Friday, March 20, 2009


in germany, lots of people ride the bicycles so much so that they have workshops for people to repair them. But u see, the service charges are dang expensive, so when u go these workshops, u can use the tools there and repair yr bike urself. But of course, there are people working there, but they only offer advice, help a bit here and there, and walk around like a foreman overseeing their workers. now, u might think, "ah, who doesnt know how to repair a bike?". here, a simple one-gear (meaning u cannot change it la) bike can have many other specs tht will differentiate it from another one-gear bike, and one feature i like about them is tht when u back-pedal them, the back wheel stops turning, there are other features too, never noticed them before until we were told about them at the workshop, tht's german ingenuity for you.

now, i didnt know about the workshop until today when we went to one to repair our bikes. My bike was missing a screw causing the mudguard to hit the back wheel when it was turning and it made a lot of noise, and the long term effect could be bad, and my front light wasnt working, cud be the dynamo, the light, i didnt know.

xiaolei had a bigger problem. her bike jerked everytime she started pedaling, so tht was dangerous and hai peng's bike had a problem tht i simply dont know how to describe in english or malay or deutsch, cos i dont know wht those bicycle parts are called.

now, when u go to these places, if u know the prob, u take the tools u need and fix it yrself and then u blah, if u want to donate some money or buy them some food, u may do so. if u take any big parts, then u pay. if u ask them to repair it for u, then u also pay.

But we fixed our bikes ourselves - jimatttt. hai peng dok kena arah2 cam kuli batak when repairing his bike (kan dah ckp diorg ni cam mandur padahal repair bike sendiri, ikot je la dah nak diorg nye expert advice). but for me and xiaolei, we got some help, kesian kot tgk 2 ekor budak ppuan terkial2.

my prob was a simple one. xiaolei's required her to take the back wheel apart (literally, ok?), sandpaper the inside shaft, grease it, and put it back on. it was a dirty job so much so tht they told her to wear a lab coat kinda thingy before she started doing anything. But she was lucly, she got this one man to help her. He did 90% of the job for her, and on top of that, he's friendly and funny, and talks non-stop, and speaks perfect english with an irish accent (irish??).

So while he was helping her, we chatted. he told us tht he's recovering from an arm injury tht he got after falling on ice last month. tht aggravated an old injury on the other arm. so when tht happened, he went and looked for this one specialist in munich, they did an MR... he paused like he wasnt very sure we'd understand, and i asked "I?", he went, "yeah, they call it MRT here", (see, i know MRI, tgk house la ni) and found tht 2 of his tendons from the old injury were gone. so the doc sewed something to the bone, and he said tht it's a excellent piece of work, something tht he could never get back in his home country. which i thot was weird if he's from ireland (tht's in the GREAT britain, ok?) so he told me about his physiotherapy, and not to be outdone, i told him about mine tht i had to do after my hand got burned (padahal, bukak tutup tangan je, nak cite gak tu... hehehe). Then suddenly, tgh dok sembang ni, he turned to me and went, "ur english is really good, where did u learn to speak like tht? where did u come from?" Terkembang kejap, irishman lak yg ckp camtu, or so i thot irish la kan. "errrrr... from school?". so i told him i'm from malaysia. so i asked him where he's from, just to confirm my suspicion. Told me tht he's from the Caribbean. Granada actually, (aik, org granada ckp english ka?) then he moved to st. lucia. why he speaks like tht? his mom was adamant tht they speak proper english, and it was actually his grandmother tht was from ireland. "Aha! no wonder u sound irish!"- punya la panjang cite keluarga dia, baru nak confirm my suspicion tu. Tapi, caribbean tu kan dah best, pehal dtg sini, i asked. A wife and 2 kids, and the excellent medical treatment.

So i told him tht i heard it's nice and warm there. "ahhh, yes, it is. all throughout the year"... to which i replied, "hehehehe, just like in malaysia" (kempen sikit). "ahhh, yess", he said. apparently, he knows a bit about malaysia 'cos a classmate from his german course is a malaysian.

so begitu la ceritanya. but it wasnt him who helped me with my bike. it was the big, garang, smoke-tak-stop boss. he explained about the mechanics of the dynamo, about how theoretical axis affects its performance etc etc. so while we were busy discussing about the problem with the dynamo, xiaolei ni pon nak kecoh2 gak. so while we were discussing, the word dynamo word came up over and over again, minah ni pon sibok dynamo this dynamo that, but once the big guy left me to repair my bike, xiaolei asked, almost in a whisper, "what is a dynamo?", adoiiiiii...

After we were done with the bikes, we went grocery shopping at kaufland. xiaolei, as usual, got some more questions to ask, she asked me for the details of his injury, the guy talked so fast and he was facing me at the time, so she couldnt really catch what he was saying. loooorrr, yg dia dok angguk2 tu, ingatkan faham. Then she asked me, "where is he from?"
"From the caribbean, remember, he said he's from grenada.", i answered.
"Grenada? where is that, i only know canada."

errrrrrrrrrrr... ok

Thursday, March 19, 2009

revenge is not sweet when you're on the receiving end

so we learned imperativ today. for those who are not in the know like i was, imperative tu is like ayat mengarah la, like "Makan!" "Pegi tidor!", camtu la.

So in german, there are 3 forms, for 1 person, 2 persons and many persons. So one by one, we were asked to ask someone in the class to do something. There were several examples on the board, and the words were, "Give, stand up, touch, go", and mind you, i didnt know all of them (punya la terok vocab aku ni, dah mmg antara paling slow dlm class, nak buat camne)

So when it came to my turn, i was like, hmmmm, so whom shall i ask, dah la i didnt exactly know how to pronounce their names, takkan nak panggil denisse kot, asyik2 aku target dia je 'cos i knew her and emilio since last sem. so i chose osama (come one, how could u forget someone with a name like this, kan?), so, okay "Osama!" errr, nak suruh buat apa ek, "hmmmm...Nimmt!" tu pon sbb nimmt ada atas white board, padahal maksud pun tatau, then i asked zaynab kat sebelah, she told me it means 'touch'. Okay, nak suruh touch apa ni? Hmmmm, aha! Dgn gagap2nya, aku sambung "Nimmt" dgn example dlm chapter pasal warna baju yg dah mmg ada dlm buku "Nimmt den Mann mit dem roten Pullover!" Terpinga2 osama dengar cam tak percaya, 'cos it translates into "Touch the man tht wears the read pullover", dah pulak yg pakai pullover tu just happened to sit beside him n the guy is a bit of a homophobe (sbb sebelum ni time belajar buat jemputan, osama n yuki-a japanese guy invited him to their party, and he made a face and was, "yeck, gay party, nooo") hehehehe. Kelas pon terburst out gelak gak la sbb tak sangka aku suruh buat camtu, padahal aku sambung2 example kat buku n papan utk buat ayat je, siap khaled was like, "yeah, that's what i'm talking about" - mamat ni american skit. But osama was cool, he just touched jela.

Pastu, it came to osama's turn, the instrustor said, call yuki (who was sitting beside me) but at the same time, he was already calling me out, and i was like Aramak! revenge time! But because yuki pon dah kena panggil, he was like, ok, together la, "yuki und eti (yuki and eti)!" "steht auf (berdiri)!" "Tanzt (Joget)!" Chitz, bergelek la kami duorang dlm kelas, hampeh! tp nasib la yuki kena panggil skali, kalu tak, lagi malu, aku joget sorg2....

then on the way back, aku kan byk chinese frens here kan, so i cycled with this one guy tht i still dont know the name of. but he was in my simulation class, and he's friendly. So he showed me his hostel as we were passing it, and he was like, aaa, "kita dok dekat je (translated dah ni), so maybe one day we can have lunch together" (so i was thinking, nice, i like company), "or cook together" (oh, hahahaha, org cine suka betol masak ramai2, terus i was reminded of ning, the king of cookery - based of my experience of hanging out with him, mesti je nak masak) to which i simply replied, "heh, cook? errr, errr, errr ok". Eeeshhhh, lawak lawak, tengokla, tp rasanya kalu masak tu, tak kot... tu je selingan, sbb terasa lawak, culture diorg ni mmg suka main masak2 ramai2 kot...


so we had a farewell get-together for takahiro yesterday, it was nice meeting those guys from the deutsch course, what made it even more special was tht our instructor was also there. So we had a chance to really get to know each other. Not tht we didnt know anything about our other classmates in class, we did (u know, how u always learn to ask for names, address, country of origin when u learn a new language), but we didnt really know each of our characters in an informal setting, so that was a nice chance to do just that.

Plus, it it wasnt for the party, i wouldnt have joined xiaolei and her friends to the Berg (hill) and watch the sunset. No, it wasnt all that great, it was dang tiring considering tht the last time i climbed one was... eh, tht was just last year during BTN... hahahaha, guess my stamina is just dang terok now :p but the hill sure was veryyy serene :D

anyway, i had a nice time last nite, got to know our instructor better. I also found out tht takahiro will be going back soon, and he was here on sabbatical and apparently, he's an associate prof back in japan! and yet he looks so young, these japaneseeee.... i wonder wht's in their genes *jealous*. i've also gotten pretty buddy buddy with xiaolei, funny girl she is, kelam-kabut, much like a close someody i know back home. xiaolei is forever curious, always has something to ask, and something to say too, only 25, but already married- right before she came here, just their way of making sure tht she doesnt run off with some other guy here, i guess :D and u know how there are so many bicycles in china, surprising, she only started learning to ride one here.

think it's probably of the language, u know how ppl say tht language is a form of expression, tp when she said tht i'm beautifool tu, i was shocked beyond words, like biar betol? lagi satu when she said, "i'm sure many people pursued you, right?" pursue tuuu!!! hahahaha, terkejut aku! ngarot makcik ni. lagi satu, when i told her my age, she was like, "Haaaa!!! i thought you were 10 yrs younger". She even prevented me to answer if someone asks me for my age, dia ni selalu cakap benda pelik2.

emilio is another weird one. he doesnt talk much in english, 'cos he said he only started using english when he came to germany. but i've always found him a little... hmmmm, lost. like sometimes in class, we're asked to form a sentence, so most of us would ask questions that are relevant and similar to the example given, but him, he'd just ask something tht's like totally out of the blue, not tht it's wrong, but just... a little out of rythm. last nite was another example, xiaolei and Ms. rogers were talking about something, since i was in the middle there, i just listened to them talking, he listened too, but then suddenly, he passed me his mobile and said, "tht's spanien food... bla bla bla, tapas..bla bla", errrr, ok, maybe he just got bored listening, or maybe he thought i got bored, but i was a little actually :D 'cos it didnt involve me, but what he did in the middle of their conversation just caught me by surprise.

well, all in all, i had a nice time. many of them will be going home soon, most of them are exchange students, so tht's too bad. but to have known them, that's nice :D

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

a new haircut in a new Land

so I had my hair cut today.
actually, I wanted to have it done yesterday.

So yesterday, after weeks of gathering enough courage to do it, i marched to the salon, and tup tup, they were fully booked for the day. If i still wanted it, kena buat appointment dulu, chitz! Since I was already there, bole laaaaaa...

so today, after some Q&As, I got myself the cheapest deal they have. A full wash, cut, blow package costs 29 Euro. I got myself the wash-myself, they-cut, blow-just-enough-for-it-not-to-look-wet package with a 10% student discount which cost 15.30 Euro. Mind you that's the cheapest which could get me the service of a professional stylist in Malaysia (my Syrian classmate's jaw dropped when she heard it's 15.30), but then again, kenot convert la kan. And in fact, I think this is not too expensive la compared to some other salons in town.

Tu je la, the service as usual was warm and friendly. They offered me something to drink (heck, Kimarie gave me something to drink too, rm25 je), but I declined, dah nak terkencing gabra takot gak kot-kot they'd mutilate my hair, nak minum? takyah la...

The girl who did my hair did some tricks I've never seen before, and the end result isn't so bad. But all in all, I think I'd still prefer Sun from Hair1*1Solution. She's a pro who cuts at the best price in town at a speed that'd make u think tht she's late for a appointment or something, but really, she's tht good, she's fast simply because she's a pro. But I guess, for now, I'd have to settle for what I can afford, but come December, if all goes well, think maybe I'll go pay Sun a visit again :D

Sunday, March 15, 2009

dah lagiiiiiiiiiiiii...

so i woke up on saturday, craving for cream puff (cam tau2 je hari apa cravings nak muncul ek?) so I made some.

before masuk filling

but not having the right ingredients for the filling, i used pudding mix instead, so jd la pudding cream puff instead. maybe next time, i'll make a proper filling, this time, they're not exactly cream puff, tp xpe, janji sedap enough for me :D

dah masuk filling

ni apa hal, dok dlm fridge pon nak amik gambar. saja, suka sbb cute n gebu

and last friday nite, i chatted with noris about the chicken cola, and somehow, just talking about it got my salive going, and i decided there and then to make some immediately, and so i did.

and as mentioned, all it takes are some cola (i used a generic brand) and a thick chinese soya sauce (optional, it's just for the color)

i made only 3 pieces of wings, 'cos one was a leftover from last week's ciken, and the other 2 were from this week's ciken

and i let it simmer till the sauce thickened, and u can eat it right away. tastes like bbq ciken.

but i like to take the wings out, coat it with some flour + rempah2 sesuka hati, fry it and then drizzle it with the thick cola gravy... sedappppp

tak abih lg ni, u see, on weekends, i normally make enough lauk to last the whole week, 'cos during lunch, i dont normally hv enough time to cook properly. So this week, tetiba, teringat kat the kuzi karimi brought to my potluck bukak puasa that he so labored over the whole day. Teringat punya teringat, i figured, ahhhh, bolela, and despite the lack of ingredients, I made that too, berejam gak ler, abih almond setengah packet, tp janji puas hati. No pictures though, sbb periuk comot, tak cantik, and besides, sapa la yg x penah tgk ayam kuzi kan...
who am i kidding? i'm re-discovering what my camera can do, and re-loving it. here, see what it can do...

aku rasa aku sorg je kot yg rasa gmbr ni berseni... hehehehe

Monday, March 09, 2009


so on monday, i went to the first session of the German language intensive course... and i couldnt understand shit!

u see, last week, we had a placement test. and by some miracle (or perhaps, mishap), i outdid myself and landed in class level C. Now, last semester, I participated in the beginners' class A, so logically, my German competency should be good enough only for level B, but 'being naturally good' (konon ler) at learning new languages, I skipped one level and padan muka, got into level C.

So throughout that 3 1/2 hours, i just sat quietly trying to decipher every single little word spoken by everyone in the class, and guess what, i think i understood like maybe only 20% of it. So, after the class, I asked to be moved down 1 level from today onwards. And the weird thing, was, I saw the name list of the attendees in the C class, there were many others who wanted to move to a different class, but instead of going down, they wanted go up, heck, in the list, i was the only one who wanted to go down... berani betol diorg ni. oh well...

ning n xiaolei from the class last sem were placed in class A, kesian... mengulang, dah la this intensive course is damn expensive (at 320 euro for 1 month), diorg kena belajar A B C balik. I told them to ask them to let them move 1 level up, tp tak dapat.

anyway, as usually, i was the only malaysian in class (maybe even Erlangen, aaarghhh), and the first thing i did when i got into the new was to introduce myself - name, country of origin, spoken languages, age, hobby etc. Then we did several exercises, then the instructor asked us to describe another person in tht class. So, with me, it just so happened that this hungarian guy had to describe me. so he went, "that is noor....ti, she is from malaysia, she is .. years old, she speaks errr... Japanesisch". Apekebende ni? Tergelak sume org, especially me and this one japanese guy. Sedihnya, malaysia is so unknown.

And later, during the break, me and denise (a mexican girl) chatted with a bunch of Syrian girls. One of them forgot where Im from, she looked at denise and asked me, "So you're also from Mexico?" Denise yg dok kunyah apple terkejut smpai tersedak... hampeh!

But all in all, i'm learning many new things in this class. so tht's great! Another good development was that after registering with the Sprach*uo website like 3 months ago, I finally received an email from them notifying me that there's a person who wants to practise his English with me and in exchange, he will help me with my German. Yahooo!!! I'm so excited. So since yesterday, we've been exchanging emails, and hopefully, we can start practising the languages soon. Dont know how good his German is though, considering that he's Italian, but wht the hey, as long as I get to practise my Deutsch with a willing partner, I'm happy :D

Sunday, March 08, 2009

... dan lagi...

blame it on you guys for giving me ideas...hehehehe

ikan bilis mahal! tak heran, beli gak. sekali sekala kan...

laksa yg xde rupa laksa.
dah mkn half-way pon nak amik gambar gak, takpe, buat kenangan

so that was how i spent my weekend, bet yours was much more interesting ;-)

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

makan lagi

so i woke up last saturday morning, craving for soto. good thing it was a saturday, so i cycled to town, bought some ingredients and tadaaaaaa...

soto student, a very simplified version, but good enough to satisfy my cravings... made a whole bunch of it, still eating it today. pelik2 betol eh the kind of cravings u get when u're far from home, wonder what else i would crave for after this...