Wednesday, March 31, 2010


i think i once mentioned about bebudak kat sini yg suka melepak bilik aku n main stress ball as though it's a football ball, and how at one time, this davd guy baling and hit me right on my head, ingatkan dah insaf skali tu.

But today, he did it again, he was throwing it to another friend's head and it bounced straight onto my table and knocked my cup off my hand, jatuh seberang meja. Dah satu keje aku kena masuk bwh meja utk kutip cawan, pastu nak kena cuci lagi. Tension betol. Macam budak2. Camne la nak concentrate keje. So if u find me masuk keje tgh hari n blk midnite, well, tht's me avoiding kanak2 yg belum sunat ni.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

melayu in erlangen

so this evening, hungry, pening, penat since the last couple for weeks, I gave lina a call and asked her if she'd join me for dinner. Told her that I wanted to treat myself with a proper meal in a nice restaurant recommended by my rommie. She agreed as she's been working like a dog herself in the last 2 weeks and needed a break.

So we went to an Italian restaurant called the carpaccio which is supposedly one the best restaurants in this small town. So we ordered pasta, I also ordered soup ikan yg kalu masuk spaghetti sure jadi laksa johor, and coke. Dan berborak berjam2.

Tgh2 makan, came this one asian lady and a german male companion, they sat at the table in front of us and she sat facing me. Time sampai2 je, she saw me, she smiled and nodded, and I was like, "eh, do i know u?" But u know how it's like here, if u see an south east asian face, be it an indonesian, filipino, sporean or a malaysian (blum pernah jumpa lg other than lina yg dah lama ku tunggu2 sejak last yr lg), senyum je la. So I smiled back.

Habis makan, while passing her table, she asked, "are u a malaysian?" Uish, tere tu dia teka. And I was like, "yes, are u?" Tak, she's a singaporean. Tp, come on la, serumpun. Pastu sembang2 la x stop2 mcm dah kenal setahun, dia pon friendly bebenar. Apparently, she, or Liza has been living here for 10 years as her husband is working/living in erlangen, or maybe is from erlangen as he said that he's been here for the past 40 years.

Liza ni jugak balik singapore 2-3 kali setahun, so dia pon fasih lg ckp melayu. Lagi lawak, dia dok paksa husband dia tu sembang ckp melayu with kami with his, "saya nak makan cola", and when we told him it's "minum", he changed the sentence to "saya nak makan pisang goreng." tah pape, buat lawak jer, padahal kami dok kat germany ni :p

So we chatted for like 10 minutes or so, and I found out that there are malaysians here, but they're mostly from the siemens' family, meaning either the husband works or they themselves work for siemens, and many dont live here over a long period of time, like herself. But i jot down my number for her, and she promised to give me a call kalu ada minum2 kopi.

Happynyaaa aku. To think that it was pureeee chance that we chose today to makan2 kat restaurant. Seriously, i dont do this very often. This is only my second time out at a proper restaurant here without a german friend helping me with the ordering and what not (the first was with alm at arabesque), and we met a melayu. And who knows, maybe more after this. God, I really hope I wouldnt alone this Aidilfitri...

Monday, March 29, 2010

and another one

last saturday, went to check out an apartment.
Apparently, it's in the same building as my roommie's, so i got him to accompany me, so tht he could do some talking for me and hopefully, his presence would give me an extra advantage.

TAPI, the apt is SOOOOO in demand i doubt i'm ever gonna get it :(

Friday, March 26, 2010

- headache -

so i've been blog-hopping...

and the no 1 thing that's been bugging so many b2b, me included, is the MUA. (Aisehhh, segannya aku nak mention, considering aku bukan pakai make up sgt, beli pandai la, pastu simpan dlm laci)

Lagi2 aku telah dilarang menggunakan MUA laki/nyah atau yg jantina yg x dpt dipastikan, for obvious reasons la kan yg sendiri patut tau tp buat2 tak tau. Tp masalahnya diorg ni la yg tere2, and yg female MUA tere2 sume dah x available. Or if available, sgt mahal nak mampus, tahap rm1500++ kalu nak import g kedah.

Sungguh x logik, lmbt lg pon majlis, bukan cuti pon time tu, tp skarang pon dah x available. Ingatkan aku dah abih awal la ni...

Lagi pulak, kat kedah mana nak cari MUA ni? tak IT-literate ke sume MUA kat kedah ni, or penang,or perlis for tht matter. Brides kat kedah tak blog ke psl vendors diorg? The ones I've found pon pakai *kak* ram, others, tgh pening2 dok cari.

benci la, tension, kepala sakit... simulation buggy, aparment stil x jumpa lg, benci, oh i said tht oredi :(

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

pegi mampus!

i'm pissed, so fucking pissed!!!!

wht's wrong with these ppl??
Stealing stuff like they own it! cilaka!

ok , this is wht happened. I got home, hungry, went to the kitchen to prepare some food. And lo and behold, my big expensive chopping board was missing. Sabar lg...

Got my old tiny board, memotong la mcm biasa.
Tgh2 masak, looked for my kipas udang, TARAK!!!!
dah ilang! ci^#$%$Q@i cilaka!

ingat senang ka nak import kipas udang from malaysia. Aku punya la pakai sikit2 sbb sayang, skali kena curik! Ingat senang ke nak dpt, kat malaysia pon payah nak carik!!!

Sakit hati betul!
So far I've had my cheese (twice!), veges yg blum bukak, chopping board, kicap stolen, apa lg nak curik???

I hope the thief dies a horrible death tonite!
okla jahat sgt, I hope the thieves' hands putus tonight!

update: so I got lectured by some unknown guy here, bagus la dia bg reminder jgn marah2. I've cooled down since I posted this entry, and now aku redha je hilang barang2 tu. But I wonder how he'd feel if the same thing happens to him...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Halls in Kedah

Ok, so I dont like to write much about the prep for my wedding, sebabnya prep pon serupa tahpapa. I know it's months away, But I'm far away, so I gotta start early.

Anyway, one of our main concerns was the venue. Mom n dad memang dah tak mau buat kat umah, penat. Betollah tu, and they're like super keen on this one clubhouse kat Jitra. Dad, cause most of his current good frens now live there. Mom, sbb tmpt tu selesa. Me, tak sure kononnya rasa cam tak personal and kecik. Tp pikir2, wedding melayu kan org keluar masuk, janji takde 300 dtg serentak, muat la kot. And the personal bit is outweighed by the penat nak mengemas, aduh teringat time along kawin...

But we still shopped around, just to get an idea of wht's available in Alor Setar as I insisted nak jugak kat AS, Jitra jauh, kononnya la. Dah bandar kecik, 15 minit drive tu jauh tau!

So we've compiled a few.

Dewan Bukhary, sangat besar. Mana taknye, tmpt students amik exam. Bgn baru, so cantik, kemas dan bersih. Nak decorate kaw2, lg la cantik. My fren's wedding yg grand masuk nona hari tu buat kat situ la. I didnt attend it, but knowing just how extravagant it was smpai celebration berhari2, I bet mcm2 can be done with this hall to suit anyone's taste of grandeur. Parking senang, tp tak byk gile. Toilet bersih. There's a small room on the side, bole sewa, buat tmpt bersiap, tp org selalu guna buat bilik vip lepak b4 the main event in the main hall.

Ni bilik kecik yg sebenarnya org buat guna gak buat kenduri, then sambung kat luar kat foyer, letak kerusi, or canopy kat luar, tp main hall taknak amik la, tatau la apa pasal. Macam2 fesyen la org kedah ni.

the entrace to the main hall

time ni ada exam, hence the chair arrangements. Besar giler aaa, tamau aaa, guests mungkin tak ramai sgt. Nanti kosong lak hall.

Then there's the Dewan TNB. Punya la susah nak cari jalan masuk. Confusing skit. Besar, murah dan tak cantik. It's an old building, so you can imagine. Tp kalu budget besar, bole je deco kaw2, but then again, kalu budget besar, why do u wanna have it here when u can choose dewan bukhary (unless disebabkan dewan lain tak available la kot). Lantai tu mmg la parquet, but they'd install the carpet utk kenduri kendara.


kekadang ada permainan badminton kat sini

besar gak, tp cam kotor, but u can always do something about tht

wht u cant do anything about is the exterior. Takkan nak tukar atap kot?

Dewan Al-farabi, kat kompleks pendidikan. Dah kompleks pendidikan tu, bole la kot imagine a typical govt punya hall with dinding kayu yg mcm parquet tu. Lantai pon parquet, toilet tak chk lak. Kenduri hari tu g mkn then blk, lupa nak chk. U can book the hall n the hostel nearby. Senang, family bertandang bole tidur kat hall tu. Nak book, kena buat awal2, sbb decision sume KL yg buat. No, dont hv the pics, they're in my mom's camera.

Dewan MBAS, jalan kolam air. Looks pretty nice from the pic on the website, but mom rejects it awal2 lg, sbb parking payah. Dia serik g kenduri tgh pekan sbb penat pusing2 cari parking, so she wouldnt want the guests to go thru the same predicament, I agree. Tp kemas aaa, and mahal gak ler kot, compared to the others, tp tak la semahal kat kl rasanya. Kalu kerja dgn MBAS, bole dpt discounts. Nak sewa pokok bunga pon bole dpt discounts.

Dewan Wawasan is big, i think. Nampak ye dari luar. Tp dah jauh skit from alor setar. So forget it la kot. Tp nak buat grand2, situ lepas la gak.

Anyway, I didnt get the rental rates sbb harga kat Alor Setar ni affordable. But of course, dont expect anything like wht u get in a 5-start hotel in KL. Heck, we dont even a 4-start hotel in Alor Setar, ok? 3-star pon x sure ada. Holiday Villa 3-star kot, but I didnt bother to chk their hall pon sbb dia betol2 sebelah Dewan MBAS kat tgh2 bandar, and besides, mesti mahal n mcm2 lg reason yg dah mentioned awal2 td.

So we chose this. Kolej Heights Clubhouse kat Jitra, well, not exactly in Jitra, but rather hampir2 ke Jitra, so still dekat dgn Alor Setar. Dia under Country Heights Holding yg buat Mines tu. Apa pasal Kolej, aku pon tatau, logik pon x logik. Rumah byk x wujud, so hutan lg.... harap2 la org x sesat.

Nak smpai, cari bgn ni...

apehal tah diorg suruh susun mknan kat tepi sini, tamau dalam kotor kot. Tp kalu pakai dalam luar, tht makes sense la... Tht's dad chking out the hall, time tu org tu baru pegi amik kunci.

Luar xde atap, ada palang2 je

Tolong la jgn ujan...

Pelik tak pelik. Hall bentuk L, siap ada counter lg kat tepi tu. Aduh... Tp the counter might come in handy kot on tht day.

Anyway, bole amik hall or luar or both, and kerusi meja dpt skali. Tahun ni dia charge RM1800. for both, meja dpt 26 (hall) + 10 (luar). Hall dia bentuk L, pelik siutz, sis was complaining dulu dia g kenduri situ x nmpk pengantin sbb diorg dok kat the other end of the L shape (ye la, takkan nak dok kat penjuru kot). Need to figure out somehting with regards to this. But the toilets are clean, or so I was told. Parking berlambak. And luar pon cam comel, harap2 tak ujan je la... And harap2 xde terjatuh pool. I saw one youtube vid, the ceremony tu tepi pool, kira background biru menawan la, then time bestman dtg nak bg cincin kat groom, kaki dia tersadung, tertolak bride masuk dlm pool, sedih siout...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Another apartment entry

so after some mulling over over the weekend, i decided to gv tht apartment a pass, 'cos I found a better one (macam la nak dpt...)

Anyway, sent the lady an email, and got an invitation for a house visit on saturday bersama beratus2 manusia lain yg berminat :(

So i went to the opis, told roommie to karang an email kata i want tht apartment walopon tanpa memvisitnya, n nak beli skali barang2 yg dia jual, nmpak desperate pon desperate la. Memang desperate pon. Roommate took a look at the ad, read the email she sent me, and tergelak. Dia ckp tu apartment kat bgn dia, dia tatau lak ada org nak pindah. Anyway, we wrote tht email, malangnya, dia cuma available on Saturday, so terpaksa berebut2lah nmpaknya dgn manusia2 lain then...

Oh, well, wish me luck rezeki :)

Friday, March 19, 2010


Apala nasib aku dok sebilik dgn budak laki...
Bukan sebarang budak laki, this one likes to buy toys pastu attract bebudak lain lepak sini. Every day tau. Salah satu obsession suma org (aku pon termasuk sometimes) are these small magnetic balls.

Diorg suka bina bentuk mcm2 with the balls, baling2, td diorg lukis circles kat whiteboard, pastu ramai2 baling ala2 main dart. Bisingnya toksah cerita. Hari ni, abih main, diorg nak bina a cube, then terperasan sebijik dah hilang. Terbongkok2 la diorg mencari satu bilik. Menatang tu kecik je, so it's like searching for a needle in a room la. Aku chk keliling meja je sbb sure takdenya kat island aku yg kecik ni. Sambil2 cuba membantu tu, aku terperasan something, cepat2 ngelak pandang tmpt lain. Mana taknya, diorg merangkak2 satu bilik, chk bawah meja, kerusi, beg sume, seluar abih terlondeh. Roommie sopan lagi, tertarik sikit je, yg student dia ni, merangkak2 betul2 sebelah kerusi aku ni, smpai nmpak lurah bontot, cepat2 aku pura2 tgk screen.

Nasib not long after diorg jumpa bola tu melekat bawah rommie's CPU. Dpatlah aku sambung usaha nak concentrate buat keje amidst hiruk-pikuk dlm bilik aku ni...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dilemma: New apartment

So I've seen 4 apartments so far (minus yg tunggu luar pintu, then kena halau sbb apartment had already been taken, or kena stood up).

Anyway, yg betol2 tgk. Well, forget about the first one. Buruk n umah org, and layout pelik.

The second one, which is my favorite, is located near my current hostel. It's a proper apartment, with a balcony, 42 square meter. 4th floor with an elevator. About 3 km to the uni, 3 km to the city center. Has a cellar for the bikes. Washing machine and dryer at the top floor. Rent costs 420 Euro, without electricity. Heating cost probably will be recalculated at the end of the year. No provision, or broker fee, brokerage fee? is tht wht u call it? Damn, my English has gone haywire!

Third apartment, the biggest of all 3, 43 square meter. A bit dark. Looks old. Secnd floor, no elevator. Bathroom, my God, small!!! 3 square meter or so. But kitchen is big. Living room in the middle. And the bedroom at the end, all lined up nicely. Pelik seeey, nak g toilet, kena lalu dapur. But honestly not bad as rooms are separated perfectly. BUT, there a 2.38% provision which means 737.8 Euro hangus pergi ke agent. Monthly rental dlm 405 Euro, all in, but on average je la. As usual, all will be recalculated at the end of the year. Location, cantek! Close to the city center.

Fourth one, the smallest, 38 square meter, but also the cheapest at only 365 Euro, all in. What's missing is an oven. It's in the basement of someone's house. Toilet separated from the shower, but yg peliknya, the area that houses the toilet n the shower punya la besar, buang space betol! And there's no door, sungguh tak paham. Wht's ever weirder is tht it's next to the kitchen. So sapa2 mandi bole ditonton oleh mereka yg sedang memasak atau yg nak menunaikan hajat di toilet di sebelah. Living room/bedroom is supercute, ada design2 bunga kat dinding. Kat luar garden, ada rabbit gumok. House is fully furnished, towel2, cadar, pinggan mangkuk pon ada, vacuum cleaner pon ada. Tapi cuci baju leceh, tp bole share machine dgn owner. Kalu kita nak bwk family lepak, nak ubahsuai bilik bole saja. Owner dia sgt baik, laki bini with a sweet-16 daughter, siap td husband dia tunjuk jln naik beskal smpai bridge ke opis, jauh tu! AND that is the only main problem, jauh from the city center. Tapi bus stop ada la. NORMA (cam supermarket) ada, farmasi, pizzeria sume ada la, tp dia kira sub-suburban bg erlangen yg mmg dah suburban tu. Masuk anytime, deposit sebulan pon bole, kalau duit tak cukup.

living room, tu sofabed, selimut ada siap

belakang tu kitchen

Dilemma ni, well, actually, i can forget the first one, as i've not received any calls from the current tenant, sbb dia nak tenant masuk 1.4.10. skarang pon dah 19.3. Kalu yg last, bole masuk May/June tak kisah. Yang second May.

Camne nak decide ni?
Hati berat to the 3rd one. Tp kalu nak g bandar, 7km tu! Lg kesian kalu org dtg, naik basikal smpai 7 km, unless naik bus la, kena byr tix lak. Penin2 nak mintak sapa advise pon tatau...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

jalan-jalan cari makan at ourika

so i blogged about my sis' restaurant here and here.

Well, last Sunday, the new season of JJCM started off with a BANG, cewah. The BANG tu is ourika la. Tp kejap je pon, like 10 minutes gitu. Tu je nak cerita.

I just watched the catch-up show a while ago. Lawak gak la si serina ni. She's definitely cuter than raja dulu tu, and methink, she makes a fine JJCM host.

Anyway, if u wanna watch it, u can go to, but u need an account to watch the video. Funny how everytime me or my sis appears on tv, of all ppl, pyan mesti tertengoknye, ni sejak 15 thn dulu punya cerita, on tv2 lak tu, tp this time tak pulak. Zaman2 skarang dah bz kot...

OR, u can watch it on youtube

Credit to TV3

Saturday, March 06, 2010


ok, this is so not me.

Tp adee, ina's hubby gave me a link to this photographers website, and i was floored. I mean, cantek gila beng gambar2 dia amik, color composition cun, angle creatip, candid pics dia pon cantik, gmbr2 dia yg artsy2 pon sgt la artsy la.

Who is this louis pang? Ntah la, this is actually my first time hearing his name. The other link Adee gave was of Kid Chan. That one, I knew since zaman uni lg kot. Saw an article on him in the paper, and i thought hmmm... creative gak style mamat ni, so unlike the gaya berdiri ramai2 that we used to see in old wedding photos.

But then again, dont think I can afford them. Oh well... still doesnt hurt to cuci2 mata and cari2 idea, kan.

- weh, sudah la tu! report dah seminggu overdue. dah! g buat keje!!! Jgn dok pkir byk2, jerawat naik 4 bijik pon tak sedar2 diri lagi ka?? -

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Aramak, susah betol nak prep for a wedding when being so far away.
Lg pulak, keja sini pun walopon tak berlambak, nak tercabut rambut just thinking about it (adat belajar, sabar je la...) But alhamdullillah, there are many women in my family.

So far, we've decided that my big sis will handle the hantaran.
Big sister and Mom would settle the baju2s.
Mom will also handle the caterer and the halll.
The other sis will handle the decos and cari2 photographers n makeup artists etc.

Lain2 tu blakang kira, n suma2 sama2 buat.
Pendeknya checklist, or so it seems. Ada lg, this is just the summary.