Friday, May 18, 2007

nerds need to unwind too

it was FUN! better than i expected, as far as conferences are concerned, that is. Heck, it was probably the best I attended so far, other than the fact that some lecturer from Down Under with a thick Indian accent kinda bashed my work after i finished presenting, Buh-BEE!!!....everything else was alright. He had 2 questions. 2! from just one person, ok? at the LAST session on the LAST day of the presentation when everyone else was busy basking in the penang sand, ok?. I had a difficulty understanding him, so I hoped nobody else understood wht he was saying, and didnt know wht he was talking about. But as for me, its my work he was questioning, no doubt i understood him completely, it's just tht his question no. 1)my assumptions took care of it 2)i knew about it, but i simply told him that it will be addressed in our future work. I mean like, come on, if i keep on trying to solve every problem that comes along, my master's will never be completed, i gotta stop somewhere, right? So yeah, that part was so not fun, but an old guy from motorola complimented me on my presentation, said that i was confident and all, so that was a relief guess my effort in faking my confidence really paid off...hehehe.

Other than that, everything else was great! The location was perfect. Maybe a little too "perfect" that some even dared to come to the presentations in t-shirts and 3/4 cargos! If it's the last day, i can understand, there were just too many in t-shirts and shorts that day that nobody can no longer stop them, but to do tht on the first day, eesh eesh eesh, that guy from China mmg tak boleh dibawak majlis betul!

Dinner was delicious, ok, the arrangement of the courses and the type of food served for a Chinese-style dinner was so-not- Chinese, but there were delicious, nonetheless. The dancers were real pros (from the tourism board or something like it, so they better be), real enchanting, felt like I was at the Citrawarna. Watching the foreign delegates busy clicking away on their digicams, that was fun too. Watching one nerdy guy eating with each chopstick in each hand, that was hilarious, so me being the princess charming went to the rescue, and asked the waiter to give him a pair of fork and spoon....hehehe .

The organizers were pretty efficient too. They even let us submit the very final copy even after the CD proceedings have been printed, are they real sweethearts or what? me having to proofread my own paper really appreciate it, it seems like i keep detecting errors every time i read it, damn. The chairpersons were well-chosen. Most of the sessions I attended (including my own) were chaired by the same Dr. Bob (of my uni). Whaddaya know? the guy's funny la .

But the most surprising thing I found during the conference was that there were actually quite a number of cute guys involved in this area. I mean, these guys could be gracing the covers of GQ or men's health, and we wouldnt've known that they were there to talk about multiswitching-in-MPLS mumbo jumbo. Sure, they were outnumbered by the nerds, but the fact that they exist was a surprise (for me, at least) .

Oh, and I made quite a number of new friends (that i'd probably forget anyways...hehehe).

In short, kudos to the organizers for a job well done. Also, thanks for bringing all those people to Malaysia. I guess when we get a mix of different cultures with different background, things will get very interesting. I just hope they find us just as interesting. And interestingly enough, during lunch, a Kakak who had just joined our table sat next to me while chatting to a Pakistani lady sitting next to her, suddenly, turned to me and asked, "So where are you from?"......."errr, Malaysia"...kah kah kah.... Tergelak sume org kat table tu. Kulit kuning, badan pipih and she thought I was from some European country.....lawak lawak

Got my results today. Syukur Alhamdulillah. When I said I was scared in the previous post, I really was. To me, their grading style is not transparent, I just cant understand it, and I didnt know wht to expect. But despite my worst fears, I didnt doas bad as I had expected, syukur Alhamdulillah.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

suma org blog pasal ielts, nak gakkk.....

i tanked it!!! #@!$@#%F^#$#V!!!!

huhuhuhuhu....i didnt hv enuf time for the writing section, i cant recall wht i did that i wasted so much precious time in the beginning that came the second task, i was out of time, and not only that, i also didnt write enuf words that i extended the conclusion so much so that it contains complete and utter rubbish!! sedihnyaaaaa... i can say for a fact that my conclusion is longer than my body paragraphs!!!!

and speaking was even worse!!! i was nervous, and as most people probably notice, when i get nervous, i speak like a bullet train!!! and thts exactly wht i did, i spoke so fact that i didnt reach the 2-minute mark. and to make matters worse, i spoke too fast that stumbled SO MANY FREAKING TIMESSS!!!! huhuhuhu, 3rd speaking section was also just as bad, i didnt freaking know the difference between standard of living and quality of life that i spoke of nonsense (thinking tht i could distract her, duh) like a BLOODY IDIOT!!! and tht went on until the end of the section, so yeah, in other words, i tanked both sections, and in conclusion, i failed my spekaing test,

I predict that listening should be OK, reading would probably be barely OK (cause i notice a mistake right before they collected the paper, and i couldnt do anything about it), writing - a disaster, speaking - only GOD knows.

Please God, please give me a good enough band so that i dont have to pay for ielts on my own.