Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happy 5th (month) birthday, adel!

We celebrated it yesterday by taking him to the doctor for a jab. That's just how much we love him, mmmmhuah!

Anyway, the short trip home last couple of weeks was a blast. Attended several kenduris and Mom organized an aqiqah kenduri for Adel.

Look, ma, no hands!


Went to Pangkor Laut for a second time. Second honeymoon la kekononnya, but Adel had a bit of a fever, so we stayed there for only one nite, and then went back to Manjung.

Stayed in Kedah only for  few days for the aqiqah, then rushed back to KL as Alem had work to attend to and badminton cravings to satisfy.

And alllll that time, there were always other people (besides me and alem) who'd entertain adel, seronoknya dia learning some useless new tricks (thanks, sis!) and getting new toys.

My sister was impressed that he doesnt drool like many other babies. But ironically, dia terajar this new trick yg buat adel sembur air liur merata-rata. Thanks so much, sis! *geram*

He even initiated a peekaboo game with us, mana dia belajar pon tatau. Sedar2 je he was on his tummy, then dia tonyoh muka kat bantal for several seconds, then he turned towards me and sengih2, then tonyoh balik and smiled again, and did it over and over again sampai bosan.

The second time he did it was with a kain batik. This time, while lying on his back, he covered his own face with the kain, took it down and sengih2, then tutup balik muka and ulang ulang sampai bosan. Kelakar pulak tengok, mesti dia ingat with his eyes covered like that, kita tak nampak dia, padahal dia seketul depan kita, dia tak sedar. Takpa, let him enjoy the game first, in time, he'll learn.

And although he had already started rolling around before we went back, over there, he was rolling around here and there, everywhere. Think it must be because he was wearing less constrictive clothing, hari2 pakai shorts and sleeveless je, sini sejuk, sume covered. Then putar memutar, one minute, u're facing him, before you know it, u're facing his bum, or one minute, he's right in front of your face, the next minute, he 4 feet away from your face, albeit still facing you (he's still in reverse mode, budak baru belajar berjalan la kan, merangkak asyik ke belakang je). Funny that when we were here, he didnt do much, maybe this or that a couple of times a day. Skali kat sana, habis semua skill dia nak show off all the time. The only thing consistent was his membebel. Yup, he does it a lot and so loud that it sounds like you're talking to a 4 year old, cume it's all gibberish, but it's still music to our ears (except when he does it at 3 am in the morning!).

But best of all, his rashes disappeared. Balik sini, tak sampai sehari, dgn dry winter air lagi, naik balik... adoih! 

more rodeln!

our group is organizing another rodeln event this friday.
oooooohhhh, how I would lurve to go!

But the thought of leaving adel with alem for the whole evening till midnight and hiking for 5km uphill in the dark makes it veryyy difficult for me to decide. What's more, my sv pulak dok pujuk2 ajak gi. 

Takpala, I still have 2 more days to make up my mind...