Friday, May 18, 2012

I'm a fraud victim...

And it happened to my German credit card!
250 Euro pulak tu!

Aduh... pening kepala fikir.
So I called them up immediately, thinking I'd have problems communicating the Problem as based on my experience, this particular bank is not very fond of using English. But surprise surprise, both customer service officers that I spoke to are pretty good in English. Probably in the last couple of years, they decided, hmmmm... let's go international, or at least, european.

Anyway, they asked me to fill up the reklamation form and we'll see what happens. I also them to cancel the card immediately.

I really hope I get my money back. I hope they are aware of this online casino #!@#!!^$^& and such transactions so that they'd process the reklamation as soon as possible.

In the meantime, tolongla doa-doakan reklamation tu diorg process cepat2 ye.

Oh, btw, when i said reklamation, i actually meant refund. Tp faham2 jela, lebih kurang cam english je pon...