Monday, July 26, 2010

what i've been up tu: edisi lambak

this is another non-studies-related entry, so guys, feel free to skip it. This is also non-apartment-seeking-related, so you can stop puking now, this is also non-language-related, so you can definitely understand it (unless you understand german, and in which case, excuse my german, ich bin noch lernen), but this is another hochzeit-related entry, just to remind meself of how much i've done or havent.

So, I got almost all of the hantarans for alem. Initially, considering the distance, we made a pact that we'd buy our stuff ourselves (who pays for what, blakang kira), but i couldnt help myself, buying stuff for him is more fun. Plus, i'd be getting a little less than what i'd be giving him, tolak kuih, kek, buah... how many'd be left? Really, what else is there to get for myself when i really dont need anything fancy?

hasil buruan

last i checked, he was about my size. So i did his normal pose, and i think, the pants will suit him alright (i hope he'd like it, i know he likes khakis). Abaikan kicap, minyak, kunyit, garam yg tonggang terbalik in the background, i hv all of them in here- takot kena curik lg...

Other than that, I made thank you tags. Took me weeks gak ler to finalize the design (ok, i'm not blessed with creativity, i just know how to use coreldraw huhuhuhu), cut the paper, punch the tags, paste them together and let the glue dry (this, especially after i ran out of my glue stick and had to resort to the normal liquidy type).

gotta say that tools for crafts can look pretty mind-boggling sometimes, either that or i'm just not very imaginative.

I also designed the card, konon nak jimat. Limited myself to just 2 colors, black and purple, 'cos some bloggers were saying that the printing price goes hand-in-hand with the number of colors you use. True, but not in our case. The bf was too busy plus malas (seriously, i think pompuan je suka survery2) to look for the best deal. Went to a couple of shops, stopped at lhcreative and called me up. Turns out, the number of colors for printing dont matter, chitz! Told him to hold up, lemme chg the design a lil' bit, or maybe we can just choose one from the available designs (kalu dah lg murah tu kan?), and told him i'd call him back, as i was on my way to class at the time. Balik umah, found out that ha had already proceeded with the order, despite the price yg mahal for the VEEEERYYY simple design that we have yg konon2 nak jimat tu. Had we known, we'd just take the available designs, lg cantik, lg murah, and jimat MASA! So there, this is the one thing that i thought i could save a lot on, but turns out to be the one yg agak pathetic dan membazir. Lg2 when he called earlier today to tell me that he had already collected the cards and "kad kita tak cantik....." (gulp - that's me, by the way) ................................ hahahahahahaha, thank God, i am still to see the hilarity in all of this, although geram at the same time, and worse, alem forced me to accept the free banner that i so dont need (or dont want actually, no offence, tak minat je, tatau apsal...) Anyway, kad yg buruk dah siap, and you've been warned.

second draft yg dah nampak keburukannya...

Other than that, made some paper flowers from tissue paper for the nikah. Mati2 aku cari actual tissue paper awal2 dulu, but google sana sini, leo rata2, and found out that it's actually seidenpapier. So bought them in bulk from ebay, sampai terlebih2, tatau nak buat apa. Color striking gila, nothing like what i expected, even roommie took one look at it and buat muka sedih. Anyway, dah terbeli, so purple and fuschia and pink will be the theme color.

with natural light - siang lagi

With artificial yellow light, dah malam la tu maknanya. Anyway, at last count, i got 41 fuschias, 26 purples, 8 (kinda) pink, hundreds of white

And inspired by si petite, i bought a Selphy printer. Syok gile main print with this tiny little cutie. Too bad it doesnt come with a credit card cassette, that, u have to buy. But it does have the postcard-sized cassette, with papers and toners, so it can ony print around 100 normal normal-sized photos (unless you buy more papers n toners), which isnt great 'cos my guestbook is quite errrrr small, paste a photo there, and the space that's left is probably enough for a "Selamat Pengat" and a signature. So now, I'm contemplating whether to bring it home, or to leave it here (yes, i'm not very gigih)

testing the selphy

Other than that, the 10-kg acrylic bead chains have arrived safely. The lace for the veil has also made it safely to Kedah and I managed to convince my mom to let me hire a decorator, at least for the hall. Bukan apa, i got a family high on diy. Mom finished more than 100 chair covers, my bedsheet complete with our initals, new curtains for my room, bajus for herself, my sister and brother, auntsssss, dad and me (almost), oh, and alem, of course. Dad had completed the platform ages ago, like a week after they decided on having a pelamin and b4 i got to tell them that i didnt want to sanding. And when they told me they wanted to do all of the decos, i was like, dowannnnn, i dont want that pagi2 kenduri bapak pengantin2 lain get ready pakai smart2, but my dad pulak sibok pasang platform. So after weeks of gado2, we reached a compromise, half would be DIYed and the other half, will be done by a decorator, and by no means does this mean i'm not grateful, I AM, but I am very worried that they'd be overworked that they're gonna hate me later....

Anyway, got some photos from home. That made me feel sooo much better. If some entries earlier, i sounded depressed, tht was because i felt so left out. I didnt know why i was feeling as such, i just heard them telling me this and tht and i saw nothing, and hence, i felt nothing. Now that i saw the chaos in the living room, and the kains in different shapes and colors and sizes, and although i cant touch or try it, at least i know that insyaAllah, i'm getting married.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

apartment lg

so i lost another one today, and this time it's with an agent. Nak byr agent kat 1k euro pon still xde rezeki.

Visited it last friday, told him tht i needed to think about it, although i was actually dead-set on renting it (waited 'cos i'd be visiting another smaller apt today, tp mmg sebenarnya dah satisfied with tht one). Checked the website today, and it's off the list... sedihnya... quarter of the day, nangis dlm toilet. Half a day, otak tak leh function, got another half left, still cant function properly, baca apa pon dok terbayang2 apt tu je n how to deal with the future, tolong la jgn SV dtg cari pulak. Only God knows how berserabut my brain is right now...

today, 2 more apartments to visit, both with agents. I'm not positive i will get it, but we'll see how it goes...

Friday, July 09, 2010

Pray for me, people...

so i visited 2 houses this week, and one, i contacted via email. Two days ago, got a rejection via email, and for the other two, no calls/emails today which means i got rejected by both. And that's just in this week alone. Kalu since I started this search almost a year ago?

Penat la... I've seen berpuluh2 umah, emailed berpuluh2 manusia, i check several websites several times a day, no, make that several times per hour when I'm in front of my computer, but still to no avail. I hate to say that this has an effect on my studies, but it IS a contributing factor....

To make it worse, my hausmeister dah warning, dia kata, if i wanna move out, do it before september, else kena stay sampai lepas winter around march next year, sbb winter dia payah nak cari tenant.

Dah tu, i got a friend visiting in October. Initially, I thought, kalu dah tarak pilihan, sumbat la dlm bilik ni skali dgn alem, and i thought he'd fine with it. But no! Silap besar. He's totally against it. Okla, i understand la bila pikir2 balik. I mean, what if the situation is reversed and dia sumbat member laki dia skali dgn kami dlm bilik 11 square meter camni. No idea how big that is? Imagine the bathroom in your parents' house, ha, besar tu la. And susun meja kerusi, katil, fridge, cupboard and satu sink. Kalu org tinggi skit bole split, kaki sure bole sentuh both walls.... That's how big my room is......

Ingat nak tumpangkan my friend kat umah lina, but lina might be going back like a few days before my friend arrives. And i dont hv any other malaysian friends that i can rely on, or any other nationalities that live in a proper house... adoiii, camne la nak host visitors kalu camni...

How la am i not depressed? Too many problems to settle, too little options... I'm sad, I'm very very sad.....

Sunday, July 04, 2010

cabaran berpuasa

so i fasted yesterday. And my God, it was such a challenge! No I didnt go out at all, I watched the match on tv, and did some diy, and that's about it. But about an hour before break time, I started feeling dizzy, so dizzy that I had to lie down.

Came 10pm, woke up and immediately drank some plain water, but the dizziness didnt go away, and worse, the pain got worse, no kidding. So I ate some cream puff (made rice and ayam masak merah, but think it was too hot for my stomach), that didnt help either, ate some fruits, no difference. Then, I knew, i must be dehydrated. Seriously, it was bad, so bad my eyes felt like they were gonna pop out, i felt like throwing up, head was hurting, body weak like i cant even find the words to describe it that i was thinking of people i can call should I need to go to the hospital.

Eventually, I figured "tak boleh jadi ni", 'cos the longer i waited, the worse it would definitely get. So I got me some salt, licked some and googled for "dehydration treatment". Some half an hour later, i felt slightly better. Now 12 hours later, I feel much much better, but my head still hurts a little.

Such a scary experience. I wonder how I'm gonna get thru Ramadhan mcm ni with the cycling to the office and back and the heat in the office lagi... panas panas kat malaysia pon tak penah teruk macam ni :(