Tuesday, September 29, 2009

my first research-related post

i had a meeting with my SV yesterday.
So we discussed the sub-component of the scheme I proposed. It went alright laaa... tp he pointed out a big problem with the scheme that I overlooked, aduhhh, dok kami pikir2 kat setengah jam, last2 i said, "ok, back to the drawing board!" (meaning, i'll think of something and i'll let him know, tgk ok dak idea tu). Pastu aku cite gak problem2 yg aku x pasti camne nak solve, actually, ada la solution yg bole pakai yg aku simpan dlm poket, tp biasa la, takkan nak tunjuk sume, kot2 next meeting, aku xdak improvement, bole tunjuk solution ni. plus, aku rasa solution ni sgt bangang, so tunggu kasi cantek dulu. Tp when i told him about the problem, dia bg suggestion for the solution lak. Alaaa... dah kosong poket skarang.

Anyway, idea aku konon nak buat 2-hop broadcast, tp masalah yg aku teroverlook is kalu yg second hop tu sah2 collision tak ingat punya, sbb sume pon nak broadcast gak. Aku time pk idea tu terbayang mcm riak2 air gitu, tp x applicable lak kat network. So kena pk balik. Tp x bestnya, aku ni theoryyyy je, implementation langsung tarak yg jalan. Kalau analytical analysis ada pon ok lg, tu pon tarak. So discuss2 kat sejam lebih, kami sembang benda lain.

Dia ni baik, ckp pon baik2, nak kutuk pon cakap punya la berlapis sampai aku selalu x faham, kena suruh roommate translate. Anyway, dah tgk discussion went not too bad, aku mintak tolong isi progress report SLAB.

Dia tgk and said, 'oh, ni untuk tunjuk tht u've done something in the past one year, eh?' aku dgr, terus tergelak besaq 'cos we both know aku gerak lembap ya amat. Aku pon balas la, 'takyah excellent pon xpa, janji cukup dpt elaun pon dah ok." (jawab cam c$@%i, sbb aku sedar aku lembap sgt hahaha). Dia baca satu2, yg mana tak clear like required credit hours, courses etc aku tanya dia. Sampai part 'frequency of consultation', dia tanya aku, 'so, camne?'. Dia tanya lagi, 'ni yg dia cari aku ke aku cari dia?' Hmmmm... tu la masalahnya, dia ni selalu dtg bilik lepak2 dgn roommate aku, kekadang jumpa aku sekali, kekadang kejar aku, aku lak ada sesekali je cari dia, camne ni? Aku pon 'errr... seldom?' Dia tergelak, aku pon, 'suka hati la, ni kan SV punya section.' Aku pon sambung, 'Alaaa... ni formality, diorg nak gak tau apa cerita, nak make sure student tu is still alive.' Lg dia tergelak. Tp mmg betol pon kan, kekadang ada yg MIA pon. Kalu aku sponsor pon aku nak tau sume tu, xpela jalan slow awal2 ni, janji ultimately dpt PhD. Tp tu aaa, dalam aku merendah diri menghentam diri sendiri, dia ckp cam, 'takpe la, first year mmg selalu slow skit'... yela, i hope it's just the first year jela....

okla, skarang aku bersemangat skit, nak tingkatkan usaha, tp bg aku kasi siap membelog dulu :D

Friday, September 25, 2009

raya lagi

So I got bored, blog-hopped, saw some really mouth-watering dishes and figured, I want rendang and nasi kaler2 too. Hopped on my biked, got some briyani spices, made myself some raya dishes that I must say... wasnt too bad :D

So, there, I got me a rendang, like Nomee suggested, and tht colorful nasi dagang i saw at oyis' inspired me to make me some nasi ada kaler as well (no nasi dagang for me tho', heck, i dont even know how it tastes like)...

And I'm happy...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

kena marah - update

So kami kena marah hari tu, feeling bad, us, bebudak postgrad decided to make up to it. So one of us, mamat sorg ni g beli aaa hamper chocolate n a postcard, which kami sign ramai2. Hamper kiut je, mcm2 choc, rasanya dia beli pon pakai amik je, standard laki beli hadiah la. I saw one choc with a label 'china gunpowder', and when I asked wht it is, dia pon x sure, tp retorted tht maybe big boss can then use it to shoot us, eh eh buat lawak lak.

Anyway, dah ready, kami 9 org berkawadla g la bilik dia. Rasa lawak gile, x penah2 org buat. Ada staff ppuan sorg nampak, dia pon tgk kami pelik. Aku n isa (the other girl) pulak dok cuba tahan gelak, sbb mmg cheesy smcm pon ada gak. Smpai bilik, mamat yg beli hadiah tu la did all the talking, my roommie tukang pegang hadiah, kami semua berdiri tunjuk muka je. Boss rasanya was a bit surprised, but he seemed pleasantly surprised, so tht was nice :D

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya!!!

So I got confused, and celebrated eid a day earlier. I prepared some nice meals for myself on the eve of what i thought was raya, turned on justinTV and had a nice dinner...

The next morning, on Saturday, morning, went to my neighbor's house to ask about their plan on eid morning. They said they will hv to wait for tonite for the announcement, before they decide on anything. Eh, kejap, i know i fasted a day earlier (according to the german islamic council), technically, saturday was my raya, so logically, it should be confirmed tht sunday is raya in erlangen (erlangen is yet to obey the council's decision). So I checkd the internet, aramak, the council decides tht raya is also on sunday, which means tht those who go by the council have to fast for 30 days, which means saturday is still a fasting day, which means, although my neighbor knows that i fasted a day earlier, i must still not eat in public (even tho' i'm still 'bercuti'). tak paham? xpe.

anyway, she came to my room last nite and confirmed tht sunday is raya just like the rest of the world. nice! and we'd go to the arabische moschee at around 730 (punya la awal). There are 2 mosques here. One is the turkish mosque, the other for the arabs, or rather arab-speaking ppl dan lain-lain. They decided to go to tht one, 'cos it's multicultural, so more chances of meeting english speakers, and of course, arabic-speakers. There turkish one is bigger, 'cos there are many turks in germany (they were brought in as guest workers), but with only verses in Quran and the hadith being recited in Arabic, my neighbor feels this mosque would be a better place for us.

So all of us, segerombolan rode our bikes. The father, carrying 2 kids in the carriage tht's attached to the back of his bike. The other 2 kids, the mother and i rode our own bikes. When we got there, prayer had already started, and the room was super-packed. So I waited for the prayer to finish, and prayed on my own, and obliviously, missed the jemaah, but guess wht, got home, discovered, still 'bercuti'. hampeh!

anyway, the sermon was in arabic, i understood nothing. But after the sermon, there was a 'little' breakfast served in a form of a mix between normal mid-eastern food and german breakfast; pita bread, salami, 3 types cheese, 4 types of jams, honey and some beans gravy (a hit among the arabs and the one i didnt get to taste). They followed that up with some tea, then kuih2, cinnamon rolls, pastries etc tht's typical european, but this one, i like :D Even took some home, malu gak, but my neighbor insisted, said tht they might just throw it away.

first round of breakfast

tht's hanna with her 2 kids, the other 2 were with the father

hasni, the indonesian lady

Ok, the female jemaah. No malaysians, one indonesian, lucky me. why? 'cos this was also her first time at this mosque in her 23 years of living in germany. normally, she'd go to the one in nuremberg, it's bigger, even the students in erlangen prefer to go there. apa raaa... penuhkanlah masjid kat sini dulu.

Anyway, i met several other students, like 7 of them... hehehe, tak ramai. but at least, there are some. lepak2, sembang2, but u know wht, language is still a major barrier, susah to communicate still, so when like i got bored, i played with my neighbor's kids. tht's easier, they dont talk much, they seldom cry, they just play. Very well-behaved kids, the second one maybe a bit mischievous, but overall, still polite n prim n proper, much like their soft-spoken parents.

We were there for quite a while, left only at around 1130, and went to little pond with colorful carps right afterwards. The kids seemed to enjoy themselves tremendously playing with the fish. Tu la dia, life in erlangen, simple things. life here feels like the 60s. As one german lady at the mosque who decides to settle down in erlangen puts it, 'here, there's hardly any crime, it's an intellectual city (indeed, 1/3 of population works in siemen and another 1/3 are attached with the uni), a nice place to raise a family'. So if u come here looking for some action, u might not find any, but if u come looking for a good life... this place perfect.

Oh, the eid fest didnt end just at that. There's a gathering at around 3pm somewhere close to the mosque. Initially, thought of going, but being the anti-social tht i am, tired from the early morning 'cycling exercise', malas sbb ni sah blk lambat, AND the german lady ckp it's a family gathering (walopun dia suruh dtg, with or without family), tak reti nak mingle with my limited vocabulary, i decided malas nak g, nak update blog je.

But overall, i had a lovely time. I enjoy hanging out with hanna's family. She is super-nice, the husband is very polite and her kids are very well-behaved. Tp rasanya, kalu dah parents r both post-docs, and they grow up in erlangen, mmg camtu la jadinya........ how i wish...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

kena marah

so yesterday, we went to the hochseilgarten in ramsberg, and boy was it a lot of fun! biasanya, kalu satu dept punya activity, mmg la sume sponsored, tp sbb byk org, byk yg tua2, byk yg particular, last2 jd cam serious. Yg ni, my SV yg suggest, then dia suruh one of us organized, then kami g la.

Enjoyla. sbb kami dlm 11 org, plus wife dia. sume cam muda2 n adventurous. yg x adventurous pon ada gak, tp dlm takot2 tu belasah gak buat, so jd lawak. My SV lak sume nak try, ada yg satu ni, ada 3 tali, susun tunggang langgang, sorg pon x berani try, tp dia nak gak try. kami sume tgk je dari jauh. terkial2 dia, sedar2 dia dah bergulung2 dlm tali, and dia dok jerit mcm budak pompuan (ni direct trans, sbb my roommie ada threaten nak search for my blog), kami sume belasah gelak je la, nak tlg mmg x dpt.

happy faces b4 everything started

time sampai2, tgk garden ni cam kecik, and we were like, "this is it?" belum cube, belum tau, beb...

cine kat tgh2 tu la partner aku. yg dok pegang tali n renung tali gaya blur tu mmg time buat obstacles pon cam blur gak, tiap kali pon cam gabra jek. selalu kat opis, aku mmg x penah tegur, dia selalu act cam bagus, tp rupa2nya lawak gile mamat ni

why am i making tht face?

ni la yg aku climb, sebelah kiri, senang skit, tp aku dpt yg sebelah kanan, citz!

aik, apa la trainer ni amik bontot aku. yg kat kanan tu SV aku.

feng wanted to pose too, but he was occupied, so he only managed to smile

we agreed this was the easiest of them all

and THIS, my frens, is the hardest, yg ramai awal2 dah gave up. But a bunch of us found a trick to it, apa lg, through teamwork aaa. the first to get through mmg smpai terbaring2, tergulung2 aaaa dlm tali, but once they got across the ropes, they can help tighten the rope for the others to cross over. Tu aku nak cube lak. And mind u, org tolong pon still x senang, ok?

me looking like a monkey. the ropes are not leveled, susah tau! tgk mamat2 tu pegang dgn tgn, and yet, aku kena pijat dgn kaki. gilo ko apo?


i did this one twice, i remember my legs shaking both times, and at one time, I almost slipped. Good thing they didnt snap me while i was doing it.

ni aku merepel, my fav part, aku mmg suka pon repeling dari dulu lg

one of the many ways to land

yg ni yg aku x try sbb x sempat. aku tolong tarik je tali dia

and these are our audiences and at one time, there were more than 10 people watching our circus show

As for me, dengan bangganya, i tried almost everything yg kat atas tu, satu je tak buat, tu pon obstancle kat bawah, sbb time x cukup. mana taknya, partner aku, si feng ni, sume dia nak try, aku nak gak, tp cuak je. tp mamat ni buat something, dia dah lepas, from across the obstacle, he'd be going like, "eti, come on!", tercabar tu, so buat je la, walo pon kaki terketar2, mind you, kat bawah tarak net, ok? tp ada la tali ikat kat cable going above our heads, tp kalu dah kaki terslip, tergantung2 je la, sapa nak tolong, lg pulak, kena dgn gayatnya, aduh... nasib aku x gayat sgt. Tp time wall climbing, terketar2 gakla kaki, lenguh mengangkang n memanjat, ni jarak between ketul2an batu, jauh saiz kangkang mat salleh beb, tp berjaya gak aku akhirnya.

trainers kami pon best n cool, walopon aku kena sound 2-3 kali sbb tak ikot arahan. last2, siap ada sesi muhasabah diri la ala2nya. aku muhasabah paling pendek smpai sume org dok tgk aku angguk2 expecting me to say more, tp aku stop camtu je. sbbnye aku pon tatau apa nak kena buat sebenarnya sbb sume ckp german, aku yg first ckp english, so belasah je la ckp walo sebenarnya aku ckp tu x make sense pon... hehehe

after penat memanjat, we were like, 'what now?', dah pkul 3, takkan blik opis kot, jom g mkn! So reramai 2 keta, g late lunch. late betol, smpai chef kena bukak balik kitchen sbb kami reramai nak mkn... oh, btw, aku excused from fasting, ok? jgn ingat aku suka2 x posa.

so, we had fun, but tht was yesterday....

bgn pagi, sakit badan. ok lagi. g opis, atas meja, ada surat from big boss. apa ni? tak penah2... surat tu lebih kurang kata mcm, next time, nak g memana, minta cuti dulu, tunggu approved, kalu x pon, inform secretary. nanti insurance x cover yada yada yada, pastu kena sign. Uits, apa ni? Chk email. Ada surat dari secretary, mentioning the same thing, tp gaya sgt marah, kata dia dah penat nak sound psl ni, paling kurang, kalu g memana, ckp or email ka, kot mati ka, dia tatau jd kat mana or something like tht la, yikes!

roommate aku blik lunch, aku tanya, apehal ni? Dia kata, big boss marah sbb reramai hilang smlm. Lg best, dia tatau langsung pon ada group activity camni. Dia ingatkan official sbb ramai sgt - almost 70% dari yg keja smlm, rupa2 tidak, lg best, ramai x apply cuti, terus hilang je (aku la antaranya), lg BEST, smlm birthday dia... aku dgr, sedih betol :( mesti dia bwk mknan nak celebrate, tp xde org (sini kalu birthday, birthday boy/girl kena bawak kek or something).

So, aku tanya roommie apa nak buat. Dia kata pg td, dia n 3-4 org dah g jumpa bos. Mmg muka dia nmpak marah, tp lepas diorg minta maaf kaw2nye, dia cool down, cuma dia ckp dia disappointed with us... Tp tu aaa, aku dtg lewat, x dpt joing diorg, so tunggu feng smpai. Dia smpai trus tuju bilik kami (dpt surat gak la tu). So aku ajak g minta maaf kat bos. Kami dgn cuaknya, g sama2. Tp nasib dia dah cool down, tp anyway, aku rasa dia ok kot with us sbb kami case lain skit, we're not employed, so x la masalah sgt. anyway, kami apologize n aku wish dia happy belated birthday, trus dia senyum... phewwww... as for the others, dah dpt surat, dpt lak email, kena explain kenapa buat camtu n apa lg ntah, nasib aku x kena, tp feng kena lak, tu aku pelik skit... anyway, kami pakat nak beli hadiah birthday ramai2... hopefully sejuk skit la hati dia lepas ni.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

buka posa paling memuaskan!

so i visited noris' blog last nite, saw the ikan bakar, i drooled. Today, i couldnt concentrate the whole day, dok pk ikan bakar je. So as usual, i left the office early, went to buy some cili padi n hunt for some fish. Mula2 nak beli fillet je seperti biasa, but somehow I felt a lil bit adventurous, i bought ikan tak fillet.

Nak cerita sikit pasal germans. Diorg x mkn sgt seafood, mana taknya, laut jauh, tu pon kat utara sana. Sini rata2 wurst, apa itu wurst. ini wurst, sausage la tu. Ada beribu jenis (no kidding)! Ada inti campur beef, babi, liver, veal, onion, paprika, blood, ada yg color putih, ada bentuk dehydrated, in short, suma pon aku x leh mkn, kecuali yg jual kat kedai turkey/arab yg rasa dah x ori, tp masih bole tahan sedap.

anyway, i got my fish, frozen (of course!), 5,99 sekilo (bole laaa). ada 5 ekor yg siap disiang n individually wrapped mcm pad brand mahal, kulit tarak sisik, tp berlendir x ingat, nama dia regenbogen forellen. tatau la ikan jenis apa tu, tp regen tu maksudnya hujan. Paling best kat pack dia, ada siap tunjuk cara nak buang tulang (kan dah ckp org sini x pandai mkn ikan), which is just perfect la for me.

All these years of mkn ikan pari je mmg skill mkn ikan ada tulang aku kureng. So tgk instruction mcm senang, tp hampeh, ada gak yg kecik2 tulang kat insang dia x warning, or aku yg tak phm. So half an hour to berbuka, mmg pong pang2 la dapur kecik aku tu mcm ada org bergaduh.

Mmg abis terlambat skit for berbuka, but the outcome...

Diserikan dgn pak choy yg hampeh mahal, tp terpaksa gak beli sbb dah rindu sgt, n ikan berkuah cicah kicap kipas udang yg sukatannya mmg cukup2 je (ni stok smpai december ni), i gotta say, for the first time since we started fasting, i felt puas hati! :D

update: i'm the type yg kalu sekali mkn, suka, nak lagi dan lagi. so second round... on friday lak.