Friday, September 28, 2012

Primark in Innsbruck

was opened yesterday. Of all places, eh? hehehehe

But hey, money's tight, so who's complaining. In fact, i think they're very smart to have chosen Innsbruck as the first place to open their store in Austria. Cost of living here is expensive, but people here dont make as much as those in Vienna, so they can bet they'd be getting a steady flow of regular customers very soon. Plus  they are also trying to lure those with shallow pockets in Bayern to come and shop here, so yeah, it's a smart move indeed.

Even smarter, they choose Sillpark, which is within walking distance from our place. So today, after taking Adel to the doctor, we stopped at Sillpark. Alem was like, "Why?" Must've irked him so much to hear me talking about primark primark primark in the last couple of days. Sampai situ, sesak pulak tu.

But we've been talking about getting some warm clothes for Adel. So, once we were there, we went straight to the baby's section. The choices were limited, but enough la to get us syiok memilih baju, even Alem pon stop complaining about the crowd. 

So I think now Adel is prepared for winter. Weeee, tak sabar nak tgk dia pakai full winter get-up, sure mengamok dia kena balut, but tak sabar nonetheless. Harap2 tahan jela, barang murah, kan? Takot gak kot kurang kualiti...

Sunday, September 23, 2012

People babies attract

So yesterday, I took adel to m-preis (it's a local supermarket). Along the way, met several people, and Innsbruckers, being the friendly people that they are (my parents might disagree, but then again, they dont speak german at all), were oohing and aahing over adel. This is pretty normal, and particularly normal with the elderlies.

Anyway, as I was approaching m-pries, a friendly old man standing under the tree, next to his bike suddenly said something to me. I didnt fully understand him, guessed it was just some remarks about adel, so I just smiled. But he kept talking and came closer to me while repeating, "sailan, sailan." So I said, "tak pahamla, my german tak bagus sgt."

Then he continued, "Awak org asia, kan? Sailan?"
Hohohoh, ok. I replied, "Oh, tak, Malaysia. Tu dekat Thailand."

Hahaha, he laughed, I laughed, I said bye-bye and left.

So I did my shopping and on the way out, there he was again, smoking a cigarette. He greeted me again and he asked a couple of questions about adel, you know normal stuff, name, age, sex. Then he asked how old I am. Told him my age. Then he told me he's 63, and laughingly, he said, "old enough to be your father hahahaha."
Then he asked, "how old is your husband?" Told him alem's age.
"Ooooh, hahahaha. You're older than him? Hahahaha." Hampeh!
So I said, "Sikit je, ok?" Gelak2 la tapi... so I said gotta go, bye-bye.

So i went to the other bigger m-pries, bought a small piece of cake, went to the playground next to the river and ate my cake while enjoying the nice cool weather while listening to the sound of the clean and clear river. Then adel woke up and merengek lapar. Aiseh... I didnt want to breastfeed him there, and I didnt have any spare milk with me. So i packed my stuff and kelam-kabut tolak stroller balik.

On the way back, I passed the first m-preis, and there he was again, this time, drinking a can of beer. Adoiiii... penunggu m-preis ke apa orang tua ni?

So tegur2 friendly seperti biasa, except this time dia dah terlebih friendly. He asked something about my father and mother and husband that i couldn't really understand. So he rephrased it. Think he asked something like... tinggal dengan sapa? I said, oooh, dengan suami, tapi skarang dia takde (sbb g hantar cousin g airport). Think he misunderstood my answer, thinking he's not around as in we're not together sbb lepas tu, he patted my shoulders and said, "sekali, dua kali, lepas tiga kali, bolehla kita get together hahaha."

Hahaha... miang rupanya ini pak cik. Okla lampu dah hijau, nak cross jalan, cabutttt!

Monday, September 03, 2012

Purse/Bags preorder

This must seem quite random, but a relative is coming and would be going back at the end of September.

So if anybody is interested in a European branded purse or bag, be it a Longchamp, LV, Gucci, Prada etc, just let us know, and we'd be glad to send it back to Malaysia :)