Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How does one decide on a wedding dress?

Beats me!

But I need to decide on one pronto!

Before coming back to germany, i basically browsed 2-3 magazines, one of which was bought in indonesia and decided on the design of wedding dress that i want for all 3 events. One of them is inspired by one very beautiful design by poppy karim. Inspired je la, sbb kainnya nmpak mcm tak siap, tak lawa. Tapi baju lawa la, albeit byk berkilat2. Am not a fan of kain byk sequins2, beadings2, tp kalu x buat, my sis bising lak nanti, selekeh, cincai, tak grand (nak grand kebenda, bukan artis pon). Tapi since tht's the only baju berkilat that I really like, so bolehla.

Baju tandang, dah tak ingat rupa camne. I let him choose from tht same magazine. He flipped 2-3 pages, and practically just pointed at a picture with his eyes half-closed. Design sama, color nak lain, okla. Tak kisahla...

Now I realized that both of them are kebayas. Dont get me wrong, I love kebayas, that's like my work uniform. But... but... bosannya!

So I told my mom, hold up, give me until the end of may to come up with something. 5 more days to go, and I aint got nothin'.

Google punya google, I found that it's not abnormal not too wear kebayas in malaysia these days. So I've decided, no kebaya for my reception. Tandang maintain.

So I'm thinking of wearing a gown (gosh, talking about gowns and kebaya is soooo menyegankan :D). The top part is not so much of an issue, but the bottom part is still unsettled.

I like
From here

From here

From a chinese wholesale market that took it from here (kot)

Guess it's pretty clear that I am leaning towards an empire cut dress yg flowy2. I think such silhouette is very forgiving for us, normal mortals. Tapi google punya google, while it can hide the perot pretty effectively, if seen from a wrong angle, it might appear like a sarong nangka, or worse, make you look pregnant (malu weh mak bapak aku).

So kalu model pakai lawa camni
From here

Bile manusia biasa pakai, tak ke nampak preggo 3 bulan?
Taken from http://syphotography.net/

Preggo or not, memang there's no denying semua jenny packham punya baju, i like. Banyak yg cut at the underbust and flowy2. Tp tu la, if i'm built like a model, lain la cerita.

So I'm back at the google drawing board. Nak empire cut tp ada silhouette yg tak bg nampak perot tp still flowy2, camne tu?

Update: I know what i want. I want this!!! Walo alem kata I'm sooooo old-fashioned, I dont care, I so want this.... Tapi rasanya dalam mimpi je kot. For starters, mana nak cari kain camni. Nak beli? Tak mampu. But if I could get something similar, I know I'd definitely wear it.
From here

Monday, May 24, 2010


So we had a nice little unplanned overnight trip to regensburg yesterday. For the uninitiated, regensburg is actually quite far from here. But we were motivated to go nonetheless, because nat in karlsruhe told me tht she was going to this malaysian gathering there and so I said, "ok, nak gak join!"

Then suddenly, on friday nite, she told me that she cancelled the plan, but i didnt get the mesg, and called her on saturday morning, asking for the meeting point. So nak tak nak, she pulled herself out of bed and we decided to meet at the main train station in regensburg.

So that's how our little adventure to Regensburg began. And by adventure, I really mean an adventure. It was almost as if everything was against our going to regensburg, but still, we persevered.

We know that to get there, we needed a minimum of 2 trains, Erlangen-> Nuernberg. And Nuernberg-> Erlangen.

1. So at 9 something in the morning, we walked to the bus stop, missed our bus only by seconds (sedih wooo tgk bus lalu depan mata). So we walked to another (further) bus stop, took the bus there, made it in time for our train.

2. Naik train, camne tah, confused by the itinerary, instead by changing trains when it stopped in Nuernberg, we waited in the same train (thinking it'll take us to Regensbury) and sedar2 we were on our way back to Erlangen, dang!

3. Now that we're back in Erlangen, takpe. We'll give it a second try. So instead of waiting more than an hour for the next train, we took the bus and a tram to get to the main train station in Nuernberg. There, we found we had more than an hour for the train to Regenburg, so we went for lunch, and b4 we knew it, we were too late for our train.

never knew nuernberg had such a lovely sight as this...

No idea why the crab is so big, weird decos they got there eh?

mana tak lambatnya, nampak benda menarik skit, stop, pastu nak kena amik gmbar lak tu

At our favorite japanese restaurant

on the escalator at the ... where else, train station

4. Too lazy and tired and full to run, we decided to take the next train. We knew there's a 2-hour gap between each departure. So berani la budget time yg gerenti bole smpai before nat yg dtg all the way from 5-hours away (by fast train, ok?).

5. So sampai kat train station, got the time for the next departure, we went to the platform and waited for the train. Waited and waited, train x sampai. Hampeh. Called Nat, she told me mungkin gak kot sbb ni minggu Pfingsten (aku pon tatau amende). Aramak, dah cuak dah ni.

at the train station

6. Xpela, nak buat apa, cuba lagi. so we went and checked the timetable for the next train, and went to the platform. Tunggu punya tunggu, train xde gak. Geram dah ni, we went and asked the staf at the station. He told us that we waited at the wrong platform. ^%#$@! (marah diri sendiri). Skarang ni kalu amik the next train sah2 mmg sampai lepas nat la ni!

another one at the train station

7. Xpe cuba lagi, so we went to the correct platform, got our train, and slept all way to Regensburg, no kidding! Penat tak ingat.

Finally, in Regensburg!

In Regensburg, all of us, nat and her Syamil took the bus to the Regensburg. The original plan was to take them back to Erlangen for the night. Esok bawak jalan2 la. Problem was, we arrived in Regensburg close to 8pm. The event only started at around 8. Masalah gak tu nak kejar our 9.26pm train.
That's me trying to swallow kari yg tak serupa kari...

It was at this gathering that I met the biggest number of Malaysians in Germany ever!

By the time we finished our meal, we were confident that there was no way we could make it back to Erlangen. So tercari2la hostel or sapa2 yg nak tumpangkan kami for the nite. And by God's grace, dpatla gak tmpt tidur (hostel byk full sbb monday cuti). And dgn sehelai sepinggang, and ubat gigi pinjam nat, we stayed the night in Regensburg.

Esok, jalan2 Regensburg, too bad kedai byk tutup.

confidentnya aku pakai baju terbalik

this was taken along the river. At first, we thought of taking the boat ride to the Walhalla (temple made by King Ludwig). Last2 x jadik pon.

no idea why they hv this in the middle of the city, but we took a picture of it anyway 'cos it looks so white and cool

tgk pon tau pakai self-timer. No idea what this is either, nat thinks it's a cemetery, tp tu pon lepas kami puas berposing

the boys

and the girls

all of them

gambar yg motifnya pompuan bawak laki naik basikal ramai2

a well in middle of the city also deserves to have its picture taken

gaya tersendiri

gaya random. Why random? Because out of the blue, in the middle of nowhere, syamil actually told us stop walking, take our cameras out because he wanted to pose.

Gambar happy dpt makan lepas sehari tak mandi, gila berkilat dahi! By the way, thank you soooo much nat for the kipas udang!!! Beratnya ko angkut dari karlsruhe. Terharunya aku!

last kopek. Again because syamil wanted it. Susah nak suruh budak2 posing, tp ni kes pelik sbb he told us to snap it for him.

Pastu on the way back, lina noticed the label on my top, and she went, "Apsal label ni kat tepi" (as in kat tepi collar baju). "Tah, fesyen kot." She suggested that I'd try to wear it backwards. At her house, i did just that, and realized, dang! Selama aku pakai baju ni kat malaysia, jakarta, germany, rupa2 aku pakai baju terbalik, chetz, nampak sgt aku buta fesyen!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Bergkirchweih II

the beer fest is back!

I was there last year. And this year, as usual, our chair is organizing a trip to the fest. Well, it's not exactly a trip. They basically reserve some seats, and we'd all meet there for some drinks. I'm not keen on going. Reason being, well, i dont drink and the rides arent that fun, the only thing good about it is that we get to hang ut together. But then again, they do that all the time (aku je manjang malas nak join).

So today b4 rommie left, he reminded me that monday is a holiday, and we got that trip on tuesday, and he asked, "you're going to the beer fest, arent you?" Aramak, aku dah selalu sgt x join diorg ni lepak, so instead of a, "hell, no!". I said, "We'll see" (hahaha direct translation from 'tengoklah'). Thought that was sufficient enough, but instead i got a "EEEETTTTTT" with squinted eyes yang menjeling tajam. Aisehmannnn, takkan dia x perasan aku selalu bosan time melepak dgn diorang kot?

Btw, the thurday after the next is also a holiday. Yipeeee! Got a reminder by a friend here. Tp yg hampehnya, bole dia sambung, kata that it's not important for me, sbb aku menghilang pon tarak sapa perasan...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Uni trip to Kelheim

Ok, so I went for a trip last week. It was nothing to shout about, really. Saw some big birds and got on a relatively big boat. The nicest thing about it was probably the boat ride and the butter pretzels we got for lunch.

But i'm creating an entry for it, nonetheless, utk kenang-kenangan.

So we went for a bird show, t'was in deutsch, obviously. Couldnt understand much, but the birds were pretty big and somewhat scary.

The bird swooped right above my head, scary. Turns out that was part of the show. The trainer was right behind us, patut la it flew towards us.

group photo b4 we got on the boat. there were so many of us i cant even find myself in the photo

on the boat with yurly's husband (too bad yurly coudnt make it), indra and his wife.

that's where we were headed, weltenburg, the place where the oldest (?) church in germany is located

saw this guy on the way there

another gambar bukti

bored, i went to watch this kid throwing pebbles into the river. Tere gak budak ni, he got them bouncing off the surface of the water at around 5 times or so, and he did it several times. I tried too, but only got them to bounce twice, max.

and another gmbar bukti, the last one, as a matter of fact, and i swear by then, i just couldnt wait to go home.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


...never fails to make me smile :)

today is Christi Himmelfahrt, which is essentially a public holiday.

Being at home, with nothing to do (byk nak buat, tp saja tak nak sbb cuti), i got bored. Ran out of movies to watch, watched a clip instead, well, short clips, to be exact, of us having fun. Of my awkward moves and metallic teeth, sal's graceful joget moves, ina's... huh, i cant even find the right words to describe her moves, too selamba and yet at times, somewhat saturday night feverish and noris' possessed eyes. Tp possessed pon, she's the only that never missed the turn after the first round of the chorus hihihihi...

those were the days eh?
i wonder why life never seems to get 'funner' as we grow older, or am i the only one who fails to see the fun in it all?

Monday, May 10, 2010

kamell's available on the 25th of Sept

geng study - just skip this entry

am doing a friend a favor... ;)

Monday, May 03, 2010

when loneliness strikes...

...I went for a cuppa, with yurly. The cute young Venezuelan girl that i first met during one of the university-organized trips. And this is no lip service, she's really cute. One *crazy (?)* old man even asked her out for a cuppa today. Saw that happening as I was approaching her, thus saving her from that harassment.

Nice thing about hanging out with her is the fact that her english sucks, and my deutsch is just as bad. So that forced me to speak in Deutsch, albeit with gagap2. Really, I cant understand why she'd hang out with me, macam la aku ni interesting sgt. So when she suggested that we go out for a cup of coffee, i was thinking, dah takde kawan lain ke minah ni? Alem even suggested that maybe she's an MLM agent, and lg pelik, i even wondered whether she was really serious about coffee?

No that I dont like coffee, I luuuurve coffee, but here, it's always beer beer beer, and I dont go out for coffee, I go out for a complete meal. Tp tadi aku mmg minum cappuccino je and had a small piece of cake... and i even had a good time. Bukan apa, i was initially worried that things might get a bit boring, dah la our age gap is almost 10 years, aku lak x pandai2 deutsch.

But despite her young age, she's seems very matured, probably because she's married kot. Aku ni gak cam kanak2, which is why when i told her my age, her jaw dropped and we started laughing like crazy. Mana taknya, kawan dia whom i assume must be around her age asked about me when he saw our picture together. If only he knew how old i am, ada kot dia lari sembunyi bawah katil...

Tp tu la, all these while. I couldn't really pin-point the reason as why i've been feeling so lousy. Sure, alem and i chat almost everyday, but sometimes that's not enough. Sometimes, this feeling of loneliness can be so severe that if i werent a muslim, only God knows what could happen. Strange, considering that i once defined fun as being alone with my computer and super high-speed internet connection. But now, physical presence of a loved one is apparently a big deal for me, benci. It's almost as if I've lost that love for solitude that I once had (but thank God, i havent lost my independence, and pray that that would never happen, and if i'm anything like my mom, maybe it wont).

Lagi pulak, I havent really had a nice break in quite a while. So that little Treffen was a super nice break that i totally didnt anticipate that left me with a smile on my face (kalu org nampak mesti ingat aku sewel) as i cycle back to my dreaded hostel...

**I started Turbulence Training today, the introductory level bole tahan penat gakla. Then, suddenly I felt like browsing thru the whole package and found one that's probably the one most suitable for me, 4-week Turbulence Training for Women, terus teruja. Checked out the list of exercises, aiseh, slightly easier than the one did earlier. Then I re-checked the title of the program i did today, and it reads " Turbulence Training for Fat Loss". Patutla penat gilossss...