Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer canoeing during ramadhan

Memang tak minat nak join aktiviti jabatan ni pon. Dah la bosan, kena bayar 25 euro lak tu.Tp awal2 lg b4 date diorg set, i told them i wasnt going. Takde alasan, just tak nak pegi. And they probably dont care pon.

Tp td, sorg member kepoci dtg blk. Tanya pegi ke idak. So terus jawab tak g. Then he asked, apsal? Aramak, takkan nak jawab tak minat kot. Then suddenly, cam ternampak pulak lightbulb menyala. Meeting lepas diorg kata nak buat on 1st Aug. Wah wah ada alasan.

And terus jawab, takleh sbb hari tu first day puasa. Then bole lak dia tanya, so?
Errr... nanti penat, tak larat nak berkanu... (aiseh, rasa guilty lak guna posa as an excuse)... dan dgn muka confused, dia blah...

Monday, July 04, 2011

once bitten, twice shy

so today morning, i followed roommie to tennenlohe (a district in erlangen). The mission: to catch my sv before he leaves for innsbruck in the afternoon. They got a meeting with some security guys there and that would be my chance to discuss some stuff with my sv and exchange some documents.

So i waited from around 945 in the students' room. Waited and waited. Close to 12 pm, roomie came, followed by sv, reminding him about me in the room. Apparently he went straight to the meeting and totally forgot about me, and apologized profusely, but tht's alright 'cos i had some papers to read anyway. Only tht I was extremely hungry by then.

On the way back, got lost, checked my phone for the map at the traffic light. And suddenly, an uncle stopped beside me and said, "Eh, takleh pakai phone. Kalau polis nampak, kena denda". "Oh, ok..." (Slowly putting it back into my pocket). And he continued, "Boleh kena denda 20 Euro tau".
Duh... and i swore i tried not to smile when hearing tht. I mean, after being fined RM300 several times, 20 Euro tu bole gagah lg la... But I guess, he detected the smile and went, "Mann kann sparen." (Bolehlah jimat) Errr... ye, pak cik. And soon after. the light changed to green, and he wished me Selamat Jalan... Adoi, dah la sesat, kena lecture lak tu, nasib baik dia ckp baik2.

Anyway, I hope I dont need to go all this way to meet my sv again. Hopefully next time, it'll b around the department's area.

Well... this kinda reminds me of my last sv. That was an adventure. I remember making appointments with her at the parking lot, her MSN office (when she was on loan there), in front of the faculty's entrance, one of the students' colleges, even almost driving all the way to the airport... But she was a great lady. Always busy with her Sukan Wanita and attending to the then Sports Minister. And as her student, it was always nice to get freebies - leftover from the events she was involved in. Now tht she's back in the faculty, wonder if she's still as busy. I hope not, I hope her students wont have to go through what we went through. Funny when I think about it now, but honestly, not something that I want to go through again, and i really hope it wont happen again this time...

Friday, July 01, 2011

i survived my first party...

ok, not the the first, third kot. Tp yg sblum2 ni hostel parties, yg boleh cabut sesuka hati tanpa rasa bersalah, so perfect la kalu saja2 nak tgk2, or untuk minum for free, minum saja pon yg provided, tu pon for the first glass.

Yg ini, mmg dapat jemputan sbb roommate yg buat, siap dia inform awal2 dia nak masak beberapa jenis vegetarian food tht i know cuma my sv, his wife and myself aje yg sure makan, tambah cheese and bread lg (tu aku pelik sorg akak ni kata member german suami dia buat party selalu makanan simple2 n tak cukup lak tu, member2 aku kalu buat selalu je berlebih-lebihan...)

Tp this morning, tebalkan muka and i told him tak dpt datang, siap dah plan bohong sunat yg gila elaborate kot dia tanya kenapa. Tp sekali dia jerkah nama aku, pastu tgk mcm geram je, aku terus tak sampai hati dah.

So I went, nasiblah, ada 2 mamat group kami g skali from the office. Tp once there, sume buat hal masing2. Arrrghhh, dah la ramai, laki je almost semua, terus aku jd the awkward wallflower yg cuma maintain cool. Think the only time aku bersembang was with roomie's gf, tu pon kejap je before he called her to prepare the salad. Pastu aku mengwallflower balik.

Then it's makan time. Phew! At least bole konon2 buat busy. And it's just so happen sorg mamat ni terpaksa share meja dgn aku. And although we didnt exchange a word pon, i actualy felt relieved sbb tak nampak pelik sgt makan sorg2... gila pathetic. Padahal bukan tak penah jumpa, he used to come to our room cari roommie, and i'd be like, "oh, he's not here right now", "he's out for lunch", "you wanna leave a message"... so bole je kot sembang, tp tah, takde topic, so kami makanlah senyap2.

Abih makan, aku cari sv, sembang2 skit, then i excused myself sbb ada hal yg bohong sunat tu :p before i went to look for roommie to tell him tht i reallllly had to go. But he seemed happy tht i actually came walopon cume utk tunjuk muka and makan :D

Tolonglah, no more invitations, serious aku tak reti la nak mingle2... in Deutsch! Kalau ckp english, ok la lg... but when in Roma, takkan nak ckp Mandarin kot, kan? Yeeessshhh!