Thursday, January 29, 2009

we're broke

yup, we, as in k*t students in germany are down to our last cent, literally sbb elaun tak masuk.

and unlike those in some other countries, we're handled by j*a staff, no problem there, in fact, i think they're doing a good job. it's just that sometimes, we find discrepancies between the info coming from k*t and them e.g. they said we cant make the claim for the resident permit which btw is essentially a student visa, but k*t says of course we can, only thing is u hv to claim it during tht yr itself, but i just found out about it last week, and i had the permit made last year :( and it's bloody expensive, and lasts for only 2 years :(

and unlike those in other countries, their office moved to frankfurt recently, and waran peruntukan was sent to the old office, despite the notification tht they gv to k*t earlier. and u know with our red tapes, u cant simply change the address and wht not, the waran has to be cancelled, and a new one sent to the guys over here. and not only tht, the money's apparently not here yet, something to do with wi**a pu*ra (gotta ask syukor about this) and pejabat ag (what is this anyway) and yada yada yada...

but i'm not complaining, just informing.
after all, i've been through 10 months without any salary once,
and i am after all, a student :D
i love eating bread everyday,
they dont turn bad like rice sometimes do :D

it's just that it'd be great if there're others like me,
than we can all share pathetic stories...
that oughtta be fun...
but then again, "fat chance!"

Monday, January 26, 2009

my current residence

so today is the 26th of Jan, another approx 2 months to go before spring. That's a long time, feels like it's been cold like longer than 2 months already. My roommate says, that's normal here, spring is usually the best, summer is nice too, but they don't last as long as winter and fall :( which is not good for me. I'm just not built for it, u know.

We've been having sunny weather for the last 3 days, but make no mistake, outside, the temperature can be as low as -6 Celsius, like today, and yet, I saw some guys playing soccer at the square near the Mensa (canteen-like place), kemaruk la tu.

When it snows, it looks serene, so serene i'd rather stay indoor, i.e. ponteng kerja n study kat umah, 'cos it requires courage to go outside (for me at least), and i try not to use my bike if i can help it 'cos the road may get slippery and if the snow's too thick, it'd be like cycling in the sand, slippery and sandy, imagine that.

Anyway, i just wanted to show my current apartment. It's actually an international guesthouse. Beautiful, really, it is. The first time i stepped into it, i felt like i just walked into an Ikea catalog :D. Not only that, there's a lady here who cleans the room and changes the towels and bedsheet every 2 weeks. Ain't that something? The only downside to that, she's a fierce lady with tatoos all over her arm, and when she wants to clean the room, I better leave early in the morning, or she'd be pissed at me (talking from experience, of course), otherwise, she's actually pretty ok. On top of that, I can stay here for a year, max, 'cos it's a guesthouse for guests, and if i'm staying here longer than that, obviously i'm a not a guest, right?

So, here how it looks from the outside as u're walking towards it.

As u go on further to the right, there a garage for yr bikes.

The view from the garage- trees all over. Nice...
Take the bike, and off u go.

But if u press the right button, i can open the front door for u, and if u walk into my room, this is the first thing u'll see (of course, the box is no longer there, duh).

Walk on further, u'll find the bed and my desk.

And from the window, this is what u'll see. Nice eh, feels like living in a cabin.
Just another shot taken at nite :D. See wht i've accumulated in a month's time :D

Taken from the opposite angle, from the window specifially. There, to the right, the tiny kitchen, and the door takes u to the bathroom. There's only one door in the apartment anyway, besides the wardrobe door, so u can bet u wont get lost.

If u wanna cook, there's a kitchen with a fridge for u.

Top view- taken when i was kemaruk muffins, and made them for 3 weeks straight.

But if u wanna go pee or take a shower, this is the bathroom, also very tiny, but hey, i can fit in small spaces, so that's alright :D
If u wanna go out, this is what u'll see, if it snows, that is.... :(

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

the 44th

so he was sworn in yesterday, huh?
hope this time it'd be different.

with his colorful background and upbringing,
he seems to be getting support from as far as Indonesia.

really am hoping he'd stay true to his words,
and not turn stoopid the moment they become the head of that nation,
like most of them always do...

Friday, January 09, 2009

i wonder if u feel the same

so i got this paper, given by my SV like more than a month ago. he said just go over it, maybe i can get some ideas from it, and review la paper tu... yikes!!! dah sebulan, smlm dia ajak discuss the paper, aku ckp nak skim thru jap sbb dah lupa (konon, padahal dah kat 10 kali baca pon still haram x paham), tp dah tgk aku blur smcm, yesterday, dia kata ok and kalau bole, review la (aik, dah kalau bole pulak, kesian tgk aku kot).

anyway, aku pon dok avoid2 dia smlm sbb TAKOT tatau apa nak discuss. malam smlm, got some motivational advice from alm n noris, tak cukup, aku siap tgk vid fadzilah kamsah utk motivation di tempat kerja dan mengatasi rasa rendah diri kat youtube.

so awal pagi, dgn penuh semangat, walopun sejuk -17 celcius, aku cadang nak jumpa dia, terus-terang, alih2 aku menikus gak . Pastu lepas lunch, dia dah kat blk, tp tgh discuss dgn tobi, TAPI his copy of tht paper ada atas meja aku. MAMPUIH, dah x leh ngelat.

so lepas discussion dia dgn tobi, dia ajak discuss lak psl paper tu dgn aku. Maka dengan rendah diri (dah tak ikot nasihat fadzilah kamsah), aku ckp aku x fully understand it, aku kata cacing2 ni memeningkan kepala aku, figures dia x cukup explanation yada yada yada, basically benda2 general yg x refer sgt to the content sbb aku mmg TAK PAHAM! Dia pon ceritala pendapat dia sbb mmg dia kene review pon paper tu. every point dia bg, aku angguk kaw2 la, cakap mmg betol! aku setuju! padahal sebelum dia cakap, aku x terfikir pon.

Anyway, begitulah ceritanya aku tak menunjukkan kehebatan seperti yg Dr. Fadzilah suruh buat sbb aku rasa baik ngaku je lg baik, kang kantoi lg malu. bukan tu je, dah dia kat situ, aku siap tanya apsal aku install menatang ni takleh run (dah dlm linux kan, mana tere sgt). dia pon tgk, type 2-3 benda, patotla ada benda missing, kena install tu dulu. ceh, benda simple, i should've seen it, i felt stoopid! pastu dah dia kat situ, aku mintak dia explain concept tool tu, dia pon took over my mouse n keyboard and tunjuk2... adoi, ada gak at tht moment aku terasa cam budak tadika. tool je pon, belajarla sendiri (if only it's that easy )

baik mamat ni, very hands-on, very technical. masalahnya aku je tak cukup tere. aku rasa cam bodo gile. dah 3 bulan, topik still tarak... i wonder if he regrets taking me under his wings...

Monday, January 05, 2009

aku malas...

taken from my window sill

org ckp erlangen jarang snow. tp since nov hari tu, dah tak terkira dah berapa kali dah snow, smpai bebudak erlangen pon pelik... global warming punya pasal kot.

smlm time smpai from frankfurt, snow dah tebal, thought it'd be just for the day.
alih2 bgn pg td snow balik, smpai skarang pon x stop2, esok pon weather forecast kata ada snow, lusa pon snow. snow kat tanah dah tebal, nak cycle pon bahaya. mamat yg dok plough snow, dari pagi td aku dgr machine dia dok tak stop2 ploughing, kesiannnn... keja dlm kesejukan,

ni nak kuar pon dah malas, nak g beli daging pon malas. roti dah abih. ayam tinggal sayap je. tomatoes yg tinggal dah berkulat (apehal la aku beli byk b4 travel hari tu?). kalu kuar, snow mesti melekat kat jacket, masuk bilik, cair, lantai basah... arghhh

temperature dah -4 deg celcius. ni sejuk2, air idung selalu keluar mengalir time kita x sedar. kalu keluar, bole beku kat idung ni. aku yg tak sakit2 since i arrived in oct dah sakit2 tekak.

ahhhhh... how i miss a glorious sunny day that i so took for granted back home... :(

update : temp asyik around -10 celcius je lately ni. dah x snow, tp snow yg 6-7 inci tak nak gak cair sbb sejuk sgt. ni dah kira dry snow. pegang je berderai cam pegang tepung, tp pegang je dlm 3 saat, jari dah sakit sejuk. nak jln susah, rasa cam jln atas tepung. td, sorg mamat jalan depan aku smpai senget2 dia control balance sbb nak terjatuh... now i know why mat sallehs like tropical countries so much...

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Euro Trip I - Frankfurt

In frankfurt, we stayed at indra friend's house, Bulan(?) that's the girl wearing the white snowcap. She works at the embassy, stays in the city center (read: byk duit tu), apartment abih posh, baik betol la dia bg kami tompang tido 2 malam.

So in frankfurt, we just went shopping, cos that was the whole point pon, sume pon dah tired of sighseeing the same kinda of buildings all over deutschland, now we just wanna waste our money. So first up, g flea market, tak beli pape pon, tgk je. But it was a largeeee market, nak jln from one end to another pon penat. then, we went to the city center, tu baru best. sale verywhere, i didnt buy much, just a cardigan from zara (kat malaysia, nak masuk kedai zara pon segan... hahahahaha) a pair of jeans, a cap and a pair socks, tgk je lebih, not much of a shopper pon.

we also bought some ingredients, and prepared dinner for our host and our guide and a friend of theirs, the guy in blue. he brought his 2-year-old daughter, tp dia dok main atas sofa. Cute sgt, budak mix mmg cute. org nak mkn, dia mintak suap, bosan mkn, dia amik telur and fed me instead. bapak dia marah, she hid behind me. bored, she pulled me from the back, while i was eating pulak tu, nasib tak tumpah. time minum pepsi, dia nak gak, so i gave the mug to her, cuak gak, takot tumpah, but i let her anyway. The girl was somehow attracted to me, so much so that Bulan asked the father if the mother looked like me, which was of course impossible kan. Ning had a different theory though, he thought she liked me because i gave her pepsi, wey, it's pepsi, ok? not ganja, yeeeshhh.

So there, after 2 hours laboring in the kitchen. All r Chinese food except for one. From left (in anti-clockwise order): egg pancake, bean sprout i think, prawns, meat in soya sauce, cucumber salad, x ingatla, x ingat, tom yam soup and stuffed chili tempura. No prizes for guessing who cooked the tomyam soup :D

Anyways, this is wht i spent on the whole trip, go

Friday, January 02, 2009

Euro Trip I - in the middle of nowhere

so next destination was to get back into germany. cheapest ticket was to dusseldorf, we got that one. but we had to change trains in Cologne. But in Cologne, indra realized Cologne is closer to franfurt. So we ditched dusseldorf, and looked for the cheapest way to frankfurt.

Ok, direct trains was darned expensive. Cheapest option was to take a state group ticket to the border of the state, then a neighbouring state ticket that will take us to frankfurt (cos frankfurt is in that neighboring state).

But that will require us to change trains 4 times, but wht the heck, we were broke, and it's a cheaper option than to go to dusseldorf 'cos the hostel there is very expensive.

Sampai Cologne, ambik gambar luar train station buat bukti... hehehe.

So looking at the itinerary, the longest change will be at the third change, which is at the state border. we thought, ok, tahan lapar, kat situ baru mkn (thinking, it'd be just like the many other train stations we've been at). Alih2, there's nothing there, not even a human being...

Just the railway tracks, an abandoned house, a ticket machine and some cars (org tinggal sbb naik train kot). Hampeh, dah la lapar.

Anyway, dah in the middle of nowhere tu, amik je la gambar, just to make the best of the one-hour stuck in the freezing cold.

the view from the front

the view from the back, a creative work of art

view dari dalam (dalam apa pon aku tatau)

just hutan everywhere, kalu jerit, dgr echo

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Euro Trip I - Brussels

ok, so we didnt dig much info on brussels before going. we just decided to go there to avoid the high cost of everything in amsterdam. anyway, we arrived in brussels pretty late. once we arrived, we decided to check out the city.

And what greeted us was this square surrounded by beautiful castles unlike any buildings i've seen so far. This Grand Palace is majestic and gothic at the same time. Took several photos of it, but they turned out pretty blurry, so above is the clearest of them all. Btw, the pic doesn't do justice to the actual beauty of the buildings there.

Okay, so we heard the story about the kid who peed to put the flame out, and they made a statue of him. We went in search for the statue, and guess what? it's so tiny it's extremely easy to miss.

Anyway, we were dead tired from the bus trip from amsterdam, tian hua and ka hui decided to go back to the hostel. but for me, indra and ning, hey, it's new year's nite, let's celebrate (konon la). so we stayed out. too cold, we ran into mcD, had coffee, ngantok, then tingggg, it's 1145pm. jom, let's go the center of the city, the Grand Palace, to check out what's happening.

Manusiaaaaaa, banyaknya! of all ethnicity. Oh, brussels ni kan berbilang bangsa, pastu diorg ckp french, so that was fun 'cos i got to practise my french again, albeit they're less than 10 sentences. Almost everybody wanted to go to the square, the thing is, the square is a pretty confined area, lepas tu, dah byk manusia in there, so nak masuk, kena sekat polis. But somehow we managed to get in.

12 midnite! fireworks everywhere, but not at the Grand Palace, hampeh. so we ran out to search for the source of the fireworks just so that we could get a better view of them. So bersesak2 la kami pon. Tgh2 bersesak, ning sempat tangkap gmbar kami bersesak, sedar2 dlm gmbar ada budak kecik. ish ish ish, tak tido lagi budak ni.

Alas, we got closer to the fireworks, tp we only managed to get a side view of it, bole laaaa....

Mati2 aku ingat ning snap gambar, siap posing lg, rupa2 ambik video, hampeh!

so there, sama je cam new year kat kl, large crowds, fireworks, org mabuk2, org offering free hugs (siap sangkut poster "free hugs" kat dada, "no thanks", i told him), cuma bezanya sini omputih, tu je. heck, kalu fireworks tu, rasanya kat kl mmg lg grand aaaa pattern dia.

Okay, the morning, we're now sober. Had a bit of a hostel issue, but at last managed to settle it. Dah settle, more sightseeing, there, the Grand Palace in the morning.

The atomium

Glamer tu bapak aku kat Brussels.

Okay, this is our diet, the whole time we're in Brussels. this, and kebab, also at this fast food joint, The Sultan Kebab ke apatah namanya. It's pretty good, filling and most importantly, cheap!

Oh, btw, we stayed at the Bruegel Youth Hostel we think we got cheated by this girl with a keloid on her chest. we didnt get her name. but on the first nite, we were charged non-member's rate, which makes sense 'cos we arent members, but on the receipt, it's the member's rate. i didnt notice it until the next day. hmmmm, i wonder where the 3 euro/person for all 5 of us went... her pocket?