Friday, April 29, 2011

sleep-deprivation or sleep-overdose?

so i've been trying to cut my caffein intake lately, and yesterday, instead of going for my daily dose of latte machiato, i had a half-cup of old town instant white coffee.

Apparently, tht's not enough as at around 3pm, i went ot the toilet, and fell asleep sitting on the toilet bowl for half an hour! Yeessshhh!

- i hope nobody was in the next cubicle, else, they would've seen my feet sticking out from under the partition, and THT would've been pretty embarassing @_@

Sunday, April 03, 2011


so i guess many already know about my circumstances, yup, am talking about my sv yg nak pindah tu.

Anyway, he's been helping me a lot with the procedure tht last thursay, he waited in line for over an hour at that uni's admission office, only to be told off by the lady who was manning the counter.

So on friday, he came to my bilik, hempas envelope containing copies of my documents dan dgn agak tension dok cerita psl the complexity of the procedure. Basically, it sounds to me tak complex sgt, tp byknye songeh nak cop sana sini, and surat ngarut itu ini. Tp kalu banding dgn uni kat jerman yg basically bole admit kita anytime and tak mintak documents sesangat pon, kat uni baru tu mmg nampak leceh.

Lg dia tension sbb pompuan tu treated him and his country like crap. Ye la kan, dia nak bawak student dia yg tgh dok blajar kat jerman, dah tu dia will be appointed as their spanking new full prof and will establish a new chair there (yup, he went there last week to order new desks and chairs, among other things). Alih2, minah tu mcm perleceh dia pulak. So sambil2 kami dok discuss psl the transfer tu, dia tak abih2 dok ckp in such a self-deprecating way (sarcastically la, of course, in reference to tht minah), asyik2 i'm crap, we're crap, this crappy country, crap this, crap tht, crap crap crap sampai aku pulak rasa bersalah. Tp roommie kat tepi ni, bole lak dok giggle konon mcm nak ckp, hah, padan muka, sapa suruh nak pindah lg. Tp takpe, dia ckp nanti nak je dia complain kat bos minah tu, tp tunggu sume setel dulu.

But basically, now wht i need to do is much clearer, and after tht, he promised to help see everything through as much as he can. I just hope experience dgn minah tu tak put him off dah ler... else, naya aku!