Wednesday, February 25, 2009

i wonder if u feel the same - part 2

so i went to work on monday and checked my emails. one of them was asking me to bg jawapan on whether aku nak review this one paper ke idak. aik, apa ni? aku login website dia, nak check sapa yg rekomen nama aku ni. eeeessshhh, sapa lg. cam x serik2 je mamat ni.

after that one incident tu, aku ingat dia dah insaf dah, tp rupa2nya idak gak. So aku g confront dia tanya td, aku ckp la, aku x layak kot, ni lak konf i*ee yg high profile ni, sapa la aku nak comment keje org. for all i know, author ni dah bertahun buat research, aku ni topic pon blum ada. pastu dia pon suruh gak, dia kata nanti keje aku pon org review gak, ni la caranya aku nak jd ahli community research yg berjasa. aduh... anyway, sbb dia yg designate aku, dia yg responsible, nanti sebelum aku key-in comment, jumpa la dia dulu, bole sama2 discuss... phewwww, bagus bagus bagus (and , i literally did say that, in english la tapi). hampeh, cam aku lak yg boss... oh, did i mention, SV aku ni sgt cool, weekend p skiing, g conf, kekadang dok tmpt backpacker. n kt german ni, bos2 cam x bossy sgt. terkejut aku time grupmate aku perli SV aku smpai dia malu, muncung mulut, koyak kertas n baling kat grupmate aku tu - mcm budak2! ni ha, geng2 asia cam aku n feng ni la yg segan bebenar dgn SV kami.

but i guess kalu x de progress tu, mmg logik la kot segan :D

on a lighter note, my Egyptian neighbor from downstairs bg kek. baik betol! the day after i got back from the hospital, dia dh bg lempeng, then i returned the plate (plate guesthouse je pon, x return pon xpe) with ciken wings with the hope tht her kids yg 4 org tu will like 'em, td dia bg kek lak. terhutang budi la aku camni.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

now i know...

went to the hospital today for a follow-up on my burn injury. stepped into the waiting room, took a seat, and was greeted by a man. looked up, ohhh, mamat ni, friendly betol, manjang senyum. not too long after tht, his partner, makcik bebel came into the room, and greeted me as well.

Waited for almost 2 hours, then was called into cabine 11. Being hospitalized for 5 days, i thought i knew all of the doctors there, but when i went into cabine 11, i wasa greeted by this tall, well-built man with neatly-trimmed beard and a deep masculine voice, and i was floored. eh , blum lg, it was actually after he spoke in english dgn a hint of american accent tu yg made me... ala2 star-struck. And this is where I start to write in malay-takot kantoi.

so sembang2 la. smbil dia dok rawat tangan ni, he asked wht happened, so aku citela. then i asked wht to do dgn hujung hidung yg merah ni. like other doctors before him, dia tergelak... lawak sgt ke hidung rudolph ni? tp he went a step further, siap buat lawak lg, ajuk konon2 aku g letak muka dlm periuk. wey! i almost died ok?

so aku tanya la, penah tgk kes serious cam aku ni? serious lg pon penah, dia kata... kat Afghanistan. what?? buat apa kat situ. Apparently, he's in the army. dah 2-3 kali g sana, may ni nak g lagi. dia general surgeon, sume bedah pon dia buat sbb dia sorg je pakar bedah kat situ. the nearest one pon 200-300km away from them. waaaa, patut la tinggi, tegap, janggut kemas, suara dalam dan cakap laju in an accentless english (ada skit2 american accent, bersenkongkol dgn us la kot).

dia tanya psl nama bapak aku yg conflicting tu, and lepas aku xplain, dia offered to sort it out. dia tanya blajar apa? aku ckp informatik. "oooo, a computer geek!" Sungguh la tidak. then, tanya lak aku dr india ke? heh? aku ckp malaysia la... oooh, dia kata dia penah backpack to thailand (cayala, so have i! double cayala, dia tau malaysia kt mana!), tp x smpai malaysia, dia cuba masuk ikot laut, tp time tu in 2000, ada military ops, so diorg x lepas, and it got me thinking, apehal dari thailand, nak ikot laut lak? pelik. anyway, tak heran la, sbb this was the first time aku sembang panjang lebar dgn doktor kat hospital ni sbb selalunya english diorg, although kemas n kekadang guna ayat bombastic (direct translation la ni), diorg sendiri cm x comfortable nak pakai. dia ni mmg confident gune n friendly lak tu.

selama dok sini, wonder gak mana lelaki2 jarman eye-candy yg gagah perkasa ni? now i know, dok kat hospital2 saje, dah berguni2 gakle aku dh jumpa.

aaahhh, 2 minggu lg nak kena g hospital lg, i wonder eye-candy jenis apa lak aku nak dpt? hihihihi...

Monday, February 16, 2009

moved again

but this time to another office room. They wanted to rearrange the members of the chair, and as the most expendable members, we were asked to move to another room. This one has less windows, but we use a different layout for our tables n chairs, and now we hv more space. I like it!

old room

new room - my desk is on the left

here it is. kosong... kan dah ckp xde progress :-(

Anyway, i missed isa's birthday party on valentine's day, wished her a good 30th bday today, and she told me everything went great, there were about 20 ppl there, and there were tons of leftovers. Then tobi went on and on about how great the party, and especially the food was, adoiiii, tension dengar. Oh well... with only one good hand, it can b hard to ride a bike, which was why i couldnt make it to the party. But i got sambal berlado, courtesy of indra, that was great too, too bad i had to eat it alone...

Friday, February 13, 2009

I was moved

so i moved again, to another room tht looks almost like the old one, but with some things missing. But tht's alright. Said that they need to repair the old room, and that will take a while (and will cost me a bomb) so it's better that i moved up here permanently. ok ok, whatever.

And as always, whenever i move to a new place it always snows, but this time, it wasnt very heavy, and the ones that stick to the tree sticks look like cute little cotton balls, so i took pictures of them.

anyway, went to the neighbor's house to inform her that im moving upstairs, right above the old room. Hana invited me in, served me pizza. Played a little with her kids. Amazing lady, seems pretty young, but has 4 kids. she and her hubby are currently doing their Post Doc.

anyway, when i was in the hospital, she told me they actually went to visit. They asked around for Frau Nordin, but the hospital doesnt have my name on record... alaaa, kesiannya... Had to tell her the confusion with the name thing. Oh well, but i'm touched, very! Dah la she accompanied me to the hospital the nite of the accident, she also came to visit, tp x dpt lak jumpa.

She asked for my full name, then for my nickname. Told her et, but emphasized that she's free to call me anything 'cos being an Egyptian and knowing Arabic, surely she'd know wht my name means and I didnt wanna her feel like, "apa la, nama elok2, panggil et". But she wasnt sure wht name to use, and she asked me for the name my mom uses to call me. i said et. The she said, "Ok then, i will call u et. Here, i'm like your mother, ok?" Awwww... can u ask for a better neighbor?

Saturday noon
and just a while ago, my neighbors of the old hostel, ning and indra came to visit. Ning brought some oranges and pastries while Indra brought his famous sambal berlado. Ahhh, i'm so touched. The timing was perfect, i was very hungry, havent had rice for almost a week. With the sambal, i cooked some rice right after they left, and gobbled up the pastry while waiting for it to cook. and again, awwww... can u ask for better ex-neighbors?

Sunday, February 08, 2009

hospitalized: part 4

last day in the hospital

at 530am, i got a call from sis back home telling me to go home, said tht they can better take care of me there. nah, it's ok, i'm fine here. i can walk, can talk, can think, can ride my bike (i think), really, im fine. hand may look hideous at tht moment, but think over time, it'll b fine again, insyaAllah.

we got a new roommate today, an elderly woman who seems a lil bit drowsy here lying in bed beside me, but nonetheless, still wanna talk. she asks questions after questions, curious to know wht's the deal with us, and makcik senyum had to answer all of them, even those she posed to me 'cos obviously i couldnt understand her. makcik senyum told her i had a cooking accident and tht im a student who speaks english with very little deutsch. mana diorg tau aku student pon aku tatau. guess im pretty well-known around here kot bcoz they dont get english-speaking patients very often, or so i was told.

aramak, makcik senyum g mana lama sgt ni, this lady just asked some questions, and i cud only answer her with a 'ich verstehe nicht' (i dont understand), pastu she went 'oh Gott' (oh, God). sama je cam makcik bebel hari tu, tp makcik bebel lg kronik, dia bgn tdo je, trus, 'oh, Gott', pastu, 'scheisse' (shit), tah pape je, tp she does leave a mark, she blah je trus bilik sunyi, terasa gak ler, tp aku suka gak, jiwa aku tenang skit ler, xde la rasa tertekan kena off lampu awal.

i noticed since yesterday, there was this very cute helper dtg keje. maybe he's here over the weekend je kot. tinggi, dark blond, permanently dgn 5 o'clock shadow, ear rings 2-3 biji, lip ring seketul, tp jarang senyum, lg la nmpak cool. tp mmg helpful la (duh, dah mmg keje dia). td, by some miracle, dia lepak lama kat bilik kami, bersihkan/mandikan the old lady. baiknya dia sembang2 sambil buat keje. dah la aku tgh mkn bfast, meja ngadap katil makcik tu, so nampak la mamat ni tertonggek2 kat depan ni. adoi, nak mkn pon aku jd susah concentrate, roti bulat ni pon dah nmpak mcm bontot dia. so buat kenang-kenangan, aku curi gmbr ni.

makcik baru ni mmg kesian, tua n helpless. aku nak tlg, tak reti. makcik senyum lak esok buat breast surgery. aku tanya surgery camne dah td aku nmpak dr lukis2 kt badan dia. dia kat diorg amik lemak perot nak letak kat tek esok. "wow, gut!" aku kata. lagi lebar dia senyum smbil angguk2. pastu kalu org ckp dgn aku, aku x paham, selalunya dia jawabkan, kalu dia tatau jawapan, dia tengok je muka aku, pastu angkat bahu pastu gelak. td tgh bilik sunyi, tetiba dgr bunyi air menitik, ahhhh, makcik baru tu kencing, makcik senyum siap ajuk bunyi air menitik lg, pastu senyum. kiut betol la la dia ni.

makcik baru, dia tgk laptop, dia tanya aku beli kat kaufland ke (cam tesco lebih kurang)? kaufland?? terkejut aku, aku ckp beli kat malaysia, dia terus garu kepala

makcik senyum mmg kiut, dia nampak dia kuar kat screen, trus dia babai babai, aku ckp,
belum lg, tunggu countdown 1, baru babai, by tht time, dia dah x babai dah

tp dia ni manjang tdo, makcik baru ni pula suka je tanya aku mcm2, terpaksa la aku belasah ckp. org ckp english dgn aku pon, dia tanya nak tau org tu ckp apa, berpeluh aku nak translate. tp dok sini, mmg berbaloi la kot aku miss 2 class deutsch minggu ni. siap sorg nurse tua ni declare lg, "i just hate the english language" tp dlm english, terasa gak dia ckp camtu dgn aku.

anyway, i've packed my bag and im already in my t-shirt, excited to leave, just waiting for the doctor to come with the (hopefully) good news...
ok, got the good news. waiting for lunch n the letter for my personal doctor...

Monday, February 02, 2009


so nvidia card in my notebook finally died this morning. Just at the right time that i'd hoped it would. I knew from the flickers, and the sudden blue screen, and change of color, that this day would come, and for it to happen on a Monday morning is a blessing, 'cos then i wouldnt have a whole weekend to endure without a computer (provided they return it b4 this coming weekend).

Now how did I come to anticipate this, well, let's see... it's the no 1 most common problem with XPS 1330!!! (google it if u dont believe me). stoopid stoopid stoopid! why did i waste my money on some so-called top-of-the-line multimedia experience? i should've gone with a cheaper, bulkier, older model that has proven to work despite of everything.

What makes me even more furious is the fact that DELL just keeps on changing the mobo or the graphic card, and then what? They think the problem wont happen again? Come on, u have made a mistake in using NVidia, own up to it. Let us return it, and give us full refund.

I've read on forums of ppl having their graphic cards changed up to 3 times, (God forbids) now that could be me too. I mean, ain't it stoopid to keep changing them over and over again like that. wouldnt' tht cost them a lot money? I mean, it's clear they are aware of this problem, otherwise, they wouldnt add a 12-month warranty just for this problem, so give us other options.

Ok, so what option do i have?
one option is to downgrade to an integrated card ('cos that's the only other card that it can use), but hey, I've paid good money for the gfx card -> if i take this option, i want that money back!
option 2, resell it, now who would wanna buy a notebook with a well-known prob like this.
option 3, throw it out of the window and straight into the drain.
option 4, live with it until the warranty expires and u hv no support, sell any parts that u could salvage, then throw it out of the window and into the drain, which could happen at about 11 months from now 'cos apparently DELL Germany says that i get only 5-month extended warranty (wht? 5 months, i thought DELL says 12???)... and with this option, it'd mean RM5164 DELL xps 1330 has a lifetime of 1 year and 5 months only, nice job DELL, at sucking money out of us stupid DELL users!!! *clap*

I feel sick just thinking of my options. Heck, I've even started browsing for a cheapo new notebook. Adoiii, pening, and i still havent got my allowance :(

To those having xps machine, dont worry too much if u're not using Nvidia 8400/8600 card, or if u're using their xps desktop, u pretty much got nothing to worry about. It's their laptop models that are flawed. Think they had little knowledge on making tiny notebooks, but still they went ahead producing them without adequate QC. And to those having HP or Mac or some other brands with these cards, just be prepared. And to those with xps 1330 thinking it couldnt/wouldnt happen to u, hey, i was once naive just like u, and if u're not as lucky, this will happen right after yr warranty expires (no kidding, there're many of those out there, just google it).

Think i will need to do a copper mod when i get it back... maybe i'll get tobi to help with it... again. I feel so bad having to turn to him with my problems, but what can i do, I cant speak german with the Cust Service guy. Nasib ada roommate baik, selalu offer nak tolong (geng yg selalu tlg org keja sendiri sangkot la ni), heck in some ways, he's almost like my old roommie. they're the same age, kalu kuar bilik tu, selalu lupa barang pastu balik bilik, kalu cakap tu, selalu tak stop2 unlike bilik2 lain with 2 ppl yang manjang sunyi sepi.

Anyway, going back to my prob, and looking at the bright side. Now, i'm forced to spend more time in the office, it's 720pm, and i'm still here alone (wow, it's a miracle), misappropriating the usage of the facilities in the uni (duh, like i've never done it before eh?). And although I cant really say anything much about DELL service ('cos they'd only b here to pick it up tomorrow), I'm glad i'm in Germany and it happens here. If i were in some other country, i'd have to transfer the service tag to europe tag b4 they'd come for it, and that cud take weeks up to months, or if i were in Malaysia, they'd help to troubleshoot it, then take dayssss b4 coming (and Malaysia houses one of the very few IT support centers outside the US (trust me, calls in Asia get directed to them), apekehal ni, tido ka??). But here, i called, they said they'll come tomorrow, and told me (thru tobi of course) to transfer the service tag as soon as possible, now that German efficiency for u. But as far as how well they're gonna fix the prob, we'll just have to wait and see. And the 5-month instead of the 12-month warranty? gotta call Malaysia for that.

sedih la sedih. xps 1330 is supposedly a high-end model. nasib beli kat malaysia, 5k je, geng kat negara lain, ada yg kena sampai USD2k++, dunno with wht upgrades la, tp upgrades dont matter if the laptops dont work. Now, I honestly dont know whom to blame, NVidia for making this crappy card, or DELL for using it, but all i know they're both responsible for making our lives a living hell!

Sunday, February 01, 2009


so after looking at a friend's online photo album, i got hit by the same bug that's been hitting me every few years for the past 8-9 years.


but after some soul-searching (i.e. googling the actual capabilities of my camera), i decided to put the plan on hold, 'cos today was the day i realized that my old trusted Canon A520 compact camera is actually worthy of the price of a high-end semi-compact camera that it was (in 2005 that is)... so no dslr for now, or at least until i got my allowance :D