Friday, June 29, 2007

Maybank sucks!!!!

It sucks BIG TIME !!!!! Maybank Serdang to be more specifically. Not only is it primitive, it is SUPER FUCKING slow! I'm so freaking pissed I left without waiting for my name to be called. There you go, "name to be called", how primitive is that??!

The first floor has the numbering system on, why cant the ground floor do the same. And if they REALLLLYY cant afford to implement it, the least they can do is get people to properly queue up and wait for their turn, and not make us wait while u entertain every single person who comes to ask about how to collect the checkbook la, how come there's money missing from their account la, u know things that they (those who dont queue) think would take 3 minutes but instead took 13!!!! and there we were, polite obedient Malaysians who waited and waited to be called while those officers play receptionist!!! Gosh, I'm fucking pissed i feel like blowing maybank up with dynamites ! I just wanted to link my accounts. It's not like you're gonna do it there and then. U're still gonna keep it with you then probably pass it to someone to process the linkages.... One girl sitting beside me had been waiting since 1245pm to open an account with maybank, and what time was it when i left? 220pm!!!!!!!! I should've told her to forget it, open with cimb instead. Those guys are really doing a superb job lately, after the merger, or was it a takeover?? whatever la..... the only thing is they still need to upgrade cimbclicks, it too damn slow mannnn.....

MAYBANK SERDANG needs to upgrade itself ! if u cant upgrade yourself, just stop humiliating yourself and close it down! Maybank2u may be great, but the maybank serdang sucks, and u know what they say, u're only as strong as you weakest link. Now where's my cimb account book?

Monday, June 11, 2007


I can breathe again .
The one hour and half of torture is finally over, and now there are only some minor corrections to make. What a relief! I still cant believe it, minor corrections! Yeah, baby! Although I did find myself not even nearly as stressed out as my roommate days prior to my viva. Heck, I was just sitting with my feet up on the table most of the time, not knowing how to even start preparing for it. OK, yesterday was a bit stressful, but overall, I think i was more stressed out thinking why I wasn't as stressed as the others when their vivas were around the corners.

But one thing's for sure, the conference that i attended last month was a HUGE help. It refreshed my mind, helped with confidence level, and it especially had helped me being a little more articulate, AND my supervisor finally came through at the last minute. In the last couple of months, u'd be lucky if u could catch her shadow. After several canceled meetings, we finally met up and discussed some stuff, and most of it were pep talk to get my confidence level up (yes, behind the touch facade, i'm a nervous wreck ), and her presence in the seminar room really helped me with my presentation. Remember this, boys and girls, u wanna help the presenter, nod and look into her eyes when she's presenting, that's what she did the whole time, even when i stumbled my words. My co-supervisor was also very supportive, although he did contradicted my points when I knew he was trying to be helpful, tapi takpela, it's the thought that counts.

And the examiners were great too. I got all women, and was afraid that they might be overly-analytical. But surprisingly, they were very cool, and the lady from the Engineering faculty was even on my side when i rebutted some of the comments made by another examiner. And throughout the whole time, they kept the atmosphere rather relaxed, and that calmed me down, except for the part when the chairperson reminded me to shorten my presentation. Erk , I got another 17 slides to go, and they only gave me another 5 minutes, mana tak cuak.

All in all, it was better than expected. After the viva, I only drank coffee in the Seminar Room cause my supervisor promised to take me for a nice lunch if everything went well. And so she did, she took me for a lunch buffet at a Palm Garden for a lil' celebration. Nice place, good food, I ate like an *oink* .

- Guess all the hard work had finally paid off, huh? My roommate was speculating that this is probably partly contributed by what I did for helping the less fortunate yesterday. Interesting theory. Yes, yesterday was stupid, I wasted almost 10 hours when I was supposed to be preparing for my viva. But I guess, what goes around comes around. -

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Sukan Wanita

just when i thought i should be preparing for my viva, I went to the opening of the Sukan Wanita. Not that I was forced or anything, it just that we got invited, so I figured, hey, why not? We arrived pretty late, so naturally, we had no seats reserved for us and were ushered to what happened to be ...... jeng jeng jeng... the best seats in da house . Ok, "the best" is pushing it a lil' too far, considering that i was seated in the area right behind my supervisor with a railing dividing us, and couldnt really get a clear view of the stage. But the screens were huge, so i wasnt disappointed, PLUS I was right in front of the aerial angels when they did their mesmerizing performance, so that was great! GOSH, I wanna be like them when I grow up!!!

Now, if you thought that was pretty neat, the after-the-ceremony event was "neater". Since we got the VIP seats, naturally, we also got to the dine with the VIPs such the directors, ministers and get this, Her Majesty the Yang Permaisuri Agong, mhuahahahaha . We chose an empty table and later were joined by Maria Arshad and her entourage, and by her entourage, I mean her daughters and friend. Such a lovely lady, she is. And with her looks, it's amazing to think Ijoy is her son (ok, I searched the net to confirm it). She carries herself with complete grace, and yet still friendly and even initiated the salam-salam before we went our ways. With such manners, no wonder she's a Datin (ok, it was the net again). Oh, and her kids were real prim and proper, unlike me when I was their age.

Ok, going back to the dinner/supper. It was sumptuous. Maybe a lil' too much, actually, especially at 11pm. But we devoured it like a bunch of maniacs, with manners, and when it was dessert time, we simply had to pass . And the most bagero part was that the best desserts (creme brulee, caramel pudding and a bowl of that ice with nuts in a bowl thingy) came last, just as were walking towards the door. Damn ! I really hate these stupid full course dinner. If it's just 3 courses, that's fine, it makes sense. But if it's multiple courses, and 5 courses just for dessert alone, the least you could do is give us the good ones first. With so much to eat, no wonder VIPs are larger than most people. Heck, it must tough for them to maintain a slim figure than to just.... let go......ahhhhhhhh, if only my body works the same way.