. He inspired me. Well, actually, it was because I know he hasnt been fit in the last couple of years and yet, he registered for the run. I figured, against my better judgment, hey, I probably could do it too.

And so I trained vigorously (16 laps, max is vigorous for me, ok?) for 5 consecutive days, and guess what, I actually made it. Hahahaha. In fact, we all made it. Lin and I even got a medal each, we were in the top 500 in our category :P. I was at the 432th position and Lin at the 433th. Not too shabby for a first timer like me, eh? Too bad, Jawa and KA didnt get a medal, bet there were too many men competing. But they finished the run and each got a cert. So I'm sure that'll fuel them for their next race.


As for me, I need to seriously think if I wanna go for another run like this. Who the heck dared to call it a fun run? No fun la, wey. Well, maybe a bit. It sure was fun seeing one kid running in his sandals and another carrying a huge sling bag with her. Those must be the ones who arrived too late to find the storage area, just like us. Oh, and then there were these two kids who smelled like food when I was about to pass them, it turned out that they were eating maggi noodle in a cup while still in the race, weird. They must've made a detour to a nearby 7-11 to buy the noodle.

Quite a day, that was. Maybe I'll go for more in the future, IF, it offers a medal for the finishers. Otherwise, as my best buddy justifies it, it's just not worth it. Thanks, Ann. Guess , I am finally able to see what the fun is all about. And despite it being a bit of a torture, maybe it really was fun, after all ;).

Monday, March 12, 2007

did you know that Malaysia is the 2nd biggest furniture exporter in Asia?

It was only 5 days, but I felt like my IQ dropped by a mile .

But hey, for the first time in almost a year, I managed to finish a novel .