Monday, June 25, 2012

Malaysian food

so i woke up one morning, walked into the kitchen and this is what I saw!

I know tht alem's been watching videos on chicken rice, itik gantung etc on youtube in the previous couple of days, tp bila tgk sekor ayam tergantung kat dapur semalaman tu... errr terkejut gakla...

Anyway, he's been talking about making a rice chicken that's tasty enough to rival chee meng's, sampai video bahasa cina from China pon dia tgk, tatau dia paham camne.... so I guess this shouldnt come as a surprise la kan...

And I gotta admit after eating many many versions of his chicken rice, dari yg nasi kuning ke color sikit pale, dari ayam yg warna gelap ke yg berkilat kemerahan-merahan dgn sup yg ada kacang and sambal, well... this one has been pretty consistent except that sometimes it may get a bit too hot depending on the type of chili we get at the asian shop, I gotta say tht his chicken rice is so good that i've forgotten how chee meng's tastes like.

This was one of his last versions of nasi ayam

Then, it stopped!

But after telling him one day that i wanted to make roti canai and studying the recipes, only to give up and buy the roti prata yg 5 keping sampai kat 3 Euro, he decided to make one himself. So without refering to any recipe, sbb katanya member dia yg tolong bapak dia bisnes roti canai pernah cerita cara2 nak buat, dia went and added this and tht and alhamdullillah... menjadi! Tp ada la jugak tukar tepung dua tiga kali, because we wanted one that high in gluten sebab senang nak tebar, tp pening gakla nak pilih tepung kat sini sbb byk sangat pilihan. So kalu tak tau number, silap pilih, roti tak stretchy, berkurun uli tak cantik. Then for the next two three weeks, almost every other day, makan roti canai. Then it stopped!

the only pic i managed to snap before his mood changed

oh yeah, we had this after reading Pyan's pictures and status on meatworks. Hari2 tgk, geram, last2 kitorg pon makan meat, tp sendiri buat, tp kiddy size jela sbb daging bahagian sedap mahal, ni pon tak dpt la sirloin ke apa ke, janji dapat daging.

Last March, dia mood nak buat satay. He invited some friends over, had a satay barbaque while I was away in Oralando. Then, of course, I felt a little hmmmm... left out (must be the hormons), kalu dia hidang chicken rice tak kisah sgt sbb dah biasa mkan, but satay kitorg pon belum penah bakar kat sini. So when I came back that Sunday, petang tu while I was asleep, dia buat kuah kacang and mula bakar satay which was ahhhh.... heavenly. Tp dia tak puas hati sbb arang tu arang batu, so tak bagus, susah nak buat api, he wants arang kayu. So by the looks of it, dgn weather yg makin best, rasanya tak lama lg, makan sate la hari2... not tht I'm complaining kan, sbb sate last weekend tu pon rasa cam makan tak puas....

Bakar satay dlm serba kekurangan. Terkejut gakla tgk dia pakai penyodok buat kipas... but anything goes lah, janji satay masak.

Then, Sabb came, again we had satay. But now, he is in hiatus, probably looking for something to strike his fancy. In the meantime, we just have the usual fare, which is totally fine by me, I just eat anything's available.

So I'd say I'm lucky to have him around. But while most husbands are just grateful that their wives can cook, i dont think I can say the same about him. And unlike some women who like to hear their husbands rave about the food they cook, I have learnt not to even bother asking, heck, I dont even know what he likes, so impressing him with a home-cooked meal is totally out of the question. In fact, even with a proper kitchen that we have now, think I experiment a lot less than I did than when I was in  Erlangen, nak melangkah masuk dapur pon dah menyampah, rasa macam buat apa sume macam tak kena, semua tak sedap. Nasibla pregnant ni tak ngidam apa2 pelik2, kalu tak sure, naya!

Monday, June 18, 2012

38 weeks++ and still nothing...?

no bloody show,  the baby hasnt dropped (i think), no sign of  him wanting to come out anytime soon, it seems...

okla kot, as we also havent bought much, no kinderwagen (pram? stroller?), a carseat, a bed or even a diaper. The only thing we bought was a baby bottle... :p Yang lain2, think maybe we'll wait until next week when my parents are here or when he's out, baru beli kot. Read somewhere that mothers usually have to stay in the hospital for 5 days in Austria, so that's plenty of time for Alem to do some shopping.

Plus, we already have some clothes and milk bottles, thanks to some very generous friends :)
Think that should be enough for me. I mean, it's not like we know how big he's gonna be, so it's probably doesnt make sense to go out and buy them now... I think :/

But in the meantime... sakitnya badan...

Thursday, June 07, 2012

maxis sucks

stupid maxis deactivated my sim card without warning!