Thursday, March 29, 2012

infocom 2012

Today (?? Nampak sgt dah lama type tapi tak post hehehe) is the last day of the Infocom (well, there's a workshop tomorrow, but that doesnt count). But I'm so busy chasing a deadline, so much so that I didnt get to attend any of the sessions.

But to sum up, infocom ni mmg hebat! Here, i got to meet those big names that we often see on papers. Among them, Peter Steenkiste, Nitin Vaidya, my SV went out for dinner with Bianchi, and sapa2 lg tah yg mungkin kenal nama tp rupa tak kenal. Tp tula, ni pon rasanya sbb buat kat US, tatau kalu buat kat tmpt lain diorg nak dtg ke tak. But as far as the presentations are concerned, those that I attended were hmmm... i dunno, maybe their papers are good, but because i couldnt read them beforehand and kena pulak diorg present dgn accent n slides yg mcm hampeh, terus tak paham. Byk yg tak paham pon, ramaiiii sgt from China, byk tracks pon yg sume from China.

Kena pulak organisers kedekut, dah Cisco sponsor pon bg CD je. Dunnola if hilton Orlando ni mahal sampai tak mampu nak bg usb stick, not only tht, bag pon tarak!

Tp makan halal, alhamdullillah, ada. Tp diorg masak halal ala2 tangkap muat je, rupa lawa tp tasteless, but on the second last day, it was kinda ok, sbb ada chicken with pineapple.

But otherwise, hilton is always a nice hotel to go too. Facilities ok, pekerja dia ok. And with me being pregnant, rasanya diorg pon perasan, siap suruh aku berehat bila nampak aku dok pulun kejar deadline ni (nope, didnt do the work in my room sbb nak makan free kat hilton).

Hotel pon agak cantik gakla. My roommate, Ba--i, on the first day, was so enthusiastic bila nampak org enjoy2 sambil makan kat pool that he went, "WOW!" Granted that this is his first time outside Europe dan sampai kat hotel cam mewah dan naik airplane (terkejut aku bila dia ckp dia ingatkan mkanan dlm plane kena beli, dia ingat sama cam dlm train kot). Tp mmg kanak2 betolla mamat ni, nampak tupai pon nak point out, nampak cicak kat pathway pon kena mention, nampak pokok tetumpang yg akar mcm kapas berjalar2, stop tgk, tapi paling pelik was when tgh jalan, we heard a siren, suddenly he stopped dead in his tracks, and i was like, "Apsal apsal apsal?", dia jawab, "I wanna see the cop."... Heh? Wah wah, cop tu, dah tak panggil police (polizei). Kat US la katakan... Tp takpela, bg dia can, dia pon kanak2 riang lg. Kalau tak, takdela, dgn tak segan silu dia mintak kat volunteer t-shirt infocom for free, and no, those are only for the volunteers. Tergelak aku tgk gelagat dia, tp kalu dia mula cerita teknikal, aku lak terus terdiam hahahaha, typical germans.

sapa pon tak teringat nak amik pictures of me and my poster, because it was on the first day, so posing dgn poster demo jela...

Dunno who the girl is, another presenter, i reckon. Tp dah she just happened to be there, bila sv suruh masuk, terus automatically struck a pose!

As for my poster, i think it went quite ok, but I chose a terrible spot. The traffic wasnt so great when u have your poster opposite the wall. Next time, choose one the in the middle of the room. And people actually remembered me, never mind that it was because of my tummy. But they actually remembered me sampai my sv actually told my that member2 dia came up to him, ckp tht they saw my poster, then mentioned about my being pregnant. Rasanya ada gak kot yg bg advice kat dia sbb ptg first day tu tetiba dia tanya2, siap dok congak2 my downtime karang bile nak beranak... terharu lak rasa...

And our demo, it was quite ok too. But that was more of a Ba--i's show as he is the first author. During break, there were quite a number of people, so I handled some of them. But when the sessions resumed, most left, so after a while, I also left Ba--i to attend some of the presentations.

The crossroad to the hotel plaza boulevard where the best western is located. Sume pon disney disney disney!

Where we stayed

The view from my room

Buffalo wings, yee haw!!

Senang ada microwave, mkn tapau je...

And oh, I'm staying at Best Western (which is way cheaper than Hilton). Strangely my room has a microwave oven and a fridge, in my sv's or ba--i's, tak lak. But location-wise, mmg okla, dekat dgn hilton, and not too far from main road. And paling penting, depan bus stop, too bad i found only on the last day tht i could take a bus to the outlets form there, kalu tau, takde la menapak kat 1 batu g the next bus stop, but at least, okla jugak dpt tau sbb on tht last day there mmg sakit gakla kalu nak menarik sampai 2 bag + container poster sampai sebatu...

Makan maggi before leaving for the airport...

Sunday, March 25, 2012

halal food in orlando

as far as food is concerned here, I'm happy happy happy!
No more doener each time we go out for a halal meal, no more pilaf each time I ask for rice, but instead here, i can get buffalo wings, sezchuan rice, chicken wantan, spicy chicken rice and lots more!

Ok, ok, i know halal food is easy to find in this country. But I still see muslim looking for halal food whenever they're in town on forums and google answer, so i'm sure not all muslim Disney visitors are from around here, so this post might be useful for them (and myself should I happen to come here again).

Ok, so where can I can them?
Well, if you stay around the Hotel Plaza Boulevard like I am (I'm staying at the Best Western Hotel at the moment), you need to get out to the main road, the S. Apopka Vineland Road, cross the road. Yes, that'll take you to mcD, then turn left and walk straight on....... Along the way, you'll see burger king on your right, chili's on the left, joe's crab on left, you'd probably walk past habibi (which is also a muslim rest, but i didnt stop there, their food is a little on the expensive side), then, 2 huge gift shops selling Disney merchandise on your left (which is probably owned by the same muslim person as their staff are muslims and the merchandise are the same), walgreen on your left, walk a little bit more...... you will see ABC wine on your right, stop and turn right.

Walk straight in, first you'll see China 3 where they offer HALAL CHINESE food, and right next to it, is Philly's Steak or something where they offer typical american food (and some $4.99 very spicy chicken rice that I must have again) which are also HALAL!

China 3 does delivery with a $2 service charge, but if you're unwilling to part with your money willing to walk for about 4 km/2 miles like i did (i wanted to explore the area, ok?), then walk. Be warned though that it's can get scorching hot, but hey, if a 6-month pregnant lady do it, anyone can too!

chicken rice at Philly Steak...

China 3

But I must admit, it was pretty tough as I bought quite a lot (including dinner + bfast + lunch for the following day) which probably was around 2kg. On the way back, I also bought 3 liter of drinking water from walgreen (had to, it was only $1.30, tap water in the hotel looks somewhat yellowish and around the hotel, the best you can get for a liter of water is about $3), so that WAS actually pretty heavy for me to carry for a longggg walk back to the hotel, but that's alright. At least, i got myself some halal toyyiban food. But think next time, I'll just give them a call instead :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

orthodox hud

so i was stucked at the washington dulles airport for almost 6 hours yesterday, waiting for my flight to orlando. Dan sbb lambat dpt access internet, lmbt update status fb, tak sempat la member PPP baca. Kalau tak, bole menjejak kasih dann takle sebosan ni...

anyway, mcm bengong je aku, i questioned the price of the adapter sbb kata 29.90, sekali charge 31++, pastu dia kata tax. Oh yeah, right. Ni US. Aiseh... ni tips camne lak ye? Kalu tak bg, ok tak agaknya... ke ok buat2 tak tau.

Anyway, nak cerita pasal benda lain ni. Td, kat airport vienna, waiting in the same line as i was, ada la beberapa family orthodox jewish, ramai gakla. Sume baju2 hitam. Yg laki pakai topi besar with curled hair at places where u'd expect to see sideburns or pakai topi bulat kecik tu, pompuan pakai scrarf balut kepala tp telinga terkeluar dgn long black skirts. Ramai gak nak blk us, mcm dtg convention yahudi ke apa je kat vienna.

Anyway, diorg biasa je, tp yg agak pelik was tht at around half an hour before landing, yg pompuan ni bawak kuar wig, pakai atas scarf. Ala2 tutup aurat, pastu pakai rambut on top. Pelik lak nk blk us baru buat, kat austria, selamba dek je. Siap sorg tu ikat rambut (wig lg).

Pastu kat airport ni, td ternampak sorg laki yahudi mazhab yg sama semayang at one small corner, mengadap dinding. Dia cam berdiri tegak, then rukuk, then ulang berpuluh2 kali. Bole tahan laju gakla, nak cepat kot. Ni mesti geng yg pious ni.

Tu je nak cerita, sbb b4 this, baca n tgk tv je, ni betol2 nampak... so cam culture-shock sikit... hehehehe.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I'm so tired i cried......

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

penyelia luar biasa

i consider myself lucky sbb dpt penyelia yg rasanya kurang tipikal.
okla, i had my moments yg takot tahap terketar2 nk jumpa dia, tp since dtg sini, we both agree hubungan kami dah byk kali improve. Tatau sbb apa, sbb dia dah bos kot so dia cam lebih relax, or sbb bilik dia dkt sgt kot, then selalu sgt jumpa. Plus, dia dah kurang students, so dia monitor kitorg mcm helang, so sume masalah or usaha aku dia lebih paham, or rather, aku dah kurang segan nak luahkan kot... i mean, dia mmg selalu suruh tanya tanya tanya kalu x paham, mmg selalu pon tanya, tp dulu kat ex-rommmie la sbb convenient, cumanya dia bidang lain. Sini terpaksa tanya mamat sorg lg, tp mmg dulu aku segan pon nak tanya mamat tu sbb bilik lain, plus dia ckp mcm takde intonasi. Tp penyelia paksa suruh tanya tanya tanya, siap kata, "jgn malu-malu!"... so skarang tak reti nak color bground graph in R pon, aku tanya mamat tu.

Tp tu la atmosphere yg dia nak cultivate among his group kot, suruh keje sama2. Nak buat camtu, kena selalu lepak skali. Tu yg hari2 lunch and coffee break skali (alem punya teori dia takde geng sebulu, those sama level either too old or too serious, mungkin gak kot), tp aku tak join la sbb pagi dah minum, kalu minum ptg sure tak tido. TAPI diwajibkan pulak lunch sekali every monday time group meeting, aiseh, kena spare duit lebih beli piza.

Tp tak dinafikan character penyelia aku tu yg buat dia approacheable. Sikit2 gelak, sikit2 gelak, buat lawak pon selalu gak. Kalau dulu aku kurang paham lawak diorg yg teknikal ni, skarang dah paham tools/apps/language yg diorg pakai, bole la jugak join gelak. Tp keje still keje. Bab ni aku selalu cuak, especially bila nk tunjuk keje, sbb dia sharp, takot dia terperasan someting tht i missed, or dia point out somehitng or gv pointers yg aku tak paham, terus terasa bodo.

So kalu kurang dgr dia gelak tu, tau la dia tgh sgt busy like last week. But this week started out pretty good. Last nite diorg stayback lewat buat paper pon, hari ni still bole bergelak ketawa lg, so nampak ok la tu.

Tp td mmg pelik betol.
So i got this strange thing with my simulation, so dok la debug sorg2. Mmg all out dah ni, tgh dok analyze each and every simulation event dgn kepala mcm nak cium meja dah, tetiba terasa ada tgn picit dua2 bahu. Sapa lg punya keje? Buat terkejut org je! Motif? Saja nak buat org terkejut la tu. Heck, happy lak tu tgk org mengandung terkejut. Terus hilang my train of thoughts, nk explain problem yg tgh buat ni pon terus tergagap2.

Okla, kalu pat on the back tu biasa la, dr. sham dulu pon selalu buat, tp ni dah takes things to a diff level dah ni. Tp tu aaa, frenly tahap kita terpelik lak. Anyway, yg penting skarang lg ok drpd dulu. Alem pon rasanya play a part gak. Dulu aku je solo. Skarang, ada gathering, aku bwk alem so rasa cam masuk skit, cuma kesian kat alem la kot, cam terbosan skit. Tp nasib dia tak segan jd temporary fixture kat opis ni kalu aku dtg weekend or malam2, diorg pon dah kenal dia.

So kalu sapa2 minat nk keje dlm group dia, sgtla recommended, tp pastikan paham sikit german, mesti outgoing, harus adventurous (kecuali ada penyakit or mengandung, in which case dia tak peduli pon unless u're in yr 9th month), tere math and stats, programming, tau regex, perl membantu, c++ wajib, svn and git, R jugak wajib, inkscape helps too, tp ni senang, and list goes on and on... tp experiencenya mmg unlike a typical description of a phd process yg kata it's a lonely process. Lonely la gak, tp dgn penyelia cam ni, mmg it does help to make it less so...

Monday, March 12, 2012

eon bank sucks

why on earth would they even want to have a bank in the first place?
Worst of all, now they've been taken over by hong leong bank, the world's rudest bank ever!

not only are they (or, maybe their customer service people, but wht do i care? They still represent the company, dont they?) rude, they are unhelpful and their services lack... everything!