Sunday, December 19, 2010

Merong Mahawangsa

so i chatted with lina today, and she told me about this new movie coming out in March and excitedly gave me the link for the trailer and my God! Being a Kedahan, I feel so erm... violated.

ok, clearly, I'm exaggerating. But I've always been under the impression that Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa was about Raja Bersiong. But then again, i didnt study the hikayat, so what do i know? And besides, it is after all, a 'hikayat', a myth, so if they wanna say, our kings are the descendants of Iskandar Zulkarnain, go ahead. Nobody is gonna refute that, but i doubt many are gonna stomp their feet and say, "Yes, they are!"

But myth or not, it came from a written text, whose writer is unknown. Blame that on Malay humility. Had it been a Greek or a Roman author, it would've had his name plastered all over it and people would've thought that the story was real (read: e.g Plato and his Atlantis- i seriously thought Atlantis existed when I was 8), never mind the fact that it was probably written only around 3oo years ago.

And despite my feelings mentioned earlier, I am curious to see the movie when it comes out. According to Utusan, Germany and UK are interested to buy it. All the more reason to watch it eh? And i'm also curious to hear how Rahim Razali is gonna sound like speaking in German :D

Whatever it is, kudos to KRUstudio for this huge undertaking. Looks like they made a really good use of the govt's grant money.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The reception

You know how sometimes people say, "it happened so fast" and how you start to think, "is she for real?" and how cliched it sounds. Well, you're gonna hear it again, and i really mean it when i say, the whole wedding thing happened so fast it almost feels like it didn't happen. In fact, i don't even feel married. Maybe because i'm back to living here alone like it was before, or maybe i was so overwhelmed with work that whole week that i actually cant really recall what went down. Seriously, i don't remember much, wasn't really nervous or calm, was just hmmm... tired. Now, I'm just waiting for the vids, hope it will bring back some memories.

In the mean time, i got some pictures which fortunately help a little.

Oh, i know most of you have already seen them on FB, but i figured, wtheck, just post them again here, just in case FB go bust one day (with the hope that google is still around then) :D

And i've also given up on haloscan, i lost the copies of those thousands of haloscan comments when i formatted my notebook, and i sure wasnt gonna post them one by one, so.... oh well...

"it's like raiiiiiiiin on your wedding day..." keeps playing in my head each time i look at this pic ;p

Thanks to everyone who helped in making it happen (eh eh, cam oscar moment lak :p), sedara-mara melaka and perlis, friends especially kak wani and mary who are like part of our family dah sekarang (sampai mak alem tanya apsal mary tak dtg time bertandang), my siblings yang berbulan2 buat itu ini and my parents yg byk berkorban and my mom (yes, i know i already mentioned her) who worked very very hard to make this fussy little daughter of hers happy *terharu*

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

I am fat!

No kidding.

I've been at 50kg all my life, ok tht aint true, but i have been at that weight since i was in Form 5, and that was more than 10 years ago!

so 2 months ago, I got married, and I am now 54kg! Last week, I was 52kg, late last week, i was 53kg, the next day, i gained 100g which made me 53.1. And now I'm 54kg. Gosh, at this rate, or whatever rate this is, I'd be obese in just a month!

I just want 55kg, that's all, no more. Looks like i might be getting it after all, and MORE! Yikes!

I guess it's true what they say about getting fat after marriage. But why and how? I mean, I still live alone in the same hostel, eat roughly the same food as before. Ride the bike everyday, and if anything, riding it is much tougher now that it snows every week, and it's normal for me to arrive, panting and even sweating, at the office these last couple of days. So what wrong?