Sunday, December 27, 2009

jakarta... again

indra and dd, tu kt belakang pelaminan diorag, sama je, lain skit sbb parents pun duduk skali, so ada byk la kerusi

so we went to indra's wedding.
That was the first indonesian wedding i've seen, and it was certainly very different to what i'm used to in malaysia (sah2 ler).

First off, not many chairs are provided. Basically, u eat standing up while mingling around. Second, the program was very well organized, mula2 buat ini, then itu, then itu- but then again, mamat host tu mmg nampak pro je, no wonder program jalan cantik. Third, the food was like in a hotel buffet. U got normal the normal fare, nasik, lauk etc, which also included rojak, and then u got the... kinda like a western food section, and a separate dessert section, this was definitely the highlight of the nite, well, for me at least- makan tak stop2, rojak tu plak sedap sgt2!

then, ada a few fun n games. we just took pictures, too shy to get involved. if i was alone, i probably would've, tp dah bwk member, tak nak la plak bg malu company.

then, kami chow. we left kinda early, 'cos we were afraid of not being able to catch a cab, plus, we were contemplating going to bandung the next day... tp tak p pun, penat, ngantuk, kopak, rupiah dah almost kering...

tu je kot, the best part of our jakarta trip. btw, mkn kat luar mahal, plus, foreigners sah2, kami asyik kena katok cukup2. kain2 kat tanah abg, byk, tp tgk penin, so x beli pun. mangga dua x rasa cam best pun, but then again, byk kedai tutup since it was xmas + weekend time.

Monday, December 07, 2009


so i sent my bike to indra's today. Balik menapak naik bus :(
2 bus lak tu! Hujan lak tu! Malam dah gelap lak tu!

Time nak ambil second bus, tgh jln towards the bus stop, ada mamat german dlm keta tanya jalan nak g erwin-rommel-str. Dgn tak malunya, aku ckp, aku confused nak explain jln, mmg betul pon, kalu dah naik basikal, automatic je tau mana nak belok2, tp nak explain, tak ingat lak. Tp aku mmg nak g situ pun, kalu bg aku hitchhike, bole aku bg clear direction.

So dia pon muka blur, kata ok. aku pon, fikir gak, mamat ni faham tak ckp aku ni, muka blur, tp kata ok. Blasah lah, aku terus masuk keta. Gaya cam nak merompak pon ada gak.

Tp aku tunjuk smpai betul2 depan blok yg dia cari (dia cari bgn 59, rumah aku 61). Dia thanked me, aku lg la, thank you - selamat tak yah tunggu lama2 dlm ujan malam2 kul 9 cam ni (bus stop tarak bumbung cuma sebatang kayu je, ok?).

tu je, sekian...

Sunday, December 06, 2009

mozart in nuernberg

the theater hall in fuerth is certainly prettier, but this one, i think is bigger. Aduh, kuruihnya aku, what happened eh?

Attended another show tonite. This time is a modern show about some ppl, and they all sing songs adapted from mozart's musical pieces. The story itself, well, kinda simple, funny at times. I didnt fully understand it, obviously, but thank goodness, they have the lyrics shown on the LED, so i kinda had an idea of wht it was all about.

But the most interesting thing about it must be the special effects. They has MANY setups, changed every few minutes, many different sets of clothings, ppl flying in helicopters, cable cars, diff backgrounds - the beach, sky mountains, a small village... many many many setups, and the singers all sing opera style. Interesting, considering that it's a modern story.

But despite it being interessant, i fell asleep several times. during the show. 2 cups of coffee today still didnt help. Too tired from the umzug (moving my stuff to indra's room). That's where my stuff are gonna be for a while, or at least until i get back... aaaaaaahhh, penatnya!