Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Merdeka nite revisited

so I went to putrjaya's clinique counter to redeem my so-called beauty makeover, and got myself looking pretty scary. Okla, i asked for the smoky eyes la kan (hey, it was free, but the foundation is amazingly good). The makeup artist/consultant thought i was getting ready for the new year countdown.... and i just said yes, but the truth was i HAD to redeem it 'coz it's valid until the 31st of December 2007 (waited till the last minute, gosh, that is soooo like me ).

Anyway, while i was getting made-up, alem called me up for dinner, said that they'd be picking me up. Ok, told them to just go ahead, i'll meet them at the diner, wherever it may be. Then he said wan was ironing his t-shirt, ironing?? aramak, where were they planning to go? wasnt sure yet, but it definitely wasnt gonna be around here.

Yikes, i looked like a gothic queen from hell , had to clear all the make-up. So that was how long the makeup lasted, about an hour. Rugi tak rugi.... but when the others around you wear t-shirts and slippers, i aint gonna be the one yg terover pulak kan?

So we thought of going to the curve, but somehow, found ourselves in hartamas, but never to surrender, we braved the drizzle and getting stuck in the traffic, and got forced to watch the fireworks for what felt like 20 minutes, before we eventually got to the Curve. But guess what, we were so late that it was closed!

Hungry and cranky, we went back to hartamas and had dinner (??) at the square at 2am! And just when u thought 10 yrs should be enough to teach u never to go out on a new year or a merdeka nite, some people kan, they just never learn, kan?