Thursday, November 10, 2011

Presentations in English

so we had our first session of the Presentation in English course. So this is basically a 3-day thing, and today was the first day, and I have to say it was better than what I expected.

The trainer was an actor, trained in the Royal Academy in London, acted in plays for years, but also did his study in business administrator. He regularly provides trainings for big international companies, apart from our little course in the uni. So you can imagine how it was like, almost like the acting class we see on tv, except this one is to prepare us for the real world.

Interesting guy, really, funny too, but occasionally can be quite intimidating, although i cant really tell whether that's part of an act or... whether that's just him, but he sure got his messages across in his clear British accent.

I sat beside the only other computer scientist in the course, artis yg menang show kat austria ni, i guess dia masuk2, blur, saw me, the only familiar face there walopon actually tak kenal pon cuma selalu la terjumpa, so he came and sat next to me. So first exercise kena interview each other and randomly kitorg kena present org tu. Dia cam interested je with my story about my being a subtitlist, tp dia tak cerita pon psl dia menang show yg cam akademi fantasia tu, and keluar album, masuk sehati sedansa bla2 tu, cume crita dia suka music je, nyanyi, main piano, compose, dgr etc. Takpela, segan nak cerita kot...

So there, syukur, just 3 sessions, although each one is from 9am to 6pm! Cant wait for it to end, nak cepat2 kumpul credit ni, risau, byk sgt yg still tka cukup ni.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Ryan Gosling serves halal food

Betol, tak tipu.

I admit, i've been watching quite a lot of his movies lately, kalu bole, nak tgk suma sekali, sbb he really hasnt done tht many pon so far. But the ones he did, he did them convincingly.

So while googling for more info on this guy, i found that he own a Moroccan restaurant in Beverly Hills. The name's Tagine (that's with a tdho-huruf jawi tht i dont know how to spell in rumi) and he co-owns it with a Moroccan guy and another guy whom I assume is in-charge of alcoholic drinks (because tht wht he specializes in pon).

So in the mood of gatal2 takde keje and curious nak tau if i can dine there if i happen to be in beverly hills (aminnn!), i emailed them and asked if they serve halal food, not expecting much as 2 of the co-owners arent muslim, only the chef is, plus it's in the beverly hills pulak tu, plus, it's quite mahal and dpt byk bintang. But surprise surprise, this is what i got,

Hi Alem, (malu tak guna name sendiri, plus my name doesnt sound too muslimah :D)

Thank you for your email.

Some of our menu items are Halal, what day were you interested in coming? we can make sure we have halal meat when you visit us!

Best Regards,

Zakaria El Ammari
Tagine Beverly Hills
Director of Sales and Marketing
Cell: +1.310.962.0694
132 N. Robertson Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

-- okla, maybe ayam tak sembelih kot, Tp at least ada effort nak make sure ada daging halal kan, so i take it as a good effort la jugak, and besides kalu seafood, sure ok punya. Dan paling penting, they seem to understand the concept of halal! (kalau mamat nama zakaria ni tak paham gak, tak taula...)

Friday, November 04, 2011


so there was an open day at our uni on friday and saturday.
The one on friday was called Junge-Uni (young uni) and the one on saturday was also open day to the public. Basic idea was to get people interested in coming to uni of innsbruck.

So we showcased our work... sort of. After cracking our brains trying to come up with something FLASHYYY (yes, this was our group's first open day, let's do it with a bang! Taklah, gambar from last year, nampak muka visitors bosan semacam je), so somebody suggested that we do something with RC cars as some guys here are actually working on vehicular networks, then attach some sensor nodes (ye, itu area saya), and create some games (which is permainan aci ligan - universal betol game simple cam gini, kan? and a demo of VTS which langsung tak dapat nak demo sbb suma org nak main aci ligan je).

And it was a hit! Among boys especially, nope, they dont care about the science behind it, but we managed to attract people. Even the ball-filled pool pon tak selaku our cars (they were a big hit last year), even booth db group yg ada pemenang starmania austria (ala2 pop idol) pon failed to attract as many kids as we did. Ye, mamat tu menang in 2002 when he was doing his phd, then buat album, tapi tak sepopular the second runner-up, so now he's back in school huhuhu... (although we did consider menyanyi dan menari to upstage this guy time brainstorming dulu, esecially when our austrian group member kept on raving on what a good programmer he is, on top being a singer and a dancer, mcmla dia sorg tak buat pape dah cukup nak tarik org, kan?).

So there, unlike other booths where they got kids to sit and a chance to explain their work, we let them kids play and we just changed the batteries when needed, and at the end of the day, the kids still dont know what we do, but hey, our group sure looked cool that day!

In the morning...

there the four of us melepak buat keje. Ok, sorg tu jela paling rajin dok tarik remote nak kasi kat budak lain main...

that was me, pura-pura buat keje... tp kekadang bumper depan keta sangkut, tolong la asingkan diorg. But in this one, pura2 je, kot2 sv tgk, takde la nampak melepak je manjang...

the big hit last year

Around 330 or so, alem came, so we went to the other departments to what they had for the kids....
this was at the physics' dept

another one the some science dept

tornado simulation... real science looks fun, but i wonder how easy it is to find a job in pure science...

shallow water simulation

at the astronomy dept

I think it is a really cool idea to have an open day like this, where we can start encouraging our young kids to be interested in science (and other areas, of course, what i saw was of course limited to the faculties in our area only). Tp masalahnya kalu buat kat malaysia, with the whole uni being open to the outsiders, by the end of the day, sure berlambak barang hilang :(

Thursday, October 27, 2011

badminton clubs

We had a talk today. It was given by an old friend of my SV. So naturally, tonight, SV took him out for dinner, and naturally, he invited us all to join them, and naturally, when there's food, most of us would naturally be available, except me.

Tonight, we're going to visit a badminton club, just to get a feel of the club, and if it is all ok, I think alem would definitely want to join it.

2 days ago, we visited one, in fact, he even played with the other club members for almost 2 hours. It was a pretty friendly club, a few of them speak English rather well, so he had little problem mingling with the other members. But the club we're visiting today... I dont know, the English email that I sent to them was replied in Deutsch, which is all the more reason why I need to go along with him.

If he likes it too, then he can join both clubs and would have something to do almost every weeknight. Which is great for me, albeit the cost it'll incur. For a a guy, staying at home can be too depressing. The guy loves sports, and seeing him so happy when he's playing and talking about it animatedly all the time just light up my day.

So if it means missing a free dinner at a posh restaurant, well... so be it...

Monday, October 17, 2011

birthday bash!

well, not quite!
But after not celebrating it for 3 years, what i had last saturday was really something.

Well, what we had last saturday was a get-together for bebudak erlangen at christph's house. So SV beserta geng2 erlangen turun la innsbruck for the first time, and me being here, macam takde alasan nak tolak. So i told them tht it was gonna be on my birthday (walaupun sebenarnya tu date yg sebenarnya, tp official date yg nurse tulis is on the following day, terpaksa la cerita cerita sebenar so ada la alasan kalu nak cabut awal).

Skali on friday, fire alarm bunyi kat office, so SV beserta beberapa bebudak erlangen yg datang awal and myself to the nearby supermarket. I told them i wanted to buy some ingredients for a cake that i was gonna bake (sbb sini selalunya trandition kat office is if it's yr birthday, u better bring something sweet). Skali, they told not to bother, just tell the tuan rumah apa nak beli, nanti kita masak ramai2.

Skali sampai supermarket, we ended up termenung depan rak bahan kek sebab resipi takde nak beli apa pun tak tau. In the end, dah lama sgt buang masa kat situ, tuan rumah kata, dont worry, he'll take care of it. Dan sejujurnya, mmg tak confident langsung kek akan menjadi esok tu.

So, on saturday, alem and i went to his house, brought some grapes and apples, met some old friends, and there was no cake. Tak kisahlah, janji jumpa groupmate2 yg lain, most of them dah doctor2 dah. Roommie pon ada, nampak2 je terus peluk beruang, yikes! Alem nampak, at least now he knows i wasnt lying when i told him roommie yg selalu peluk mengejut. SV pulak, terus wish happy birthday dgn suara sekuat2nya. Adoiii... memalukan je.

So sembang2 sampai takde topik, sampai2 last it was just me and alem chatting, duh, like we couldnt chat at home pulak ye? Half of the room dah berkumpul dlm bilik dok selongkar bilik si tuan rumah ni... then around 11 or so, ramai2 keluar, i was thinking dah nak balik dah kot ni.

Then suddenly, sedar2 ramai dok berdiri behind me, and tuan rumah came out from the kitchen with a cake. Aha! Patutla tadi dia block jalan tak bg masuk dapur, instead suruh pegi masuk bilik air.

Comel je cake, ada lilin kanak2, siap guna anggur yg kitorg bawak tht spelled 'eti', then ramai nyanyi, awwww. I was surprised, really! Malu pun ye sangat2 considering tht i'm extremely anti-social sampai tahap kena sound sebab tak join diorg lepak. Skali diorg buat camni lak... and it's not the first time pulak tu, the first was when i arrived in erlangen a week before my birthday, skali on the birthday, ada email ajak makan cake which sv and the other group members whipped out in the kitchen the previous day.

So when i hear stories about germans (ok, there was one austrian that nite, tp dia last-minute guest) kedekut sbb bila buat party, bg makan cukup2 je, i have to disagree with that notion. Sebab from my own experience, manadeee... Okla, kat rumah mamat ni, mmg makanan vegetarian dah nak abih when we arrived, tp chili con carne yg ada daging berlambak lg, plus snack berlambak, and plusss, bebudak lelaki yg masak, what can u expect? Cake tu maybe awek dia kot yg buat sebab mcm complicated skit nak buat 2 layer.

Anyway, it may not sound like anything, but it was a nice big surprise for me, and it was probably the best birthday celebration get-together i had in a while :)

Monday, October 03, 2011

first class session

so i had my first class today, with my SV. From the course webpage, i knew tht'd be 3 students 2 of which are my roommates, by the way, one roommie is german, the other austrian.

Came class time, we all went to the designated classroom, along with member dr yg ikot from erlangen and true enough, nobody else came, so we just went to nearest chairs and tables we could find and started planning for the course. Just us and SV.

So he started explaining his idea for what we are going to be doing this semester, which is to do some real experiments on interference, which i think is great cause i know zilch about hands-on experiments as all i've been doing so far is only with simulation and nothing else, ok, maybe some analytical stuff as well, but tht's it. And since the other guys seem really apt at handling sensor nodes and RC equipments, i hope to learn a thing or two from them.

So we discussed on what we need to buy and before the end of the 'course', it was decided that we need some WiFi adapters, some channel analyzers, and sensor nodes. So SV asked, "Who'd look for some channel anaylyzers?", one guy volunteered, "wifi adapters?", another guy volunteered and before i started feeling cuak nak kena cari sensor nodes, he continued, "and since we already have sensor nodes, eti doesnt have to look for one." Cam tau2 je aku blur menatang2 hardware ni. Anyway sume gelak, me included, tapi dalam hati, i was like, phewww... mana la tau kot aku suggest node yg tak sesuai kang, then beli, mati aku... at the same time, hampeh, tak caya kat aku langsung, ni cam ada chance je aku nak flunk course ni nanti.

But suddenly, german rommie told me to look for them first, sbb dia kata dia dah pass kat member sorg ni last week, member tu deny, then somebody kata patut ada kat lab, then german roommie insisted patut ada kat member sorg ni. Then SV intervenend, and said, ok, tu keje aku, cari mana nodes tu pegi, tp yg pasti they must be in one of our rooms somewhere. Oh, yes, THAT, i can do.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


So I'm am now almost officially no longer studying in Erlangen. I am now a student of Uni of Innsbruck.

No more Germany, hello Austria. And I'm renting a proper apartment now, one that is 6 km away from the institute where I'm based, which means that I have to ride the bus everyday for about half an hour each way. But what choice have i got, apartments are expensive here and due to the mountains surrounding Innsbruck, flat land is scarce, meaning that they can only build so many.

But I consider myself lucky and blessed, after going to Innsbruck several times in Ramadhan to find an apartment, and spending lots of money, time and energy, shedding lots of sweat and tears, spending a night in munich train station, losing a bike and being interrogated by the German police, I finally got one that isnt far from the bus stop of Line O, which goes straight to my institute (God knows how I hate changing buses). Not only that, He granted me my prayer and I was offered not only one apartment, but 2 apartments out of 3 that I visited on my third visit to Innsbruck.

Syukur Alhamdullillah... and also thanks to u guys and Mom for making doa so that i'd find an affordable place to live here. And also to Ajeng, my kind neighbor who helped me made countless phone calls and translated an email pleading the landlady to pick me (embarassing! but apparently the lady was touched by it), and Sawsan, for helping me deal with the evil dhl people.... dah macam Oscar moment lak.

The apartment used to be occupied by the owner's gradma. She died 5 years ago, which is why the furniture, the bedsheet, slipcovers everything is outdated, but i find it charming hehehehe... Tp apa2 pon kena hati2, takot barang2 dia dah reput, so kena handle everything pelan2 dan dengan lemah-lembut...

nasibla barang2 almost cukup, tak sanggupla nak beli buat dok setahun je...

cute je mats dia siap provide

the view from the balcony

ada sekolah, kalu org ada anak2 besar, convenient la dok kat sini

First day I came, i got extremely lost. I found building 21b, b2c, but 21a was nowhere in sight. I asked around, and apparently the building is right next to 21b and it has no sign! Anyway, first thing i did was to look for my SV. Tu pon kena tanya org, sebabnya, the room numbers follow the American style, but the buiding floor numbers follow the German/British/our style with a ground floor. Ntah pape, but this building sure looks modern, with glass walls, windows and what not.

Here, my SV is now kapla of his own new group. So we are now something like the pioneers of his establishment la konon2nya. And I'm a proper student, kena register, amik subject and share bilik dgn phd student lain (this I already knew as my SV confidently added my name as the member of his new group months ago on his webpage, cuak gila aku takot kp* ternampak since my application blum approve lagi).

The day I arrived, the room was bare, they told me the furniture will arrive the following week. Although I wasnt too optimistic (as my SV's been telling me the same thing since August), it did arrive the following week. So everything we got is new. New machines, stationeries, errr... tu je la kot. And in the typical German fashion, they complained that kaki meja yg baru pasang ada scratch skit, sikittt je pon.

Group meeting is now once a week, no more once a month like we used to do, which means I need to spend on lunch 4 times a month on pizza, pizza, pizza and vegetarian food (one meeting is dedicated to vege food as SV is a vegetarian). And as usual, they do lunch at 1130 everyday at the Tech Cafe which is in this building itself. The cafe is like a proper cafe and they think the food there is way better than the ones in the mensa (canteen). I joined them once, and for 6-8 Euros per meal, I think it's not worth it, well not to my tastebuds anyway, plus, the amount is too much for me to finish in one sitting, so I bring my own lunchpacks like I always did. Tapi nak makan kat sini, seganla. The pantry is open, no doors, no room whatsoever, and shared by the whole building, tapi terpaksala, kalau tak, kopakla, just need to make sure tak bawak sambal belacan je la.

Mahal nak mampus! I keep finding myself comparing Germany and Austria, which I really shouldnt. After all, the germans produce a lot themselves, austrians probably import more than they produce. But i cant help myself :(

So now, Alem and I eat less meat and more eggs. If in Germany, you can easily find halal Wiesenhof (brand german yg sgt dominant) poultry products in many supermarkets, here, we can only buy them in Turkey shops which arent that many. And because Wisenhof is a german product, bykla sosej, salami, daging marinate yg murah2, and ayam sekor pun cuma around 2 Euro/kg, and they are all halal. Sini, I dunno la, org austria marah kot psl kita kelar leher ayam, tu tak jual kat supermarket (or at least tht's the impression that i got from googling), germans mungkin tak pedulik sgt kot.

Telur, minyak, susu, gula, garam, waffles 4 keping dan lain2 sume mahal dalam beberapa puluh sen gak la. Tapi beras murah by 10-30 sen. Sayur2 n buah2 mmg lg mahal, so takyah cerita! In short, sume pon lg mahal, and mind you, I shop at Spar/Lidl and manchmal in M-preis, budget supermarket je pon.

As for Asian food, there are a few shops, we visited the supposedly biggest one there, and sadly, their selection is not even half as many as the smallest asian shop in erlangen :(

Kebabs are pretty easy to find. I dont like kebabs, so I dont really care for the taste, but alem seems to think german kebabs are tastier (heh, i think variety sana lg byk je kot).

There's no such thing as shopping here. I dont think I will either. H & Ms look empty, unlike the one in Erlangen that's buzzing with people as though there's a sale everyday, okay, fine, they have a 'sale' corner there. And the other shops look well, unappetizing to my empty pocket :P Heck, who cares, I'm not that big on shopping anyway. But i guess they really arent that great as i keep hearing alem talking about visiting erlangan and doing his shopping at adidas' and puma's HQs there one of these days each time he runs out of t-shirts to wear. And sometimes, he even talks about going all the way to metzingen, yikes! Tak sanggup!

But erlangen is ok, I need to stock up on my asian food, some baking products and maybe some frozen chicken as well. Or if I'm not too lazy, I might even follow him to Adidas/Puma and get some cheap t-shirts and sweaters. I'm just so tired of doing laundry everyweek now.

are nice and friendly. The women generally have big boobs here, I blame it on the water (germans always seem to buy even plain water). OR maybe, they simply flaunt it more. Hmmmmm, or they're more conscious that more actually go under the knife, who knows. But really, that's one thing we notice about the women here. If i get 10 cent each time I see a small-breasted woman here, bet my Nutella jar wouldnt even be a quarter-full by now.

Also, I notice people smoking and spitting all over the place, but thankfully, more smoking then spitting. Ke jerman byk non-smoking area? tu pasal tak smokers agak invisible. Tak, tak, sini, rata2 sambil berjalan pon smoke, kat jerman jarang lak nampak gitu. That must tell us something about the number of smokers here, kan? I mean, takkanla sidewalks2 pun designated as non-smoking area kat germany, kan?

Anyway, here, many speak English FLUENTLY and some, with BRITISH accent. Pelik tak pelik? Even the 80-year-old lady I met at the bus stop speaks English, she mixed it up with German a little, but stilllll. Too bad my landlady speaks zero english, but kind enough to choose me over the other interested potential tenants. She even doesnt mind using the dictionary when chatting with me, when seeing the confused look on my face hehehehe, so I always have the dictionary by our side when she comes over.

But all these niceties have their disadvantages. One being, they are unfortunately not as efficient as the Germans, and not as law-abiding (rasanya ni lebih apply kat bavarians je kot). Lintas jalan raya (almost) sesuka hati, masuk toilet 50 sen share sorg lepas sorg lepas sorg-and I'm talking about stangers with another stranger here, including myself la ni, urusan over the phone and Internet diorg kurang honor, Internet pasang lambat (kata within 10 day, at exactly 10 days baru telefon nak set date nak pasang) dan lain2, malas nak cerita. Even my SV bisik2 komplen kata sini kekadang susah skit nak get things done.

Pretty nice so far. More sunny days than cloudy, but hey it's summer (going into fall). But it's been drummed into my ears that winter is colllld, BUT sunny nonetheless, unlike the grey gloomy winter in Germany. But we did get a few rainy days here. 2 weeks ago, the upper clouds was so cold that it snowed! But as the ground was warm, they melted right away. But it was quite a sight for Alem - to wake up to a snowy Monday and to see snow-capped mountains for days.

But unluckily for us, the rennovation work on the roof caused our ceiling to leak. As a result, we had buckets, pots and pans all over the living room to catch the dripping snow/rain water. And by the looks of it, they will probably finish the work much later than promised, but hopefully in time for winter. In the mean time, our apartment will probably look like it's in a warzone with buckets and pots on the floor, and torn wall paper on the ceiling :(

By the way, the first youth winter olympics will be held here in january 2012. Kalau berminat nak melawat, tht shd be the perfect time for it :D

Should be pretty, i think. After all, this is a tourist spot, epsecially for those who are into winter sports. I really havent got the time for sight-seeing, so I really cant tell. But tourists are everywhere, so there must be some attractions somewhere. For me, a city is a city is a city, except this one is surrounded by mountains, that's it. But we'll see what i'd think about it a year from now :)

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Raya and Farewell gathering

So yesterday, i celebrated Eid with 2 other Malaysians at the gathering organized by the Indonesians headed by Ibu Suti. It was a lot of fun meeting the ladies, playing with their babies and eating delicious food that I didnt cook myself. I brought some brownies which recipe I got from the back of the cocoa powder container hehehe. It's in German, I understand the instruction but did not read the name of the brownie properly.

I honestly thought I was going to bake a chocolate cake, so I really thought it was strange that the batter was pretty thick, but I figured that I should follow the instruction, and as it turned out it was brownie that I was making, not a cake. But that was fine, and thank God, almost half of it was gone by the time I was about to leave the raya gathering (secretly, i was afraid brownie tak laku huhuhu). Guess kids really like chocolate eh?

the babies with their mothers

with ibu suti

baby with ibu angkat

kesiannya la bebudak tu kena paksa bersalam, ian macam ketakutan je

but they secretly shook hands when no one was looking, cute

In the evening, I went and meet Yurly. My friendship with her is a weird one. It even baffles her husband. Mainly because, I speak very little German, and she doesnt speak English, and yet, we could hang out for hours and laugh like nobody's business. Heck, even I cant understand how that happens sometimes. But she's one sweet but mature young girl, and I made her to promise to come and visit me someday.

And tonite, I organized a little gathering for close friends and my neighbors, sort of like a Eid + farewell gathering. Made some pulut kuning with rendang which I thought wasnt too bad (hehehehe, masuk bakul angkat sendiri, i know) and ayam masak merah that turned my neighbor's face red. And again, the same, but slightly improved brownie (i kinda figured a nicer way to cut it so that i doesnt look as messy as the first one I made)

pulut and brownie

rendang yg mencabar betol nak buat when all you have is a stabmixer, no I don't plan on buying a blender, too bulky, not convenient for a nomad like me.

ajeng, the guy, sawsan, that's donka in red, sawsan's friend, me and roxena (or ramona or something like that)

with ning, indra, and his wife, dede

oops, same bunch of people, but all are 4th floor dwellers

my next door neighbor and gunar, my favorite floor speaker (we have two floor speakers - ni macam floor rep la, he's our favorite)

the indonesians and the malaysian

I really hope they enjoyed the food. The Indonesians seem to like it, ye la, they know what they were eating and how to judge it. The rest, well, with the explosion of spice and heat, some could handle it, some well, Donka thought it was extremely hot that after the first taste, she had to take a deep breath and muttered, "I can do this." and quickly went to get some bread instead, cute. And when I explained why we have pulut kuning- kinda like for celebratory purposes (sorta), she thought that it makes sense because she said that it is bright like the sun. Amboih, comel je description dia.

Ning gave some chocolates, always very thoughtful, this guy. And as i seldom see him these days, meeting him and Indra really brings back old memories, especially that crazy winter trip we had almost 3 years ago. They were among the first few people that I really clicked with, so I definitely gonna miss them a lot.

And I definitely going to miss Erlangen as well. It's a very quiet little town (but with a big-ass Siemens HQ and one of the oldest and largest uni in Germany all over town, and veeerry close to Adidas' and Puma's HQs as well), but it's nonetheless quaint and very self-contained.

I'd definitely will be coming back again someday...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

tat nanas

Ahhhh...... you know it's a perfect pineapple tart when it melts the moment you drop it in your mouth...

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, people!

And maaf zahir dan batin!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

their preception of Malaysia

So a friend next door came to ask for some advice.
Despite the countless times that I told him that I'm from Malaysia, he wanted to confirm if I'm from Malaysia. Okla, tak kisah.

Anyway, he told me that he'd be going to Langkawi for a conference and wanted to know some 'important' stuff about Malaysia that I'm more than happy to share.

Most of the questions were pretty normal, but then he also wanted to know if;

1. It is ok to dress like he was (in T-shirt and a 3 quarter cargo pants) or does he have to constantly be casually-dressed (which he "thinks" consists of a pair of jeans and a neat t-shirt/shirt) for sight-seeing and sailing (terkejut aku dgr, biar betul dia nak sailing? Gamak nye la kot. Org sini jarang dpt merasa laut)
2. There are certain symbols that he shouldnt have on his t-shirt.
3. It is okay to smile to girls (huh?)

So I told him that he doesnt have to act all weird there. His appearance and demeanor are considered perfectly normal there (maybe extra hensem kot, serious hensem and agak kelakar plus sikit blur). And not to worry too much about interacting with the locals. I'm a typical Malaysian, just take me as an example and you'll be fine.

Bukan apa, dia kata kita negara Islam, tu dia cuak sgt tu... hmmm, patut ler...

Esok lusa dia tak datang, so next Tuesday, dia nak tanya lg. Let's see apa pulak dia nak tanya kali ni...

Monday, August 22, 2011


Serious panas hari ni!

I'm sitting here in my office room, not moving much and my armpit is sweating.
Pastu yg malasnya kalu sembang pasal weather kat org2 sini,
skali je kata panas, they'd be like, "Even for you?!"
Kelam-kabut aku nak cari alasan cover yg ala2 yela panas, tp no biggie la...

Tp serious, panas weh!
Kat Malaysia, panas2 pon, masuk bilik ada aircon.
Sini, masuk bilik, kipas pon tarak!

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Hari yang malang

so i left home at 130am to catch the 2am bus today, a quarter way to the train station, remembered tht i forgot something, went back home to get it. At the station, with 10 minutes left, i quickly went to buy the tix at the tix machine only to find tht it didnt accept the 50 Euro note tht i had. So I took the chance and ran around the station and tried buying from all of them, but sadly, none wanted my money, and I ended up buying an extra tix from the bus driver (the tix tht i was planning on buying would've covered the bus fare).

Then in innsbruck, I got lost. Ok, I always get lost there, they have hundreds of bus stops, and sometimes 5-6 stops at one crossroad, all having the same name but serving different lines, or sometimes the same line but with different directions.

So obviously I got very lost, several times i took the wrong bus, and had to track back to the original stop on foot! whilst carrying my netbook with googlemap on it. And obviously, I arrived very late for my appointment.

Dah penat2 lari all over town today, i took a nap on the train back to erlangen. Tetiba for the first time ever, i was woken up by the police asking for my passport. Yikes!! Aku tak bawak!

So i gave him my student card that i printed myself (our student card mmg cikai like tht), and my Malaysian ic and my 16 year-old laminated driving license. Punya la lama diorg interview aku yg mamai ni smpai la the next train stop. Then, they cross-checked with the immigration and took pictures on my student card, and told me to email them pictures of my residence permit and passport. Dahla residence permit tu dah nak expire ujung September, and i've received reminders to extend it from the immigration office (which i've so far ignored). Bole tahan cuak tahap nak terberak gakla. Ni polis german ni, jgn main2!

But I maintained my composure, walopon mmg aku salah tak bawak passport bile cross border, aku ckp dgn gaya confident, but still diorg call immigration for confirmation time2 tu jugak. My excuse, Oh, ingatkan student card dah cukup utk g Austria sbb dia Schengen country, then he was like, "Well, look at this card" sambil tunjuk kertas lembik yg kononnya card tu (not my fault, my uni wants us to download it and print it ourselves every sem). Tp syukurla diorg ckp baik2, and syukurlah aku still managed to speak in German walopon campur2 English, so cam takla nampak menipu kalau kata tht i've been here almost 3 yrs tp still takleh ckp langsung.

Tp yg pasti, first thing sampai umah midnite karang, aku kena hantar email kat polis tu. Harap2 tak kena saman or kena tangkap or kena record mana2 sbb seriously aku kena apply kat polis diorg for a certificate of good conduct lepas ni. Kalu recorded ni, matila karang tak lepas kat Immigration austria pulak!

And worst of all, when i finally arrived at the Erlangen train station 1230am, basikal hilang!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer canoeing during ramadhan

Memang tak minat nak join aktiviti jabatan ni pon. Dah la bosan, kena bayar 25 euro lak tu.Tp awal2 lg b4 date diorg set, i told them i wasnt going. Takde alasan, just tak nak pegi. And they probably dont care pon.

Tp td, sorg member kepoci dtg blk. Tanya pegi ke idak. So terus jawab tak g. Then he asked, apsal? Aramak, takkan nak jawab tak minat kot. Then suddenly, cam ternampak pulak lightbulb menyala. Meeting lepas diorg kata nak buat on 1st Aug. Wah wah ada alasan.

And terus jawab, takleh sbb hari tu first day puasa. Then bole lak dia tanya, so?
Errr... nanti penat, tak larat nak berkanu... (aiseh, rasa guilty lak guna posa as an excuse)... dan dgn muka confused, dia blah...

Monday, July 04, 2011

once bitten, twice shy

so today morning, i followed roommie to tennenlohe (a district in erlangen). The mission: to catch my sv before he leaves for innsbruck in the afternoon. They got a meeting with some security guys there and that would be my chance to discuss some stuff with my sv and exchange some documents.

So i waited from around 945 in the students' room. Waited and waited. Close to 12 pm, roomie came, followed by sv, reminding him about me in the room. Apparently he went straight to the meeting and totally forgot about me, and apologized profusely, but tht's alright 'cos i had some papers to read anyway. Only tht I was extremely hungry by then.

On the way back, got lost, checked my phone for the map at the traffic light. And suddenly, an uncle stopped beside me and said, "Eh, takleh pakai phone. Kalau polis nampak, kena denda". "Oh, ok..." (Slowly putting it back into my pocket). And he continued, "Boleh kena denda 20 Euro tau".
Duh... and i swore i tried not to smile when hearing tht. I mean, after being fined RM300 several times, 20 Euro tu bole gagah lg la... But I guess, he detected the smile and went, "Mann kann sparen." (Bolehlah jimat) Errr... ye, pak cik. And soon after. the light changed to green, and he wished me Selamat Jalan... Adoi, dah la sesat, kena lecture lak tu, nasib baik dia ckp baik2.

Anyway, I hope I dont need to go all this way to meet my sv again. Hopefully next time, it'll b around the department's area.

Well... this kinda reminds me of my last sv. That was an adventure. I remember making appointments with her at the parking lot, her MSN office (when she was on loan there), in front of the faculty's entrance, one of the students' colleges, even almost driving all the way to the airport... But she was a great lady. Always busy with her Sukan Wanita and attending to the then Sports Minister. And as her student, it was always nice to get freebies - leftover from the events she was involved in. Now tht she's back in the faculty, wonder if she's still as busy. I hope not, I hope her students wont have to go through what we went through. Funny when I think about it now, but honestly, not something that I want to go through again, and i really hope it wont happen again this time...

Friday, July 01, 2011

i survived my first party...

ok, not the the first, third kot. Tp yg sblum2 ni hostel parties, yg boleh cabut sesuka hati tanpa rasa bersalah, so perfect la kalu saja2 nak tgk2, or untuk minum for free, minum saja pon yg provided, tu pon for the first glass.

Yg ini, mmg dapat jemputan sbb roommate yg buat, siap dia inform awal2 dia nak masak beberapa jenis vegetarian food tht i know cuma my sv, his wife and myself aje yg sure makan, tambah cheese and bread lg (tu aku pelik sorg akak ni kata member german suami dia buat party selalu makanan simple2 n tak cukup lak tu, member2 aku kalu buat selalu je berlebih-lebihan...)

Tp this morning, tebalkan muka and i told him tak dpt datang, siap dah plan bohong sunat yg gila elaborate kot dia tanya kenapa. Tp sekali dia jerkah nama aku, pastu tgk mcm geram je, aku terus tak sampai hati dah.

So I went, nasiblah, ada 2 mamat group kami g skali from the office. Tp once there, sume buat hal masing2. Arrrghhh, dah la ramai, laki je almost semua, terus aku jd the awkward wallflower yg cuma maintain cool. Think the only time aku bersembang was with roomie's gf, tu pon kejap je before he called her to prepare the salad. Pastu aku mengwallflower balik.

Then it's makan time. Phew! At least bole konon2 buat busy. And it's just so happen sorg mamat ni terpaksa share meja dgn aku. And although we didnt exchange a word pon, i actualy felt relieved sbb tak nampak pelik sgt makan sorg2... gila pathetic. Padahal bukan tak penah jumpa, he used to come to our room cari roommie, and i'd be like, "oh, he's not here right now", "he's out for lunch", "you wanna leave a message"... so bole je kot sembang, tp tah, takde topic, so kami makanlah senyap2.

Abih makan, aku cari sv, sembang2 skit, then i excused myself sbb ada hal yg bohong sunat tu :p before i went to look for roommie to tell him tht i reallllly had to go. But he seemed happy tht i actually came walopon cume utk tunjuk muka and makan :D

Tolonglah, no more invitations, serious aku tak reti la nak mingle2... in Deutsch! Kalau ckp english, ok la lg... but when in Roma, takkan nak ckp Mandarin kot, kan? Yeeessshhh!

Friday, May 20, 2011


so it was slightly more than 2 weeks ago when we were told that there's no heartbeat. It came almost as a surprise. "Almost" because a couple of days earlier, I felt different. I lost half of the symptoms and I could almost feel that something was wrong, and knowing and seeing how common miscarriages are, I prepared myself for the worst.

But I suppose that's just wishful thinking. I was still heartbroken when the doctor told us that he's 100% certain that I will miscarry as he could not find the baby's heartbeat. And what's worse was seeing alem's face, although he tried not to show it, I could tell that he too was just as sad as I was. I even felt like I have disappointed him.

Anyway, despite the news, we decided to wait for another week as I wasnt passing anything. Fast-forward a week later, another ultrasound and still no heartbeat, so we set a date for a D&C on Friday.

5 days have passed since then. I'm still bleeding, but thank God the cramps have mostly stopped. Emotionally, I think I'm doing pretty ok, not much of a denial, no anger, just acceptance that there is certainly a blessing in all of this that I'm probably not able to see just yet. But I do have my moments, especially when I'm alone and when certain words start ringing in my ears. And although i know there's nothing anyone can do to stop it, occasionally i still cant help but to think of different things that i could've done differently.

Despite the loss, I'm grateful to have friends and families who are very supportive. My sv berkali2 offered to help should i need anything, even offered his wife kot i need someone to talk to. Somehow aku rasa dia saja nak aku open up kot, sbb berkali2 sgt dia offer nak tolong. He even said tht selama ni aku tak pernah mintak tolong apa2 (must be referring to the mishaps i encountered in the past), so jadi mcm ni, jgnla segan2 nak mintak tolong lg... which got my eyes welling up with tears and forced me to ask him to stop and change the topic. But of course, that didnt help much 'cause emotions are not something that you can easily turn on and off. So we talked a bit about Austria, then he told me to take a month off, then dia cepat2 cabut.

I am also very grateful that it happened while alem is here. He's been amazing. He was amazing in dealing with my crazy hormones during those 2 months, and he's amazing still in tending to my physical and emotional needs even now that our baby is gone......

Sunday, May 01, 2011

we had...

mee kari

and ikan keli with kerabu mangga n sayur campur n gulai baki kari n sambal udang terbakar :D

that may not be much, but for me, it was a feast. Lagi pon sekali-sekali je pon....

Friday, April 29, 2011

sleep-deprivation or sleep-overdose?

so i've been trying to cut my caffein intake lately, and yesterday, instead of going for my daily dose of latte machiato, i had a half-cup of old town instant white coffee.

Apparently, tht's not enough as at around 3pm, i went ot the toilet, and fell asleep sitting on the toilet bowl for half an hour! Yeessshhh!

- i hope nobody was in the next cubicle, else, they would've seen my feet sticking out from under the partition, and THT would've been pretty embarassing @_@

Sunday, April 03, 2011


so i guess many already know about my circumstances, yup, am talking about my sv yg nak pindah tu.

Anyway, he's been helping me a lot with the procedure tht last thursay, he waited in line for over an hour at that uni's admission office, only to be told off by the lady who was manning the counter.

So on friday, he came to my bilik, hempas envelope containing copies of my documents dan dgn agak tension dok cerita psl the complexity of the procedure. Basically, it sounds to me tak complex sgt, tp byknye songeh nak cop sana sini, and surat ngarut itu ini. Tp kalu banding dgn uni kat jerman yg basically bole admit kita anytime and tak mintak documents sesangat pon, kat uni baru tu mmg nampak leceh.

Lg dia tension sbb pompuan tu treated him and his country like crap. Ye la kan, dia nak bawak student dia yg tgh dok blajar kat jerman, dah tu dia will be appointed as their spanking new full prof and will establish a new chair there (yup, he went there last week to order new desks and chairs, among other things). Alih2, minah tu mcm perleceh dia pulak. So sambil2 kami dok discuss psl the transfer tu, dia tak abih2 dok ckp in such a self-deprecating way (sarcastically la, of course, in reference to tht minah), asyik2 i'm crap, we're crap, this crappy country, crap this, crap tht, crap crap crap sampai aku pulak rasa bersalah. Tp roommie kat tepi ni, bole lak dok giggle konon mcm nak ckp, hah, padan muka, sapa suruh nak pindah lg. Tp takpe, dia ckp nanti nak je dia complain kat bos minah tu, tp tunggu sume setel dulu.

But basically, now wht i need to do is much clearer, and after tht, he promised to help see everything through as much as he can. I just hope experience dgn minah tu tak put him off dah ler... else, naya aku!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

masak nasi style german

so today, a colleague asked me to join them to lunch again. I turned them down, told him i brought rice... as usual. Unconvinced, he wanted to see it. I showed him my lunch pack. Then, he asked if it's pre-cooked. Errrr, of coursela, takkan nak bawak beras kot.

He suggested tht maybe i should jst cook it at the kitchen. We got a stove, water, semua cukup. I told him i dunno how, at home, i just use a rice cooker. Bole lak dia kutuk? siap ajar lg step-by-step cara nak msk nasi, which of course i wouldnt care follow pon sbb penah buat skali dulu n tak jadik. Then, a couple of the other guys came, and tanya apa kami discuss. When he told them dia tgh ngajar aku masak nasi, they were like, "no way, of course she knows, she's asian!".

Tp this guy's adamant tht he cooks the perfect rice, even when we were all arguing over the rice to water ratio (sorg ckp 1:1, aku ckp 1:1.5 or 1:1 pon ok, dia pulak 1:2), he kept telling us tak betol, tak betol, tak betolllll...

Then tiba2 bg general fact tht the first product by sony was a rice cooker, to which i said, "haaaa, kami guna menatang tu la since then, sbb tu tatau masak style manual!" Dah abih modal dia nak gaduh, and he left.

Monday, March 07, 2011

menteri pon plagiarize

so the defense minister has resigned. Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, namanya.

Why? Well, if you look at the above image, and with black representing pages with one plagiarism, and red with multiple plagiarism, then you can imagine why he resigned.

He still hasnt admitted to the accusation. But with the real authors of the papers he plagiarized condemning him, pressures from the public and the media and his supervisor publicly announcing that he is deeply dismayed by him, i think sooner or later he will actually admit to it. Of course, tht'd be embarassing, but personally i think, people will have more respect for him if he did.

On the other hand, there are still those who are unable to see the implication of his actions and the hoo-haas over his phd thesis and continue to support him to death. Yup, that's what u get for being rather young and charismatic and popular. Kinda reminds me to our own Dr. Fazley, I wonder what happened him now...

Monday, February 28, 2011

muffler pulak kena curik!

serious tempat ni byk penyamun!

Pg td b4 aku terkejar2 nak g kejar bus, naluri aku berkata, g la amik muffler yg aku sidai kat tingkap luar tmpt sidai baju tu dulu. Tp aku dah terkejar2 so aku pakai muffler cikai yg ada dlm bilik.

Malam ni time nak g kutip, muffler dah ilang, cilanat betol pecurik cikala ni!

Aku tanya jiran aku sorng ni, dia kata dia nampak tghari td, sure ke dah hilang,?aku kata sah2 la sbb stoking busuk aku sume ada, tp muffler wool yg tahan sejuk yg aku sidai cantik2 tu je yg hilang.

Aku mmg hangin ni, skali lg aku curse tahap kalu dia mati ke putus tgn malam ni, all i hv to say mmg ko padan muka!

Sedih, dah kena beli muffler baru. Dok sini, asyik dok abih duit beli barang ganti barang hilang je, kopak aaa kalu selalu camni!

Friday, February 25, 2011

kak limah balik rumah

i'm not a fan of malay films. Apart from p ramlee's films, i honestly couldnt care less about the rest, yup, arwah yasmin ahmad's included, although i did cry a bit at the end of sepet.

So when mary asked, no, forced me to watch hantu kak limah balik rumah, i actually thought she was joking. But when she told to accept the 700MB file over skype, i knew she wasnt joking (plus, i remembered tht she raved about Rock several years back and knowing tht is another mamat khalid's film, think it's safe to say tht she's a mamat's fan)

So reluctantly, i downloaded it.

Anyway, i just finished watching it, and as expected, it's ridiculously absurd, but you know what? i actually enjoyed it hahahahaha, so much so that i watched it's TMO on youtube. Frankly, i cant remember watching a malay being this funny, heck, i cant even remember the last time i watched a malay film, eh, think it sepet kot...

Now, i'm tempted to watch zombi kg. pisang. But maybe i should check out some reviews first. Found one a while ago, on a swiss's website in German - Zombie from Banana Village (can u believe it? Takde keje betol org swiss tgk zombi malaysia, pastu kutuk tak hengat hahahaha) and it got only 2 1/2 out of 6 stars. Doesnt look too good. Maybe i'll ask mary, there's a big chance she'd watched it...

Oh, and last week, i watched ice kacang puppy love, i likeeeee.... botak's chubby sister the most!

Monday, February 21, 2011

porn education

rommie is a security guy... so if there's a security issue involving the network, we'd go to him.

And apparently, we're not the only ones.

This morning, he got an email from this one company.
They're experiencing a DOS attack and they need help.
And when he went to check out the company's website, interestingly it is porn website.

The other guys think it's cool (for him, at least. Then, bole la kot tompang skaki lepas tu, and make it open for us, siap chant, 'open source porn' la, ' free porn for all' la). sv pulak suggests panggil dia porn king lepas ni, another friend even suggests tht lepas dah tolong nanti, bole add dlm resume.

Now, at 6pm, he's still working on tht case. What exactly? I dont know. But he's in correspondence with the company, so he must be doing something.

Aku, on the other hand, dah tak amik pusing sbb graphs aku still tak betol.

Nonetheless, this shows how well-aware the german ppl are of the contribution of the research community kat jerman ni (byknya 'of's, malas nak restrucure, graphs still tak siap lg ni, oh, wait, think i already mentioned that). Kalau kat malaysia, sure kita dah g cari security company dah, kan? (while still having absolutely no idea wht all these post-grad students are doing in the uni sampai berjanggut-janggut while still not able to differentiate between a fake Dr. title and one that's obtained through years and years of study sampai keluarga terpinggir and life terbuang, ok, the last part is an exaggeration, but i bet many married postgrad students can relate to it in one way or another....... kot?)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

R pulak this time

so I've been using excel to plot my graphs and it's a well-known fact that I'm the only one in our group who still uses a spreadsheet.

Last week, my sv already told me to use R, he even told me to ask roommie for pointers. I said ok, but i needed to sort out my data first.

Today, he came by my desk again and asked to see how things are going. Told him that i'm sorting the data out, need to do this with perl first, then i'd check the output in openoffice spreadsheet to make sure it's alright (paranoid much, eh?), then only will i plan to plot it with R. But when i showed him the output in the spreadsheet and b4 i could explain tht tht's just the preliminary step, he gave a short lecture on the advantages of R, how to work with it etc. Aisehman...

And reminded me again to ask roomie for help, and it's just so happened tht at the time, chistph melangkah masuk blk. Then sv told me to feel free to ask chistph as well which sent the the guy running out of the room almost immediately. Tp kiranya dia dah bg lesen utk bertanya, heck, dia mmg encourage pon...

Looks like i got another app to learn with a different set of scripts... aduhhhh... good thing i got a expert for a roommate (altho i do feel like i'm bothering him too much sometimes, and especially when i confuse one thing for another and he has to re-explain what he already did 20 minutes ago). But at least, he's pretty patient with me and just does wht i tell him to do, no questions asked. Ada sorg lg member ni mmg suka nak tolong tp dgn gaya yg agak intimidating, kalu aku tanya, mesti dia tanya blk smpai aku lak tak sure apa aku nak buat......

Saturday, February 12, 2011

tron and blue valentine

so i joined bebudak office g tgk tron legacy in 3D last monday. What do i think about it? Mengarut. Ok, should've seen tht coming. After all this is tron. Tp masalahnya, it's too mengarut, even for me who loves filem2 mengarut. So there, toksah la expect a good storyline out of it, but if u like to watch a world tht supposedly exists kat dlm computer (kot), well, this is a good one for u. But prepared to sit sampai bontot berakar as it runs for around 2 hours... So there, 2 hours and 7.90 euros and 8 euros (for dinner) wasted in one night. But even with a crooked bang, olivia wilde is still a hottie.

and 2 nites ago, we had a gathering, they call it weinabend (malam wain whereby diorg minum kotak wain 5 liter sampai abih and plain water for me, of course) kat umah sv. Gi tgn kosong, tp order pasta, another 6 euros melayang and sat there for 6 hours dgr diorg sembang in german. Apsal aku g pon aku tatau, perhaps i was tired of being labeled anti-social kot. But next weinabend, nak label, labellah, tak sanggup dah g duduk kat situ, when my german still tak improve2 gak.
Anyway, just finished watching blue valentine. Now this is one film i read so much about, waited ages for it, and of which i had a very high expectation of and surprise surprise, it surpassed even my very high expectations. First time ever (for the record, watched Inception, read a little about, but expected a lot from it, and usual, found it disappointing). Heck, i even ended up crying a bit when it ended. Ryan gosling sure has grown a lot since his scrawny herculean days and has since made really really good choices. No, no, not talking about the notebook, although i too cried from watching it. But his other films, and among them, all good things and lars.

Anyway, am not gonna give anything away, so i'm gonna stop here. Aduh, my heart still aches from watching it and i think this one film is gonna get me thinking about it for days... tension! Such a depressing film! (moral of the story: pasangan sekufu tu penting, else, takde la emphasis on tht in Islam, ye dak?)

Friday, February 11, 2011

visitors from duesseldorf

we had some guests today from duesseldorf, brought by my sv so as to encourage cooperations between their group and ours. Seperti biasa, the moment aku masuk je, trus sv announce et tak pandai ckp german, tolong switch to english. Bersalah gak la aku rasa... tp they didnt seem to mind.

Anyway, seperti biasa also, aku menikus je la. Tak reti babe nak komen bab privacy n traffic monitoring ni, tp i found the presentations from both groups interesting. And maybe i'm biased, tp bebudak group ni sungguh la critical, my sv included. Mamat sorg group kitorg yg mulut tak insured tu biasa la komen tahap gaban, tp kat hujung2 senyum2 gakla just to keep things light, yela, diorg ni kan tetamu. SV pon tanya soalan yg related to the application of the proposed protocol, in terms of the feasibility of the protocol, and nampak agak pening gakla diorg nak melayan. And roomie sungguh la sharp tht at the end of prof tu punya presentation, dia tanya soalan yg kinda stumped him. Well, actually dia mmg aware of the flaw (biasala, what reseacher tatau flaws keje sendiri kan?), tp dia dah present the work several times, and sapa pon tak penah perasan, and added, diorg mmg tau, and still in the process of looking for ways to overcome it. Anyway, roommie mmg tere pon bab2 network traffic ni, tu yg admin pon selalu cari dia, tu yg org selalu mintak advice kat dia, tu yg bilik aku ni org selalu kuar masuk, tu yg aku selalu tension tu! But on the bright side, he's always there when i need help with practically everything, nak bukak cap thermos pon included.

Anyway, sv left early as he had to attend a graduation ceremony. Tp diorg still sambung discussion, aku ciao awal, sbb tarak sv, aku rasa biar la diorg relax skit ckp german sbb aku bukan contribute to the discussion pon hehehehe. And besides, biasanya sv yg akan mintak org ckp english pon, so kira dia la lesen utk aku dok menyelit.

Itu je, sekian.

oh, aku perasan geng tu ckp ala2 british, and funnily enough bebudak sini ramai yg pilih american accent... tu aku tatau apsal....

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

there must be a reason for everything...

so i wanted to attend this talk, "Active vs. Passive Millennialism at the Approach of the Apocalyptic Year 1000: Pilgrimage to Jerusalem and Peace of God" by Richard Landes, who is a historian from Boston Uni who specializes in Millennialism, which is a "belief held by some Christian denominations that there will be a Golden Age or Paradise on Earth in which "Christ will reign" for 1000 years prior to the final judgment" (quoted from Wikipedia). This guy is also a strong supporter of the state of Israel, and believes that everything about Palestine is just something that someone made up.

So i memorized the map, pasang niat nak ponteng class deutsch, left my faculty pretty early, and guess what, i got lost. Cycle punya cycle sampai lebih sejam (punya gigih tak putus asa), and googlemap with my ancient phone pon still tak membantu. Cycle pusing dekat satu pekan kot, dengan gelapnya lagi, sejuk bekunya lagai, penat tak ingat, and still tak jumpa jalan. Pusing2, asyik2 sampai kat hospital, tepi hospital la, depan hospital la, belakang hospital la. Benci benci benci!

Dah la pg bgn awal ada dept meeting, then keje skit, ada presentation, then minum espresso, dgn semangat siap, punya excited nak dgr talk in ENGLISH (bukan selalu ada tau). Frust gila beyond words, nak nangis pon ada, and dgn sabarnya, aku mencarut dlm hati je. Nak marah pon bole marah diri sendiri je pon.

Dah over sejam, i decided, tht's it, balik! Then i turned, cycled a bit, nampak entrance to tmpat parking ambulance. Hospital lagi! Arrrggghhhh, what is it with me and the hospital eh? Nak balik pon sesat.

But finally, i found my way home, and along the way, i tried to look at it from the bright side. Yela kan, ada la tu hikmat kat mana2. Mana la tau, kot i managed to attend it, tah2 bole terpro-zionist lak, plus balik umah, sempatla buat subtitle skit, dpt duit skit.

Tp dah terminum 2 cawan espresso ni, i'm like extra-hyper-active and this makes rasa geram tu even worse.

*still in geram mode*

Sunday, January 30, 2011

opposite or complementary?

so i was introduced to this blog yesterday by a fellow colleague and my first reaction was, "ok, dont think i'm gonna be here longer than 5 minutes." 2 hours later, i was still there, going through all of the posts and even most of the comments.

Now, i know many of us have friends who are into MLMs, or are in it themselves. But I for one, dont like it. Was dragged into it a couple of times, felt wrong about it and dropped out. And what i hate most about it is when it dupes old friends to try to dupe us into it. You know, they call you up out of the blue one day for teh tarik, you cancel your plans for the day, thinking it's a great time to catch up on an old friend, and bam! you're stuck for 1 and half hour listening to a marketing pitch on a product that doesnt seem to make sense, but you have to pay in order to sell it (okla, you can get it for a slight discount) and surprise surprise you also have to convince others to sell it too... or something like that- but you already know the story.

now that MLM thing is one thing, another that really pisses me off are those fake doctors... and dont get me started on that!

so i was reading it the whole weekend and tonight i told alem about it. Sure, we disagree on some things. Happens to all of us, right? But this is something that i feel very strongly about. So i ranted on and on and on (ok, i'm easily exciteable on some issues), telling him why it's wrong, excited that i've found this guy online who shares (most) of my sentiments yada yada yada. He, in turn, voiced his opinion, told me to calm down and to jangan cepat melenting, which of course, got me more melenting than i already was.

And while i was melenting, fighting my case, babbling about God-knows-what, i was also preparing my dinner. And when i was about to go to my rice cooker across the room, i somehow tripped over the corner of my bed and almost fell which could've caused the plates, mugs and glasses to fall on head, yikes! There! A lesson from God right there and then for you to learn.

And in the background, i could hear alem reminding me of my earlier actions, and in between laughing at my own silliness and pleading my case against the MLMs, i made sure i inserted a "sorrryyy, tak buat lagi :D"

but in all fairness, when one is too calm, shouldnt the other be a little erm... hot-headed? Not that that's the thing that i'm going for. I mean, why would i wanna have a trait that's the opposite of a good one? But then again, sometimes, i just cant help it. And i'm sure it's normal in many relationships, i dont know who's the hot-headed one in yours. But if it's you, i'm sure your other half is the complete opposite. After all, aren't we matched to complement each other?

and btw, thanks to the pictures (that i drooled over) from a gathering my friends at work had at lia's house, i decided to make some sambal sotong and rebung daging masak lemak cili padi.
tasted so good i only remembered to take picture of it only when lunch was almost over

Friday, January 28, 2011

new year feast

in the spirit of jumping the bandwagon and posting every little thing that we eat and cook, I'm gonna start posting mine, be it a disaster or a success, so that I wont forget what I've made, in case i suddenly feel like reminiscing my past (heh?)

so we had a long xmas break, and i think i made a nice little feast for myself

wake up!!!!!

kuah kacang peanut butter, not too bad, I'd have to say hihihi

and of course satay (yg kurang manis, need to add more sugar next time)

also made some spƤtzle (not from scratch, of course) which is possibly the best german food i've ever tasted, which unfortunaltely haven't been tht many sbb byknya tak halal, with a piece of very forgettable grilled chicken

then, it was new year. went to bake some muffins, saw my neighbor there and we tried to pose with the whole firework thing going in the background. This is what we got after the third try. Interesting thing about those fireworks, they installed it all over town, and one was firing just outside our hostel. We could see from our balcony.

If i hadnt been too lazy, i would've gone downstairs and take a picture of it right in front of my face. But i was, and my muffins were to precious for me to leave them on their own in the oven (excuse excuse *yawn*)

then found some mangoes on offer, bought some and made my favorite mango salad. Good thing the mango was just right, not too sour and still pretty crunchy

blurghhh... why am i posting this here? like i need to be reminded of something that i eat practically every week...

made some wantan too, from scratch. And i dont think i'm gonna do it again. Too much work n effort n rolling involved. In the end, not all of them ended as wantan. I used some of the dough to make pan mee. That was much much easier. Anyway, this tasted just like wantan, albeit the skin a bit too thick (got too tired of rolling and finally settled for a thick skin)

and what is this? Oh, orange chicken with potato dauphinois. The chicken was, well, orangy and the potato was hmmmm... creamy, but i never really liked potatoes, and i just wanted to get rid of the the whole sack that alem bought before he left for malaysia, so yeah, potatoes will forever taste like one.

aha, i was making something there...

and it's a tiramisu.... yummy yummy yummy. Made it every week, and kept some for me to enjoy practically everyday for about a month until i got bored of it. Now, i dont want it anymore. But it was really good while it lasted, and super easy to make. Plus, because i made it myself, not alcohol was involved :)

a close-up look. It really isnt as bad as it looks. Food photography is tough, ok?