Thursday, January 31, 2013

finally, no more courses!

yes! no more courses to take!

Just finished giving my presentation for the course of my program as the last presenter. It was for the interdiciplinary seminar comprising students from the physics, mathematics and cs departments. Think it went kinda ok. Mainly because i made it very simple, which i think is how it should be considering that u're presenting it to a bunch of people with different backgrounds.

There was also another guy from the quantum group. He presented some stuff that I had no idea about. And even after his presentation, i still have no idea what it was about. Thought maybe it was me who is too dense to get what he was presenting.

But my groupmate, who is supersmart (who lent me his notebook - thanks, basti!) came along, and he too was lost. We dont know whether the presenter was too lazy to make and effort (and not copy and paste his older slides) or simply wanted to make his work look sooooo complicated and that he is really smart to work on such problem. If it is the latter, then i bet based on my presentation, people are just gonna think that my work is child's play BUT at least they understood it (i hope) and the relevance to them is clearer (i talked about sensor nodes placed on human body yada yada yada, cant get any more relevant than that, can we?)

Got some questions. One of them wasnt very clear, i answered it anyway and i hope he got the answer. The course is compulsory, so a pass is really good enough.

Anyway, what's important is i finished my courses, yay! FINALLY, now i can focus on my thesis...


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congrats!one step further..doakan aku babe.