Sunday, January 30, 2011

opposite or complementary?

so i was introduced to this blog yesterday by a fellow colleague and my first reaction was, "ok, dont think i'm gonna be here longer than 5 minutes." 2 hours later, i was still there, going through all of the posts and even most of the comments.

Now, i know many of us have friends who are into MLMs, or are in it themselves. But I for one, dont like it. Was dragged into it a couple of times, felt wrong about it and dropped out. And what i hate most about it is when it dupes old friends to try to dupe us into it. You know, they call you up out of the blue one day for teh tarik, you cancel your plans for the day, thinking it's a great time to catch up on an old friend, and bam! you're stuck for 1 and half hour listening to a marketing pitch on a product that doesnt seem to make sense, but you have to pay in order to sell it (okla, you can get it for a slight discount) and surprise surprise you also have to convince others to sell it too... or something like that- but you already know the story.

now that MLM thing is one thing, another that really pisses me off are those fake doctors... and dont get me started on that!

so i was reading it the whole weekend and tonight i told alem about it. Sure, we disagree on some things. Happens to all of us, right? But this is something that i feel very strongly about. So i ranted on and on and on (ok, i'm easily exciteable on some issues), telling him why it's wrong, excited that i've found this guy online who shares (most) of my sentiments yada yada yada. He, in turn, voiced his opinion, told me to calm down and to jangan cepat melenting, which of course, got me more melenting than i already was.

And while i was melenting, fighting my case, babbling about God-knows-what, i was also preparing my dinner. And when i was about to go to my rice cooker across the room, i somehow tripped over the corner of my bed and almost fell which could've caused the plates, mugs and glasses to fall on head, yikes! There! A lesson from God right there and then for you to learn.

And in the background, i could hear alem reminding me of my earlier actions, and in between laughing at my own silliness and pleading my case against the MLMs, i made sure i inserted a "sorrryyy, tak buat lagi :D"

but in all fairness, when one is too calm, shouldnt the other be a little erm... hot-headed? Not that that's the thing that i'm going for. I mean, why would i wanna have a trait that's the opposite of a good one? But then again, sometimes, i just cant help it. And i'm sure it's normal in many relationships, i dont know who's the hot-headed one in yours. But if it's you, i'm sure your other half is the complete opposite. After all, aren't we matched to complement each other?

and btw, thanks to the pictures (that i drooled over) from a gathering my friends at work had at lia's house, i decided to make some sambal sotong and rebung daging masak lemak cili padi.
tasted so good i only remembered to take picture of it only when lunch was almost over

Friday, January 28, 2011

new year feast

in the spirit of jumping the bandwagon and posting every little thing that we eat and cook, I'm gonna start posting mine, be it a disaster or a success, so that I wont forget what I've made, in case i suddenly feel like reminiscing my past (heh?)

so we had a long xmas break, and i think i made a nice little feast for myself

wake up!!!!!

kuah kacang peanut butter, not too bad, I'd have to say hihihi

and of course satay (yg kurang manis, need to add more sugar next time)

also made some spƤtzle (not from scratch, of course) which is possibly the best german food i've ever tasted, which unfortunaltely haven't been tht many sbb byknya tak halal, with a piece of very forgettable grilled chicken

then, it was new year. went to bake some muffins, saw my neighbor there and we tried to pose with the whole firework thing going in the background. This is what we got after the third try. Interesting thing about those fireworks, they installed it all over town, and one was firing just outside our hostel. We could see from our balcony.

If i hadnt been too lazy, i would've gone downstairs and take a picture of it right in front of my face. But i was, and my muffins were to precious for me to leave them on their own in the oven (excuse excuse *yawn*)

then found some mangoes on offer, bought some and made my favorite mango salad. Good thing the mango was just right, not too sour and still pretty crunchy

blurghhh... why am i posting this here? like i need to be reminded of something that i eat practically every week...

made some wantan too, from scratch. And i dont think i'm gonna do it again. Too much work n effort n rolling involved. In the end, not all of them ended as wantan. I used some of the dough to make pan mee. That was much much easier. Anyway, this tasted just like wantan, albeit the skin a bit too thick (got too tired of rolling and finally settled for a thick skin)

and what is this? Oh, orange chicken with potato dauphinois. The chicken was, well, orangy and the potato was hmmmm... creamy, but i never really liked potatoes, and i just wanted to get rid of the the whole sack that alem bought before he left for malaysia, so yeah, potatoes will forever taste like one.

aha, i was making something there...

and it's a tiramisu.... yummy yummy yummy. Made it every week, and kept some for me to enjoy practically everyday for about a month until i got bored of it. Now, i dont want it anymore. But it was really good while it lasted, and super easy to make. Plus, because i made it myself, not alcohol was involved :)

a close-up look. It really isnt as bad as it looks. Food photography is tough, ok?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011



and they were tasty, and filling especially late in the evenings when i really needed some food to give me the strength to cycle back home.

and i really thought they were halal, most of them usually are around here, but I forgot that it's from Spain as clearly printed on the box.

It was really my mistake. I should've been more careful...

Oh, God, please forgive me...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

so where do we go from here?

so we had a group meeting yesterday, and discussed lots of things, but mainly about how to proceed with things now tht our SV has a pretty fixed date on his move. So dah confirm, 3 stay, 3 campur dia, nak g sana. Yg stay dok cuak sbb dia plan nak angkut server g sana. Rommie ckp takpe, dia akan clone apa yg perlu n take responsibility of the new server (sbb masalahnya sini server tu byk tak ikot policy, tu psl sv nak angkut bwk skali sbb kalu tinggal biar bebudak sini pakai, dia tak nak tanggung masalah pape since dia pon dah tak affiliate dgn uni ni). Another cause for cuakness was the espresso-machine, sbbnya diorg beli dgn project sv ni, tp budak yg worked on the project stay, so tu satu lg 'masalah'.

Kat sana pulak, sv dok risau nak cari admin yg berkaliber sbb nak handle network pakai linux ni payah sbb bebudak group kami yg tere2 stay (serious tere, diorg berani buat lawak kutuk2 admin lg dah admin pon selalu cari diorg tanya itu ini). Pastu bole mamat sorg ni excitedly tanya kot SV nanti dpt secretary dgn gaya mcm dia nak apply, confused sume org.

Tp yg paling scary was tht tgh kami dok gelak2 kat mamat sorg yg akan ikot ni (sbb nanti dia la post-doc researcher, dia la tutor, supervisor, demo sume keje dia kena buat), sv tetiba kata all courses will be in English. From the corner of my eye, i saw mamat tu dok tunjuk2 kat aku, and tetiba sv kata yg kat sini aku free sgt (ye ke?) sbb the courses are in German. Jap, let me process tht.... Oh, shit! And immediately, suma bebudak dah tak gelak kat mamat, but instead gelak kat aku pulak... maksudnya maybe aku pon kena buat keje2 tu gak la *mati aku*


Anyway, today, ada discussion keje sikit followed by the details yg kami kena work out kalu betol aku nak g sana. I voiced out my fears sbb aku serious tatau camne nak proceed. Dah la sini, aku ckp cam takde je graduate school, mana nak sahkan credit ni, dah la sini aku x amik class. Takat class audit n class german sure x kira punya. Kat sana tu kan diorg ada a proper graduate school. Dgr je perkataan proper, sv aku gelak besar.

Ye la, sini betol tah pape. Nak enroll bole, jd staf bole, tak nak buat dua2 tp menggunakan equipment n space kat sini pon bole. Aku enroll la, byr 42 Euro satu sem sbb rasa bersalah dok guna segala free2, else rasa cam pendatang haram la pulak, parasite pon ye gak. Tp nat kat karlsruhe cam staf, dpt benefits, tp tak kena tax, syok gak tu. But then again, dia bukan dok kat uni, affiliate je, so bolela... Tu pelik system kat sini. I came here pon dgn letter sekeping emailed by my sv kata aku admitted, pastu dia sendiri sign (u*m terima lak tu). Admission letter dtg sini baru dpt bila enroll, tu pon kalu nak enroll.

Anyway, he assures me he'd find out the process and the thing about the credit transfer by the end of next week, and we'll proceed from there. But in the meantime, keje yg td discuss setelkan dulu, next week lepas dia blk conf, dia nak tgk... ok ok ok

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


so we know in general typical westerners dont take hot food very well, but these guys here, they are anything but.

so today, our orders of hot chilli sauces arrived. Everybody excitedly came to our room to collect their orders. Looking at their orders, all i can say is they're crazy! I ordered the mad dog sauce, hot, but bearable (hotter than the hottest peri2 at nando's). Roomie ordered 95% PAIN. One tht they say tastes just nice. Another guy ordered the same thing with another concentrated sauce in a small bottle. When i asked him about it (sbb aku tau dia takla tahan sgt), roomie was saying dia saja nak tunjuk macho.

Another guy bought the same sauce as mine plus another one. He was the one who introduced me to these crazy hot sauces late last year when he brought them to our group meeting for us to try them with our pizzas (Actually, 2 years ago, rommie asked me if i'd like to join them in buying some hot sauces, and i gave it a pass thinking, "pedas apala sgt, i'm a malaysian, ok?" Little did i know....)

So basically, what we bought are very very hot, but there's this one sauce called blair's DEATH which was also included in the parcel. It was ordered by this one guy in another department and it's the ultimate heat. The hottest on the website and even came with a skull key chain. And funny thing is mamat yg order tu jenis yg mcm senyap sopan cute je, or at least tht's my impression of him based on the 3-4 times tht we met. Tp dia mmg suka makanan pelik2 kot. At one time kami g open-air concert ni n i bought some kulit popia+seaweed yg goreng jd ala2 kerepek ni, aku perasan dia sungguh2 gak aaa mkn.

And by the way, our cili padi (50k-100k on Scoville Heat Units) is nothing compared to my mad dog sauce (made from bhut jolokia 850k-1mil on Scoville). Oh and nando's peri-peri is also a no biggie at 175k on scoville.

so there, think it's quite wrong to generalize them now. I know roomie keeps sambal oelek at home (cam cili boh la tp versi indo yg ada cuka bg tahan lama). And honestly compared to these guys, i'm a real wimp, and i dont mind admitting that i am when it comes to these hot sauces that i so underestimated, so much so that i no longer care about getting a "Come on, u're a malaysian..." (nada perli) each time i gave it a pass.

Monday, January 17, 2011


so we had a git presentation today.

Ni special request, sbb adala beberapa staf yg nak blajar, n students pon ramai kena tau, so dia buat in one go, well, at least for this semester anyway. Next time, bila students baru masuk, i guess lain kira la kot.

Git ni basically cam svn. It's a distributed version control system. Kiranya kalau ramai2 are working on the same project, cam linux os ke, omnet simulator ke, apa2 ke, nanti bila nak upload codes ke, articles ke etc kat central repository tu, ada la some control over the version. Kalu ada yg tersilap, nak amik yg code sebelum2 ni or yg paling2 ori pon still ada. Tu kira habis basic la xplanationnya. And unlike svn yg kena store kat server (local server bole la, tp kena la setup pulak), git ni save je kat mana2, local pon bole.

So ada la sorg ni tanya, kalu dia work on some files, and member dia working on the same file, and and then member tu upload (i mean to say commit here, tp takot ada yg tak paham lak, svn users shuld know tho') file yg buggy, tak ke dia masalah nanti? So presenter pon explain la consequences n solutions dia, n kalu tak puas hati, g heart-to-heart talk dgn org tu. Sbb bole sebenarnya sapa pon nak force commit (cam overwrite gitu) and just add option -f yg stands for force or [nama supervior kami sbb it starts dgn huruf sama - lawak la tu].

Then sorg groupmate kitorg (yg sebenarnya dah expert git) casually tanya, takkanla ada malaun yg sanggup force commit benda tak sepatutnya kot, kan? And also, casually, mamat presenter tu bole jawab, well, it depends on who you are on the food chain, lawak la jugak tu, lawak sgt sebenarnya. Group kami terggigle2 la, budak2 msc diam je, staff yg bukan groupmate kami tak faham (kot). Tp tu la betapa involvednya sv kami dengan student-studentnya.

Tp tu aaaa selambanya budak2 ni dgn sv. Respect tu mmg ye. Aku penah nampak diorg kena sound dgn sv, and diorg responded in a respectful manner. Tp kalu buat lawak ke, perli ke, selamba kodok je buat depan2. Tp dia pon selalu melayan la gak.

Dunnola, maybe sbb diorg pon staff/researcher kot (tp still buat phd dgn dia). Tp as an asian, and as with his other asian students, we find it quite difficult to find that balance between respect and keselambaan tu. Tu psl until today pon aku cam cuak2 je kalu nak jumpa dia (tolak time dia masuk mengejut dlm bilik, tu x sempat nak rasa apa2). And i know feng pon cam gitu, sbb dulu tobi penah tunjuk slides showing differences between asian and german cultures. And ada satu ni tunjuk bos sama size dgn staf dia (german ppl), and satu lg bos ni cam gergasi dgn staf2 dia (asians), and feng confirmed that that is indeed the true. Jadi, betolla kat situ, tp tatau pulak karim camne sbb dia palestinian... hmmm....

Thursday, January 13, 2011


aku rasa tersgtla bodo kat sini...
kalu kat mesia, tahu some programming languages pon dah cukup, sini aduhhhhhh....
tau program aje tak cukup, kena tahu svn, git (gui, gtk), wiki (bukan sekadar pakai, ok?), gdb, bash-related stuff (nak panggil apa menatang tu?), R-related stuff, regex (kalau tak, susah nak sort data utk R), dan tentunya perl utk pakai dgn regex, tu tak masuk pakai linux yg mmg aku x tere sgt, and not to mention the prog language utk buat keje, in my case, c++ yg tersengguk2 aku nak phm sbbnya aku kena study code org yg pening aku nak chk, aha, also not to forget latex yg nasib belum perlu sentuh, tatau la bole ke idak kalu aku insist gak nak pakai wordprocessor.

i think by now these guys mmg dah tau mcm2 aku tatau, but to wht extent, other than my rommie, maybe diorg tak sure sgt kot. Selalu one of them bg pointers nak buat itu ini secara shortcut, and i could see rommie gelak besar kat belakang... jahat, or they see rommie teaching me something, and they'd be like, "alaaa... suruh je eti pakai ...{command tertentu}" (sbb kekonon cara itu mudahla bg diorg) and rommie'd be like, "eti?" (dgn muka sgt sure aku tatau nak buat n have no idea what they're talking about)...

hari ini jd lg. i asked member sorg ni for help. Dia email me the so-called patch for this one class object. Skali aku bukak, it's a git diff file. Apekebenda ni? I know it shows the difference he made to the file, but not the modified file itself? Mamat tu dtg bilik, aku tanya, "so this is the change u made?" And dia pon, ye, patch ajela...
Dan aku tanya lg, "but it's the git diff file?"

Rommie kat blakang dah gelak besar n suruh mamat tu ajar aku apa yg file tu tunjuk and how to do the patch. Mati2 time dia kata nak email patch, aku ingat patch cam executable file yg akan automatically patch certain2 files or maybe dia bg je trus those files yg dia dah modify... hohoho silap budget. But at least, now i know wht they mean by patching, masalahnya byknya benda nak kena tau, tu blum kira lg kira si thesis. adoiiiii..... no wonder la last monday, time belek muka kat toilet, terperasan sehelai rambut yg 98% dah color uban kat bang depan ni, kat belakang tah2 dah segenggam dah.... huhuhuhu

Thursday, January 06, 2011

ice-skating on the road

so i saw kak nash's status on fb about how the car driven by her husband slid to the side of the road this morning, and i was thinking yikes! But i've cycled on an icy road b4, think today should be ok.

Yeah, right? 5 meters down the road and BAM! Together with my bike, I fell flat all-four, with the stomach and face on the road. No, not fell, slid. And worse, i couldnt arbitrarily stop myself from sliding. And when i did, i found myself struggling to get back on my feet again, not due to the pain, but the ice. Imagine trying to get up on an ice-skating rink without wearing a pair of ice skates. And when i did manage to stand properly, i found myself struggling to just walk, and to make it worse, the icy road rendered my bike super-uncooperative.

Tp bgn2 tu, sempat gak pusing kiri kanan, kot ada org nampak, malu weh jatuh dgn gaya yg sungguh tak graceful. Tapi malangnya memang ada pon. But my fall must've been a common sight for him, as he simply carried on with his chore, and simply shouted to ask if i was ok, and warned that the road was slippery as if i didnt know it already.

So i pushed my bike and myself back to the hostel and contemplating whether i should take the bus instead, but later decided, nahhh, i'll cycle. It's easier, faster and not tied to any schedule that's kinda unreliable in a weather like this.

And i continued cycling very very carefully, while replaying the incident that had just happened in my head and BAM! i fell again. This time, i fell butt first, so it wasnt as bad as far as getting up was concerned. But i couldnt say the same for my bike, sbb impactnya punya teruk sampai seat bicycle tersenget2. So terpaksa la buat operasi mengetuk kat tepi jalan.

But thank God, lepas tu dah tak jatuh dah. Lukanya mungin tak ada sbb seluar berlapis2, tp lebamnya sure merata2 :(

So how's day today? :)