Monday, February 28, 2011

muffler pulak kena curik!

serious tempat ni byk penyamun!

Pg td b4 aku terkejar2 nak g kejar bus, naluri aku berkata, g la amik muffler yg aku sidai kat tingkap luar tmpt sidai baju tu dulu. Tp aku dah terkejar2 so aku pakai muffler cikai yg ada dlm bilik.

Malam ni time nak g kutip, muffler dah ilang, cilanat betol pecurik cikala ni!

Aku tanya jiran aku sorng ni, dia kata dia nampak tghari td, sure ke dah hilang,?aku kata sah2 la sbb stoking busuk aku sume ada, tp muffler wool yg tahan sejuk yg aku sidai cantik2 tu je yg hilang.

Aku mmg hangin ni, skali lg aku curse tahap kalu dia mati ke putus tgn malam ni, all i hv to say mmg ko padan muka!

Sedih, dah kena beli muffler baru. Dok sini, asyik dok abih duit beli barang ganti barang hilang je, kopak aaa kalu selalu camni!

Friday, February 25, 2011

kak limah balik rumah

i'm not a fan of malay films. Apart from p ramlee's films, i honestly couldnt care less about the rest, yup, arwah yasmin ahmad's included, although i did cry a bit at the end of sepet.

So when mary asked, no, forced me to watch hantu kak limah balik rumah, i actually thought she was joking. But when she told to accept the 700MB file over skype, i knew she wasnt joking (plus, i remembered tht she raved about Rock several years back and knowing tht is another mamat khalid's film, think it's safe to say tht she's a mamat's fan)

So reluctantly, i downloaded it.

Anyway, i just finished watching it, and as expected, it's ridiculously absurd, but you know what? i actually enjoyed it hahahahaha, so much so that i watched it's TMO on youtube. Frankly, i cant remember watching a malay being this funny, heck, i cant even remember the last time i watched a malay film, eh, think it sepet kot...

Now, i'm tempted to watch zombi kg. pisang. But maybe i should check out some reviews first. Found one a while ago, on a swiss's website in German - Zombie from Banana Village (can u believe it? Takde keje betol org swiss tgk zombi malaysia, pastu kutuk tak hengat hahahaha) and it got only 2 1/2 out of 6 stars. Doesnt look too good. Maybe i'll ask mary, there's a big chance she'd watched it...

Oh, and last week, i watched ice kacang puppy love, i likeeeee.... botak's chubby sister the most!

Monday, February 21, 2011

porn education

rommie is a security guy... so if there's a security issue involving the network, we'd go to him.

And apparently, we're not the only ones.

This morning, he got an email from this one company.
They're experiencing a DOS attack and they need help.
And when he went to check out the company's website, interestingly it is porn website.

The other guys think it's cool (for him, at least. Then, bole la kot tompang skaki lepas tu, and make it open for us, siap chant, 'open source porn' la, ' free porn for all' la). sv pulak suggests panggil dia porn king lepas ni, another friend even suggests tht lepas dah tolong nanti, bole add dlm resume.

Now, at 6pm, he's still working on tht case. What exactly? I dont know. But he's in correspondence with the company, so he must be doing something.

Aku, on the other hand, dah tak amik pusing sbb graphs aku still tak betol.

Nonetheless, this shows how well-aware the german ppl are of the contribution of the research community kat jerman ni (byknya 'of's, malas nak restrucure, graphs still tak siap lg ni, oh, wait, think i already mentioned that). Kalau kat malaysia, sure kita dah g cari security company dah, kan? (while still having absolutely no idea wht all these post-grad students are doing in the uni sampai berjanggut-janggut while still not able to differentiate between a fake Dr. title and one that's obtained through years and years of study sampai keluarga terpinggir and life terbuang, ok, the last part is an exaggeration, but i bet many married postgrad students can relate to it in one way or another....... kot?)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

R pulak this time

so I've been using excel to plot my graphs and it's a well-known fact that I'm the only one in our group who still uses a spreadsheet.

Last week, my sv already told me to use R, he even told me to ask roommie for pointers. I said ok, but i needed to sort out my data first.

Today, he came by my desk again and asked to see how things are going. Told him that i'm sorting the data out, need to do this with perl first, then i'd check the output in openoffice spreadsheet to make sure it's alright (paranoid much, eh?), then only will i plan to plot it with R. But when i showed him the output in the spreadsheet and b4 i could explain tht tht's just the preliminary step, he gave a short lecture on the advantages of R, how to work with it etc. Aisehman...

And reminded me again to ask roomie for help, and it's just so happened tht at the time, chistph melangkah masuk blk. Then sv told me to feel free to ask chistph as well which sent the the guy running out of the room almost immediately. Tp kiranya dia dah bg lesen utk bertanya, heck, dia mmg encourage pon...

Looks like i got another app to learn with a different set of scripts... aduhhhh... good thing i got a expert for a roommate (altho i do feel like i'm bothering him too much sometimes, and especially when i confuse one thing for another and he has to re-explain what he already did 20 minutes ago). But at least, he's pretty patient with me and just does wht i tell him to do, no questions asked. Ada sorg lg member ni mmg suka nak tolong tp dgn gaya yg agak intimidating, kalu aku tanya, mesti dia tanya blk smpai aku lak tak sure apa aku nak buat......

Saturday, February 12, 2011

tron and blue valentine

so i joined bebudak office g tgk tron legacy in 3D last monday. What do i think about it? Mengarut. Ok, should've seen tht coming. After all this is tron. Tp masalahnya, it's too mengarut, even for me who loves filem2 mengarut. So there, toksah la expect a good storyline out of it, but if u like to watch a world tht supposedly exists kat dlm computer (kot), well, this is a good one for u. But prepared to sit sampai bontot berakar as it runs for around 2 hours... So there, 2 hours and 7.90 euros and 8 euros (for dinner) wasted in one night. But even with a crooked bang, olivia wilde is still a hottie.

and 2 nites ago, we had a gathering, they call it weinabend (malam wain whereby diorg minum kotak wain 5 liter sampai abih and plain water for me, of course) kat umah sv. Gi tgn kosong, tp order pasta, another 6 euros melayang and sat there for 6 hours dgr diorg sembang in german. Apsal aku g pon aku tatau, perhaps i was tired of being labeled anti-social kot. But next weinabend, nak label, labellah, tak sanggup dah g duduk kat situ, when my german still tak improve2 gak.
Anyway, just finished watching blue valentine. Now this is one film i read so much about, waited ages for it, and of which i had a very high expectation of and surprise surprise, it surpassed even my very high expectations. First time ever (for the record, watched Inception, read a little about, but expected a lot from it, and usual, found it disappointing). Heck, i even ended up crying a bit when it ended. Ryan gosling sure has grown a lot since his scrawny herculean days and has since made really really good choices. No, no, not talking about the notebook, although i too cried from watching it. But his other films, and among them, all good things and lars.

Anyway, am not gonna give anything away, so i'm gonna stop here. Aduh, my heart still aches from watching it and i think this one film is gonna get me thinking about it for days... tension! Such a depressing film! (moral of the story: pasangan sekufu tu penting, else, takde la emphasis on tht in Islam, ye dak?)

Friday, February 11, 2011

visitors from duesseldorf

we had some guests today from duesseldorf, brought by my sv so as to encourage cooperations between their group and ours. Seperti biasa, the moment aku masuk je, trus sv announce et tak pandai ckp german, tolong switch to english. Bersalah gak la aku rasa... tp they didnt seem to mind.

Anyway, seperti biasa also, aku menikus je la. Tak reti babe nak komen bab privacy n traffic monitoring ni, tp i found the presentations from both groups interesting. And maybe i'm biased, tp bebudak group ni sungguh la critical, my sv included. Mamat sorg group kitorg yg mulut tak insured tu biasa la komen tahap gaban, tp kat hujung2 senyum2 gakla just to keep things light, yela, diorg ni kan tetamu. SV pon tanya soalan yg related to the application of the proposed protocol, in terms of the feasibility of the protocol, and nampak agak pening gakla diorg nak melayan. And roomie sungguh la sharp tht at the end of prof tu punya presentation, dia tanya soalan yg kinda stumped him. Well, actually dia mmg aware of the flaw (biasala, what reseacher tatau flaws keje sendiri kan?), tp dia dah present the work several times, and sapa pon tak penah perasan, and added, diorg mmg tau, and still in the process of looking for ways to overcome it. Anyway, roommie mmg tere pon bab2 network traffic ni, tu yg admin pon selalu cari dia, tu yg org selalu mintak advice kat dia, tu yg bilik aku ni org selalu kuar masuk, tu yg aku selalu tension tu! But on the bright side, he's always there when i need help with practically everything, nak bukak cap thermos pon included.

Anyway, sv left early as he had to attend a graduation ceremony. Tp diorg still sambung discussion, aku ciao awal, sbb tarak sv, aku rasa biar la diorg relax skit ckp german sbb aku bukan contribute to the discussion pon hehehehe. And besides, biasanya sv yg akan mintak org ckp english pon, so kira dia la lesen utk aku dok menyelit.

Itu je, sekian.

oh, aku perasan geng tu ckp ala2 british, and funnily enough bebudak sini ramai yg pilih american accent... tu aku tatau apsal....

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

there must be a reason for everything...

so i wanted to attend this talk, "Active vs. Passive Millennialism at the Approach of the Apocalyptic Year 1000: Pilgrimage to Jerusalem and Peace of God" by Richard Landes, who is a historian from Boston Uni who specializes in Millennialism, which is a "belief held by some Christian denominations that there will be a Golden Age or Paradise on Earth in which "Christ will reign" for 1000 years prior to the final judgment" (quoted from Wikipedia). This guy is also a strong supporter of the state of Israel, and believes that everything about Palestine is just something that someone made up.

So i memorized the map, pasang niat nak ponteng class deutsch, left my faculty pretty early, and guess what, i got lost. Cycle punya cycle sampai lebih sejam (punya gigih tak putus asa), and googlemap with my ancient phone pon still tak membantu. Cycle pusing dekat satu pekan kot, dengan gelapnya lagi, sejuk bekunya lagai, penat tak ingat, and still tak jumpa jalan. Pusing2, asyik2 sampai kat hospital, tepi hospital la, depan hospital la, belakang hospital la. Benci benci benci!

Dah la pg bgn awal ada dept meeting, then keje skit, ada presentation, then minum espresso, dgn semangat siap, punya excited nak dgr talk in ENGLISH (bukan selalu ada tau). Frust gila beyond words, nak nangis pon ada, and dgn sabarnya, aku mencarut dlm hati je. Nak marah pon bole marah diri sendiri je pon.

Dah over sejam, i decided, tht's it, balik! Then i turned, cycled a bit, nampak entrance to tmpat parking ambulance. Hospital lagi! Arrrggghhhh, what is it with me and the hospital eh? Nak balik pon sesat.

But finally, i found my way home, and along the way, i tried to look at it from the bright side. Yela kan, ada la tu hikmat kat mana2. Mana la tau, kot i managed to attend it, tah2 bole terpro-zionist lak, plus balik umah, sempatla buat subtitle skit, dpt duit skit.

Tp dah terminum 2 cawan espresso ni, i'm like extra-hyper-active and this makes rasa geram tu even worse.

*still in geram mode*