Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Europe Trip I - Amsterdam

Amsterdam is expensive, and in the morning, breakfast around the museum area is darned hard to find, period!

So there were tons of museums to choose, but we chose to go to the Van Gogh museum. The ticket was 12.50 Euro. It was pretty interesting, especially if u appreciate art.

Netherlands ni bwh sea level kan, so byk betul sungai kat sini. This is just one of them.

Tah sapa2 nye boat, belasah je naik sbb nak tangkap gambar sungai yg freezing, first time tgk, so pehgrakkk la katakan...

anyway, besides the Van Gogh museum, we also went to the Sex Museum. Takde pape sgt pon, ada photos org buat in mcm2 positions from as early as last century, muka cam charlie chaplin, pompuan cam betty boop buat aksi2 akrobat, so tht was different. yg modern2 ada gak, tp kat internet dah byk. Other than that, byk la work of art yg cam blue-ish skit, cam yg bawah2 ni.

gmbr blur, sbb amik cepat2, segan kot org ingat pervert.

And just like everybody else who goes to Amsterdam, when nite fell, we went in search of the red-light district. The whole place is like a labyrinth, kalu silap, senang sesat. Well, ada ada? Lots of 'brothels' like the one below, cubic shops with glass doors, so kat blakang door tu, the girls (and sometimes 'girls' with penis) would pose dengan gaya menggoda. So if u feel tergoda, u can negotiate the price, then masuk trus ikot pintu tu, n the glass door tu dia tutup dgn curtain, dah settle, bayar n keluar aaa, simple je.

gmbr curi lg, kalu kantoi, nanti dia tarik camera

Like i said, ada some with penis, horror siout. when we passed the first one tof hose many 'girls'. I turned to Ning and like, "did u see that?", thinking that he saw what i saw, tp dia cam ternganga cam time2 lain je. So i asked again if he noticed that they weren't girls, which was a shock to him. Adoiiiiiiii, these european males kan, kalu dah tambah kat dada tu pon, still x nmpak cam pompuan, sbb frame dah memang macho, bukan cam Siamese katoy, tu pon bole dia tak perasan lg, bole jawab lg tu, "I only saw down until the chest area." Blur betol la mamat ni.

Anyway, kat red-light district ni byk kedai halal, pak arab pon byk, so i guess, bile dah penat tu bole g makan :D

Monday, December 29, 2008

Europe Trip I - Berlin

So today in Berlin, after leaving our bags at Indra's friends' house, Indra got her his friend (didn't get her name though) to guide us around Berlin. And as expected, we went sightseeing again, but this time, as we had a guide, we practically ran around from one attraction to another, so we covered more attractions, but less time to self-explore. And my feet yang dah mula sakit, think it was because of the shoes, rasa cam sial siout, I was limping the whole time, so that wasnt fun.
First, to the Brandenburger Tor.

Then, some famous building that I didn't get the name of.

But lunch was great, she took us to a Lebanese restaurant, and for the first time in days, we had a proper food which wasnt kebab or mcD, but cheap and super duper good. I liked it so much i almost had a second.

Later, to a fragment of the wall. By this time, my feet was really killing me, so not long after, we went looking for a new pair.

Charlie's checkpoint. There's a guy posing as a Charlie there, u can take a pic with him, but u gotta pay him.

In short, Berlin was different in many ways from the other cities i've been to in Germany. the buildings r different, the people are of so many ethnicity, things are comparably cheap, considering it's a big city (and ours is so tiny but yet... grrrrr), and hehehehe, it's a tad bit dirty :D but methink that's alright, i like dirty :D

Later that nite, we took a bus to Amsterdam.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Europe Trip I - Leipzig

The next day, we went to Leipzig. Again, it was cold, and again, more sight-seeing. We arrived pretty early in the morning, so we got to enjoy the city when there were not many people around, which wasnt really a good thing, 'cos it was cold, shops werent opened yet, so no shelter from the cold.

one of the very rare pics of all 5 of us. Got a Japanese uncle to take it for us. t'was nice meeting a Japanese, nice to speak the few very Japanese words that i know :D

While walking around the city, I saw a sign that says, "Tiramusi Machiatto" in front of a coffee shop. Then I heard Ning reading it aloud, "Tiramusi Norsal**ti", apekehal pakcik ni, mabok ke? And I went, "why?"... and he went, "I dont know, the first time I heard your name, it reminded me of tiramisu". Heh, i know my name is a lot of things, difficult to pronouce is one of them, but tiramisu, that's a first. Okayyyy, but anyway, pakcik ni memang cam mabok sikit pon, at least that's the one thing Indra and I can really agree on. Dah la dia pakai snowcap selalu senget la, terlipat la, macam pakai spende kat kepala, cakap pon kekadang mcm lebah, kekadang macam tak make sense pon ada, but he's a great guy, funny as hell... no surprise why his wife is so pretty ;)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Europe Trip I - Dresden

so I've been hooked on streaming TV lately, and been putting the entry on the trip off for days. But today, while waiting for Juara Lagu to start, I'm gonna TRY to recall wht happened during the Christmas break, and here goes.

So, it has been a long time (by long, i mean more than 10 years) since I last went on a long break with a bunch of people. This time, it's inevitable, as 5 is the most cost-effective way to travel around Germany. So we (as in me, Indra and Ning) got Tian Huan and Ka Hui to join us, and there u have 5 ppl.

From left: Ning (my classmate from my German class), Ka Hui, Tian Hua (also from German class), Indra, and at the back, me :D

Hmmmm... lemme see. What happened, well, some sightseeing, remember Dresden being so f**cking cold, old buildings everywhere.

Our hostel room, 5 beds, just nice for 5 people.

And for dinner, we went to a Mexican Restaurant. I thought my food was pretty ok. But too bad Ka Hui didnt think the same about hers, so that wasnt really a good way to start the trip. But hey, everbody else was in a good mood, so that was cool.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

merry xmas

well, i was in wichernstr (old dorm) today for a last minute discussion on our trip. and as usual we had in ning's room. we love having our discussions there. he always has lots of food for us, and today was no different. In fact, today was much better!

'cos today, he told us to stay for dinner. said tht he bought stuff from the Turkish shop (read:raw meat), so that i can eat them all... i'm so touched. So right after the discussion, all 3 of them marched to the kitchen to start cooking. Kaihui didnt know about this, so she had to leave as she had other plans. So there they were, ning, tian hua and indra cooking up a storm for 2 hours and we had a nice mixture of food, or rather, 3 chinese food and sambal berlado. gotta say ning is pretty efficient at this, he made 3 dishes during the same time that indra cooked his only specialty, but really, the sambal was good, heck, ning loves it so much he bought the chicken and all the other ingredients and made indra cook it. as for ning spicy beef, honey chicken wings and chinese cabbage, hey, i love Chinese food, they're always great.

anyway, right before we dug in, ning invited peng goh to join us. peng goh is new in germany. the first time i met him, he was very innocent looking with runny nose and long bangs almost covering his eyes. tonite, the moment he stepped in, i was astonished. he's still very innocent, extremely polite but the hair. aduh, it was worse that jim carrey in dumb and dumber on a bad hair day. i mean, the front was uneven, and the back was like an uneven step ladder.
So i was like, "wow, new haircut. errr, who cut your hair?"
Proudly, he said, "ning."
I didn't mean to be rude, but, i just burst out laughing, and blurted that it looked like he cut it himself. That got everybody laughing as well, 'cos u know, that was a really bad one, and politeness can only go so far. apparently, ning only used a pair of scissors to cut it and indra was surprised that he didn't use the razor-like thingy indra used to cut ning's cool haircut. oh, well, at least now indra knows not to go to ning the next time he needs to cut his. I apologized profusely to ning for laughing at his skills, but he told to apologize to peng goh instead, 'cos if he thought his hair was cool now he probably thinks his hair is really bad. erksss

we were also astonished to find out that b4 doing his phd, tianhua actually practised as a neurologist in a TOP hospital in china, top enuf that got ning and peng's jaws dropped in unison. Ok, tht probably explains why he is so orderly and proper. heck, this guy came to ning's room in ironed shirt, singlet, slacks and a belt, so much so that indra thought he just got back from work. when asked, he said it's just a habit. i mean, most of us came straight from our rooms in stupid stained t-shirts and track-bottoms or in indra's case, bermuda shorts, gosh, did he not feel cold? but this doctor.... wow!

so that was how we spent our xmas holiday, and considering tht indra is so far away from home., hope he didnt feel too bad about not celebrating it with his family. anyway, we had a nice long chat after dinner. discussing differences in our cultures, how the US think we're stupid, what we think of germany etc. and b4 we knew it, we've been chatting for 4 hours, and i needed to cycle back home. so i left the guys with the dishes, and off i went.

Aaaahhhh, that was nice. back home, sometimes, wan, awang and alem would bring raw ingredients and cook at my apartment, here, i got these guys... now, i'm not so lonely anymore. guess i'm just lucky like that

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


so i feel fat right now. makan cam biasa je, tp sbb winter kot, rasa cam x best gile. dah la pagi2 nak bangun payah, manjang rasa cam fatigue, lethargic, tak fit. sambil jalan pon, nafas gila kuat, org jalan belakang aku, mesti ingat aku sesak nafas. berak pon x tentu arah, perut bunyi kuat gila, bunyi pelik2 lak tu, kadang cam growling biasa, time2 lapar dia buat aaa, kekadang tu lepas mkn, memprocess kot, kekadang tu tak pasal2, tu x paham tu. kalu bunyi biasa, okla ni, cam bunyi alien la, bunyi pintu kriuk la, yg tak tahan time bunyi bukak botol coke lepas goncang pon ada, tp yang paling ganaz bunyi kentut yg lembut n panjang, malu tuuuu, dah la ofis aku sunyi je, sah2 roommate aku dgr. one time tu aku siap tanya, dia dgr tak, dia bole tanya balik, "hungry?" aku iye jela. time bunyi kentut tu, aku buat bodo je, kalu ada motivasi, aku pura2 adjust kerusi.

Anyway, problem2 ni sume start bebaru ni je. tu tensen tu. So, dalam usaha nak mengfitkan badan di samping meningkatkan stamina, aku mula buat High-Intensity-Interval-Training (kalu tak silap, google sendiri la). So 2-3 hari sekali (hah, perot aku bunyi lagi, kali ni bunyi lembu), aku buat aaaa.

Utk beginner, ini caranya. Sebagai reference tahap 1-10 (1 paling casual, 10 paling intense)

i. jog (tahap 4-5) - 5 minits
ii. buat stretching skit
iii. lari (tahap 5-6) for 60 saat
iv. lari (tahap 8-9) habis tekannnnnnnn for 30 saat.

yg (iii and iv) tu kira satu cycle. so ulang aaa 6-8 cycles. itu saja, tu pon amik at wikipedia. Tp ikut researchers (google journal paper dia mesti dpt), mmg senang bakar lemak banding dgn aerobik biasa, dan yg paling best, kejap je dah setel. TAPI jgn pandang rendah HIIT ni, penatnya aduih, kering tekak, abih2 je, dah malas nak cool down, terus terduduk je... lesu

Cuma yang tak bestnye, in my case, aku lari dlm bilik je. kekadang sambil tgk pc, mlm ni, sambil chat dgn sad, yg paling tak best kalu tatau apa nak pandang, aku pandang dinding je (cam wan dok buat dulu2 time sebelum kawin, skarang sah dah tak buat kot). Pastu time lari laju tu, rhythm sah2 lari smpai tangan ayun pon tak sama dgn kaki, kekadang terlambat dari kaki pon ada. dah laju, nak pikir pon dah tak sempat.

- hampeh, mcm2 buat, phdnye tak bergerak gak, God, i need help!!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


so yesterday we celebrated Prof. Herzog's birthday (i gotta to say, Germans love to party . just 4 days ago, we had a feuerzangenbowle, but i didnt go after knowing that they forgot to get non-alcoholic drinks for me, and tht's alright cos i got some grocery-shopping to do, plus, we just had a xmas dinner 4 days prior to that). That was my first time meeting him, apparently, he's already retired, but as he is the founder of our Chair, so we celebrate his birthday every year (i think).

This year, we had it in the morning in our meeting room that they've decorated so beautifully that i almost didnt recognize it, ok, im exaggerating, but really, it was beautiful. Anyway, we had the traditional German breakfast of Brezen, weisswurst (white sausage) with some dressing (dunno what it is), exactly like in the picture below, with some wine, and in case u're wondering, i had my Brezen with butter and 3 types of cheese with some apple juice.

Anyway, told my roommate that i think i prefer the soft and chewy pretzel, these German pretzels are so hard they can break my teeth, and what i got was a bewildered look on his face and instantly, he went, "well, i dunno what malaysians do to the pretzels, but pretzels ARE from German." He even thinks that they're crispy on the outside but soft on the inside... hmmmm, i kinda agree on that, only problem is the outside is just too thick and leaves the inside probably around 0.5cm in radius, and believe me, these pretzels are HUGE!

Anyway, told him we have them with chocolate, some with jalapeno, with garlic etc, and he looked at me as if i've gone mad. Well, blame the Americans for that, but really, i kinda miss Auntie Anne's .


Then, later in the evening, Ning invited me over to the old dorm (where i lost my cheese twice!) for his birthday party, and boy, was it a feast of Chinese food!!! Ning and a couple of Chinese girls cooked up like almost 10 types of dishes for over 6 hours and boy oh boy, did i say that i love Chinese food and i once went to China for them? Too bad, i couldnt sample all of them as they were some pork, and chickens that weren't disembelih. But i sampled everything else, the tofu with spinach, the egg boiled in tea, the potato dish, the boiled beef (cicah kicap je, tp sedap sbb daging fresh), the chicken with peanuts etc.

i wasnt sure about the meat in the beginning, but at the kitchen, i saw the meat wrapper from the Turkish shop, and i was like, 'did u buy any meat from the Turkish shop?'. and he went, 'Yes, i bought the beef and the chicken i cooked with the peanuts.' Laaaaaaaaa, kalu ckp awal2, sah2 aku dah melantak awal2. But the one thing i wanted to try but couldn't was the chicken wing cooked with soy sauce and coke. Yup, u read it right, cola-cola. It was a hit with everybody, and when they found out it was cooked with coke, everybody was like, "these chinese..." , and that got me even more curious. So, i got the name of the kicap, and today, at the Asian shop, of all ppl, i met one of the Chinese girls who helped to cook for the party. Heck, i met 4 ppl i know all over town today, 3 from the old dorm and 1 from my class, blame the Bayern state for making shops close on Sundays that we have to shop on Saturdays (although i'm beginning to kinda like it), it also doesn't help tht erlangen is pretty darn small . Anyways, she helped me find the kicap, and taddaaaaaa... here's the coke chicken wing.

with mutton curry (version cmpr yogurt n kicap manis) and some vege, kt malaysia, takde lak suka kari, sini dah dua minggu, aku dok masak kari je, rempah imported from india mmg sedap kot.

- hampeh, aku dok germany, bukan belajar mkanan German, blajar makanan cina lagi ada

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Raw food in Erlangen

Gandhi Asian Shop- very very near to the bahnof, to the left of the bahnof actually. sells tons of asian stuff. lots of indian/asian spices and many many products from thailand and indon, all the thai's that i used in malaysia, i can find them all here, there are also some from vietnam and china, the only malaysian product i can find are the ones by yeo's (tu pon tak byk).

Turkish market- dunno if it even has a name. but i think at along the Innere Brucker Str., opposite Norma. They have fresh meat there, and on Wednesdays, they have fresh seafood (this is reaaaaally hard to come by considering that we're far from any large pool of water with living edible creatures in it). Stuff are quite cheap and fresh there, even compared to the hypermarkets. a kg of apples can go as low as 70 cents sometimes, not bad.

Another smaller Turkish shop- near the Blaue Moschee, Michael-Vogel-Straße. 24b. So, if u go there to pray berjemaah, u can also buy some sausages. But no fresh meat there.

Wiesenhof poultry- has the halal stamp on it. I've so far only bought their chicken cos i just found out about them yesterday. Plus, i'm not too crazy about ducks, and couldnt find any of their sausages (u know germany is famous for that, so gotta try to find a halal one if i really wanna taste it). Their company is the leading poultry company in germany (sounds like an ad lak... hihhihi), and their products can be found at kaufland and handelshof (geng kaufland gak ni). havent checked out the other stores, maybe not in the near future anyway, dah umah dekat dgn handelshof via the scary dark path. Below is the assurance by Wiesenhof for those interested.

Dear Mr.Iqbal,
(tah sapa2 je ni, copy-and-paste from a forum)
thank you for your interess in our Halal products. All of our WIESENHOF slaughterhouses are Halal accredited, what means, that all WIESENHOF fresh poultry products are branded with a Halal signet. Our frozen products still have old packaging stocks without the Halal signet but it will be integrated in the reprint of the packaging.

The Halal slaughtering of our poultry occur after the guidelines of the European Halal Institute in Hamburg (www.euro-halal.eu), which accept that the animals tranquilise (bemuse) before they bleed. The slaughter is a muslim and selected by the European Halal Institute. He speaks the designated verses. The WIESENHOF slaughterhouses are exclusive poultry productions without of pork or alcohol.

I hope adequate answered to your question.


Daniel Gross
Junior Produktmanager
W I E S E N H O F Gefluegel-Kontor GmbH
Zentrales Marketing
Paul-Wesjohann-Str. 45, 49429 Visbek
Tel.: 04445/891-321 Fax: 04445/891-352

** i noticed Germans love to start their letters with a lowercase letter. when i first saw the letter from my SV, i thought he made a typo, but apparently, this is just how they write it... hmmmm, interesting.

** will be updated as and i when i feel necessary

Ready-to-eat food in Erlangen

Pascha Döner
- next to Erlangen Sparkasse Bank, and very near to Arcaden. A bit tricky to find, but it is said to be the best kebab in Erlangen. Btw, there are many kebaps around, but then again, not all Turks are Muslims.

Fisch-Pirat‎ (Untere Karlstr. 3, 91054 Erlangen)
- near to the Hugenottenplatz, even more trickier than the kebab place. The owner is an Iraqi, i think. and the seafood is cheaper and in bigger portion than anywhere else in erlangen.

** will be updated as and i when i feel necessary


so now that i'm insured, i went to see the doctor today. My doctor was recommended by my roommate and he's pretty rockish, with his tight black T-shirt, and gum in mouth, he seems pretty cool, despite his age and his balding head.

clinic celah2 umah org, nak cari pon mula2 cam susah je

waiting room

so, i was there to check out the type of allergy that i possibly have, 'cos u see, 2 weeks ago, i got these rashes on my back and the back of my knees and my elbows and my hips, well, almost all over my body and they itched like crazy and he prescribed some topical cream for me and suggested that i should come again for a blood test when i'm already insured, 'cos at that time, i wasn't insured and had to pay for the consultation and bought the medicines at the pharmacy myself... phew, tht was a long sentence.

but instead of a blood test, he said the rashes are totally gone, so maybe i should just forget about the allergy 'cos they might just be a one-time-reaction to something tht i came in contact with and will be difficult to detect as i dont remember having anything out of the ordinary then, but if they were to re-occur, come and see him immediately.

Okay, the rashes are out of the way. Next, told him, i thought i felt a lump behind the nip. Well, think it has shrunk from last week, but hey, after reading Dlyn's story, thought i better have it checked. So he asked, wanna have it checked... well, of course!

He had some difficulties in finding it, but again, he said it's probably nothing to worry about... and i was like, apa ni, sume pon nothing to worry about. But his nurses gave an address of a gynecology anyway, and i should make an appointment with him.

Aduh, am i overly paranoid ke apa ni?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Say what?

so i went to the post office 2 days ago, bought some envelopes. expected the big guy with the earring at the counter to just accept my bill, return the change, no questions asked. But nooo, he said something that i couldn't understand, and I was like, "wie, bitte?" (trans: huh?),
he said something else, again, i went "huh?"
Then he said, "What language do you speak?".
"Oh, English". Duh, he speaks English after all.
Then he asked, "Are you from the America?"
Huh?... "Errr, no. I'm from Malaysia."
Then for whatever reason that I could not understand, he said, "Malaysia... not bad."

Weird... Anyway, I went to another counter to buy some stamps. I just spoke in English, coz I heard the guy talking to the customer before me in English. While pasting my stamp, the guy at the counter suddenly said something in some weird language, which was definitely not German, but sounded somewhat like Chinese. What did he think i was? Again... weird

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Dinner

So we had a Christmas Dinner at a Japanese Restaurant. Initially, I thought of not going as I had a class from 6-8pm, plus I do have the tendency to get lost when going to a new place even with a map in hand, plus, everybody from our Chair were gonna go there at 6pm, so i was afraid that, by the time I arrived, they'd would to wait for me to finish my food. But considering that this would probably be my only chance to enjoy expensive Japanese food for free, I braved the snow alone right after class for 4km. I made it there at approximately 830, and sat next to Chris n Christoph. Had a nice chat with Chris, such a nice motherly person she is. Was even reprimanded when I told her about my bike not having a light, and after dinner, she even asked Isabel to lead me back home... I'm so touched.

Anyway, here are the pictures i took.

That's our secretary, Erika, smiling, she's convinced that her English is bad, but it's actually really good. The guy on the right, Christoph thinks their accents makes their English hard to comprehend, well, he hasn't heard our Manglish... At the back is Karim, the only other Muslim in our group.

That's our boss on the left, and my roommate, Tobi, sitting next to him is Isabel, brilliant girl, so much so tht sometimes her words get lost on me. Heck, they all do that to me sometimes, albeit, unintentionally, I'm sure... sometimes, I even feel like i'm from a different planet. On the left is our boss. We don't talk much, but every time he sees me, he'd always say, "Hallo".

Like I said, isabel and tobi showed me the way back, up until a certain point, that is. Cos' after that, I was supposed to take a different route that'll take me back home. It's a short path, about 300m or so, has no lights whatsoever, but they did tell me that, it's safe, and students use it all the time... Ok, but what they didnt warn me was the feel u get using the path... If u want me to describe it, it's FREAKING eerie, like in one of those horror movies, seriously. It's dead silent everytime I'm on it (makes sense considering that both times i used it, it was past 12am), but interestingly, it's not completely dark, like in Malaysia. it has something to do with the light being reflected by the snow, but scary, nonetheless.

2 nites ago, on my way to meet tobi and his gf, i stopped, took out my camera. Suddenly, i heard a man running behind me, cuak gila beng. When he was right beside me, he stopped, ocassionally looked at me, and started walking again. Chitz!!! Takotnya aku! Pretending to be unperturbed by him, I got on my bike, and started cycling again, pretending it was all ok. Tried to speed up, but the snow made it impossible. I noticed that he tried to catch up with me, but alas, i was too fast for him... but then again, maybe it was just my imagination, but the part about him running and looking at me, that was real.

Anyway, on the back, the path was really empty, so i took some pictures of it.

The end of the light.

Several meters more to go before seeing the lights again. Takot tak takot??

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Home Sweet Home

so, i got pretty bored tonite. I mean, it's a saturday nite! I wanna stay up late. I've had it with going to bed before 12 every night, not tht it's intentional, but tht's just how my body seems to work here. If back in malaysia, i could easily stay up the whole night, and probably squeeze in several rounds of pingpong, but here, fatigue takes over every single day!

But tonite, i'm saying NO to fatigue! And YES to muffins. U see, several weeks ago, on the night of the first snow back in Wichernstr (the old dorm), i went to the kitchen and was greeted by 2 girls who were celebrating the first snow of the year by making muffins. They gave me one, and i'm telling u, if u havent tried one, u better try one now. I know muffins are just muffins, but when they're hot and steaming, there's just something about them that can make u lose your sleep over. And following that nite, i'd been buying muffins every day, and if i knew i couldnt get one for several days, i'd buy one pack-of-4, and ate 1 each day.

But tonite is a little bit different (ok, maybe not much, i'd already bought a muffin at Tchibo earlier today), I couldnt stop thinking about them, and since I have super easy access to an oven, I thought, hey, let's make some.

So there, my new kitchen. Basically, I used my mug as a measuring tool, which means, it was more of a main taram punya anggaran.

Dah masuk oven.

A sneak peek. Wah, tak sabarnya, dah ngantok ni!

Tadaaaa... Cute!

Another look at the cute first batch!

So there, 13 muffins - 3 yg dah kena telan + 1 yg kementot sbb nak abihkan mix (see if u can spot it ).

Oh, by the way, I got my own kitchen and bathroom now, which means tht i dont hv to share, and which also means no more having my food stolen from the common fridge. Thank God for that! But oven, gotta use the one in the common space, but since this is a guesthouse with so little people, and the common area is vacant like 70% of the time. I can easily and happily go down and make the oven my own.

This the common area, just a few steps away from my room. The oven is just behind the counter bar. Nice place, think maybe i'll invite some friends over for a little party (yes, u can do tht too!), but first, i need to find some friends

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Friday, November 21, 2008

first snow

so i had my first snow in erlangen today. Yup, it was cute and exciting, but no, it wasn't great as i imagined it'd be. Not especially when u have to ride a bike and the wind is blowing at 37km/h, the snow flakes are hitting your face it felt like u're being hit by pebbles and your glasses are clouded by the your own breath (from the condensation process of err... u know what i'm trying to say, right?) Really, it was bad, my face hurt like hell that at one point, i just covered it all with my muffler and all that was visible were my eyes which were of course covered by my glasses. On top of that, it was bloody cold. Plus, my gloves were wet, and i literally couldn't feel my fingers, and yet, they hurt at the same time so much so that it got me thinking that they were frostbitten.

So i stopped at the deichmann, dm and aldi, looked at some boots, bought some food, got myself warmed up a little, and now, back at the dorm, after a long hot shower, i'm all better again

Oh, and on my way back, just outside the faculty, i took a picture of the snow, with my bike as the model, of course.

update: and i woke this morning, pulled the curtains aside and saw something nice, got my camera, opened the window and got this...

nice eh, but the cold freezing wind, adoiiiiiiiii... camne la aku nak g grocery shopping ni?..

but i decided to go anyway, so earlier today, ning, indra and myself, after playing in the snow in front of the dormitory building, decided to go together... and here's a picture of me in my daily outfit.

but before going, my bicycle lock got stuck, ning offered to help and broke the key in the process, and eventually, we had to cut the lock altogether, ... sebulan je pakai dah rosak, kat malaysia, selagi tak kena curi, selagi tu la bole pakai, must be because of the weather