Friday, August 31, 2007

What did you do on Merdeka nite?

well, I played ping pong, huh, how original... well, the traffic was bad at pretty much everywhere... so I might as well just go back to the faculty and break some sweat. That sure beat being at Merdeka Square and getting stuck in traffic and accused of not being patriotic if I didn't stand up when "Merdeka" was being shouted. Gosh, don't these people have better things to discuss over. The crime rate in Malaysia is rising, people, arent u worried about that?!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I have lots of fat!!!

I know it sounds like a crazy paradox as I am slightly underweight, but it's true..... Dang, i need to start exercising again. Anyways, last Saturday, I got to watch the Aseana Percussion Unit again. Kinda made plans with Agus, but somehow he didnt make it, said that the friends that were supposed to go with him stood him up, poor Agus. I know the feeling, I've gone through worse . But when a co-worker was telling me that he was going, i figured, wooo, ada geng, apa lagi !!

But we got there very very late. By the time we were seated, I thought, "how come these guys are playing like they're ending the show?". Sure enough, 4-5 minutes later, that WAS the end of the show. Dang it ! So, no review this time... but they were good at that last 5 minutes, that's all I can say, I guess, ekkkk.

Hmmmm.... who the heck are these guys? I never heard of them before, then suddenly I saw them at the RWMF, and bam, I'm hooked. Well, almost. I heard some samples of their music, not all are great but most are. Well, I supposed, will have to wait for their next performance then.

Anyways, not sure of what else to do after that, we just cruised around KL. And me, being a KL veteran (konon) and a perverted tourist guide, suggested places where we could find baps (hey, that's what my late nite activities were zaman dulu2, ok)....

Oh, also saw this one interesting busker playing somewhere along jln doraisamy, gotta go there again. Also heard that there are a few others along jln alor, maybe I'll try that spot sometime in the future. Think maybe I should also ask Ann, think maybe she might wanna come along too!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Success is when I....

Met Lin, an ex-dip-student yesterday. Boy, was she glad to see me (but then again, she IS the easily excitable type). And I was glad to see her as well. We exchanged stories like old friends, when in fact, I last saw her less than 2 semesters ago.

Meeting students like these can really make you feel like all your effort was worthwhile. Maybe they didn't use any of the knowledge u pass on to them to get them to where they are. But hey, they still remember you, surely that counts for something.....

Currently, all my ex-students are still pretty young. I'm still waiting to see how far they'd become, and to one day be able to say, "I once taught this kid". Then, I'd know I've succeeded .