Saturday, June 26, 2010

veil with alencon lace

yes, I've been busy, was somewhat depressed, but better now.
Busy with what? Well... stuff. Studies is as usual, nothing great. No paper anytime soon, too busy with the language course and of course, preparation for the wedding.

Dad's been pestering me for the card, yes, yes I'm working on it, nak lukis map susah tau. Mom is well, working on the curtains now (she even wants to have our names embroidered on the bed sheet, comel seeyyy). Eh, wo's mein Kopf? aku dah terkeliru curtain dgn bedsheet. Ni satu lg problem, aku selalu lupa macam2. on top of tht, i'm always getting this &^^$#@ headache all the time.

Monday, am going for 2 house visits, expect more disappointments. Visiting and failing to get the house is already a routine for me, so like... whatever... if i get it, i get it, if not, try again.

anyway, just spoke to me mom a while ago. told her i didnt want any veil, tp lepas kena sound., i googled googled googled, now i want one with alencon lace yg ada bulu2 halus kat edges tu like this one.

mana nak cari pon tatau. This one is from etsy, the guy sells the veil, no, dont want it. Tak kemas sgt. I just want the lace. But have no idea where to find it in Malaysia. Mom also has no idea where to find it (she lives in Kedah, by the way). Buy them online? Hmmmmm... the shipping cost is probably not worth it. Mana nak cari ni? (Mesti mak aku nyesal paksa aku pakai veil, lepas ni sure tak paksa aku pakai tiara dah)

Friday, June 25, 2010

sut sent

I spent the whole of (literally) yesterday working on "sut Mesin Peperangan, sut Whiplash, sut Mark II, sut kulit, sut, sut, sut" that i came to the office, looked at my own handwriting and tried to decipher the logic of "Time from Data sut". What the heck did I mean by that? Looked and looked and looked from different angles, and then it was like, "ooooooooooo, Time from Data sent"

Adoiiiii, ada ke org pedulik nak baca dvd extras nih?

Tuesday, June 01, 2010