Thursday, October 27, 2011

badminton clubs

We had a talk today. It was given by an old friend of my SV. So naturally, tonight, SV took him out for dinner, and naturally, he invited us all to join them, and naturally, when there's food, most of us would naturally be available, except me.

Tonight, we're going to visit a badminton club, just to get a feel of the club, and if it is all ok, I think alem would definitely want to join it.

2 days ago, we visited one, in fact, he even played with the other club members for almost 2 hours. It was a pretty friendly club, a few of them speak English rather well, so he had little problem mingling with the other members. But the club we're visiting today... I dont know, the English email that I sent to them was replied in Deutsch, which is all the more reason why I need to go along with him.

If he likes it too, then he can join both clubs and would have something to do almost every weeknight. Which is great for me, albeit the cost it'll incur. For a a guy, staying at home can be too depressing. The guy loves sports, and seeing him so happy when he's playing and talking about it animatedly all the time just light up my day.

So if it means missing a free dinner at a posh restaurant, well... so be it...

Monday, October 17, 2011

birthday bash!

well, not quite!
But after not celebrating it for 3 years, what i had last saturday was really something.

Well, what we had last saturday was a get-together for bebudak erlangen at christph's house. So SV beserta geng2 erlangen turun la innsbruck for the first time, and me being here, macam takde alasan nak tolak. So i told them tht it was gonna be on my birthday (walaupun sebenarnya tu date yg sebenarnya, tp official date yg nurse tulis is on the following day, terpaksa la cerita cerita sebenar so ada la alasan kalu nak cabut awal).

Skali on friday, fire alarm bunyi kat office, so SV beserta beberapa bebudak erlangen yg datang awal and myself to the nearby supermarket. I told them i wanted to buy some ingredients for a cake that i was gonna bake (sbb sini selalunya trandition kat office is if it's yr birthday, u better bring something sweet). Skali, they told not to bother, just tell the tuan rumah apa nak beli, nanti kita masak ramai2.

Skali sampai supermarket, we ended up termenung depan rak bahan kek sebab resipi takde nak beli apa pun tak tau. In the end, dah lama sgt buang masa kat situ, tuan rumah kata, dont worry, he'll take care of it. Dan sejujurnya, mmg tak confident langsung kek akan menjadi esok tu.

So, on saturday, alem and i went to his house, brought some grapes and apples, met some old friends, and there was no cake. Tak kisahlah, janji jumpa groupmate2 yg lain, most of them dah doctor2 dah. Roommie pon ada, nampak2 je terus peluk beruang, yikes! Alem nampak, at least now he knows i wasnt lying when i told him roommie yg selalu peluk mengejut. SV pulak, terus wish happy birthday dgn suara sekuat2nya. Adoiii... memalukan je.

So sembang2 sampai takde topik, sampai2 last it was just me and alem chatting, duh, like we couldnt chat at home pulak ye? Half of the room dah berkumpul dlm bilik dok selongkar bilik si tuan rumah ni... then around 11 or so, ramai2 keluar, i was thinking dah nak balik dah kot ni.

Then suddenly, sedar2 ramai dok berdiri behind me, and tuan rumah came out from the kitchen with a cake. Aha! Patutla tadi dia block jalan tak bg masuk dapur, instead suruh pegi masuk bilik air.

Comel je cake, ada lilin kanak2, siap guna anggur yg kitorg bawak tht spelled 'eti', then ramai nyanyi, awwww. I was surprised, really! Malu pun ye sangat2 considering tht i'm extremely anti-social sampai tahap kena sound sebab tak join diorg lepak. Skali diorg buat camni lak... and it's not the first time pulak tu, the first was when i arrived in erlangen a week before my birthday, skali on the birthday, ada email ajak makan cake which sv and the other group members whipped out in the kitchen the previous day.

So when i hear stories about germans (ok, there was one austrian that nite, tp dia last-minute guest) kedekut sbb bila buat party, bg makan cukup2 je, i have to disagree with that notion. Sebab from my own experience, manadeee... Okla, kat rumah mamat ni, mmg makanan vegetarian dah nak abih when we arrived, tp chili con carne yg ada daging berlambak lg, plus snack berlambak, and plusss, bebudak lelaki yg masak, what can u expect? Cake tu maybe awek dia kot yg buat sebab mcm complicated skit nak buat 2 layer.

Anyway, it may not sound like anything, but it was a nice big surprise for me, and it was probably the best birthday celebration get-together i had in a while :)

Monday, October 03, 2011

first class session

so i had my first class today, with my SV. From the course webpage, i knew tht'd be 3 students 2 of which are my roommates, by the way, one roommie is german, the other austrian.

Came class time, we all went to the designated classroom, along with member dr yg ikot from erlangen and true enough, nobody else came, so we just went to nearest chairs and tables we could find and started planning for the course. Just us and SV.

So he started explaining his idea for what we are going to be doing this semester, which is to do some real experiments on interference, which i think is great cause i know zilch about hands-on experiments as all i've been doing so far is only with simulation and nothing else, ok, maybe some analytical stuff as well, but tht's it. And since the other guys seem really apt at handling sensor nodes and RC equipments, i hope to learn a thing or two from them.

So we discussed on what we need to buy and before the end of the 'course', it was decided that we need some WiFi adapters, some channel analyzers, and sensor nodes. So SV asked, "Who'd look for some channel anaylyzers?", one guy volunteered, "wifi adapters?", another guy volunteered and before i started feeling cuak nak kena cari sensor nodes, he continued, "and since we already have sensor nodes, eti doesnt have to look for one." Cam tau2 je aku blur menatang2 hardware ni. Anyway sume gelak, me included, tapi dalam hati, i was like, phewww... mana la tau kot aku suggest node yg tak sesuai kang, then beli, mati aku... at the same time, hampeh, tak caya kat aku langsung, ni cam ada chance je aku nak flunk course ni nanti.

But suddenly, german rommie told me to look for them first, sbb dia kata dia dah pass kat member sorg ni last week, member tu deny, then somebody kata patut ada kat lab, then german roommie insisted patut ada kat member sorg ni. Then SV intervenend, and said, ok, tu keje aku, cari mana nodes tu pegi, tp yg pasti they must be in one of our rooms somewhere. Oh, yes, THAT, i can do.