Friday, November 21, 2008

first snow

so i had my first snow in erlangen today. Yup, it was cute and exciting, but no, it wasn't great as i imagined it'd be. Not especially when u have to ride a bike and the wind is blowing at 37km/h, the snow flakes are hitting your face it felt like u're being hit by pebbles and your glasses are clouded by the your own breath (from the condensation process of err... u know what i'm trying to say, right?) Really, it was bad, my face hurt like hell that at one point, i just covered it all with my muffler and all that was visible were my eyes which were of course covered by my glasses. On top of that, it was bloody cold. Plus, my gloves were wet, and i literally couldn't feel my fingers, and yet, they hurt at the same time so much so that it got me thinking that they were frostbitten.

So i stopped at the deichmann, dm and aldi, looked at some boots, bought some food, got myself warmed up a little, and now, back at the dorm, after a long hot shower, i'm all better again

Oh, and on my way back, just outside the faculty, i took a picture of the snow, with my bike as the model, of course.

update: and i woke this morning, pulled the curtains aside and saw something nice, got my camera, opened the window and got this...

nice eh, but the cold freezing wind, adoiiiiiiiii... camne la aku nak g grocery shopping ni?..

but i decided to go anyway, so earlier today, ning, indra and myself, after playing in the snow in front of the dormitory building, decided to go together... and here's a picture of me in my daily outfit.

but before going, my bicycle lock got stuck, ning offered to help and broke the key in the process, and eventually, we had to cut the lock altogether, ... sebulan je pakai dah rosak, kat malaysia, selagi tak kena curi, selagi tu la bole pakai, must be because of the weather

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


So, last week the Office of International Affairs organized a trip to Regensburg, which is one the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Well, here are the pictures... if u're interested in them, that is.