Thursday, September 20, 2007

It's no secret tht most of my dept members are weird different,
but this guy sure is *different* than the whole faculty combined

It's no secret that I like to google people up, and last nite, this is what I found.

This probably explains why I naturally laughed my head off several years ago when he was instructed to chair a departmental meeting. Dang, even when I didnt know him then, I was still compelled to laugh hysterically (control2 la tapi, it's rude to laugh at the chairman, ok).

And by the way, I found a lot more, but this should be more than enough to confirm that he is indeed weird without revealing too much, but gosh, he and his buddy are so damn funny la....


I just hope they'd never get here tho'.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Tunku and my Student

Went to KLPac to watch Tunku The Musical with Sad last Saturday. There's really nothing much that I can say that hasn't been said in the countless blogs on the net. Overall, I was impressed. And with this being a musical, it makes sense that the singing had to be good, and it was indeed very good. It also helped that the songs were also very beautiful. Kudos to the orchestra for the beautiful music they played .

On a sad note, Tony Eusoff was in the hospital for appendicitis, so the director, Joe Hasham narrated his scenes. Well, that's too bad. Bet the show would've made more sense with him in it. Without him, certain things seemed a bit too loose, but hey, who am I to complain? After all, I made it there with free tickets.


Went to the Serdang Bazaar Ramadhan for the first time yesterday. And I found myself just walking around, really didn't know what to buy. I thought we're not advised to go to a market when we're hungry for fear of buying more that we might be able to consume. But that wasn't the case for me. Yesterday, I was bored . And while studying the items sold, suddenly there was a peace sign being flashed in front of my face, like literally within inches of my face. I ignored it, thinking it was meant for someone else, then the owner of the fingers decided to wave the peace sign, and I was like, "oh, so it is for me". But it took a while for it to register, and by that time, fingers-owner had already walked past me. I turned and saw a kid with a cap on, who is this? Eh, lerrrrr..... Aswad. Why it took me a while to recognize him was a mystery. Maybe it's the cap, kinda made him look cuter that way. So instead of the normal "hi", I think I said something like, "Eh, tak perasan", and walked off.

While walking away, I remember the the night he completed his test 2's retest (????) in my room. I have this habit of torturing my students, forcing all 32 of them to code for their first and second tests. And I'd have them in my room, 2 at time for 3-4 hours, and if they're the last 2 for the day, for as many hours as they needed to complete the coding. By the way, that was hard on me too, time is precious, ok. But hey, if i'm willing to sacrifice my time, then they should too. So that nite, it was him and Hafifi. Hafifi left early and left him alone, and after the test, we had a lil' bit of a chat. He shared stories about himself, and I remember him telling me something that made me feel kinda riak proud (??). He told me that he had always looked down on female tutors/lecturers (jahat tu! but I've been told that he's a bit of a smart-aleck), but he said that that was before he met me...... hihihihihi. . Gosh, did I really leave that sort of impression? Ok ok, I'm gonna stop right there, riak-riak will cut down my pahala puasa... hehehe

Btw, I left Zuma for ages to concentrate on my thesis. But last week, I played it again, and completed it! Yoohooo!

Thursday, September 13, 2007


I'm adding a new label today; self-reflection. I'm doing it after having some thoughts following the conversation I had with Riz. We were talking about how most blogs have themes, about how hers revolves around the depressing episodes of her life, and eon's his novels, wa's his triathlon, but mine....... mine is just random. And that got me thinking.. am I as random as I write? Don't I feel enough about something to want to write more about it? What exactly do I want to achieve? Don't I have a goal in life? I think I have one, or supposed to have one.... but even I'm not sure what it is .

All my life, I try to do as many different things as possible... taekwondo classes, organ lessons, guitar lessons, Mandarin classes and many others that didn't last for very long. Who knows? This way, I thought I might uncover a hidden potential there somewhere. And I read whatever I could get my hands on, for the sake of wanting to know if there's something out there for me. Riz claims that I'm knowledgeable (i am not!) and Wan thinks I'm a jack of all trades (again, no, i am not!), but in all honesty, all I wanna be is just a master of something who excels in her trade enough to aspire others so completely that they too would wanna do good - just like what I'm trying to be.

But I wonder what that something is. I think I am still in search for it. There goes another "I think".... when will there be an "I feel"? Am I not passionate about anything? Am I bad at expressing my feelings? Am I just............ numb?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Faculty Summit 2007

Let me get this straight, I am indifferent to Microsoft. I am not a fan, and yet I have nothing against it. But when I was told to attend the Faculty Summit in KLCC, I got excited. Excited 'cos I knew that that might be a slight chance that I might meet up with old friends. Sure enough, on the second day, I met my old roommate, Tipah. On the first day, she called to ask me where I was, 'cos she saw my name in the list, so she thought that I might be there. Little did she know, I left early. So today, I went there early specifically to meet her. Oh, how I missed those Wednesdays when Tipah, Mary and I would leave campus early for our weekly ice-skating sessions (oh, that was b4 Sadry joined us, I think). We loved to ice-skate, we never really improved much even after about a year, but so what? it sure was fun, that's all that mattered !

I also met Dr. Naemah and Pn. Liza. It was pure luck that they went there together, so I get to meet them both at once. And it was also luck that their booth was just behind ours. So the moment I saw Dr. Naemah, I was like, "Cik Naemah! Alamak, my lecturer", and like a mad man, ran to her. I got to her, salam-salam, I turned, "Eh, Pn. Liza!". And more salam-salam. Tapi sempat tu Pn. Liza commented to Nibong, our tech guy, "Dia ni dulu pemalas!". And Nibong, being him, added, "Oooo, perangai pemalas tu dia bawai mai U** (name of our uni)". Siout punya Nibong. Lagi siout he saw me running excitedly to my lecturers all the while commenting that I was macam budak-budak. Eh, suka hati la .

Anyway, I got them smiling from ear-to-ear, they must be proud that I turned into something, huh! Back then, Mary and I were pretty hopeless. We wasted too much time, hanged out outside Esso more than we did in our own rooms and even made Kedai Makan Boy as our second home. We knew all of Boy's family members, heck, I even went on a blind date with one of Boy's friends!

And if people ask if my college life was colorful. I think it kinda was. 'Cos we always managed to make it so. Like the time we braided our hair all nite for no reason whatsoever. Hell, we just felt like it. And the next morning, people would call out my name from miles away, and shout "PEACE!" while flashing the peace sign (dunno why it was just me, maybe 'cos mary's hair was less rebellion-like, who knows). I also remember on that very same day, we painted our nails with creative designs such as spiderwebs, flowers, polka-dots all over them, and in Dr Naemah's class (I sat in front, btw, cos I thought I could focus more that way. And nope, didnt always work, if u cant focus, u just cant), while she was waiting for us to copy the content of her slide, all of the sudden she looked at my nails and said sarcastically (in Malay nonetheless), "Cantik ke tu?". Terkejut and malu, I looked at her and replied, "Tak pun". Aik, what was I thinking, ngaku je la I think they're cantek.......hehehehe.
Life back then sure was fun. Bet everybody would say the same thing about their college lives. But I look at the kids here in my faculty, and they seem to play things safe, as far as expression of creativity is concerned (ceh, expression of creativity konon ) and I wonder if it's the system here that's stopping them or is it because they're just uninitiated. Some of my colleagues argue that students have to look and behave professionally. On the behavior part, I can understand. But I think as long as they dont wear things that are too revealing, I think that should be okay. Afer all, wouldn't that make life around here more colorful?

On the roof of the Bangunan Keselamatan. We saw a hole that could lead us up there, so we went up and ran around, chased each other ala good cop vs bad criminal.... bole tahan mcm bodo gak ler, but hey, it was fun!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Celebrating 50 Years of Nationhood

So there we were in our best behavior, ushering the VIPs in. But of course, gotta take a snap of ourselves. Dalam toilet pon jadila......

Think the kids below look familiar? Yup, they are who you think they are. Glad I still have Hazeeq's number when Mary asked for possible candidates. That's what you get when you're rajin sms'ing your lecturer....kekekekeke

Sunday, September 02, 2007

tak jazz pon...

well, not 100% "unjazz" anyways, but because of that, I likeeee..... Well, I'm talking about the Sunrise Jazz Festival.

Last nite, Mary and I were there to watch the last performance of the whole festival. It was totally unplanned. Initially I picked her up to help me carry my dumbbells and press bench from my old house into my car, then we planned on going for a little supper. But KL was raining. Then, like a light bulb flashing in my brain, I remembered about the festival and I went like, 'jom g hartamas'!

Souled OutGot there, had supper at Souled Out cafe - they sure had hiked the prices like crazy, huh! Then hopped on to the Mont Kiara.

Hehehehe, this is the best part. We got there just in time for the last band, Saharadja. Before coming, I've read very little about them some few weeks ago and I had no idea the kind of music they play. But seeing them live, we were very impressed. This Indonesian band claims to play Asian-fusion kinda music with a rock attitude, and yes, it's the rock attitude that caught my attention, 'cos otherwise methink they'd be very dry. Okla, who the hell am I kidding, their music IS very interesting too, both their cover and original songs (gosh, my taste in music in diversifying, this must be a sign of maturity, eh?)

Talking about the band members, I gotta say they're very talented, play just about all types of instruments. Last nite, we thought the main vocalist had a really strong voice, so was the female singer (think she was a guest artist or something). The violinist was clearly very good, but several time when we thought they've moved on to a different song, she'd start playing the riffs she played like 8 minutes ago and we'd be like, "aik, are we still at the same song?? ".... ker she ran out of ideas for a little improvisation? One guy played this long tube-like thingy that produces some sort of a freaky creepy sound, cool. The rest of the band members were ok, I guess, but the guitarist....... boy, was he.... mesmerizing! ok, too strong a word to use, change that to 'a joy to watch'. But seriously, from the beginning, we saw only him. Skillful was one thing, but passionate, he was too, well, when he was performing anyways. And to top it up, he sings too! And real well, he did! in a really weird sounding-but-unique kinda voice. Aramak, I sound like a groupie la....hehehehe, but at least, I can differentiate skills from looks. Mary, on the other hand, saw him playing for like 15 minutes and decided that he's cute. And when he started singing, methink, Mary must've thought he moved up the ladder from being 'cute' to being a 'superhunk'.... hahahahaha.

Anyways, if you like someone that much, gotta take a picture of him, right? ...kekekeke. So tadaaaaah.......... tak cute pon, but he sure can make magic!

As for the female singer, she's pretty, her voice's powerful, and she just happened to be lounging around. So we got a picture of her too.

So there, my review of the last performance of the Sunrise Jazz Festival 2007. Definitely like it better than the RWMF. The atmosphere's more relaxed, and most importantly, no boring acts to endure before getting to the good ones.

After the show, went to Mary's house to get some stuff. My God! Her room smells like SPCA!!!! And how could it not?? Look at the number of cats she got in there! Think if she died in that room, she will wake up and turn into Catwoman. Hmmmmmm, come to think of it, that could be cool, having a superzero for a best friend!

By the way, she may look drunk in the picture, but she's completely sober, ok? She was just too happy to be with her cats. And that's her natural haircolor, btw.

And oh, we got stopped by a road block just outside Mont Kiara. The car right in front of me got stopped for quite a while, I was expecting a quick pass as I wasn't drunk or anything. But being curious as I was, I asked the police, "Ada apa, bang?" Then, I could hear Mary laughing uncontrollably, apehal minah ni? With a straight poker face, the police replied, "Takde................................................... cute". What?? Mary was already laughing hysterically. Acting on reflex, I rolled my eyes, stuck out my tongue and went, "Ekkkkkk", and as I was driving away, I shouted, "Tenkiu". Gosh, what was I doing??? Note to self: DONT EVER LET YOUR REFLEXES TAKE YOU OVER AGAIN FOR FEAR OF ACTING LIKE AN IDIOT! Mary was still laughing, I complained to her, "ceh, polis gatal". She replied, "Aku rasa ko yang gatal, mana ada orang panggil polis 'abang', panggil 'encik' adala. Dah la budak kecik je tu, baru polis trafik". Oh..... maybe she's right.