Thursday, November 10, 2011

Presentations in English

so we had our first session of the Presentation in English course. So this is basically a 3-day thing, and today was the first day, and I have to say it was better than what I expected.

The trainer was an actor, trained in the Royal Academy in London, acted in plays for years, but also did his study in business administrator. He regularly provides trainings for big international companies, apart from our little course in the uni. So you can imagine how it was like, almost like the acting class we see on tv, except this one is to prepare us for the real world.

Interesting guy, really, funny too, but occasionally can be quite intimidating, although i cant really tell whether that's part of an act or... whether that's just him, but he sure got his messages across in his clear British accent.

I sat beside the only other computer scientist in the course, artis yg menang show kat austria ni, i guess dia masuk2, blur, saw me, the only familiar face there walopon actually tak kenal pon cuma selalu la terjumpa, so he came and sat next to me. So first exercise kena interview each other and randomly kitorg kena present org tu. Dia cam interested je with my story about my being a subtitlist, tp dia tak cerita pon psl dia menang show yg cam akademi fantasia tu, and keluar album, masuk sehati sedansa bla2 tu, cume crita dia suka music je, nyanyi, main piano, compose, dgr etc. Takpela, segan nak cerita kot...

So there, syukur, just 3 sessions, although each one is from 9am to 6pm! Cant wait for it to end, nak cepat2 kumpul credit ni, risau, byk sgt yg still tka cukup ni.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Ryan Gosling serves halal food

Betol, tak tipu.

I admit, i've been watching quite a lot of his movies lately, kalu bole, nak tgk suma sekali, sbb he really hasnt done tht many pon so far. But the ones he did, he did them convincingly.

So while googling for more info on this guy, i found that he own a Moroccan restaurant in Beverly Hills. The name's Tagine (that's with a tdho-huruf jawi tht i dont know how to spell in rumi) and he co-owns it with a Moroccan guy and another guy whom I assume is in-charge of alcoholic drinks (because tht wht he specializes in pon).

So in the mood of gatal2 takde keje and curious nak tau if i can dine there if i happen to be in beverly hills (aminnn!), i emailed them and asked if they serve halal food, not expecting much as 2 of the co-owners arent muslim, only the chef is, plus it's in the beverly hills pulak tu, plus, it's quite mahal and dpt byk bintang. But surprise surprise, this is what i got,

Hi Alem, (malu tak guna name sendiri, plus my name doesnt sound too muslimah :D)

Thank you for your email.

Some of our menu items are Halal, what day were you interested in coming? we can make sure we have halal meat when you visit us!

Best Regards,

Zakaria El Ammari
Tagine Beverly Hills
Director of Sales and Marketing
Cell: +1.310.962.0694
132 N. Robertson Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

-- okla, maybe ayam tak sembelih kot, Tp at least ada effort nak make sure ada daging halal kan, so i take it as a good effort la jugak, and besides kalu seafood, sure ok punya. Dan paling penting, they seem to understand the concept of halal! (kalau mamat nama zakaria ni tak paham gak, tak taula...)

Friday, November 04, 2011


so there was an open day at our uni on friday and saturday.
The one on friday was called Junge-Uni (young uni) and the one on saturday was also open day to the public. Basic idea was to get people interested in coming to uni of innsbruck.

So we showcased our work... sort of. After cracking our brains trying to come up with something FLASHYYY (yes, this was our group's first open day, let's do it with a bang! Taklah, gambar from last year, nampak muka visitors bosan semacam je), so somebody suggested that we do something with RC cars as some guys here are actually working on vehicular networks, then attach some sensor nodes (ye, itu area saya), and create some games (which is permainan aci ligan - universal betol game simple cam gini, kan? and a demo of VTS which langsung tak dapat nak demo sbb suma org nak main aci ligan je).

And it was a hit! Among boys especially, nope, they dont care about the science behind it, but we managed to attract people. Even the ball-filled pool pon tak selaku our cars (they were a big hit last year), even booth db group yg ada pemenang starmania austria (ala2 pop idol) pon failed to attract as many kids as we did. Ye, mamat tu menang in 2002 when he was doing his phd, then buat album, tapi tak sepopular the second runner-up, so now he's back in school huhuhu... (although we did consider menyanyi dan menari to upstage this guy time brainstorming dulu, esecially when our austrian group member kept on raving on what a good programmer he is, on top being a singer and a dancer, mcmla dia sorg tak buat pape dah cukup nak tarik org, kan?).

So there, unlike other booths where they got kids to sit and a chance to explain their work, we let them kids play and we just changed the batteries when needed, and at the end of the day, the kids still dont know what we do, but hey, our group sure looked cool that day!

In the morning...

there the four of us melepak buat keje. Ok, sorg tu jela paling rajin dok tarik remote nak kasi kat budak lain main...

that was me, pura-pura buat keje... tp kekadang bumper depan keta sangkut, tolong la asingkan diorg. But in this one, pura2 je, kot2 sv tgk, takde la nampak melepak je manjang...

the big hit last year

Around 330 or so, alem came, so we went to the other departments to what they had for the kids....
this was at the physics' dept

another one the some science dept

tornado simulation... real science looks fun, but i wonder how easy it is to find a job in pure science...

shallow water simulation

at the astronomy dept

I think it is a really cool idea to have an open day like this, where we can start encouraging our young kids to be interested in science (and other areas, of course, what i saw was of course limited to the faculties in our area only). Tp masalahnya kalu buat kat malaysia, with the whole uni being open to the outsiders, by the end of the day, sure berlambak barang hilang :(