Friday, May 09, 2008

seahorses again

so i went to johor again for the seahorses. This time, i went with judy (her in-laws are actually from erlangen, small world). anyways, met a couple of new people, as usual. stayed at the research center again, but after not being there for over a year, this place sure looks better than it was then.

so on the first day, think we didnt catch any. too bad. these animals sure are disappearing fast around here.

gotta take a boat ride to the middle of the sea

the sea bed when it's reallllly low tide

tak dapat seahorse, balik aaaaa

amik gambar dulu, since judy wont be able to join us the following day

the next day, we tried again. this time, it was raining pretty heavily, and it was also dang cold. we wanted to leave early, but someone offered to take an aerial view of our activities, so we stayed on and i (finally!!!) managed to catch a seashore.

basically, when we find one, we check if it's already been tagged during any of our last surveys. if yes, we note it down, and release it. if not, we tag it, note it down and release it. we tag by basically injecting the skin with a color that is visible under a special light. chee kuang asked me to inject it since i found it, but hell no, i dont wanna take any risk of doing something silly... like injecting the color into its bloodstream or something like dat.

ujan, sejukkk. muka cam nak pengsan. pakai jacket pinjam

the heli taking pictures of us

nah, tagnye begini

jumpa sekor, suma sibuk nak tgk.

all done, back to the village

later in the afternoon, ada activiti lg, just an awareness program about ocean life with the kids in the nearby school. i presented a video on corals, menggoreng je sebenarnya as i had very little knowledge about them, and all i presented were the things i read only the previous nite. seronok gak melayan bebudak ni. ada yg sangat2 excited, yg couldnt care less pon ada gak. tp overall, we think it's a success. thanks a bunch to cikgu (cant remember his name) who has been instrumental in helping chee kuang reach these kids. cikgu tu mmg selalu join pon volunteer cari seahorses ni, so he's very open-minded to benda2 yg conservation gitu.

yup, it was fun, chee kuang's a great guy. good luck with his seahorses. wish i could volunteer again, but i gotta go further my studies, maybe in the future then.