Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Raya and Farewell gathering

So yesterday, i celebrated Eid with 2 other Malaysians at the gathering organized by the Indonesians headed by Ibu Suti. It was a lot of fun meeting the ladies, playing with their babies and eating delicious food that I didnt cook myself. I brought some brownies which recipe I got from the back of the cocoa powder container hehehe. It's in German, I understand the instruction but did not read the name of the brownie properly.

I honestly thought I was going to bake a chocolate cake, so I really thought it was strange that the batter was pretty thick, but I figured that I should follow the instruction, and as it turned out it was brownie that I was making, not a cake. But that was fine, and thank God, almost half of it was gone by the time I was about to leave the raya gathering (secretly, i was afraid brownie tak laku huhuhu). Guess kids really like chocolate eh?

the babies with their mothers

with ibu suti

baby with ibu angkat

kesiannya la bebudak tu kena paksa bersalam, ian macam ketakutan je

but they secretly shook hands when no one was looking, cute

In the evening, I went and meet Yurly. My friendship with her is a weird one. It even baffles her husband. Mainly because, I speak very little German, and she doesnt speak English, and yet, we could hang out for hours and laugh like nobody's business. Heck, even I cant understand how that happens sometimes. But she's one sweet but mature young girl, and I made her to promise to come and visit me someday.

And tonite, I organized a little gathering for close friends and my neighbors, sort of like a Eid + farewell gathering. Made some pulut kuning with rendang which I thought wasnt too bad (hehehehe, masuk bakul angkat sendiri, i know) and ayam masak merah that turned my neighbor's face red. And again, the same, but slightly improved brownie (i kinda figured a nicer way to cut it so that i doesnt look as messy as the first one I made)

pulut and brownie

rendang yg mencabar betol nak buat when all you have is a stabmixer, no I don't plan on buying a blender, too bulky, not convenient for a nomad like me.

ajeng, the guy, sawsan, that's donka in red, sawsan's friend, me and roxena (or ramona or something like that)

with ning, indra, and his wife, dede

oops, same bunch of people, but all are 4th floor dwellers

my next door neighbor and gunar, my favorite floor speaker (we have two floor speakers - ni macam floor rep la, he's our favorite)

the indonesians and the malaysian

I really hope they enjoyed the food. The Indonesians seem to like it, ye la, they know what they were eating and how to judge it. The rest, well, with the explosion of spice and heat, some could handle it, some well, Donka thought it was extremely hot that after the first taste, she had to take a deep breath and muttered, "I can do this." and quickly went to get some bread instead, cute. And when I explained why we have pulut kuning- kinda like for celebratory purposes (sorta), she thought that it makes sense because she said that it is bright like the sun. Amboih, comel je description dia.

Ning gave some chocolates, always very thoughtful, this guy. And as i seldom see him these days, meeting him and Indra really brings back old memories, especially that crazy winter trip we had almost 3 years ago. They were among the first few people that I really clicked with, so I definitely gonna miss them a lot.

And I definitely going to miss Erlangen as well. It's a very quiet little town (but with a big-ass Siemens HQ and one of the oldest and largest uni in Germany all over town, and veeerry close to Adidas' and Puma's HQs as well), but it's nonetheless quaint and very self-contained.

I'd definitely will be coming back again someday...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

tat nanas

Ahhhh...... you know it's a perfect pineapple tart when it melts the moment you drop it in your mouth...

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, people!

And maaf zahir dan batin!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

their preception of Malaysia

So a friend next door came to ask for some advice.
Despite the countless times that I told him that I'm from Malaysia, he wanted to confirm if I'm from Malaysia. Okla, tak kisah.

Anyway, he told me that he'd be going to Langkawi for a conference and wanted to know some 'important' stuff about Malaysia that I'm more than happy to share.

Most of the questions were pretty normal, but then he also wanted to know if;

1. It is ok to dress like he was (in T-shirt and a 3 quarter cargo pants) or does he have to constantly be casually-dressed (which he "thinks" consists of a pair of jeans and a neat t-shirt/shirt) for sight-seeing and sailing (terkejut aku dgr, biar betul dia nak sailing? Gamak nye la kot. Org sini jarang dpt merasa laut)
2. There are certain symbols that he shouldnt have on his t-shirt.
3. It is okay to smile to girls (huh?)

So I told him that he doesnt have to act all weird there. His appearance and demeanor are considered perfectly normal there (maybe extra hensem kot, serious hensem and agak kelakar plus sikit blur). And not to worry too much about interacting with the locals. I'm a typical Malaysian, just take me as an example and you'll be fine.

Bukan apa, dia kata kita negara Islam, tu dia cuak sgt tu... hmmm, patut ler...

Esok lusa dia tak datang, so next Tuesday, dia nak tanya lg. Let's see apa pulak dia nak tanya kali ni...

Monday, August 22, 2011


Serious panas hari ni!

I'm sitting here in my office room, not moving much and my armpit is sweating.
Pastu yg malasnya kalu sembang pasal weather kat org2 sini,
skali je kata panas, they'd be like, "Even for you?!"
Kelam-kabut aku nak cari alasan cover yg ala2 yela panas, tp no biggie la...

Tp serious, panas weh!
Kat Malaysia, panas2 pon, masuk bilik ada aircon.
Sini, masuk bilik, kipas pon tarak!

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Hari yang malang

so i left home at 130am to catch the 2am bus today, a quarter way to the train station, remembered tht i forgot something, went back home to get it. At the station, with 10 minutes left, i quickly went to buy the tix at the tix machine only to find tht it didnt accept the 50 Euro note tht i had. So I took the chance and ran around the station and tried buying from all of them, but sadly, none wanted my money, and I ended up buying an extra tix from the bus driver (the tix tht i was planning on buying would've covered the bus fare).

Then in innsbruck, I got lost. Ok, I always get lost there, they have hundreds of bus stops, and sometimes 5-6 stops at one crossroad, all having the same name but serving different lines, or sometimes the same line but with different directions.

So obviously I got very lost, several times i took the wrong bus, and had to track back to the original stop on foot! whilst carrying my netbook with googlemap on it. And obviously, I arrived very late for my appointment.

Dah penat2 lari all over town today, i took a nap on the train back to erlangen. Tetiba for the first time ever, i was woken up by the police asking for my passport. Yikes!! Aku tak bawak!

So i gave him my student card that i printed myself (our student card mmg cikai like tht), and my Malaysian ic and my 16 year-old laminated driving license. Punya la lama diorg interview aku yg mamai ni smpai la the next train stop. Then, they cross-checked with the immigration and took pictures on my student card, and told me to email them pictures of my residence permit and passport. Dahla residence permit tu dah nak expire ujung September, and i've received reminders to extend it from the immigration office (which i've so far ignored). Bole tahan cuak tahap nak terberak gakla. Ni polis german ni, jgn main2!

But I maintained my composure, walopon mmg aku salah tak bawak passport bile cross border, aku ckp dgn gaya confident, but still diorg call immigration for confirmation time2 tu jugak. My excuse, Oh, ingatkan student card dah cukup utk g Austria sbb dia Schengen country, then he was like, "Well, look at this card" sambil tunjuk kertas lembik yg kononnya card tu (not my fault, my uni wants us to download it and print it ourselves every sem). Tp syukurla diorg ckp baik2, and syukurlah aku still managed to speak in German walopon campur2 English, so cam takla nampak menipu kalau kata tht i've been here almost 3 yrs tp still takleh ckp langsung.

Tp yg pasti, first thing sampai umah midnite karang, aku kena hantar email kat polis tu. Harap2 tak kena saman or kena tangkap or kena record mana2 sbb seriously aku kena apply kat polis diorg for a certificate of good conduct lepas ni. Kalu recorded ni, matila karang tak lepas kat Immigration austria pulak!

And worst of all, when i finally arrived at the Erlangen train station 1230am, basikal hilang!