Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I'm sure many of u have already known about this, I just knew about it today. Well, if u're interested to know how much you owe the govt, check this out

Cuak gak tgk amount dia, tp nasib aku study kat germany. kira kalu nak quit skarang, mampu la lg bayar blk in one shot, cumanye tak travel la for the next few years. Tp kalu kena byr blk gaji... uish, merana gak ler...

okla... aku baru tau, sapa pon x ckp, manala nak tau. Lg best, i bet byk lg rules/procedures and wht-not yg aku tatau sbb aku tatau apa yg aku tatau, sbb sapa pon x ckp. Dah sebatang kara kat sini, berita pon lmbat sampai, kalu tau pon sbb blog-hop or FB korg2. Dah tu aku mmg hari2 dok melanguk tgk movie, tu pon kalu dah mmg tarak sapa available nak chat.

Anyway, channel byk sgt pilihan. BUT today, i found one yg mmg kena la dgn aspect ratio laptop aku ni. 16:10 is the in-thing right now, even youtube is converting to it, tp byk org2 yg upload belom ikot sgt lg. TP channel yg marathon harry potter ni mmg pakai, HD quality lak tu, mmg puass hati (tu pon kalu aku minat harry potter la). But because the it takes up thhe whole screen, resolution cantek, aku tgk gak ler.

cun tak cun? beli dvd pon kekadang x dpt camni (yes, im talking to you, mary :p)

Monday, July 20, 2009


just when i thought i was gonna have the same thing i've been having for the past one week for dinner,

simple and quick, no it's not maggi mee, but close enough

my egyptian neighbor came knocking on the door and gave me this... awwwwwwwww, baiknya :D

dalam sibuk buat post-doc and menjaga anak 4 org, sempat lg dia mengepal daging dan memasak nasi berwarna-warni

Tak dapat mknan morocco, mknan mesir pon jadila... dua2 north africa gak kan...

Saturday, July 11, 2009


I got a younger sister who loves good food (who doesn't?) She also loves to cook, and is one damn good cook. Ever since she was a young girl, she has always loved to try out new recipes. Every time there's a special occasion, she'd be in the kitchen all day. Every raya, she'd make the cookies and the soto for the guests. Even when there's a death in the family and everybody would be so lost as to what to do, she'd be the one to go out, get the ingredients and make sure everybody gets something to eat (with me as the sidekick tukang potong bawang, of course!)

And in the past one year or so, she'd been sharing a secret and asking me for ideas and opinions, and last week, the secret was out. Amidst the tears, pain and heartaches (literally for all 3, ok? no kidding!), and surviving bureaucracy and being cheated (and her partner being mugged and being punched the living daylights ouf of by a bunch of budak2 tak guna in the middle of bukit bintang just days before the big day, apa la nak jd dengan bangsa kita ni? I'm sad :-( ), all her efforts have finally materialized.

So, without further beating around the bush, and in support of my sister, I'd like to invite you to my sister's restaurant. The name is Ourika Restaurant and Cafe. It's a restaurant serving Moroccan, Mediterranean and Malay food with the chef specially flown in from abroad (yg malay food tu chefnya malaysian ler). The address is 86 & 88 jalan bukit bintang. I honestly dont know its exact location, just that it's behind KFC.

This is the only pic of the restaurant that i got. Got some of the interior, looks really cozy and colorful (in the middle eastern kinda way), but the pics are a bit too grainy, so i decided not to post them up here.

As for the food, I believe the pizza must be really really good. A few weeks ago, she called me in the middle of the day just to tell me that she had just tasted the pizza tht the chef demostrated to them, and it's the best pizza she had ever tasted. Knowing her, I know it must be true. We've always been looking for good food for like forever, and would go and try it out together everytime we think we've found one, and I can say all those that she'd recommended to me were all very good, and we'd end up going to the same place over and over again (except for the uncle jual laksa nyonya kat sri petaling sbb dia dah balik penang :-( )

The menu. I'm surprised the food arent too expensive considering the ingredients used

I wish I could be there to try out the food myself, but i'm so far away. But for you guys, maybe u can. I got the menu here, u can check it out yourselves. It's not the complete menu, this is more like the 'sneak preview' of what they have in store in the future.

BUT, if you go before the 16th this month, you'd get 20% off, just tell them I recommend you to go there.

Ourika salad

Sbata salad. Cant say much about salad as Im not really into veges :D


zaalook. Dah la double a, double o lak tu.

She used to make bastilla for me. I liked it, it has meat in it, and is somewhat a little sweet (weird combination, but it works), but hers never looked as good as this. Bet this one tastes ever better.

cous cous salad. I like cous cous, like the feel of it on my tongue.

foul foul salad

Hummus. If you've watched zohan, u know what this is :D I've tasted it before, but this sure is the cutest hummus ever!



Ok, so I only got mostly the salads. I'll update as and when I got more pics.

As to what is good? The chef's recommendation is of course the pizza. But I was told the nasi lemak is awesome too. I love the tajine my sister made me, i remember raving about it to Wan once. So this one must be good. It's a bit expensive though, but it's really good. But as for everything else, u gotta ask the waiter, or if you know my sister personally, just ask wanie yourself, just don't call her by her nick name ;-)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer hike in Lillachquelle

Department aku rajin betolla buat outdoor activity. Kalu time kat malaysia dulu, paling ganaz ada la family day and team building, tp kat sini adoiiiii... selalu sgt mcm2 smpai aku pon dah x segan nak main skip je. Since aku dtg la, aku ingat dah ada feuerzangenbowle, grillfest, party celebrate founder dept kami, xmas dinner la, dinner conference dept la, mkn2 cake tu selalu sgt sbb birthday boy/girl wajib bawak cake or kalu baru blk from conference/ balik negara tu, kekadang org tu bawak mknan from tmpt tu so mkn2 la kat pantry, dan yg terbaru, hiking 13km. Jauh tu!

Memula tu, ingat nak ponteng je memandangkan jauh gilerrr n mungkin ujan, tp since grillfest the previous week tu dah ponteng tanpa sbb, so g je la dgn hati yg sgt berat. Bukan apa, diorg sembang aku tak phm, dah tu hari jumaat, kalu x g kira cuti free, dan yg paling penting sekali, aku segan babe, takde progress, tp bab enjoy muncul lak arghhhhh...

Tp akhirnya, tebalkan muka, g gak. Kami hike kat Lillachquelle, it's part of the Fraenkische Schweiz. Katanya cantek seperti di Switzerland la. Org dulu2 kalu lawa je, cam romantik skit, trus compare dgn Swiz, tu psl nama tmpt ni (kalu translate la) Franconia Switzerland, ntah pape je.

Anyway, gila bosan kena jalan x stop2. Nasib x panas, kekadang sejuk, so x la penat sgt, aku ingat ada 3-4 kali je stop, tu pon sbb takot geng paling belakang tertinggal (aku la yg dlm geng tu, walopon cuba nak jln cepat, manjang je kena potong. kalo la org tau aku dulu kaki panjat gunug, memalukan je!)

Anyway, cuak gak awal2 dgr hiking 13 km naik turun bukit. Alih2 alahaiii... hiking tanah rata 60% of the time, dah tu, kekadang lalu perkampungan (bukan kampung org asli, ok? kampung diorg modern). Tp yg best time lalu kebun org, aku tatau la apa hukumnya, tp aku tgk makcik dept aku petik buah makan, aku pon join la sekaki (another reason aku selalu kena tinggal).

lepak bersembang jap, sebelum meneruskan perjalanan

kebun buah-buahan

anjing scretary dept aku. Besar n manja, penat aku mengelak.

Pastu penat2 jalan, adad mkn free lak, syoknya aku tgk lutut gedabak yg member aku mkn, mmg nampak sedap, tp alas, tu lutut babi. aku mkn ikan je la, seperti biasa.

lepas mkn, adjust perot. spasticnya aku... suma terkejut aku pakai slipar, tp tapak teva orait for hiking, so tak heran la wht other ppl say

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Mraz in Stuttgart

So I went Karlsruhe and stayed at my friend's house. This friend pon ni la baru first time jumpa, nasib dia pon layan Mraz, so apa lagi, jalan aaaa.

First day there was a Sunday, with nothing to do, I decided to borrow her bike, venture out on my own. From Google Map, I saw a lake, so I went to look for it. Mmg dekat siout! Like only 2.5 km away je, lalu wheat field (wheat kot), cantek je, cam sawah padi.

Tasik kecik je, ada 2-3 tasik, tp taik binatang bersepah, jalan kena hati2. ada org bermandi-manda la, apa lg. Makcik topless pon ada, body maintain lg la, dgn family dia. Tgk org, rasa cam nak jump in je, tp takpe la, some other time la kot.

Second day tu, g Metzingen city. city ni terkenal dgn factory-factory outletnys. This is where Hugo Boss originated from, so outlet dia mmg sgt la besar. Kalu kaya mmg best shopping sini. Kalu x kaya pon, syok gak pasang niat nak shopping. lupa amik gmbr, sempat amik sekeping je, tu pon amik time baru smpai, sebelum excited smpai lupa daratan.

Metzingen city. The little kid with the Spider-man cap led the way.

Petang tu, Nat, Nor and me went to the concert. Aku beli 3 tix je. Had I known Ani was coming n kids can enter for free, bole beli extra tix, bole dia n cute little Syamil join skali. Kesian diorg g KFC je while waiting for us.

Awal lg, org lepak2

It was an ok show. It was after all, to promote the new album, so lagu baru2 byk, aku tatau sgt. I know and love mostly the old ones, this new album cam mellow semacam je. Tp ada la yg ok2, sbb lyrics dia mmg ok2, so tht, i like.

Tp pelik org German ni x ramai kenal dia. 3-4 org aku tanya tak kenal. Sure, they've heard the songs, tp nama tak kenal. Tu pasal, concert venue tak full pon. Rasa relax je.

Tetapi, time ujung2 concert, dah after the 'we want more!' tu, hujan turun, mmg cue suruh balik la tu. Mencurah, bertempiaran gak la semua org. Senang Mraz nak halau org balik, takyah acah2 pon org cabut lari.

So before naik train, dah basah n kesejukan, cepat2 kami tukar pakai baju n jeans baru. Nasib sempat shopping dulu... hehehehe

3 org byk ni je? Tak la shop sakan pon. Mana taknya, 2 org elaun tak masuk lg, sorg tgh jobless.. hehehehe

2 beradik yg tak sama langsung, dagu je sama

Rambut basah bukan peluh, tu ujan punya pasal. With Syamil, dah almost midnite, dia pon dah layu, kesian dia...

Saturday, July 04, 2009


maksudnya opportunity to carpool/share train tix (cam tu lebih kurang). so i had my first one today. Actually, dah pernah pon, last month, we shared the trip to koenigsee with this one guy. i advertised it, and he contacted me, so we split the price of the tix 3 ways, jimat skit.
Kali ni, aku tumpang keta sorg mamat ni to go to my fren's house kat karlsruhe yg almost 300km away. Kalau beli train tix, dah 29 Euro. Tupang mamat ni, bayar 15 Euro je.
Takot gak asalnya, dah tak kenal, naik keta dia lak tu. Dah la tak reti ckp german. Tapi kat meeting point tu, met another girl who apparently pon nak tumpang the same car. So, ada mamat tu and his fren, and the 2 of us, girls.
Diorg sembang2, aku dah x faham, so pura2 tido. Anyway, since i was the last one yg dia nak drop off, kenala sembang2. Sembang2 dgn mamat tu, dia oraits gak, dah travel merata kat Asia. So tht's one thing in common we can talk about.
So overall, it was a cheap n safe experience, think maybe i'll do it again.