Monday, April 26, 2010

noob at fitnessstudio

so i went to the fitnessstudio today for the first time. That's a gym, by the way. A gymnasium here is a secondary school.

Anyway, that being my first time, blur gila weh. There's sooo many equipments and sooo many jantans. So first thing I did was to look for... well, girls. But only just to see which equipment they're using and how they're using them so that I can use 'em too. 'Cos seriously, I'm not familiar with gym equipments, and to me, they look like some machines you'd find in a factory.

So I started with the kuak dada type, simply because the machine makes sense the most, while checking out the others. But my position wasnt high enough, so I moved to the stationary bike, haaaa, there, I got a better view, so I cycled for what felt like ages (not that i was keen on cycling, but it was the only way I could see them operating those strange machines), then, with a better idea on what to do, I moved to another and another and another.

Overall, think I spent around 30 minutes je kot. Penat weh, tak sangka. Plus, rasa cam nak terkentot je, so quickly, i left the gym. Smpai umah, rasa nak termuntah pon ye gak, nampak sgt aku tak fit!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Another apartment entry

i thought i almost got it, one that's quite close to the uni, and affordable. Dah call, fax document sume, then got a friend to give them a call, skali rumah tu dah tak available... but then again, what else is new?...

penatla mencari, nak give up je la, sedihnya... :(

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


so my mom met a vendor yesterday, and she told me that chair covers + table cover for a table is RM50. Multiply that with 20 dah 1k. And we will be having more than 20 tables, i told her I am aware of tht, tu suruh tanyakan tu. But she still thinks tht's expensive. Then she came up with an idea.

She wants to sew them herself! There, DIY to the max, terkejut aku!

With 5 months to go, she wants to sew them. On top of that, she'll be making my dresses (yg dah 5 kali aku revise, and maybe revise lg nanti), alem's, my dad's, sis', bro's, aunts' (yep, several aunts), mary's, the flower girls, my bedroom's curtains, bedsheet and ape kejadah lg. And maybe the curtains in the living room as well, and curtain for the pelamin (unless we find one tht we like la). Tu tak kira lagi table covers and maybe a special one for meja bersantap (is tht what u call it?). Tu pon dia tanya, nak buat seat untuk buaian kat umah tak? Aku ckp toksah! (Tp kalu nak, think I will ask my sister to do it instead hehehehe) Terkejut badak aku dgr. Her justification is tht my sis and bro will need them in the future, kalu x pakai pon, sewa la... and kalu x sempat siap, balance tak cukup tu, amik je kat vendor (but knowing her, that'll be the very last option).

Tu baru bab kain. Kek favors dia nak buat gak. She got this recipe of a nice cake (yes, i tasted the one made by her friend and mmg sedap) and tried it a couple of times, and she wants to bake them too.

Adoiii, ambitiousnya mak aku ni, aku lak yg risau!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fun fair and such

So we went to a fun fair in Nuernberg. Met like 7 Malaysian students, 7 OK? That a lot, the biggest group of Malaysians i've met in Germany so far. Syok gak. Naik ride pon best gak, cup, best sesangat! :D

Oh, and before that, lina and found this little japanese restaurant run by some chinese lady (arent they all) tucked in some corner in the innenstadt. We had bentos, and we swear it was so worth the price that if we ever crave japanese food again, we'd go there, no question about it. Mmg craving sesgt la time tu sbb we just had pasta for lunch, found the place at around 3, tp dah gian, makan gak walopon x abih. It was 9,95 (price slashed to half for no reason) and it was A LOT!

Ok, back to the fun fair, apa lg eh. Oh, syok la makan cotton candy, ni berkobar nak suruh my mom cari gak candyman smpai jumpa... er, ok, i'll just let the pictures do the talking.

waiting for the ride

suka betol naik terbalik2

nampak sgt aku dgn lina kampong betol (mmg dari kampong erlangen pon). camera kat lain, kami posing kami posing kot lain

Then, tht nite itself, penat2, we decorated our cupcake yg sungguh x lawa dan x sedap. But hey, we wanted to give then to lina's boss and my old neighbor, so the taste aint important, it's the thought tht counts, right? So buat smpai kol 2 mlm. The next morning, delivered some to lina's boss, and his daughter had one, adoiiiii, terseksanya budak tu makan. I mean, the cake was tiny, but she took forever to finish it, at one point, it looked as if she was just chewing and chewing and trying to swallow it, tp lama x swallow2 gak, betol tak sedap la tu gamaknya.... arrrghhhh, xpe, first try. Then we had a nice indonesian lunch made by his wife. Kenyang, we left for the second delivery.

Hanna's house! We got there, chit chatted a little, seronok tgk anak2 dia actually. No, I'm no pedophile, I just like looking at the kids playing, sopan betol, sekor2 tu character mmg lain2 betol, comel lak tu. Then she invited us to lunch, aramak, makan lg ke. So nak jaga hati, kena la makan her spaetzle, egyptian soup and grilled meat (yay!) Syok betol la mkn daging bbq ni, lg2 when it's already grilled and free. Tp nak terburai gak la perot as she kept adding more and more when she saw our plates were almost empty. Tu la middle eastern (african?) hospitality at its best.

Lagi best, I saw the eldest boy had 2 cupcakes, TWO! Hahahaha, ada jugak la org sudi makan... Takpe, lain kali try lg...

Note to self: finester zucker is NOT fine enough for the frosting. MUST get icing sugar. Tp tatau la kot, maybe anak dia tu suka rasa krap krup time gigit icing tu yg dia makan smpai 2 ketul tu hehehehe

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Discover Magazine

I was a loyal subscriber for several years until the day that I had to come to Germany. Then I stopped for like a year and made a new subscription in February.

And guess what? I still haven't received the first issue!

Lg best, when I contacted them, they said that they dont have it on record. Whattt??? I have it on my credit card statement, ok? Furthermore, Citibank have charged me U.S. DOLLAR 38.95 and yet, they say they did not receive it. Lg geram, I offered to email the statement, nooooo, they dont want it, they want it faxed to them, whattt?

Well, if i had a fax machine, tht probably wouldnt be a problem, but I'm just a low-life student, where am i supposed to find a fax machine (fax machine kat office nak pakai kena bayar huhuhuhu :( ) Setan betol la...

Photographers: Settled!

Wahhhh, today has been pretty productive for me (what, simulation dah bug-free ka??)

MUA is almost settled, i hope that she had already send her account no to alem.

And I've finalized the deal with my OP. Punyala lepak mamat ni... kalu ikut dia, bulan july baru dia nak deposit. But being me, it has to be done TODAY, 'cos i've dedicated today to buat keja2 kawin selepas berhempas pulas for monday's presentation. Dia sebok nak settle euro-travel-tour workshop dia kot, says tht they'll be crossing several countries taking pictures. Sounds interesting eh? Kalaula aku ada DSLR, and not just an LX3, nak gak join, bule discuss n tgk portfolio skali ke apa ke. But then again, aku tahap amatur blum smpai, dah tu time pon belum tentu ada, so forget it la...

In case anybody is wondering who they are, this is their website (yg punya la jarang update) and bisness website (yg juga jarang update, fb je selalu update). Ingat nak gak shutterspeak cam nahwal n yaya, tp tgk quotation, bole tahan nak terpengsan gakla and the shutter guy would only be back from Sydney the day before my reception, errrr, takpela. I want my OP to be well-rested for work ceh, alasan, ckp jela nak murah, plus mamat epik ni pon cam baik dan sopan dan selalu online tgh2 malam. Futhermore, I like their pictures, walopon he seems to post more pictures of cars than wedding pictures, thus even tho' I dont get to meet them personally and go through their portfolio, I'm convinced that I've made the right choice :) insyaAllah...


And some post-wedding shots.

Nota kaki: Mak aku punya la pelik aku nak import org from KL, mcm la kt kedah xde yg ok2. Serious, xde, or kalu ada pon, MUA nyah or they hv no internet presence, aku rasa kalu betulla ram ni ok, nak je buat blog sebijik utk dia, ni nak cari no tel pon payah, padahal jalan kaki g umah dia pon bole smpai.

MUA: Settled!

so i made several bookings today.

airberlin for meself, alem and dlyn to milan, and from there, we're gonna find a way to go to lugano... yay, jejak kasih! Thanks to Dlyn, if it wasnt for her, tatau la bila nak g melawat azri tu.

AND think i already got meself an MUA for the reception... well, almost! Tons of muchas gracias to alem for making numerous calls to MUAs for me. I mean, it's not tht big of a deal if we were to call them ourselves, but for a guy to call MUAs and discuss make ups, hmmmm... just listening to them talking to the MUA on skype pon mcm lawak. So really, I'm touched tht he'd make the effort to call them repeatedly to settle this thing that has been plaguing me for weeks, no, make tht months now.

So now, we're just waiting for her details so tht i can make the flight, hotel bookings n pay the deposit. But just to b safe, I'm still gonna book Kak Ram for both events. Kalu x pakai for myself, maybe i can get him to do my mom n sisters... (to do? mcm x kena context je ek?)

Phew... finally, I'm gonna be able to sleep soundly at nite again. Duh, pg ni tdo smpai kot 10 tu tak soundly asleep lg ka?

Monday, April 12, 2010


So we had our annual Klausurtagng today. Tu lebih kurang cam suma org kena present kerja masing2. Aku cam biasa, present cam bangang, believe or not, aku tak practise langsung, pastu ckp gagap2... in short cam bangang.

Anyway, it's no secret byk bebudak kat dept kami sponsord by Audi, yes the company car. Dia nye plant kat kat sini je, nak visit pon bole. So diorg nye fund mmg dtg from Audi. Tp sorg budak ni, bukan sekadar fund dia Audi bagi, tp kereta pon dia bg, okla, utk research dia gak la, apa tah namanya, travelution camtu aaa, aku pon x faham sgt sbb dia present in german. Tp yg hebat nya keta tu lastest audi from series apa tah yg worth 110k Euro, enough to buy a house even here in germany. Tu yg bebudak lain cam impressed tu. Siap dia bawak2 boss naik jalan2 lg td lepas mkn.

Anyway, tu je nak cite. Lunch, ada la vegetarian meal, noodle with cheese, dgn gravy paprika campur terung campur apa tah tp sedap! Malam lunch kat restoran italian yg aku cirit last week tu. Tp kali ni makan piza je, x habis bungkus bwk balik, rugi dept belanja, jgn bazir2.

Time sembang tu i congratulated sorg member ni sbb dpt tahu dia kawin last month, tu pon sbb ex-awek yg skarang dah jd wife dia prego 3bulan, so aku tanya berapa ramai g kenduri dia. Oh, dia kata biasa2 je dlm 12-13 org. Aiyo, kalu la ckp kita kenduri melayu 1000 org, mesti dia ingat kenduri kita ni ala2 buat fun fair kot...

Anyway, speaking of funfairs, weekend ni nak g fun fair kat nuremberg, hoping to meet some malaysians there, ahad nak buat cupcake bg anak2 jiran mesir kat umah lama dulu....

Nah, dah jd cam diary bosan cite activiti2 harian, but hey, pasal la....

Saturday, April 10, 2010

search and make money

i just an email from a friend.
Apparently ada search engine baru whereby ko search and pastu accumulate duit.22sen for each search, aku try search satu benda, then dia tunjuk total amount 22sen, tp kalu nak cash out nanti tatau la camne. Benda ni baru sebulan launch, so tatau la bole caya ke tak.

Tapi aku register gak hehehehe.
Here's the link myLook <-- ni dia

Friday, April 09, 2010

bachelorette trip & hanimun

God help me!
aku ada presentation next week, but i'm getting bitten by the travel bug lak tetiba ni... aisehhhh.

memel is going to london, aku gatal nak join, last time i was there, mcm x best je london ni. This time, ada syamil yg cute miut tu, maybe lg best la kot. Best deal bole dapat is 119E, bole la kot layan, janji bulan ni berjimat cermat.

lg satu benda aku dok surf for the past two hours or so are hotel2 kat pulau2 kat utara (konon2 for hanimun la...). Told alem, i want pangkor laut. Dia malas nak g sbb pangkor is just depan umah dia (he lives in manjung, btw), biasa sgt... tp bole try pujuk lg kot.

But one island is not enufff. I want more! Right now, I'm googling the northen islands, especially langkawi as it is the closest to kedah (penang tamau sbb pantai kotoq). Best ke langkawi ni? Apa ada kat langkawi pon... hmmm. Org kata langkawi mahal, coklat je murah, but if it's worth the price, xpe la...

Aku sanggup je squeeeeze celah2 schedule yg amat packed itu.
First week : HIV test & settle paper nak kawin & last discussion dgn vendors + apa2 yg patut
2nd week : nikah & reception & LANGKAWI (sempatkah?)
3rd week : bertandang & PANGKOR (sempatkah?)
4th week (yg cume beberapa hari jek) : settle keja2 kat uni

kawin prep half pon belum settle, dah gatal nak fikir hanimun, ape kejadahnya?
isssh, enuf, sambung study :(

pegi mampus! II

think maybe somebody here hates me, strange considering that i'm not here more than 60% of the time, and i dont mingle a lot, and i try to stay invisible most of the time.

BUT today, when I went to wash my rice cooker pot in the kitchen, i couldnt find my liquid dishwasher. MY DISHWASHER, ok??? Tu pun nak curik ka???

I dont know if it's because my drawer is the most accessible (it's the top drawer) or is it because somebody thinks my property is harta wakaf or if somebody REALLY hates me.

Whatever it is, i've moved everything, spices, pots and pan n knives n plates and everything except the sponge and some empty plastic bags into my room. Takpe angkot barang sume susah payah nak masak, aku sanggup, janji dah x hilang dah (jgn dia smpai curi masuk bilik dah!)