Monday, July 30, 2007

~ what would you do if there's a fire ~

Last Saturday, I was minding my own business when suddenly I heard a loud "Api!!! Tolong!!! Api!!! Tolong!!! .... Being the good Samaritan that I was, I ran outside towards the house which was only 2 doors away from mine, and of all the things I could do, I simply asked, "Api ke?". The lady kinda looked at me, confirmed the fire and continued shouting... which was kinda weird, 'cause unlike me (who was under a panic attack), she only stood there holding her dry-cleaned clothes over her shoulder and just shouted. But she got me feeling panicky alright!

So I ran back into the house, thought of getting a pail of water, but would that help? what if it's too late for that? So I went to the window, thought of shouting out for help, but looking at the people down there having the time of the lives, swimming happily in the pool, having a picnic with their children, no, no, I didn't wanna spoil their day . So again, I ran out towards the burning house, and that same time, more and more people were running with me towards it. Yeah, we all just ran and ran, and you know like, when there's a commotion and you see people hopelessly helplessly running around, not doing anything productive (like putting out the fire).... well, that day, i was one of those people. But come to think of it, what was that woman doing herself??? Shouldn't she be doing something as well? Just shouting ain't gonna help.

Anyways, by the time all of us, *runners*, were there, the guards were already busy talking on the walkie talkie and some were already busy putting out the fire. So we just stood there and me, being a busybody, went closer towards the house to get a better look. But the smoke was too thick and it was suffocating, so I just left... 'cause I needed to chase after my supervisor back at my office.... and... to save myself should there be another fire .

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Home........ at last

Yesterday was a bad one. I was down with fever, that was like the worst thing that could happen when you're on vacation. Today, I'm feeling much better, and the best part about today is that I am finally going home. I wasted a lot of my AL due to many reasons, and now I just cant wait to finish off my thesis, wow, cant believe i just said that!

That's Kak Su and Raudhah, Afnie warned me never to put her pic on my blog.

Well, earlier this morning, Raudhah took me round Kuching to get my final souvenirs, than we went for mee belacan which i just couldnt take , then off to UNIMAS before finally sending me off to the airport. Raudhah and her friend, Afnie, had been great to me. Right after finding out that Mary wont be joining me, they really tried hard within their capacity to make my stay enjoyable. They didn't owe me anything, they really didn't have to, but they did anyway. Gosh, what'd I do without them.

At the airport, I found that my flight had been delayed for the second time. Yeah, now everyone can fly, but guess, they'll first have to wait, duh. And then I saw Agus and Dony and his wife, and waited for our plane together. That's it!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Weird day

You know, around mid-July every year, almost all travelers who are travelling in Sabah and Sarawak will be congregating in Kuching for the RWMF. How did i know that, well, today, the day right after the festival, i walked around the water front, and guess who i met.

First, i saw this one guy I saw at KK airport. Then the Eurasian girl who cut my queue while i was waiting for my shuttle back to Santubong at the RWMF . Then it was Rachel, my roommate at Sepilok. That was just sooooo random. Funny how we didn't really connect back at Sepilok, here, we were like old friends to a point that I invited her back to my guesthouse, and to watch Shannon (a performer at the RWMF) that will be hanging out at the bar next to guesthouse. By the way, I stayed at Alai Backpackers, nice little place with a genuinely friendly hostess. Very cheap too. The first guest, Dr. Oliver Eyrisch actually traded his stay of rm800 at Hilton to stay at Alai for only rm18. And that is just so that u get the idea just how quaint the place really is. Ok, enough with all the promotion.

Later, while resting my very tired feet at Sarawak Plaza, I met Kristi with her friend and her cool dreadlocks . Again, that was a weird one. I thought the note was gonna be the last of her. But to meet her again, that was great. This time, I had a chance to do a proper goodbye .

Lemme think, what else happened? Nuthing, except that after hanging out at the bar with Rachel and Marc and waiting for Rachel to be done drooling over Shannon, all 3 of us went for a seafood dinner at which we had a lengthy discussion on muslim women and head covers. God, I am sooooo not the person to handle these sort of questions, but I did the best that I could. Oh, btw, Marc also stayed at Alai, but he met Rachel earlier that day at some Orangutan sanctuary, and I kinda had a feeling that he likes Rachel, and his bed was perpendicular to mine and dia tidor pakai spende je .

Sunday, July 15, 2007

rainforest world music festival

i was pissed the whole day when i received an sms from mary saying tht she will not make it to sarawak at all. I mean, like come on, the only reason i was there was simply because she had always wanted to attend the RWMF for many years now, and she'd wanted me to keep her company. Me, I'm not into music that i'm not familiar with, plus world music aint rock music.

Gosh, but i went anyways, especially after agus and dony came to pick me up that morning. Mary must've persuaded them to take me along, knowing full well that i was never gonna forgive her for leaving me alone with no money and plans on what to do in her hometown. Especially when coming here was all her idea.

Anyways, RWMF was alright.... i guess. i like the atmosphere at the cultural village, love the percussion workshop, love the music of jerry kamit, especially the instrumental bit, the madagascar bunch was ok, the russian/mongolian was pretty amazing too, but the rest.........*yawn*. the afghan kabul played for too long! the drums performance was too deep in the crowd, the rest were forgettable.

Other than that, i guess the highlight of the nite was probably when marion and alvey(?) stood in front on us to do a report on the RWMF. They were busy shooting for v channel and we were busy shooting them. Marion is as cute as a button.

Other than that, hmmmmmm.........nothing else to report i guess. It was just another Woodstock wanna-be with puking drunkards and pretty girls in bikini tops dancing to the music that they were only hearing for the first time. Gosh, i just don't know how to appreciate music that way!

Friday, July 13, 2007

dinner with usop

arrived in kuching yesterday with kristi. We've sharing the same room since KK, and happened to take to same flight to kuching, and decided to again share the same room in Kuching since it was just difficult to get a place due to the RWMF thingy.

For dinner, i contacted usop since my sister asked me to look him up if i ever get to kuching and so i did. he took kristi and i to dinner at Hilton. He really seems to love eating nowadays, must've been influenced by my sister's love of food, i reckon.

While having dinner, kristi's friend, suchen, whom she knew through amir yusof, came to......i dont know, just to inform her where they'd hanging out later that nite.

But anyways, he left before we finished our dinner. So right after dinner, i went back to the guesthouse while kristi went to meet suchen.

earlier today, i went to unimas with raudhah. when i got back to the guesthouse, kristi left a note saying that she'd left for the RWMF earlier and would be staying with her friends from then on. She also left some money to cover for the room. How sweet considering that she didnt spend the nite there.

Oh well, maybe we'll meet again, if i ever make it to the RWMF.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

finding Nemo.....found him!

Went snorkeling with cna today.We opted for Sapi Island as it is said to have the most amount of those coral stuff. Paid amount : rm17 (for the boat ride) + 7 (tax?) + 6 (conservation fee).

We snorkeled for almost 6 hours (had one hell of a sunburn). Had only a one-hour break due to the pouring rain, but when it started to only drizzle, we immediately went back to the ocean.....woooohooo, i was so stoked i feel like getting a diving cert asap!

B4 the rain, it was high tide, and the water wasn't so clear, that wasn't fun. But after the rain, it was close to 2pm, people started leaving the island and the water was becoming shallower, and my God, it was soooo clear that that i could practically see the bottom of the ocean just by standing on the sea floor.

Oh, btw, we found Nemo with father, well, actually, we hunted them down. Cna knows the kind of anemone that they'd make their home, so we went looking for it. The first Nemo and father we found were extremely shy. The second one was also just as shy, but the third, which i believe probably don't meet people very often cause their home was at the deeper end, were OMG sooo friendly that the father actually kissed the finger that i held out to him......comelllllll!!!!

We saw many other types of interesting-looking fish as well, this particular striped ones often swam around me. Cna was joking that those schools of striped fish must've looked at me and thought that i was their leader, and hence decided to follow me around.

And oh, we came across this particular ugly evil black fish. The first i met him, it was by accident. He was swimming in front of me, then he stopped right in front of my face, looking rather confused, then he simply swam away. Then the same thing happened again. Me, thinking he was being friendly, followed after him, but then, suddenly, he turned around, and started to bite my finger, and damn! it was painful. I quickly ran away from him, but somehow, we met again, and again he bit me. And at one time, i was just standing still, suddenly i felt a sharp pain around my ankle, and guess what, there he was, trying to ran away after having a nice bite of my ankle. CI*** betulla. sakit pulak tu!

Well, anyway, we were there until 4, then we told the boatman to come and pick us up with their last boat, which was at 5. Ok, 5pm pon 5pm la. Came 5pm, we went to the changing room, mandi2 then suddenly someone was at the door, calling out to us, asking us if we wanted to go back to the mainland, of course la. He asked us to hurry up 'cause the last boat HAD JUST LEFT. What????? We immediately ran out of the room, but the guy told to take it easy, he will try to get the boat to come back for us. But I ran after him nonetheless. Once at the jetty, we all shouted like mad, and thankfully, it was loud enough that they came back for us. While getting on the boat, I apologized profusely to everyone onboard, but they all seemed to find the whole spectacle funny to even be mad at us.

After that, we had a sumptuous dinner kat pasar kotor facing the laut at the jetty. But the grilled fish was fresh, it tasted delicious, so i didn't really care of the surroundings. And that was the moment i felt that Sabah is really a cool place after all .

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dont judge a book by its room

After days in Sabah, I actually had some fun, and I had lots of it, and it was in the form of a bunch gregarious Singaporeans. Initially I didnt like them for the fact that they got my American roommate and myself thrown out of our room. But after a lil' chat with them, and found them irresistibly likeable, i joined them for the whole day yesterday. They came in a group of 5, 2 are from the prison army and another 2 are from the civil defense (or something like that), and another is the wife of one of the guys. They also planned on going to the islands, but like me, their hopes were crashed by the unforgiving and unpredictable weather.

So we just spent the day hanging around KK, trekked up (or rather, walked up) the Bendera Hill which was really, just a piece of cake (gosh, I really wanna do Mount Kinabalu), and visited the museum (and I cant even remember the last time I visited a museum). The places themselves weren't exactly to-die-for, but the people were great. The were funny and when they shopped, that was like a total reversal of roles there, us girls would be waiting like bored husbands, and the guys would excitedly be trying this and that and bargaining like pros, well, maybe they are pros at that after all, and one of them was so high maintenance that he bought an iron so that he could iron out his t-shirts (cause the place we're staying dont have it yet cause it's super new and all and dont ask...). That a bit odd for me cause, like, most travelers, i travel light. But wait a minute, these are tourists we're talking about, oh ok, now that makes more sense.

Today, they off to the hot springs up north, i chose not to join them, cause I cant. Tomorrow, I'll be flying off to Kuching, so that's too bad. But I'm going to the islands, and hopefully with the "fun momentum" that I gained yesterday, I'd be able to enjoy today!

But I still need my Mary for tomorrow.............

Monday, July 09, 2007

Bored to death

I've decided! Traveling in Malaysia sucks!
Well, I guess if you're with the right people, it probably wouldn't suck as much.
My trip so far has been BORINGGGGGGG....
Sandakan is ok, the people were helpful. When I was waiting for the bus (for agesss) by the roadside in the heat of the sun, a kid that I intended to follow to the bus stop, actually stopped his cousin, who was driving in a kancil, btw (see how small the sandakan airport area is, there were hardly 15 cars during our 15 mins walk, and he saw his cousin), and got us a trip to the town. Cool, saved me rm20.

Sepilok was ok as well, saw those big monkeys.

Such a poser, this guy loves getting all the attention

Cute stuff, but that's about it. Stayed there longer than I should've, but considering that I really didnt know what else to do, maybe I should've stayed a lot longer. Most of the time, I just hanged around the TV and watched ASTRO. Nothing else to do maaaaa, Sepilok is really THAT tiny. Thank God it has ASTRO. Met this American lady with her Irish boyfriend, said that she'd loved to be invited to a traditional village. Said that I'll contact her IF my friend comes back to Sarawak. Funny lady, she is. You really gotta hand it to them, these Americans reallllllly lurrrve to talk, and that's great cause I can be too quiet sometimes.

So yesterday I took a bus to KK. You know what, if you take a bus, be prepared to be stopped and asked for your passport or IC. I didnt know about tht. So I though I'd just sleep throughout the whole trip. All I knew was that suddenly there was a commotion, there were people selling things on the bus and there was this army guy towering above me. So I looked at him and he said, "saya tak jual barang". Fine, I thought and continued my sleep. But I noticed that he just stood there, and I was like, "Nak apa?" (kacau org tido je). "Tolong bagi IC, dik", and I replied, "Cakap la" (me and big mouth, mesti je nak jawab). He looked at my IC, and asked several questions, and this time no more adik-adik, chissss, must've saw the birthdate and whaddayaknow, it's a kakak.......hahahahaha.

Anyways, now, I'm in KK. Last nite, i watched Transformers, and surprise surprise, I actually liked it. Today, I guess I'll just walk around town. Things have been super boring so far. KK is no different from other malaysian cities. Would've wanted to cut my trip short, but that means more money.......TENSION LA plak. Feels like I'm trapped in this place doing things that I may very well do back at home. BAB* utan betul laaaaa.