Monday, August 30, 2010


ok, so i'm probably the last person to know about this guy... but when we talk about knowledge and sharing and reminding each other about things that we might've forgotten, there's no such thing as being too late.

So i started watching his videos last night, and couldn't stop watching them ever since. The topics are simple simple stuff, in fact, i dont think he has any intention to talk about the serious ones, but as he often mentions at the end of his videos, he's only trying to remind us in case we forgot.

Eh, betul ke Napoleon of outlawz reverted? And Loon? And Busta Rhyme? Busta Rhyme?? (ok, so i was a little into rap, so what?) Considering that he used to rap raps that were insulting to Islam (according to some, dont know which one that was), masyaAllah......

Saturday, August 21, 2010

pancake ketayap

So i've been crashing at lina's place since the beginning of ramadhan, partly due to the distance of my hostel, and partly due to my turn to take out the garbage, also at my hostel, which i loathe so much considering that i dont even know what i'm touching when carrying those heavy bins full of metals, glasses, paper and biodegradable bios. Yeah yeah, i know, i'm running away from my responsibility, but hey, it's summer holiday, many are on holiday and arent taking out the garbage as well, so i'm doing the same, kiranya, i'm on holiday gak la sekarang ni! Holiday at lina's house!

Anyway, over here, lina and i are always experimenting with kuih-muih recipes. And one, day i suddenly felt like eating kuih ketayap. So we made some, ok, this wasnt exactly an experiment as i'm made some before, but never during ramadhan. But at the end, it turned out ok, and we gave some to lina's landlady. That was a couple of days ago.

Today, she rang lina's doorbell, and gave us 2 pieces of cake. I was praying at the time, but i could hear her say, "Oh, here are some cakes for the both of you. Thanks for the pancake the other day......." Aik, kuih ketayap tradisional aku tu dia ingat pancake! Aisehhhh....

Monday, August 09, 2010

sakit kapla

tension - sakit kapla

nangis - sakit kapla

lapar - sakit kapla

sakit kapla laaaaa! sakit kapla!!

Friday, August 06, 2010

another apartment entry

...he said he'd call, but no calls today.
I guess they've chosen someone else then...

I'm giving up.
I've visited wayyyy too many houses, cycled hundreds of kilometers, missed so many classes, all for nothing...

Come October, looks like I'm gonna be be sleeping under the bridge... :(

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Who is she?

I've seen this picture being used everywhere without any real credit being given to the lady. Bet each of those bloggers wanted to, but nobody really knows who she is.

All i know is that it was taken at a solemnization ceremony in 2005, that's is. pulak is a broken link. Plus, aku pon malas nak google. Mysterious betulla pompuan cantik yg evergreen ni...

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Wanderung 2010

So we went for a little Wanderung again about 2 weeks ago. Basically, wht we did was berjalan tak stop2. Haram tak fun, tp kalu bukan sbb wajib, jgn harap aku nak g. Dah la jalan berjam2, boleh sesat pulak tu. Dah tu, sakit kaki smpai berhari2.

Tp, syukur gak la, jln dlm 3 jam je, last yr, jalan ada dkt 5 jam. Plus, ok gak kot sesat, otherwise, sure dpt mkn awal, pastu sure kena buat city tour lak, jalan lg! Tp sbb dah sesat berjam dlm hutan, sekali makan, suma melepet, then trus balik.

bosan tak bosan jalan camni berjam2?

taking a break

sesat no 1. yg pegang map tu guide kami a.k.a setiausaha jabatan. Kesian dia, cari jalan sesorg, yg lain ngikut je. Tp takpe, sesat sama2...

sesat no 2

aku ngomel tak ingat, feng dah separuh mati dah tu...

yg depan camera sume tak ready, yg paling hujung pon posing lg cun

group photo yg paling cantik, yg kat kanan pon cam tak ready gak. tgkla, omputih ni takde la tinggi sgt pong... lebih kurang tinggi aku je

mkn smbil sembang2

And the hightlight of it all, mestilah time balik hehehehe. Takla, seriously, time balik kitorg pecah into groups of 5 sbb nak share tiket. So tak la trapped dgn the big group, so relax skit, dpt sembang ngarut2. And it turned out tht sembang ngarut2 psl binatang liar pon bole jd fun. Aku pon excited cerita monyet hidung besar and buaya and ular sawa (boleh aku terlupa ular sawa in english, it's Python! Juga a type of a programming language. Jgn lupa tu!)... Itu saja... sekian.

me - yg dah almost tinggal rangka

Monday, August 02, 2010

more DIYs

Nope nope, not by me, but my parents.

So the slipcovers are almost ready, all hundreds of them. So if the chairs were in the nude time engagement hari tu, skarang diorg dah ada baju. Tadaaaa....

Baju baru siap la tapi, belum kanji, belum iron, belum cukup siap. But basically, mcm ni nanti, tp ni pon still serabai lg. But this is for the plastic chairs yg pakai time nikah, yg slipcover for the banquet chairs kat dewan takleh nak demo sbb... well, we dont have those chairs at home...

My aunt from kl said she'd come to kedah to help with the ironing this weekend... huhuhuhu, terharunya dengar.

Ni pulak is my bedspread. Cant really see much, all i can see are the laces, lain2 gelap sgt.

Pastu, when i told dad tht i want trees for the decorations (sbb paling simple nak decorate, i hope la). This is what he got me. Ayah aku ni suka bertukang. So kalu ckp je nak pelamin, esok tu dah beli papan. Or in my case, belum sempat nak cakap tak nak pelamin, papan pon dia dah beli, so terpaksa la ada pelamin.

Batang pokok resting on the wall of the house that he built in our kampung in Perlis. Ayah aku ni dulu cikgu, tp suka bertukang. So after retirement, he got bored, and opened a shop, but his insatiable desire for bertukang wasnt fully satisfied, so he googled for tutorials on how to build a house, and with mom as his assistant, they erected this house on the land left to him by his father. Cute seyyy tgk org tua2 keja sama2, mak tolak troli simen, ayah pasang brick sebijik2, siap pakai cap lg. But that was several years ago. Rumah tu pon dah complete skarang.

Anyway, batang pokok tu ingat nak left it as is. But dad insists to have it in white (dah kata theme white/off-white, terus he took it literally, ingatkan nak biar je natural color, biar sume org senang keje, tp dah rajin cat, lg bagus). So he brought everything into the house, and painted them in front of the TV, sebabnya luar hujan, dan agaknya boring kot cat sorg2 luar umah.

This is just the 'prototype'. Rasanya ada lg kot kat kg yg blum ready for their debut.

Ni pulak pokok anggur. Dah makin rimbun, nanti kena trim, else, anggur takde space nak berbuah. Takde kaitan, tp nak cerita gak :D