Sunday, December 19, 2010

Merong Mahawangsa

so i chatted with lina today, and she told me about this new movie coming out in March and excitedly gave me the link for the trailer and my God! Being a Kedahan, I feel so erm... violated.

ok, clearly, I'm exaggerating. But I've always been under the impression that Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa was about Raja Bersiong. But then again, i didnt study the hikayat, so what do i know? And besides, it is after all, a 'hikayat', a myth, so if they wanna say, our kings are the descendants of Iskandar Zulkarnain, go ahead. Nobody is gonna refute that, but i doubt many are gonna stomp their feet and say, "Yes, they are!"

But myth or not, it came from a written text, whose writer is unknown. Blame that on Malay humility. Had it been a Greek or a Roman author, it would've had his name plastered all over it and people would've thought that the story was real (read: e.g Plato and his Atlantis- i seriously thought Atlantis existed when I was 8), never mind the fact that it was probably written only around 3oo years ago.

And despite my feelings mentioned earlier, I am curious to see the movie when it comes out. According to Utusan, Germany and UK are interested to buy it. All the more reason to watch it eh? And i'm also curious to hear how Rahim Razali is gonna sound like speaking in German :D

Whatever it is, kudos to KRUstudio for this huge undertaking. Looks like they made a really good use of the govt's grant money.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The reception

You know how sometimes people say, "it happened so fast" and how you start to think, "is she for real?" and how cliched it sounds. Well, you're gonna hear it again, and i really mean it when i say, the whole wedding thing happened so fast it almost feels like it didn't happen. In fact, i don't even feel married. Maybe because i'm back to living here alone like it was before, or maybe i was so overwhelmed with work that whole week that i actually cant really recall what went down. Seriously, i don't remember much, wasn't really nervous or calm, was just hmmm... tired. Now, I'm just waiting for the vids, hope it will bring back some memories.

In the mean time, i got some pictures which fortunately help a little.

Oh, i know most of you have already seen them on FB, but i figured, wtheck, just post them again here, just in case FB go bust one day (with the hope that google is still around then) :D

And i've also given up on haloscan, i lost the copies of those thousands of haloscan comments when i formatted my notebook, and i sure wasnt gonna post them one by one, so.... oh well...

"it's like raiiiiiiiin on your wedding day..." keeps playing in my head each time i look at this pic ;p

Thanks to everyone who helped in making it happen (eh eh, cam oscar moment lak :p), sedara-mara melaka and perlis, friends especially kak wani and mary who are like part of our family dah sekarang (sampai mak alem tanya apsal mary tak dtg time bertandang), my siblings yang berbulan2 buat itu ini and my parents yg byk berkorban and my mom (yes, i know i already mentioned her) who worked very very hard to make this fussy little daughter of hers happy *terharu*

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

I am fat!

No kidding.

I've been at 50kg all my life, ok tht aint true, but i have been at that weight since i was in Form 5, and that was more than 10 years ago!

so 2 months ago, I got married, and I am now 54kg! Last week, I was 52kg, late last week, i was 53kg, the next day, i gained 100g which made me 53.1. And now I'm 54kg. Gosh, at this rate, or whatever rate this is, I'd be obese in just a month!

I just want 55kg, that's all, no more. Looks like i might be getting it after all, and MORE! Yikes!

I guess it's true what they say about getting fat after marriage. But why and how? I mean, I still live alone in the same hostel, eat roughly the same food as before. Ride the bike everyday, and if anything, riding it is much tougher now that it snows every week, and it's normal for me to arrive, panting and even sweating, at the office these last couple of days. So what wrong?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

kenduri di pejabat

Sempena raya yg mulia ini (or rather saja nak jamu since diorg wish n bg bunga bagai), last friday, alem n i berhempas pulas masak rendang, kuah kacang, nasi impit, popia sayur n kerepek bawang (ok, ni beli form malaysia aje) versi express n main shortcut, for my collueagues at work. Express ajela, penah weh, balik 8pm++, nasib alem dah setelkan rendang time tu.

And on the next day, Alhamdullillah, sambutan baik, walopon ada yg tanya mana ada garlic sbb dia tak suka (hmmmm... lebih kurang sume la dia xleh mkn) and ada yg masuk sikit rendang dlm mulut, korek balik kuar sampah sarap (did he not know sampah2 tu yg buat sedap n it's edible la weh). But most of them curious nak tau ingredients, n secretary jabatan suka enough to email mintak recipe sbb dia nak feed laki dia dgn makanan gitu (feed! their choices of english words so cute la, and she spells my name, iti, the way my mom does!)

(last minute) veil

so i was asked about the veil. well, like most of the other stuff, we diy-ed it. Well, it's not exactly diy as my mom sews, so kira mcm hantar kedai jahit la jugak, except that the kedai is at home.

Anyway, it's a simple veil and pretty easy to make, as long as u got the lace. But, being here and my mom being in kedah, and my sister in kl being 24/7 busy and my brother being... well, a boy, i had no choice but to find it online. So i scoured in net and found some nice websites. (Yeah, yeah, i tried ebay and etsy too, but couldnt find what i really wanted).

So i tried Sposabella (in NY), but the shipping alone is so *$#@ expensive, also tried bridallaceandfabric (in the UK), but they dont have the scallopy-type that i wanted, so in the end, i ordered the lace from timeless trims. Think it's a mom-and-pop shop in Bucks County Pennsylvania. The laces look cute enough, but the amounts are limited, what they got at any point of time is all they got. But their service was prompt and friendly, and shipping was very reasonably-priced (but it took them 4 days to ship it out), but it arrived in Kedah in less than 10 days, so that was pretty quick (tp tu dgn Priority Mail International Parcels, kira lembap la jugak).

Anyway, mom agreed that it looked nice although the bulu-bulu is not too long (mana la nak tau, tgk dlm internet je time nak order tu). But for the price, i think it's a pretty good deal, plus, because it's just trims, for every meter buy, you got 2, so it's not too bad, eh?

So, once it arrived, mom cut that net-like piece of cloth (dont know what you call it, tulle?) and prepared the trims. She didnt sew it just yet and waited till i got home as she wanted to get the exact length that i wanted, mind you, i wanted a fingertip-length veil, but the problem is that my arms are superlong that i held the record for jangkauan melunjur in my class for several consecutive years.

should've taken more pics from the back, hmmm...

But as everybody was swamped with other tasks last couple of days that iw as at home, it was only completed like the night before the solemnization. Now, I was very happy with it, i thought the Alencon lace was enough to not make it too plain, but on the morning of the reception, big sis decided that it needed some extra bling bling, so she and her friend, kak wani, added some beads on it that morning itself, and like 3 hours before the reception, it was finally complete.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

wordful wednesday :D

so i nervously (mainly sbb segan la, am usually look super-sloppy on a daily basis, plus groupmates ni kuat mengomen) showed some wedding photos to my sv and groupmates today, and it sparked some discussions over the differences between the civil, christian and muslim marriages. They questioned the involvement of the bride in a marriage, as to whether she can say no if she doesnt want to be married off to the groom. And frankly, i didnt have a solid answer as to show that the bride does have a say if she doesnt want to be married to so-and-so (eh, memang tak boleh pon kan?). But I added, that if i couldnt make it home, at least they can proceed without me *_*. Oh man, talk about being in a hot seat.

Anyway, one guy complained that those are just pre-selected photos, those are the nice ones (of course, i selected them :p). He wanted to see all of them, especially the ugly ones. Like I'm gonna let you :p

Anyway, being guys, except for rommie yg semua gmbar dia nak belek smpai suma org tension, they didnt really look at the details. They only looked at the major stuff, like the separation of the women n men during the solemnization ceremony, the ceremony process itself, me covering my hair, but strangely, they noticed the keris n the bunga on, or rather of alem's sampin.

They were asking me what it was, told him, it's a short sword-like thing. Then one guy asked if it's like a jaggedly dagger as he seemed to know about it. Surprised, i told him yeah, it's called keris, they immediately wikied it, and off he went, "Yes!" Again, surprised, we all asked him how knew about it. Apparently, he knows it from a computer game hahahahahaha

And of the bunga on the sampin, they thought it looked like a muffin or was it because it was late in the afternoon and everybody was complaining that they were hungry and everything looked like food to them @_@

the keris and the muffin

And when looking at the outdoor pictures, yikes, that was the worst. You know how we normally pose according to the photographer's instruction while pretending that it's all natural, one guy yg mmg mulut takde insurance commented that they looked staged. Told him that of course, they were. Then he asked if the wedding was staged as well, chetttt!

The one they said looks like there's a party under a big mushroom.

But overall, i think they found it... errr, interesting and different, i guess. Roomie thought Alem looked like a king ;) Looks like we managed to achieve the Raja Sehari look on him. But me, well, they all, except my sv, seemed to think that i definitely look different. One of them (okla, the same one that knows the keris, commented about the posed photos, the mushroom and byk lg la yg dia komen) thinks that in the photos, i look like a matured married woman :D (which was supposed to be a compliment la, according to him), which makes me think... what exactly do i look like in real life?

Does he look like a king? Errr....

By the way, i weighed myself on Sunday, and the scale read 53kg woohoo! That's a first above-51 ever! Heaviest I've ever been, 2 kilos closer to my ideal weight. But today, I'm down to 52++ :(

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

so i got flowers again today!

from the chair with a card from the dept. And for those who know about the predicament that I'm currently in...... well, let's just say that this nice gesture makes me even sadder :(

- arent these germans generous with flowers....... uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Saturday, November 06, 2010

The nikah

Friday, October 01, 2010

omg, us being super-late is fast becoming a norm.
this time, again, rombongan laki came while i was being made-up. Initially, we wanted to have kak ram over at our house, then mom decided that i should go over to his as our family would be arriving in throngs that morning, so it's better that we do it at his house in order to avoid the chaos, if u know what i mean, plus, kak ram also prefers to do it at the comfort of his home.

So, at around 830-ish, mary and i went to his house. we thought sempat la kot siap b4 11, dengan janji melayu lagi, we thought ada kot start around 1130-ish.

Came 1045, sister called, rombongan dah sampai. What?? Makeup tak siap lagi ni! So kelam-kabut semua makeup2 and cabut.

Sampai rumah, saw alem hanging outside the house. Called my sister, asked her to invite them in so that i can enter through the other door without being seen by them. She said they already did, bored, they went back outside. So terpaksala dgn muka tembok yg dah dilukis2 and with my baju selekeh jalan masuk rumah laju2... malunya!

Once in, lari naik atas, cepat2 tukar baju, pakai tudung, and i think at one point i got like 4 people working on me. Dah pakai tudung, rambut terkeluar, bukak balik, and then pakai balik with whichever anak we could find.

Tgh2 kelam kabut, someone came up, panggil turun, imam dah sampai. Everyone told me to go down. Go down where? I didnt even know where to go and sit. Belasah jela...

And the rest, i dont really remember what happened. It almost like... it happened in a split second. No such thing as enjoying the moment or sebak, sendu, syahdu or all that thingamajig, but we'll see what the video managed to capture...

*The pics below were taken by our OP, mary, my niece, kak wani, my sisters and my mom (official pic belum siap lg), and some were ciloked from my OP's website*

i look oh so calm (not!)

that's my dad giving me away

ppl say that i didnt smile enough tht day (malu weh! aku kayu depan photographers), tp time dpt gelang, sengih smpai telinga hahahaha

kak ram silap tone kot, i look too dark

(apa aku ngarut ni?) good thing epikt adjusted the tone to match the natural color of my complexion

the sistas, without whom, apa pon takkan jadi

sorg lg sista

who was also my pengapit

my backup photographer, kesian, ujung2 baru dapat makan :D

and here's a pic as a tribute to my sister who handled all the fresh flowers for both events

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010 - Venice

i like venice, cool city. Macam best je, bukak pintu umah nampak air. Saw two kids on a date, bf hantar balik umah naik boat, cool or what? But it's super-crowded (typical of a big city), unless masuk ceruk celah2 umah, then u see nothing but narrow cobble-stoned alleys which i like a lot, kinda reminds me of lijiang, china.

tak naik gondola, amik gambar pun jadila...

di celah2 rumah

at the main square

when feeding them birds, i realized that i actually have a fear of birds (think i was afraid of catching bird flu kot)

him, on the other hand, enjoyed feeding them

that's the main canal (ye ke?)

one thing we noticed there is that there're lots of chinese. This restaurant apparently is owned by a chinese couple and from the toilet, we noticed that the chef is also chinese. chesss, tertipu...

what did we get from milan? just a pair of masks

A few days later, we went back to milan and jalan2 semata. Went to Serravalle, tak best sgt pon.

train rosak on the way to milan, lambat gila sampai!

back in milan train station

And in short, as far as what i saw, northern italy is pretty, but the people are rude (those working in the service sector). Toilets are dirrrrty, not that i cant tolerate it as i've seen far worse than that in rural china, just that it's a surprise from the rest of europe. BUT what's cool about them is that u need to step on a lever to flush, and to turn on the tap, again, step on a lever. AND in the hotel bathrooms, both in padova and milan, they have this bidet like thingy next to toilet, so senang nak tadah air, nak amik wuduk pon senang.

they have lots of horses all over milano. Bet they represent something, wonder what is it...

that's another one

and another one in blue

and a solid green

and another

and one even has a friend with him

2 days later, which was a couple of days dulu, tired, balik erlangen. :D

the magnificent view of the alps, masya-Allah!